Future Technologies – A Path

By John Paily [This is a page from the site “Truth of Nature” ] My path to “Truth of Nature” spans nearly 3 decades. Nearly 7 of them were spent as biotechnologist and the rest as a small agriculturist extensively interacting with nature. This interactions opened vision of many possible technologies that can come to human help in various field of his interest, such as energy, health/medicine, food/agriculture and so on. But as a small farmer living against many odds with responsibility of a combined family, it was beyond me to explore them experimentally. My attempt to reach out to temples of science also was a failure. So I am leaving these ideas on internet to be rediscovered by chance. The call with in me was directing me to simplify the truth that Nature and its Master was revealing and take it to the world. In the given circumstances, I had to conserve my energy and resources for this primal cause. I believe once the “Truth of Nature” is perceived by the world, the minds existing in various temples of science will awaken themselves to visualize these possibilities and explore them utilizing their existing infrastructure and resources. Here I am very briefly bringing to you, some of the ideas and projects that struck my mind during my journey. Some more exist in the site “Simple Solution to Complex Problem”. I hope concentrate on the applied aspect as and when He permits

1] Energy
Most serious problem of the world is energy and energy loss during its utilization. If the world has to be sustained then we have to invent alternate energy resources that are more nature compatible and increase the efficiency of its usage. The truth of nature also stresses us to develop energy management and monitoring. In short, the loss of energy as heat into the environment should be decreased and nature should be allowed space and time to convert this energy back into matter. One of the main problems which I tried to bring to your attention was that we are intruding into night cycle of nature where nature converts energy to matter and maintains its energy to matter ratio. The reckless felling of forest, spreading of concrete jungles and intrusion into night in the name industrialization and creation of wealth and power are the primary causes. We cannot change over night a world that has developed and existing on certain foundation. This calls for developing techniques that sustain the world without further deterioration. Contemplating on the subject, looking for some clue in life, I was perplexed to note that a heart that has the size less than the left fist, can pump blood

through the minute blood vessels covering both internal and external parts of all the organs of the body. The cumulative length of these blood vessels of an adult human being is estimated nearly 100.000 miles that amounts to encircling the earth twice! The life does this work effortlessly 12-20 times every minute!

What it means the design of life and its functioning can come long way improving the modern machines and its working. This necessitates certain fundamental changes in

our vision of force, action and reaction. [This was extensively discussed in my old site, spanning over 5000 pages of instinctively written article on various subjects. Unfortunately the host “Geocities” closed down]. This is briefly discussed in the new parental site “Awakening to Truth”. As and when time permits, I would write them again. The new technology for generation of energy should largely use fusion technologies than fission technologies

2] Health and MedicineIn spite of extensive development in medical field, human health is deteriorating as a whole and is simply becoming a feed for an industry that is growing at its expense. The cause exist in the reality that modern science does not know “truth of life” and works on partial knowledge. Life is energy in motion. It is a quantum dance between two phases. Those of you who understood the quantum dance discussed in site would agree to it. To know it we need to extrapolate life back to the point from where it originated. It originated from point in Zygote, which actually consist of two points – male and female. One of them is dominant the other is recessive. The wave this particle creates is the source of life and breath of life. I am sure such simplified explanation may not go well with people who are reading me. It is well defended in the parent site. It is matter of little thinking to come to this conclusion. The elaborate information system or DNA can be visualized as information developed by the system in time. It could be visualized as pieces of weight added on to the balance in order to balance the balance. One of the great conclusions I drew from my works is that the “living particle” is made form 4 pairs of quantum particles. This gives the living particle stability in space. Space, we know consist of eight equal components and three possible left and right frames that are over lapped. To know this take a hard sphere cut it vertically twice at right angles to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angle to the vertical through the center.

If these particle are of equal size they tend to cancel and the system becomes dead and incapable of receiving and transferring the force or energy. This means these particles should form into pairs and complementary pairs. [Aa and Bb and Cc and Dd]. These pairs also cannot be equal, because equal and opposite cancels. The law of non equilibrium design should be applicable here also. This means all the above particles exit in 4:3 ratio. Imagine a number 8 with one of the arm bigger than the other in the ratio 4:3. Aa and Bb should also exists in 4:3 ratio to fulfill the rule. Here a=B. Cc and Dd also should exist in 4:3. Here c=D Aa/Bb and Cc/Dd also should exist in a ratio of 4:3. Here a=B, B=C c=D This composition and design gives a winding path to the center and a unwinding path away from the center. Thus it gives the fourth dimension of time. The fourth dimension can be towards the center or away form the center. A system of this type is highly stable in space. They have double helical structure. They take the external force and release it to the out side thus maintain it self by the process of quantum dance. They also can resist the external force disturbing it to the critical state by attaching particle matter. You can visualize here a balance balancing itself by addition of weight. We are seeing here the

