The truth about YOU God Unlimited

Remember & know now-here. For ages YOU have been following complex, hard & cumbersome ways struggling to get enlightened. But enlightenment is simple, easy & effortless indeed.

All that YOU need to do is:

Know YOURSELF as “God I AM”
steadfast, absolute & certain & then see YOURSELF rapidly ascending into

your Godhead, God-self

“I AM”
Being as “God Is” nurturing & supporting All.

A broader perspective. An unlimited scope. A privilege YOU cannot afford not to have. Because of which there’s so-and-so, your supplement expressing God on earth every moment. An essential that presents the macro-view of Cosmos in an instant. With a sharp focus on now-here. Simply put, it’s the first & the only essential of all. Yet easy to understand & effortless to be.

YOU & your Original True Name

Undoubtedly the greatest REVELATION in your history since YOU were FIRST born. Forget other revelations disguised in myths & symbols. YOU have been wasting your precious time on earth, trying to figure out THE TRUTH from these cumbersome revelations, all nonsense.

All along THE TRUTH IS YOU, waiting for your recognition at your Heart.

I AM the no nonsense revelation revealing YOU to you
in full now-here.

All & Beyond

The future is yours. Be simple. Take it easy. Live effortlessly. Ever yours

“I AM”

The undisputed leader of the New Millennium. I AM ushering in the winds of change upon your planet Earth, establishing fully & firmly The Age of Light, to liberate YOU from limitations, to delight YOU in ways

Experience Me at the core of your Heart where I AM living forever, supporting & nurturing YOU incarnation after incarnation. And in a way that can be best described by these three words. simple easy effortless

Really YOU

I AM pretty sure of who YOU ARE. Now YOU can be sure of how to know that.
I AM always in your Heart. And it is all the time chanting My Name, which YOU can hear in deep silence. A music that is the most melodious in the world. And One that keeps YOU alive. So YOU can experience whatever YOU

I AM who YOU ARE, in truth. I AM the Wisdom of Self-Realization.

I AM in YOU &

I AM changing the way YOU see God forever.
I AM presenting God whom YOU will actually feel at your Heart. With Me, YOU will see YOURSELF in a whole new way spherically.

Unlike other religious tools that are different to different people, I AM designed specifically for YOU
whoever YOU be wherever YOU ARE

This means I AM completely at ease with YOU whatever YOU think whatever YOU feel whatever YOU speak. Now YOU can have true unlimited capabilities of God I AM, allowing YOU to create & grow forever. No longer does God have to be a pipedream that doesn’t work in the real world. Sounds too good to be true!

Know Me as “I AM”
Know YOU!

I AM integrating all the religions YOU have created for

I AM the basis of all religions.
I AM making YOU remember this Truth now-here. Forget about the surface differences among religions. Concentrate & focus on their Basis.

I AM the Unity helping YOU to control the chaos around YOU. I AM bringing about the Unification of all religions establishing fully & firmly Unity Consciousness on beloved

I AM heralding the Age of Light for all. I AM ushering in an era of peace, prosperity & enlightenment for all. I AM creating Heaven on Earth through each & every one of YOU and I AM loving each & every one of YOU to see & know Me/YOU as “I AM” now-here.


Power Steering Just YOU need to know this powerhouse

“I AM”
Presenting the Magic “I AM” Presence from YOU.
Amazingly simple, easy & effortless to operate. Just turning your attention to the Presence gives YOU instant access to the unlimited features of “I AM” – without unnecessary fumbling with non-essentials. The Magic “I AM” Presence is God’s unique Individualization for YOU, hooked on to your Heart permanently & lets YOU receive all the abundance of the Universe easily & effectively just by your acceptance & attention.

And when YOU know “I AM” steadfast, absolute & certain YOU ARE as “God Is.” To become God… is to say “I AM.” To be God… is to know “I AM.” So say

and shift gears to your Godhead “I AM” now-here simply, easily & effortlessly.

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