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Vol. 59 No. 9


Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

September 2015

Super Summer Celebrates

40 Years of Reaching Youth

Weeks of prayer and preparation by members of CrossPoint

Church led up to outreach events aimed at starting a bilingual congregation in Hutchinson, Kan. Church members
prayerwalked the south part of Hutchinson for five weeks.
Then a 24-hour prayer vigil was held Friday night, July 17,
and Saturday, July 18, at the Hutchinson campus. A soccer
camp held July 20-24 in Carey Park attracted more than 40
children. A block party on Friday night, July 24, brought in
the families of the children who attended the soccer camp.
Plans called for immediately beginning Spanish translation
of services at CrossPoints Hutchinson campus. The goal is to
eventually have a bilingual congregation meeting in another
part of Hutchinson.

The group from Gardner, Kan., showed their spirit for the Blue Team
during Super Summer Week 4. (More about Super Summer on page 4)

We are Kansas-Nebraska...
better together

2015 KNCSB Annual Meeting

The KNCSB annual meeting will be held Oct. 1213 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, 8925 W. 151st
St., Overland Park, Kan.
Look for information at

KNCSB Goal: $210,000

50% to Your Association

50% to KS-NE Missions Causes

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us

exalt His name together. Psalm 34:3

Special pull-out section about Associational and State Missions in this issue.


The Thought Occurred to Me

By Bob Mills

KNCSB Executive Director

This morning when I walked out on my deck at

home and it was 56 degrees, I realized the beginning of fall is finally in the air. For me personally,
fall and spring are my favorite times of the year.
Fall is that time of year when nature is in transition preparing for the cold rest of winter. Spring
then represents, life coming alive after the winter
Just as there is that seasonal reality in nature
there seems to be a seasonal reality with the
church. Sometimes those seasonal realities for the
church are not as predictable as following a specific
sequence of months, but none-the-less observable.
One thing we realize, just as I did this morning,
change is in the airI can feel it.
The challenge of evangelicalism is changing. Our culture is not what most of us knew as
young people. We have moved from a churched

culture to a non-churched culture and most of

our churches are trying to figure out how to survive and even thrive in this new environment.
It is not easy. We are going to have to take the
Gospel to them and not expect they will come to
church to secure something they are not sure they
need. Everyone has a spiritual need to be rightly
related to God in Christ. In an affluent culture,
it is hard to realize that you have a need that
money cannot satisfy.
How can we help churches, as a state convention,
prepare for some of these shifting cultural paradigms? First, we must help churches make disciples. Churches must intentionally develop believers
into Christ followers, with a well-designed process
for moving converts into committed followers.
Secondly, leadership development is essential
toward developing believers and churches. If a
church is to grow, it must focus on developing new
leaders to help it move forward. Third, missional

multiplication is like
a coin that has two
sides. One side is
about finding ways to
penetrate the culture
with the Good News
of Christ Jesus. The
other side of the coin
has to do with multiplying new missional
communities (churchBob Mills
es) all across our
two state convention. Lastly, the state convention
stands ready to assist you in exploring and understanding your context. Who are the people who
live around you? What are their needs? Specifically,
what can your church do to reach out to them?
Communicate with us as to how we might help
you address the reality of change. Change is in the
airI can feel it.

boys could only recollect from stories. Reminiscing

took the better part of the afternoon. But if Im completely honest, I had another agenda.
I was desperately looking in every corner of that
facility for some evidence that I had been their pastor.
I wanted to show my boys that we had a life even
before kids. My eyes scanned the walls for our faces
in pictures. I opened doors to rooms where I remembered we had made a change. I even got desperate
enough to look through a couple of Sunday School
room drawers hoping to find a bulletin from a decade
or so ago.
There was nothing!
Like a murdered Pharaoh whose brother had stolen
the throne, every memory and record of me had been
wiped from the books.
As we made our final pass through the upper floor,
shushing one another as to keep from disturbing the
grade school that meets there, we passed by a room
empty except for one teacher working on lesson plans.
The young woman looked up, made eye contact
and exclaimed, Andy?
The next couple minutes were fantastic. Before I
was the pastor there, I was the youth pastor, and this
was one of my students, Stephanie.

