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What are the components present in the diesel electric power plants?

Air filter
Super charger
Exhaust system
Fuel supply system.
Starting system
Cooling system
Lubrication system
Governing system.

2. What are the applications of diesel electric power plants?

It can be used as emergency units.

Mobile plants
Stand by units
It can be used as central station where the capacity required is small.

3. What are the advantages of diesel engine power plant?

Diesel power plants are more efficient for low and medium power requirements
Wide range of fules can be burnt easily
No standby losses
It requires less starting time
It can be located very near to the load centre
It requires less space
Plant lay out is simple.

4. List the various functions of fuel injection system.

It filters the fuel

Monitor the correct quantity of fuel to be injected
Timing of the injection process
Regulates the fuel supply
Fine atomization of fuel oil
Distributes the atomized fuel properly inside the combustion chamber

5. List out some commonly used starting system in a large diesel engines

By an auxiliary engine
By an electric motor
By compressed air

6. What are the injection systems are used in diesel power plants?

Common rail injection system

Individual pump injection system
Distributor system


7. What are the various Lubricating systems are used in I.C Engines?

Mist lubricating system

Wet sump lubrication system
Dry sump lubrication system

8. List the reason why the cooling system is necessary for a diesel engine.

To avoid determination of lubricating oil

To avoid damages and overheating of piston
To avoid uneven expansion which results in cracking
To avoid pre-ignition and detonation or knocking
To avoid reduction in volumetric efficiency and power output of the engine

9. What is the main objective of super charging and turbo charging?

The purpose of supercharging is to raise the volumetric efficiency above that value which can be
obtained by normal aspiration.
In the combined cycle, the exhaust gas from the diesel engine is expanded in the turbine, which is
coupled with compressor which supplies pressurized air to the diesel engine. This increases diesel
engine output.

10. List the various components in gas turbine power plant?


Combustion chamber
Gas turbine

Define closed cycle gas turbine?

In this, the compressed air from the compressor is heated in a heat exchange (air heater) by some
external source of heat (coal or oil) at constant pressure. Then the high pressure hot gases expand
passing through the turbine and mechanical power is developed. The exhaust gas is then cooled to its
original temperature in a cooler before passing into the compressor again.

12. What is the different between open cycle and closed cycle gas turbine plant?
closed cycle
Exhaust is re circulated
no pollution

open cycle
Exhaust of the turbine is
opened to atmosphere
Air and noise pollution


13. What is the purpose of intercooler in gas turbine power plant?

Since the power required to compress the air is less in isothermal process it is required to
maintain the, temperature of air constant as far as possible. Hence the air leaving the L.P. compressor
is cooled by intercooler and then passed to the H.P compressor.

14. Define regenerator efficiency.

The regenerator efficiency is defined as:
=Actual temperature rise of air/ Maximum temperature rise possible

15. What are the methods to improving the thermal efficiency in open cycle gas turbine
Methods for improvement of thermal efficiency of open cycle gas turbine plant are :
Inter cooling

16. What is the main difference between free piston engine plants and conventional gas
turbine plant?
Free-piston engine plants are the conventional gas turbine plants with the difference that the air
compressor and combustion chamber are replaced by a free piston engine.

Write the few fuels for Gas turbine and why these fuels are use for gas


Natural gas, last furnace gas, produce gas, coal gas and solid fuels distillate oils and
residual oils paraffins used in gas turbine and methane, ethane, propane, octane. Important
properties to be considered while selecting the fuel for gas turbine are as follows: 1) Volatility 2)
Combustion products, 3) Energy contents, 4) Lubricating properties, 5) Availability.

18. What are the disadvantages of gas turbine plant?


No load and Partial load efficiency is low

High sensitive to component efficiency
The efficiency depends on ambient pressure and ambient temperature
High air rate is required to limit the maximum inlet air temperature. Hence exhaust
losses are high
Air and gas filter is required to prevent dust into the combustion chambers.

How gas turbine power plants are classified?

Open cycle gas turbine power plant
Closed cycle gas turbine power plant

20. List the factors which affect the performance of gas turbine power plants.

Part load efficiency


Fuel consumption
Air mass flow rate
Thermal efficiency