MINUTES OF THE MEETING PRE-REVISION 2008 PART II October 24, 2008 Date: October 24, 2008 Time: 2pm-4:55pm

Venue: CBA ATTENDANCE: NAME Benbinuto, Krisna Rose Mendoza, Rizza Moralidad, Judea Ann Malicudio, Bayani Francis Malabanan, Charlotte Musa, Margaret Edalla, Ma Teresa Sioco, Marc Jeffrey Hilbero, Dennyson Rocas, Julios Coros, Marie Rachel Austin, Asiangel Velasco, Angelo Jed Resureccion, Ronnie Romano, Florencio III Delantar, Juan Marianito Lontok, Jet Caesar Pantolla, Hernan Busayong, Sebedi Justine Hernando, Neil Paulo UNIT Heraldo Filipino Heraldo Filipino COS PI COE CSO USCE USCE CBA SENTRO SINAG COE CIHM CSO CLA SENTRO CLE USC CEAT CEAT

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The meeting started with a prayer led by Ms. Amelita Marquez AGENDA Roll Call DISCUSSION ISSUES/ CONCERN RECOMMENDATION DECISION

Parliamentary Procedure Orientation

- Parliamentary Procedure

* SENTROconfused with the definition of Appeal Decision of the Chair: Appeal for the assembly to decide *ASST. SECRETARYThe USCE were not able to provide hard for the delegates, soft copy or any presentation because the Head Secretary have the copy and were not able to give the copies to the assistant secretariats. *SENTRO- The delegates will not be able to perform will if not informed properly. Minutes of the meeting must be provided.

*Co-Chair- appeal is addressed to the chair after the decision is made by the chair * SENTRO- it should be Appeal from the Assembly and not Appeal for the Assembly. *SENTRO- Requested that each delegates must have a hard copy of the PreRevision Part I Minutes of the Meeting. *USC- The minutes of the meeting should have flashed in front, so that delegates will be able to see if there are errors.

Pre-Revision Part I Minutes of the Meeting

Reading of the PreRevision Part I Minutes of the Meeting

* ASST. SECRETARYThe USCE shall provide copies of the minutes through email.

* Noted

*CLA- Motion to have recess * Clarifying if how long is the recess. *CLA- recess for five minutes

Vote: Yes- 16 No- 4 Abstain- 0 Vote: Yes- 16 No- 1 Abstain- 3

RECESS: 3:30 pm RESUME 3:40 pm

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Distribution of the Remaining Delegates to Committees

1. Distribution of the Remaining Delegates to Committees

Committee I: Margaret Musa (CSO) Ailene Orong (USC) Mary Grace Sanares (CIHM) Committee II: Ronnie Resurreccion (CSO) Sebedi Justin Busayong (CEAT) Committee VII: Dennyson Hilbero (CBA) *SINAG- Motion to have a committee meeting. *SENTROAccording to the Rules for the Election Code Revision Rule X Sec. 22 that it is prohibited for the committees to hold meetings while the sessions are taking place. Meeting of the committee is not included in the flow of orientation. *SINAG- Motion to put in to vote to allow Committee Meetings during the Prerevision II. *USC- Why are there votes for abstain? *CSO- To tally the total number of attendees. *SENTO- Motion to divide again the house. Vote: Yes-9 No- 9 Abstain- 2 *Co-Chair- Since there ws a tie, the co-chair decided to hold a 10 minutes meeting of the committees.

2. To have a committee meeting.

Vote: Yes- 8 No- 7 Abstain- 5

3. Meeting per Committee (4:10 pm4:27 pm)

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4. Resume of the Session (4:27 pm): Submission of the draft of the reports of the Committee Meetings.

Orientation and Guidelines for the election Code revision Proper in Jabez Campsite

1. House Rules of the Convention

*SENTRORegarding the House Rule no. 1, Are laptops included to prohivited electronic gadgets? *USC- Instead of bullets, put number to enumerate the House Rules. The House Rule no. 4 should be modify because carrying pants are uncomfortable for the part of the boys and shorts are more comfortable to wear. *SENTRO- What kind of short are prohibited? How long or short is the short should be? *CLA- Sleeping pajamas and jogging pants that are appropriate to the eye should be allowed. *CEAT- It is better if we enumerate what are allowed than what are prohibited because prohibited clothes are more to enumerate compare to what are allowed. *SENTRO: All delegates are *HF-Define walking short.

*USCE- Laptops are exempted.

*SENTRO- Short that is above the knee is prohibited.


*SENTRO- Sleeping pajamas and jogging pants are prohibited maybe because most of these are see true.

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matured enough to know and identify what are the decent clothes and appropriate to wear. Delegates should not debate about this.

*USCE- Delegates must dress properly in casual attire. Walking shorts that are above the knee, sleeping pajamas and jogging pants are not allowed.

2. Announcements: Call time on October 27: 7:00 am, Gate 3. Expected Departure: 7:30 am. Extra pillows and personal medicines are encouraged to bring. Adjournment *SINAG- Motion to Adjourn the meeting Vote Yes- 19 No- 1

The meeting was adjourned at exactly 4:55 in the afternoon.

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