We hugged, introduced her to the boys, she gave

the obligatory I cant believe how big they are, we
caught up on her life, saw her sisters kiddos and then
said our goodbyes. It was a sweet moment.
As we walked away and down the stairs, God gently whispered to me Theres your evidence.
I was there.
Theres no trophy, no picture, no gold placard in
remembrance of just a little girl grown up, still in
church, teaching kiddos about Jesus every day.
You know what, thats way better.
Philippians 1:3- I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, 4 always in every prayer of mine for
you all making my prayer with joy, 5 because of your
partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.
6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good
work in you will bring it to completion at the day of
Jesus Christ.
Never forget Were not in the church building
business. Were not in the worship ministry business.
Were not in an age-graded program business. Were
not even in a business.
We were put here for people, to make disciples.
We dont serve the church; we are the church. So,
be the church and make a difference where it counts.
When you do, the evidence will be there.

Presidents Perspective
By Andy Addis

KNCSB Convention President



Our summer vacation this year included a trip

down memory lane.
Money was tight and time even tighter, both due to
our boys now being teenagers. So we decided to do
an alternative vacation. No sunny beach destination.
No exotic adventure. No lofty mountain getaway.
We planned the perfect redneck vacation.
First stop Little Rock to
visit a good friend. Next,
head south to West Monroe
to see Duck Dynasty, yeah,
that happened. Then, a
night in Shreveport in
search of authentic Cajun
food. Finally, swinging
through Fort Worth to hit
Six Flags before climbing back north through
Yes sir, Arkansas,
Louisiana, Texas, and
Oklahoma a redneck
Andy Addis
We spent the most time
in Fort Worth, probably because its where we were
most familiar. Kathy and I lived there for nearly eight
years going to seminary and serving at the only other
church Ive pastored. Both the boys were born. Lots of
good memories.
One afternoon we visited the old church and neighborhood that only the older of my two boys could
barely remember. I mean, it was nearly 14 years ago,
and hes only 16.
Handley Baptist Church looked just like I remembered it, and why would it change? It was 100 years
old before I got there. The church is a huge facility
spanning an entire city block, including a parsonage
and a couple of youth buildings on the outskirts of
the parking lot.
We got permission to wander through the building
2 it was fun pointing at things and rooms that our

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Sharing & Strengthening

Gods Plan for Sharing

Robbie and Gail Nutter

By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism


When was the last time a ministry of KansasNebraska Convention of Southern Baptists was highlighted at an SBC Annual Meeting? I asked several
long term Kansas and Nebraska Baptists and they cant
remember when one of our Kansas-Nebraska ministries was highlighted during the Executive Committee
At the 2015 SBC Annual Meeting in Columbus,
Ohio, the Christian Challenge ministry at Kansas
State University was highlighted. Dr. Frank Page,
the Executive Committee President, featured three
ministries in his report on the global impact of the
Cooperative Program. Robbie and Gail Nutter,

Director for Christian

Challenge at KSU, shared
about their involvement in
the K-State ministry. The
Nutters reflected on their
time as students and then
how the ministry has grown
to its present day effectiveness.
Nutter challenged
Southern Baptists about the
importance of ministry to
college students as they are
making crucial decisions of
Jon Sapp
the directions in their lives.
I was honored to be there and hear Nutter recognized
on the national platform. I am encouraged to watch
Gods work on the college campuses across Kansas
and Nebraska. The college campus is one of our largest mission fields here in the states. Our future leaders
will be making decisions regarding their choice to walk
with God or not while on campus. Tim Keller states:
College Ministry is the best way to equip leaders who
will impact our nation. If you are on a college campus
you are on the cultures cutting edge. So rejoice with
me in the privilege of having the collegiate ministry of
Kansas and Nebraska churches highlighted at the SBC
Annual Meeting.
I want to thank the churches of Kansas and Nebraska
for your great investment in the work that is taking
place on these college campuses. It is because of your