formation of DNA around a soul or living particle. This is discussed in detail in parent site
This led me to break down the concept of genetic information unit as paired one and develop a dynamic unit formed from 8 genes. The core of this unit is formed by six genes and two genes act as the connecting link to similar units. A higher level of dynamic genetic unit can also be formed with 12 units with 4 linking genes. A still higher form of genetic unit can be formed 18 core units with 6 linking genes. They account for the three major division of life - the plant, animals and humans. The first one forms plants that are two dimensional in space, the second one forms animals that are three dimensional in space and the third forms the Humans, who are four dimensional in space. This dynamic vision could answer the responses I was getting from life in test tubes, which I was handling as biotechnologist and also many mysteries of life that exist non answered. For example why humans have nearly same number of genes as mice, but controls many fold genetic traits. At greater depth these thought began to reveal the superiority of the ancient medical systems, such as the Ayurveda, acupuncture and even Homeopathy. Let me not discuss them here. As people understand the basic reality of nature discussed in the site, it will reveal it self. There is a necessity to explore them and put them into order. But I wish to call your attention to the fact that the dynamic living particle has the same structure as the as the dynamic earth which functions as double pump and exist in quantum dance. This means a particle of life basically works as a double pump. The design has a universalilty. This also means the living particle has a time cycle that exists and evolves in relation to time cycle in nature and need to break down and reorient in relation to it. One look at the Great Vedic culture, Chinese culture, Mayan culture and so on, reflects the knowledge of time cycle in life and nature and its qualitative and quantum changes. The western thinking fails here miserably. The decreasing health of humanity and increased instability of earth and the destructive reaction from earth forces could be related to lack of knowledge of time or energy cycles and upsetting the time or energy cycles of nature. There is a necessity to revive the great ancient knowledge systems. The knowledge of quantum dance and its qualitative existence discussed in the site can pave the way for it.

3] Food and Agriculture
Agriculture was my primary source of livelihood. It and nature became my laboratory, when I left my profession as a researcher in biotechnology in search of truth. From my education and from the back ground of research, naturally my initial method at agriculture was inorganic. Slowly I began to realize the draw backs of inorganic methods that west has introduced. The Agriculture under inorganic method was showing uncertainty, susceptibly unpredictability as I witnessed in my experiments with life in test tubes. It is here I began study the forest ecosystem where human intrusion is minimum. My home and field were adjacent to a forest and this helped me very much. It is here I began to observe nature and cycles of nature

and picked up energy cycles of nature and its relationship with plant life. The communication I had with nature and the paths in which my mind and its thought traveled to collect information were diverse. If I am to sketch them it would run into thousands of pages. Let me restrict and write few lines of thoughts. The plants are dynamic and within it they have a energy cycle comparable to dynamic day and night cycle. They in nature constantly strive to survive and cope up with the changes in the dynamic earth system and the flow of energy in it. Since the information in the day and night cycle and the environment is changing every 12 hours, the plants also change accordingly. Earlier, in the page “How Natural Catastrophes Manifest?” we did see how negative energy manifests in the energy flow of earth, due to internal fluctuations caused by man made intervention such as explosions of Bomb and so on. Let me write the figure here again for you.

Nature is designed to hold it up and levels it up when the cycle turn. What cannot be neutralized during the day and night cycles, is held up and are excreted during climatic changes and manifest as natural catastrophes. What cannot be eliminated during 12 month climatic cycle is eliminated in bigger cycles of multiple of 12. This increasingly manifests when the end of time nears. The disease manifestation in living system also have similar pattern of expression. The same principle and explanation can be applied to explain the unpredictability, and susceptibility of plants to diseases grown with inorganic fertilization. The inorganic fertilizers are quickly absorbed and show enormous growth over a short period. This upsets the internal cycle of energy in plants. The plants store them as negative energies. These negative energies manifest into diseases. The western knowledge suppresses these diseases, thus holding back the negative energies. When climate changes the plants struggle to eliminate the negative energies. Here too modern western knowledge that is unaware of time cycle and is behind quantity than quality adds further negative energy than helping the plants, get rid of negative energies.

When they are taken as food these negative energies enter the food chain causing diseases in animals and humans. Here too the western civilization and its methods strive to suppress the symptoms than curing the system. From this concept of thinking, Ayurveda and acupuncture of the east turns out to be superior. It is true that we by overnight cannot eliminate the use of inorganic fertilizers. The western method has helped sustain enormous demand from human population that is growing quantitatively than qualitatively. A little bit of knowledge of dynamic energy cycles of nature can help use the inorganic elements and their combination judiciously in relation to the changing environment such that the formation of negative energies can be controlled. Let me not discuss this here. I am not against use of inorganic elements, but one needs expertise to use it. Not an expertise that can be written and kept as universal phenomenon to be read and used but a sensitive expertise that can feel the change in climate. In the modern world the climate is changing unpredictably and even the most sensitive is bound to fail. In such situation I would prefer organic fertilizer. The superiority of organic fertilizers exists in its capacity to deteriorate in relation to changing time cycle and become feed for plants in relation to time and its requirement. One can never over look the fact how the inorganic fertilization met the quantity requirement of mass that is growing exponentially. The shift towards qualitative thinking calls for change in mind set and development of intermediate technologies. No one can dispute the ease of chemical fertilization in bulk management especially in a time where agricultural labor is sparse. The only option open is to impregnate degradable fibers with chemical fertilizers, such that they can release the fertilizers in relation to the environment. This idea simply emerges from the study of leaf manure, impregnated with cow wastes that traditional marginal cultivators use. If you observe nature, nature it self gives a clue to solve many of the problems. The knowledge of changing energy cycles is vital and fundamental in this planning of agriculture for healthy sustenance of the dependent population. This calls for extensive effort. I am only speaking certain fundamental foundation on which the change has to be made.

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