By Mr Adnane

FUNCIONAL ENGLISH 1 Each of these phrases has one word missing. Write the missing word in the correct place. 1 Don’t think it’ll be too expensive? 2 I’m thinking going back to college next year. 3 I think the most important is the location. 4 I’ll get someone repair it. 5 What pity! 6 There isn’t milk left. 7 Are you going all way to Edinburgh? 8 I think it be better to call. 2 Write new sentences with the same meanings. Use the words given. 1 I’d prefer to get a video. (rather) _________________________________________. 2 I’ve got no idea about cars. (anything) _______________________________________. 3 I’ve been there twice before. (couple) _________________________________________. 4 I’ll be there from 6 to 9. (between) _______________________________________. 5 They’ve lived there for a relatively long time.(while) ____________________________. GRAMMAR Underline the correct verb form. 1 He lives in Barcelona but he stays / is staying with us for a week. 2 My car’s at the garage so I get / am getting the bus to work at the moment. 3 She usually sits / is sitting at the front of the class because her eyesight is not very good. 4 They’re on holiday. I think they travel / are travelling around Canada. 5 My mum doesn’t like driving so my dad always drives / is driving the car. 3 Use the verb in brackets in either the past simple or present perfect form. 1 I _______ (see) this film before. 2 We_________ (not go out) last night. 3 Where ______________ (you / go) on holiday last year? 4 He _________ (not use) one of these before. 5 ____________ (you / read) this book? 4 Complete the sentences. Use the adjectives given in the correct form. 1 I’m the ________ (young) in my family. 2 It’s the ________________(spectacular) place I’ve ever been to. 3 June is usually a little __________ (dry) than July. 4 The test was far ______________ (difficult) than we’d expected. 5 It was the ______ (bad) place I’ve ever stayed in. 5 Complete the sentences using an -ing or -ed adjective. Use the words given. 1 I hate the rain. It’s _______ isn’t it? (depress) 2 I’m really _________that they offered me the job. (surprise) 3 It was a really ________match. (excite) 4 Are you _________in politics? (interest) 5 I’ve had a very _______ day. (tire) 6 Complete the sentences. Use the correct preposition with the -ing form of the verb. 1 They are interested ______ ______ (do) business with us. 2 Are you excited ______ _______ (start) your new job? 3 Thanks ______ _______ (lend) me the money. 4 I’m really fed up ____ _______ (wait) for him. Let’s go. 5 Ask Hans to help you. He’s good ____ ______ (fix) things.

Expand your grammar
g1 Choose the best response to the questions. 1 Where’s Judy? She’s been to the bank. She’s gone to the bank. 2 How do I get to the museum? I don’t know. I’ve never been there. I don’t know. I’ve never gone there. g2 Write new sentences with the same meanings. Use not as … as . 1 My brother is taller than me. I ______________________________. 2 English grammar is more complicated than Indonesian. Indonesian grammar ______________________. 3 Your computer is faster than mine. My computer _________________________. G3 Underline the correct verbs. Two are possible in each sentence. 1 He refused / offered / persuaded to help us. 2 The woman explained / told / said that she was very busy. 3 I’ve agreed / spoken / written to him. 4 I asked / promised / wanted her to come. 5 Did anyone warn / advise / explain him that he might have to wait for a long time? VOCABULARY 1 Complete the sentences with a suitable word. 1 The phone’s out of ____________. 2 I’m having ____________ with my car. 3 She’s looking _____ a job. 4 My job ___________ a lot of travelling. 5 He’s gone on a business _______. He’ll be back next week. 6 The ______ conditioning doesn’t work. 7 Can you call ______ service and order some lunch? 8 I’m interested in ______ affairs. 9 A lot of books are written about how to understand the _______ sex. 10 Will you call the travel _____ and ask about flights to Spain? 2 Underline the two words / phrases that collocate with each verb. 1 go angry bankrupt abroad 2 get ready to know sb wrong 3 make a phone call an e-mail a meal 4 have a good time married a row 5 use a meal the washing machine the phone 3 Complete the sentences. Use the word given, in a suitable form. 1 I think his decision was ________. He didn’t listen to anyone else’s views. (fair) 2 Your desk is so ________ ! How do you ever find anything? (organize) 3 It just doesn’t make sense. It’s completely ___________. (logic) 4 Your hair looks much better. It’s a real _________________. (improve) 5 __________ is very important in this job. (punctual) 4 Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. 1 There is a lot of poverty in the city. There are a lot of ______ people in the city. 2 The company has experienced 40% growth this year. The company has _______ by 40% this year. 3 When he failed, it was a big surprise to everyone. His ________ was a big surprise to everyone. 4 We’re sure that the film will be a success. We’re sure that the film will be ___________. 5 I feel really satisfied when I’ve done a good job. I get a lot of _________ from doing a good job.

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