Cooperative Program gifts we are able to make this

investment in the lives of these future leaders currently on our campuses. Although the collegiate staff
fund raise a majority of their salary, KNCSB churches
provide a portion of the Directors salary along with
the health and life insurance for seven of the collegiate
directors. In addition to the salary support we participate in supporting at various levels the 37 staff working in these collegiate ministries.
Thank you for your generous giving and the investment you are having on these college campuses. In
I Samuel 30:24 it says, For as his share is who goes
down to the battle, so shall his share be who stays
by the baggage; they shall share alike. As you have
supported our KNCSB collegiate ministry, you have
shared and will share in the reward of seeing students
come to Christ, developed as leaders and to go around
the world to make a difference for Christ.
A new year is beginning! Across these college campuses students will gather for the beginning of school
activities. Directors, staff and trained student leaders
are looking for students with whom to share Christ.
Their intention will be to engage in dialogue regarding the difference Christ can make in their lives and to
develop already believing students into reproducing
disciples and leaders of small groups. Already, I have
heard of a student coming to Christ while sitting with
one of our Directors in their vehicle. Will you join me
in praying for lasting fruit in these ministries? Will
you stand by the baggage and encourage and support
the changing of one life at a time? As we pray we are
partnering on the college campus in Gods Plan for

North Park Baptist Church, Columbus, NE, Discovers Gods Plan

By Carolyn Gibbs
Regional Staff Writer

North Park Church, Columbus, NE,

celebrates an outside baptism and
games during a fellowship time.


Sometimes God drops a ministry in your lap. Thats

what He did for Pastor Lyn Hansen at North Park
Baptist Church in Columbus, Nebraska. Eleven years
ago when Hansen began pastoring the church, it was
down to half a dozen people. It was kind of a mission. We started out to build a conventional church and
build it back up. Thats not what happened, Hansen
He said building up the conventional church wasnt
working very well. Then one Sunday service a couple
of busloads of people showed up. They halfway filled
the church,Hansen said. I started talking to them and
found out they were coming from a drug and alcohol
treatment center in Columbus.
The following week, Hansen went to see the director
of the facility and found he was interested in getting
some help in the way of secular programs. Since then
we realized thats the direction God is moving, he
said. Hansen explained its a deep, deep need and most
cities dont even realize they have that kind of thing
going on as much as they do. Many have told Hansen
they didnt realize it was a problem in Columbus.
There are three in five people in Platte County, where
Columbus is that are addicted to something,Hansen
Hansen and the church began developing relationships with treatment centers and with places that deal
with mental illness. He said Columbus is the hub for
treatment, because its positioned central to a lot of
other places. God is really working through this,
he said. People are coming for treatment from several
states away for long term and short term help. North

Park is running four services a week from Friday evening through Sunday in order to accommodate everyone. I guess we are what people that come here are
looking for, Hansen said.
According to Hansen, the church is implementing
one specific program, called Celebrating Recovery.
They have adapted it to work for them. They have
more attendance than they can handle, but have great
people raised up through these situations that are helping minister. Hansen also has an Associate Pastor who
has come through treatment and is on staff. Generally
people in recovery wont trust someone who hasnt
been there,Hansen said.
At this time the church is desperate for a building. Their facility is small, so they are constantly
infringing on someone elses ministry all the time.
the churchs other programs are in addition to the
recovery groups. Because we focused on that kind
of ministry, we did not have a family ministry. We
were reluctant to bring kids around the other people.
We definitely have a reputation for reaching unlikely
people,Hansen said.
What has happened is that some of these folks have
grown and been discipled and are getting their families
back. Were putting families back together, and healing marriages. Now we have a family ministry like
conventional churches. We just did it backwards. We
didnt see that coming,He said. Blessings have come
with Hansens church. He is seeing God change lives.
He has also had to grow up himself. God moved me
out of my comfort zone. I saw things in me I didnt
know I needed, Hansen said. We all are slaves to sin
of some kind. Discomfort can be hard to deal with, but
a wonderful thing for people and their growth.


Super Summer Celebrates

40 Years of Reaching Youth


Campers at Super Summer

2015 looked an in-depth look at
who Jesus Is.
With the help of camp pastors and musicians, daily quiet
times and church-group meetings, campers learned about the
camp theme Jesus Is.
This year marked the 40th
anniversary of Super Summer.
The first camp was held in the
summer of 1975 at Emporia
State University, Emporia, Kan.
New camp directors were in
place this year taking over for
Terry McIlvain. The new directors are Joe Stiles, pastor of First
Southern Baptist Church, Lawrence, Kan., and Danny Payne,
pastor of Pleasantview Baptist
Church, Derby, Kan.
Stiles was a camper at the
first Super Summer in 1975.
Payne came as a camper a few
years later. Both men were
youth ministers earlier in their
careers and brought groups to
Super Summer.
A total of 2,498 campers
attended Super Summer 2015.
Decisions that were recorded
nProfessions of faith 109
nAssurance of salvation 31
nCandidates for baptism 15
nRededications 73
nVocational Christian
service 12
During Week 1 Jon Gillis,
camp pastor, spoke on Jesus
is Real. He focused on the
Parable of the Tares (Weeds) in
Matthew 13:24.
This Scripture passage was
particularly relevant since the
wheat field at Webster Conference Center was harvested late
in the afternoon on Tuesday,
June 23.
There is a difference
between the real and the lookalike, Gillis told campers.
Since the Garden of Eden,
Satan has been trying to offer
We live in a world where a
lot of things look alike.
It is incredibly important to
believe that [Jesus] is real and that
He will reveal Himself to us.
During Super Summer Week
3 (July 6-10) Camp Pastor Scott
Dawson shared an easy way

