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Lesson Plan

Class: 4 Dahlia

Level: Intermediate

Enrolment: / 25

Date: 25th August 2015 (Tuesday) Time: 10:35- 11:35 a.m (60 minutes)
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Unit 13 – Work Hard, Work Smart
Focussed Skills: Listening and Speaking
Integrated Skill: Writing
Learning Standards:
1.1.4 Able to talk about related topics with guidance
Learning objective: By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:
a) Paste at least 7 out of 8 tools correctly in the poster paper given in a group of five.
b) State the tools needed for various activity correctly based on the picture given verbally
as a pair work.

Educational Emphasis:
Moral Values: We must a hardworking person in order to be successful.
Previous Knowledge: The pupils are familiar with some of the tools used.
Teaching Materials:

m 3. then the pupils follow.50a. 2. The teacher shows pictures of each tools introduces. Teaching Aid: ‘The wise woodcutter’ story . 3. The teacher groups the pupils to 5 different While – listening groups.40 a. 10:40am 10. The teacher askes the pupils open-ended question related to the words introduced to check their understanding. The teacher shows word cards (tools) tools used in 2. 5. The teacher distributes a poster paper contains a picture of different situation to (20 mins) each groups. The teacher greets the pupils. Each group have to cut and paste the selected tools needed based on the picture given. Teacher introduces the tool and explains to different activites the pupils the meaning of the words introduced. 5. 4. The teacher informs the pupils that they are Emphases: woodcutter’ 10:35 a. 5. The teacher explains the instruction. The teacher reads the story 10.m - going to listen to a story entitled ‘The wise Multiple woodcutter’ Intelligences 3. The teacher asks open-ended questions to the pupils.m 4. Pre-listening ( 10 minutes) Introducing the 1. The teacher relates the story and the topic or today. The teacher spells and reads the word cards. 4.Steps / Phase Time Content Teaching Learning Activities Remarks Set Induction Listening to the 1. Educational (5 minutes) story ‘The wise 2. The teacher distributes a paper which contains all the tools they have learnt. 1. 6. The teacher introduces the topic for today.

The teacher assists both teams. The teacher explains the instructions. 6. The teacher monitor and provides helps when necessary. all. The teacher discusses the answer. 7. Closure (5 minutes) ‘1 vs All’ Scavenger hunt 1. The teacher monitor each pair provides helps when necessary. The teacher instructs the pupils to be in a pair. Post-listening  Pair activity 20 mins) 1. pupil A activities. The teacher distributes a worksheet to each pair. The teacher starts the game. 7. The teacher ends the game and concludes the team with more members able to find the . same following goes to Pupil B. 5. Pupil A need to complete Picture A. The teacher discusses the answer. 6. The teacher pastes the poster paper on the board. to do the 4.6. When they done. have to show Picture A to pupil B and state what are the tools needed to complete the activity verbally. 8. The teacher calls two random partner to read the answer out loud. Pupil B repeat the same steps. The teacher asks the leader of each group to present their answer in front. 2. 5. tools needed 3.  Talking about the 2. 3. So it will be 1 vs. 9. 4. The teacher asks one volunteer from the class to play the game alone and the rest will be in one team. The teacher informs the pupils that they are going to play a scavenger hunt. The teacher distributes a list of things that both team need to find in the classroom.

7. The teacher recaps the lesson for today.listed things quicker than doing it alone. .