The Cullens Go To Build A Bear Alice’s P.O.V Begin Vision Cotton was flying everywhere.

Kids were running away with their parents. Emmett was being tackled to the ground by security and all of us were laughing. Emmett had a mutilated teddy bear in his teeth. End Vision I laughed so hard that I fell off the couch. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, I showed Edward my

vision and he shook with laughter. “Whatever” Rose, Em, Bella, and Jazz said. A plan popped in to my head. “Bella, let’s go to the mall” I said with a smirk. Edward and Jasper quickly picked up on my plan. “Yes love, go shopping while I pick up Reneesme” Edward said, all lovey dovey. “But I don’t want to go!” Bella whined. Damn it Bella! Just say yes so the plan can continue! Don’t you want to see Emmett making a fool of himself! I mentally yelled at her. Edward heard that and signaled to Jasper to manipulate Bella’s mood. “Okay Alice let’s go” Bella said all hippie like. Suddenly, Bella collapsed in my arms. “Jasper! You didn’t have to calm her that much!” I yelled. Quickly I ran and tossed Bella in the

backseat of my Porsche. Her body made a thump and rolled off the seats. “Ehh, she’s a vampire it won’t hurt her” I said to myself impatiently. “Alice fix her” Edward said sternly, appearing from behind me. I turned to look at him, he really was mad. I adjusted Bella so she was laying down on her back. “Happy?” I asked Edward. He nodded and disappeared. Soon, we were speeding down the highway at 100mi. per hour. A cop car pulled me over. “Missy, you realize that-” the cop start to say. “House is in the forest, mail it” I said as I sped off. “Holy Crow!” Bella yelled. “Finally, your awake!” I said, throwing up my hands. I told her the plan as she stared at me wide eyed. “I’m in” she sighed. We got to the

mall in record time and headed to Justice, which was right next to Build a Bear. As soon as we entered the store, an assistant came to us. “Can I help you?” she asked. For the love of all that is holy! What is with all these interruptions. “NO, YOU CAN’T HELP ME, I JUST STEPPED IN TO THE STORE TO GET SOMETHING TO PULL A PRANK ON MY BROTHER AND YOU STOPPING ME IS NOT HELPING ME!” I yelled. She looked at me then walked away. “Wow, Alice that was quite a show” Bella teased. “Yeah, yeah. Just get all the stuffed animals with me” I complained. After three loads of stuffed animals we finally went to pay. The cashier looked at us wide eyed and I shoved eight hundred

dollars in her face and left with Bella and eight bags of stuffed animals. “Now we go back to the house!” I said to Bella. She giggled and we ran at human speed to the car. When we reached the house, it was empty. “Good, Edward got the boys to leave” Bella smiled. We each planted a few stuffed animals around the house and the rest went in to Emmett’s closet, bed, dresser, and shoes. “He is so gunna freak” I giggled. “Where to next” Bella asked me as we stepped in to the car. “Build a Bear” I replied. Edward’s P.O.V I’m so happy, Emmett is so going to freak out at Build a Bear. Rosalie was talking to Emmett while we walked to

Build a Bear. Rosalie had agreed to do this plan, but she was a little pissed she had to come with us boys. Jasper’s P.O.V It was all just too easy. Edward had said to Emmett: “Hey, why don’t we go to the mall to get water balloons to throw on Alice and Bella”. Then Emmett said: “Yeah Eddie Boy, you’re speaking my language”. Then we drove to the mall, bought the balloons, filled them with water and now we were just going to stop at a store. Rosalie’s P.O.V This is so going to get back at Emmett

for breaking my mirror. Bella’s P.O.V We had run at vampire speed to Build a Bear and hid behind the plants that were in the entrance. Rosalie walked in by her self and started to make a bear. It was a furry teddy bear with dark brown fur and it had a blonde wig and said I love you when you pressed the paw. Alice and I had just made and stolen at vampire speed a pink bear. “Okay girls, plan is all set, Rose call Emmett” Alice said deviously. “Emmett, some kid puked on my shoes and now I don’t want to walk, so can you carry me home” Rose whined in to the phone. “Just follow my scent to find me” she said,

answering a question. She snapped the phone shut and crouched down waiting for the boys. A few minutes later they entered. Emmett’s P.O.V I followed Rose’s scent to a store, I didn’t even look at the name as I walked in. Jasper’s P.O.V This is going to be sweet. Edward’s P.O.V This is going to be sweet. Jasper and I picked up two teddy bears we had hid earlier and crouched down.