for campers to share their faith

based on an acronym called
nF Friendly: Be friendly
nI Interests: Ask about
the persons interests
nR Religion: Ask about
the persons religious background. What kind of religious

Nearly 2,500 campers attended Super

Summer 2015 and
109 professions of
faith were recorded.
background do you have?
nM Message: The message of Christ. The message
of Jesus is how He changed
your life. Get to your message
quickly. I can share my testimony in three minutes.
Base your testimony on:
nMy life before Christ
nHow I realized I needed
nWhat God is doing in my
life right now
After sharing your testimony,
ask the person, Has anything
like this ever happened to you?
Dawson challenged campers
to memorize these Scriptures:
nRomans 3:23 All have
nRomans 9:8 God loves us
nRomans 6:23 Its your
nRomans 10:9-10 It can
happen to you
During Week 4 (July 13-17)
Camp Pastor Robert Smith from
Oklahoma asked campers to
share how God was working in
their lives that week. Some of
the replies were:
nTwo days ago I decided to
follow Jesus.
nMy faith has improved a
lot this week.
During the week Smith
spoke on how Jesus is our example in various areas of life.
Wisdom was his topic on
Thursday morning, July 16.
Smith asked campers, What
is the difference between book
smart and wisdom?
A camper replied, You can

know the right thing to do, but

wisdom is actually doing it.
Smith focused on Matthew
7:24-28 where the wise man
built his house on the rock
while the foolish man built his
house on the sand.
Just because you hang out
at church doesnt mean youre a
Christian, Smith told campers.
Listen to what God is
saying to you and put it into
practice in your life.
During Weeks 5 and 6
the camp pastor Runks from
Levelland, Texas, spoke of the
attitudes of Jesus from Philippians 2. His topics included
surrender, service and obedience.
Focusing on Matthew 22:3637, Runks urged campers to
love God with:
nAll of your mind
nAll of your passion
nAll of your soul
nAll of your strength
In other activity, high school
juniors, seniors and recent
graduates were encouraged to
connect with a Southern Baptist
campus ministry when they go
off to college.
Each Tuesday was Collegiate
Day during Super Summer.
Representatives from KNCSB
campus ministries met with
students and gave them information about Southern Baptist
campus ministries in Nebraska
and Kansas.
You also may use Campus
Connect on the KNCSB Web
site to help connect incoming
college students with a campus
ministry at http://www.kncsb.
Super Summer campers
who will be heading to college
this fall also were urged to
attend the KNCSB Fall Conference for college students. It will
be held Sept. 25-27 at Webster
Conference Center. Young
career adults also are urged to
The theme for Fall Conference 2015 is Children of the
Living God. More information may be found on The Fall
Conference Web site at http://

Jason Waller and his band helped Super Summer campers focus on the 2015 camp theme Jesus Is. Learn more
about Wallers ministry at

Every Tuesday during Super Summer is Collegiate Day. A

pizza supper offers juniors, seniors, recent high-school
graduates and sponsors the opportunity to learn about
KNCSB campus ministries. Campers are encouraged to connect with a campus ministry when they go to college.

Recreation at Super Summer has the underlying purpose

of teaching unity, cooperation and sportsmanship. Here,
students and sponsors participate in the B.L.A.S.T. games
(large-group recreation) during Week 2.

Mission Team to Return to Tokyo in June 2016

The KNCSB Super Summer international mission trip will
return to Tokyo, Japan, June 4-14, 2016. Aug. 31 was the deadline
for applying with IGoGlobal for the project. Those who were accepted must raise $3,600 in order to participate.

