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Steps to complete before going to US F1 VISA Interview:

After you receive your I20 from your SEVIS recognized university,
1. SEVIS - Pay your 200$ SEVIS fee online :
(Take a PRINTOUT of the receipt of payment)
2. DS 160 - After 2-3 days of paying the SEVIS fee, fill out the DS 160 document
which will cover all the aspects regarding your background and your previous US
travel etc :
3. VISA - After filling this out, register for an account at
4. Visa fee payment - I paid my Visa fee through the NEFT option available, its
thro Net-banking . The steps are as follows,
a) when you reach the stage of Visa fee payment, select NEFT
b) You will get your Unique bank account number (TIER......) in separate tab along
with the details about the amount you have to pay (160$) and the Beneficiary
c) Then add a third beneficiary in our bank account i.e, BANA ( Bank of America
NA) Mumbai... It'll be given in the tab above
d) wait for 1 day before the beneficiary gets activated. you will receive a mail
regarding activation thro the email (TAKE A PRINTOUT OF THE EMAIL TOO
e) pay your fee after it is activated thro net-banking.
f) After 3-4 hours paying the VISA fee, the receipt number gets filled up
automatically in the ustraveldocs site and all we have to do is continue in the
profile and book our 2 appointments
4. OFC and Interview - After completing your profile in the ustraveldocs site, you
have to book two appointments
a) For the OFC - Its basically a short process where your fingerprints and your
photo will be taken prior to the consular interview,Make sure to get back all your

documents with the stamp on the DS 160 confirmation as these docs will only have
to be taken to the consular interview later.
b) Consular interview - Book the OFC at least 1 day prior to this consular
c) Take a printout of the Visa appointment confirmation
Documents required:
(I) For the OFC :
a) Passport
b) Visa Appointment confirmation
c) DS 160 confirmation page
(II) For the Consular Interview:
I arranged the docs as per my convenience, you could arrange it in your own order,
but the FOLDER 1 contains all the important and mostly required docs so make
sure to keep them for sure and in a very accessible place.
A piano folder with multiple pockets would be ideal and easy to handle.

Passport (old + new)
Visa appointment confirmation
Admit letter from the university
Scholarship letter (if applicable)
Visa fee payment receipt
SEVIS fee payment receipt
DS 160 Confirmation (Previously stamped during the OFC)

GRE score report
IELTS/TOEFL score report
10th memo
Inter Memo
B.Tech Transcripts (Even if you don't have your 4-2 transcripts, its not a problem.
You can still apply)

CA certificate
CE certificate
Affidavit of support
Passbooks of Banks + Respective bank statements updated
Salary Certificate of your working parent(s)
Parent(s) employer certificate
IT returns of parent(s)- Form 16
Letter from bank manager stating all the available funds in various accounts
PF statement
LIC (if applicable)

Other Admits/Reject letters

Certificates of internships/Projects
Major project abstract
Mini project abstract

All property documents and related docs
Extra Docs:
Take the following docs with your own discretion.
Photographs (2)
Postal savings
Extracurricular certificates
Car docs (RC book etc)

These are a few Interview questions compiled from the previous interviews! Hope
they are of any use to you.
University related:
1. Method of teaching
2. Courses you will be taking ( semester wise if u can remember )
3. Names of a few professors in your department
4. Why this Uni?
5. How did you find out about this Uni?
6. Total international admissions in your Uni
7. Department activities, research etc
8. How is the course curriculum different in this Uni from others?
9. Climate in the city

10. Location of the Uni in USA

11. Mascot of the Uni?
12. About the program you applied to (MS or PhD...)
13. How will this program help you in the future?
14. Specialization
15. Statistics of your Uni - Forbes ranking, Founded in the year, area .... etc
16. Tuition amount
17. Scholarship details (if applicable)

Financial related Questions:

1. What will you do if you lose your scholarship?
2. have you got any loans?
3. What is your Father's income?
4. Who is sponsoring your education?
5. How long has your father been working?
6. What is your Father?

Other Questions:
1. Tell me about your Major project
2. Tell me about your Mini project
3. What are your other Admits/Rejects
4. In what way will Masters help you in India?
5. Why only this Uni when you have better admits?
6. Why MS?
7. Undergrad %

8. Any backlogs
9. Why USA? Why do you want to go the USA?
10. Purpose of Visit?
11. How long will you study in the USA?
12. What is your academic background?
13. What is your GRE Score?
14. What is your IELTS/TOEFL Score?
15. Do you plan to study PhD after MS?
16. Are you planning to work after you graduate?