Flint Hills Churches
come together for Serve
Day in Madison, Kansas
The principal hindrance to the advancement of the
kingdom of God is greed It seems that when the
back of greed is broken, the human spirit soars into
regions of unselfishness. I believe that it is safe to say
there can be no continuous revival without hilarious
giving. And I fear no contradiction:wherever there is
hilarious giving there will soon be revival!
O.S. Hawkins, Guidestone

The Launch List

hauling debris or giving guitar

lessons, and some offering
computer maintenance. In one
part of town a volunteer family
planted flowers, pulled weeds
and prayed for the residents
of the home where they were
serving. At another site, a
team cut firewood to be delivered to families this winter.
Others worked in the hot sun
to replace a roof. In the park a
volunteer taught a child about
Jesus. Another team worked
hard to prepare a noon meal
for the volunteers and the
When individuals come
together to share the love
of Christ through their actions and words the results
are powerful, the impact is
immeasurable. Prayer walkers spoke with a young man
who accepted Christ; one of
3 professions of faith during
the day. First Baptist Madison
Pastor Gary Cargill and his
wife Cyndi had been involved
in the previous Serve Days and
knew first-hand the impact
volunteers have on a community. Gary shared that Serve
Day fit the direction our church

is going. It opened doors for us

to continue what we already
do. It put a face on what we
are already doing in the community. Tammy Seimears,
a member at FBC Madison,
shared what a blessing to see
so many people that came just
love on Madison. The seeds
planted that day are continuing to grow and we are still
hearing great things from the
people in Madison about what
was done that day. It was a
good feeling to be able to help
people added Jaime Seimears
who worked on the construction crew.
And at the end of the long
day, as all the gear was being packed up (and the sore
muscles were being tenderly
cared for) what was the cry
most often heard? Where
are we going next year!
Flint Hills Churches will
once again come together for
Serve Day on June 25, 2016 in
Atchison, Kansas with Celebration Church. To see a video
of Serve Day Madison go to
By Doug Ebert and others

Plan Now to Attend KNCSB Annual Meeting

The KNCSB annual meeting will be held Oct. 12-13 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, Overland Park, Kan.
The Pastors Conference has been changed to a Leadership Conference for all church leaders. It will
be held from 1-4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12, at Blue Valley Church.
Find more information at

Theyre on the front line of

ministry in your church, dedicating countless hours every
week to Bible lesson preparation, outreach contacts, and
ministering to class members.
Your churchs Sunday School
(small group) leaders impact
lives, from preschoolers to
senior adults.
Need fresh ideas for showing
appreciation for their faithful
Print an annual bulletin
insert, listing all Sunday
School/small group teachers
of the church. List their names
under their sending Bible
class, the one theyd attend
if they werent serving as a
teacher. Beside each name,
indicate the age group they
lead, such as preschool or
adult. Challenge the church
to pray faithfully for these
Theres no greater compliment to an adult Bible teacher
than launching leaders to serve,
so this list will encourage adult
teachers. Adult classes can be
the greatest supporters and
encouragers for their membersin-service. Challenge adult
classes to honor and support
them frequently, using some of
these ideas:
n Create a wall of honor
display in your classroom,
featuring their photos and class
names. Leave room for additional teachers, and update the
display frequently.
n Pray for them in class often. Text them a note that youre

n Take a brief field trip

during the last minutes of class
one week to stroll past rooms
where your class members
serve in Sunday School. Snap an
action photo to send.
n Send email or snailmail
encouragement notes.
n Help with a specific
need for the class they teach,
i.e. equipment, transportation,
Bibles for newcomers, toy for
child classroom.
n Feature their photo and
update on your class newsletter
or Facebook group page.
n Provide a substitute
teacher when they go on vacation.
n Invite them to report
about how God is working. The
testimony could be given as a
brief presentation during a class
n Be intentional about personally inviting them to class
fellowship events, and welcome
them warmly. As you get to
know them, its easy to pray.
n Keep their names on
your class phone lists, newsletters and email lists. Put a
star by their names to remind
members to pray for them as
they serve.
n A simple thank you or
I pray for you can be a great
The annual updated launch
list not only encourages adult
classes to send out leaders, but
it helps them celebrate and
encourage all those who serve
outside the class.
Diana Davis is an author,
columnist and ministers wife.


Heres a question for you:

What do you do for fun and
recreation on a beautiful Saturday morning? If youre one of
the more than 200 volunteers
representing 16 churches in
Flint Hills, your answer would
have been Lets all descend on
a community and show them
Gods love in action!
They werent acting on a
whim, however. June 20 saw
the culmination of months of
planning, prayer, and preparations by the churches of the
Flint Hills Association which
started with the selection of
Madison for this years Serve
Day event. The inspiration
came from Ridgewood Baptist
Church in Forrest City, Arkansas and this was the third such
event after LaHarpe (2013) and
Lyndon (2014). We were particularly pleased that the pastor
for Ridgewood, Carl Weatherford, and his team joined our
Serve Day team again this year
and brought their Centershot
Ministry. This unique ministry
is an outreach program that
uses the life-skill of archery as
a tool for sharing the gospel.
The week before Serve Day,
Madison held their annual
summer celebration and parade. Some of the youth from
First Baptist Church, Madison
decorated Topeka Pastor Gary
Rotens truck as a float for the
parade with information about
Serve Day. The youth from
12th Avenue Baptist Church in
Emporia put Serve Day labels
on bottles of water. These were
then handed out to the crowd
at the parade by volunteers
from Light of La Harpe Baptist
Church. The float got lots of
attention so much so that it
won 2nd place!
On June 20, the volunteers
were divided into eleven
service teams some of them
repairing bicycles, others

One of the reasons churches in North America have

trouble guiding people about money is that the
churchs economy is built on consumerism. If churches see themselves as suppliers of religious goods and
services and their congregants as consumers, then offerings are payment. Doug Pagitt, author in the Emerging Church movement and pastor


More KNCSB Churches On Mission Together

Drones, Facebook, cell phones, chain
saws, and numerous cases of water bottles. These were all part of the massive
clean-up in the tiny village of Lodgepole,
Nebraska. The disaster struck on August
1st in the evening. Torrential rain of 2
inches to 6 inches over a two-hour period
along with 80+ mile-an-hour winds created a doomsday landscape. New Hope
Fellowship in Lodgepole was at the center
of the destruction but had no damage.
As we began to post pictures on Facebook,
the message went to our sister church,
Calvary Baptist Church of North Platte,
Nebraska, and the pastor there relayed the
message to another sister church, Calvary
Baptist in Sidney, Nebraska. A little after
lunch time, they were riding in to help
clean up as it was more than the small
country church of New Hope Fellowship
could possibly minister to the many needs
A neighbor with a drone plane helped
identify downed trees, and others brought
sandwiches, chainsaws, trucks, tractors,
and trailers. All day long the entire town
was working to clean up the dangerous
mess, but at the heart of the hard work
were the three Southern Baptist churches
working hand in hand with new friends
and grateful neighbors.


Hillside Baptist Church, Wellington, KS

- Hard at Work in the Kingdom

Its not like its anything big;

its just the little things, Dr.
Roger Lee, Pastor of Hillside
Baptist church in Wellington,
Kansas, explained. We took a
survey recently and discovered
that everyone in the church has
a ministry they are performing
with one exception and that
persons work schedule would
not allow them to do so. The
evidence is mounting that the
people of Hillside are hard at
work in the Kingdom. It may
seem like it is just little things,
but they are making a big difference.
Hillside, a church of 130140 in attendance, is seeking
to reach its community by
addressing the needs of Wellingtons citizens. During the
week of July 13th, the church
conducted five Backyard Bible
Clubs simultaneously throughout the community. The idea
was to get the church out into
the community rather than
asking the community to come
to the church building. The
church membership has been
out knocking on doors, passing

out information on the church

and its ministries and sharing
as witnesses to Jesus. Pastor
Lee tells of one of the Backyard
Bible team leaders who, when
their numbers did not grow on
the second day of the club, went
out into the neighborhood that
afternoon going door to door to
share once again and encourage
parents and children. But this
ministry is only one of several
the church is using to push back
the spiritual darkness in their
A few months ago, the church
launched a Celebrate Recovery, ministry to assist those
who are seeking freedom from
various addictions. No sooner
had they started the first group,
a request was made to start another. Then the church received
a phone call from local law enforcement asking if they would
be willing to perform the same
ministry in the local jail with
one class for men and another
for women. It is obvious that
God is beginning to open doors
for a people who are willing to
roll up their sleeves and go to

work for the Kingdom.

Recently the church was
looking at making a sizeable
repair to their parking lot that
required the removal of broken
concrete before a patch could
be made. The member heading
up the crew was approached by
a local businessman who owns
and operates heavy equipment.
He approached the churchs
team leader and said, Your
church has helped my son
with his school work through
your tutoring program. His
grades have improved drastically. Would it be all right if I
used some of my equipment to
remove the rubble and dispose
of the broken concrete? The
arrival of dump trucks and a
backhoe made the work much
easier for Hillsides team to
make the repairs.
Their ministries to the needs
of the community are making a
difference in lives of the citizens
of this South Central Kansas
community. These may well be
little things, but the people of
Hillside are finding that little
things do mean a lot.


Warm Apples
& Ice Cream

Fall is my favorite season of

the year, and apples are one of
my favorite fruits. Every fall
my parents would travel to the
nearest orchard and bring back
a bushel of apples. I would
come home from school and the
house would smell of cooked
apples and cinnamon. Mom
would make apple sauce, apple
cobbler, apple pie, fried apples,
and apple dumplings. I know
she would have loved this
recipe! Enjoy!
Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8
Warm Apples and Ice Cream
4 large apples
tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp butter
vanilla ice cream
pinch ground cloves
whipped cream
3 tbsp brown sugar
caramel topping
Hollow out apples and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar inside. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. After they are done baking, fill with ice cream and drizzle with caramel topping.

Holy Unbalance

kingdom work if I listen to their suggestions.

It feels demanding and scarey. Yet Jesus calls
us and allows us to skip on water and tells us
that we must be willing to walk away from our
family for Him. The world says this is wrong.
Jesus says it must be to some degree. Which
is balanced? Which is unbalanced? Which
honors God and which honors man?
I once read from commentator, David
Guzik, that Jesus and Paul were both considered unbalanced by the religious world because
they did not conform to the norm. So, how
do I know if my Holy Unbalance teeters on
a thin rope instead of skipping on water?
Unbalance that is not holy leads me or others
to sin. Holy unbalance always leads to Jesus
and lives will be changed. I will not settle for
the tight rope that seeks to rob me of skipping on water. What about you? Are you ready
for a little Holy Unbalance today?
Father, help me to grow in holy unbalance and skip on
water towards Jessu always leading others to Jesus as well.

How often do we as girls look in the mirror and think negative thoughts? But in
reality none of those thoughts are biblical truth.
How awesome would it be to truly grasp how God sees us through His eyes? It
is time we start trading out those mirrors for Gods Word and unending love. Isaiah
43:4 says, Others were given in exchange for you you are precious to me.
Join us for Shine at Webster Conference Center Nov. 6-7 to learn how we are precious in Gods eyes. Be ready to grow, serve and have fun with hundreds of other

Minsters Wives: Mark These Dates

Yes, its that time again! Not one, but TWO opportunities to gather with other
ministers wives for some fun and encouragement! Put these dates on your calendar!
n Sept. 11-12 Wonderful Weekend for Women at Webster Conference Center,
Salina Kan. We will enjoy our annual Ministers Wives Fellowship after the Friday
night session. Our theme for the weekend is Hello so bring something with you
that represents YOU!
n Monday, Oct. 12 Coffee fellowship for ministers wives at Blue Valley Baptist
Church, Overland Park, Kan., from 1:15-3:30 p.m. (while our guys are in the pastors meeting)
Please RSVP to me at as soon as you can so we can plan accordingly! I cant wait to see you!
Blessings, Patti

Annual Missions Celebration to be Held Monday, Oct. 12

The KNCSB WMU Annual Missions Celebration will be held Monday, Oct. 12,
from 4:15-6:30 p.m. at Blue Valley Baptist Churchs Ridgeview Campus,
1325 S Ridgeview, Olathe, Kan. Cost is $5 per person and includes dinner, so
pre-registration is required by Oct. 1.
To register, mail names and contact information along with payment to:
Womens Leadership Dept., 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS 66606. For more information send an e-mail to


If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own

father and mother and wife andchildrenand brother
and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my
disciple. Luke 14:26
I have been praying
through a radical
thought... Holy Unbalance. Yep, Unbalance.
The more I grow as a
follower of Jesus the
more I feel burdened
to push through the
conformity of the
norm to find Gods
radical call to go. At
times the call to go appears to cause me to be
out of balance to those watching. I am often
asked about my marriage and how I take care
of my children because what I do in ministry.
I feel the tension between what God expects
of me and what the world says I must do in
regards to my family and ministry.
The world expects us to walk precariously
on a little thin line like the tight rope with
a cookie cutter expectation of what family
should be like. There are times that I feel like
the test to stay on the worlds rope robs me
of the ability to break barriers and truly do

Christian artist Blanca will be the guest speaker and musician for the
KNCSB Shine retreat for teen girls. It will be held Nov. 6-7 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Highly energetic, intensely focused, quickly moving, and

totally devoted to
Sunday School leaders!
Saturday, September 12, 2015
First Baptist Church, Raytown, MO
Experience what over 15,000 other leaders have experienced.
NSSDS is designed to:
n Equip Sunday School directors to serve effectively in all areas of
Sunday School work
n Deliver practical tools for all aspects of Sunday School work
n Facilitate opportunities to network with other Sunday School directors
n Build team spirit among the Sunday School director, minister of edu
cation, pastor, and division and department directors
Through NSSDS training, you will develop skills and plans to:
n Build a growing Sunday School focused on its mission and purpose
n Develop an organization and enlist leadership to build a growing
Sunday School
n Lead teachers to teach for spiritual transformation
n Leave with a step-by-step strategy for leading your Sunday School
n The day is facilitated by one of the finest faculties in the nationa
team of experts wholl provide your leaders with cost-efficient, local
training for only $39 per person (includes onsite lunch).
NSSDS will open your eyes to the potential impact your Sunday School
can have on the Kingdom. Dont miss this unique training opportunity.
For more information or registration:


SUMMER WAS AWESOME: God moved in some exciting ways this summer
through the childrens and youth camps held at WCC. 3,406 children, youth and
sponsors attended the ten weeks of camps and 193 were saved with another 430
making other significant decisions for Christ. Please pray for these children and
students as they become change agents at school and in your communities.
PROGRESS CONTINUES: With the money in place to complete the Dining Hall
expansion project, we now need volunteers to assist the WCC Staff in hanging
dry wall and installing the outside sheeting. If you, or a group from your church,
could help for a day or more, call Bill Cooke at 1-785-827-656 and help finish the
building. The concrete work, for the patio and parking lots, is on the fall schedule
to finish the outside of the building.
PICNIC PAVILION: Construction on the new Picnic Pavilion relocation project
has begun and the first stage should be completed around the end of August. The
second stage of construction will include a restroom and a new cooking/serving
area for those who will use the pavilion to feed people.
SEWER PROJECT PROCEEDING: The final hurdles have been cleared and work
has begun to construct the sewer upgrade. Loans have been secured, plans have
been finalized and construction will begin soon.
WE STILL HAVE NEEDS: Please continue to pray and give as WCC continues to
upgrade the infrastructure needs before us with the sewer project and the repaving of our roads and parking lots. Thank you for your support as the WCC Staff
continues to improve your facility to make ministry events more effective through
a quality conference center.

Thank you for your continued support of this mission facility as we

continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff

Church Seeks Worship Pastor

Growing Southern Baptist church in Kansas is seeking a bi-vocational Associate

Pastor of Music Ministry to work with the Senior Pastor, be responsible for planning
and leading Sunday morning worship service, working with the choir, praise team,
and all instrumentalists. This position would also plan and lead music for Sunday
and Wednesday evening. For more information, visit

Church Seeks Music/Youth Minister

First Southern Baptist Church in Salina, Kansas is actively seeking a full-time Music
and Youth staff position. Responsibilities will include developing a weekly blended
worship service and developing a vibrant and comprehensive youth ministry with
students in grades 6th 12th. Please send your resume and questions to music. . You can also visit for more information
about the church.

Featured Video

Available to churches cooperating with KNCSB by contacting library@kncsb.

org or calling either 785/228-6800 or 800/984-9092. Ask for Barbara Spicer.


Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Study

by Angie Smith

Includes one Bible study book including group guides and two DVDs
with seven video sessions 12 to 15 minutes each. This kit shows you the
whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations connects as one beautiful,
seamless thread.
Session 1: The Beginning
Session 2: The Patriarchs
Session 3: Exodus and the Promised Land
Session 4: The Kingdoms and the Prophets
Session 5: The Messiah
Session 6: The Letters
Session 7: Group Guide