Alice’s P.O.V Emmett looked around and zeroed in on a bear. He went all Terminator like. “Must destroy, must destroy evil teddy bears” he said robotically. We held in our laughter as Emmett walked in out direction. “Look Emmy bear, I made a teddy bear!” Rose squealed as she walked up to him. His head turned sideways and he yanked the bear from Rose. In a second, the bear was in shreds. “See Rose, I told you it was ugly, here Emmett, take my bear” I said, throwing the bear in his face. Emmett ripped it apart with his teeth. That was Bella, Edward, and Jasper’s cue to throw their teddy bears at Emmett. They threw it and Rose

and I hid in the corner with them. Emmett destroyed every bear in rage. My vision was coming true. We were laughing so hard. The whole store was destroyed. Emmett was being dragged off to jail. “Edward, do you think he’ll be okay?” Bella asked worriedly. “No” Edward replied, shaking with laughter. An idea popped in to my head. “Hey, why don’t we all play pranks until we’re all in prison. Of coarse Edward, Jasper, and Bella the careful ones disagreed. “Please!” I whined jumping up and down. “Fine” they all said as we left the store. “Who wants to go first?” Rose asked. We all pointed to her. She nodded and walked in to a store full of mattresses. We watched her from a bench in the hall.

Rosalie’s P.O.V Sigh, I had to go first. Well at least I’ll see Emmett sooner. I jumped up and down on a mattress. My heels poked holes in it. I leapt from bed to bed, singing annoying songs. I was suddenly tackled to the ground. “Get your hands off me you perv!” I half yelled half whined. “Miss, I’m going to have to take you to jail” the cop said, handcuffing her wrists. “Who’s next?” I taunted as we Rose was dragged away. “Hmmm, I think Edward should go next” Bella said as she pushed Eddie in to Hot Topic. “LOOK LADIES WE GOT A HOT TOPIC OVER HERE” I shouted, pointing to Edward. Jazz sent waves

of lust to everyone and Edward was instantly swarmed by girls. “Um, excuse me” he said as he tried to work his way through the crowd. We frowned, this was not the reaction we wanted from Edward. “Jasper, send him a wave of anger and impatience” I whispered. He nodded and Edward’s face was filled with anger. A fight started and not five minutes later Edward was dragged away by cops. We were shaking on the ground with laughter. “Hey, why don’t we have a little contest before we get kicked out?” Jasper said, raising his eyebrows. “Well what is it?” I asked curious. “Let’s have a contest to see who can eat the most human food with out puking”. Each of us bought five large pizzas from the food court

and headed home. Bella’s P.O.V “Okay, 3, 2, 1, GO” I said. We started to shove the pizza in our mouths. It tasted terrible, a big, lumpy, ball going down our throats. Displeasure covered our faces. Alice hadn’t downed three pieces before she ran to the bathroom and puked. Jasper and I were at a tie, we split Alice’s pizza and a few minutes later we were sitting on the couch with Alice, waiting for puke. Puke rushed up to my mouth, I held it back with my hand. Jasper jumped up and shouted with his arms up: “YEAH, JASPER COMES OUT VI-” he was interrupted by puke coming out of his

mouth. He ran faster than me to the bathroom. I puked in the garbage. “BELLA WINS!” Alice shouted. I did a victory dance and watched TV with them. Jasper’s P.O.V We were all still feeling sick from the pizza. I couldn’t help but feel we forgot something… Alice suddenly fell of the couch and on the floor face first. “Alice! I shouted as I shook her shoulder. Then I collapsed on to her and fell asleep the same time Bella passed out on the couch. Rosalie’s P.O.V Where the hell are Bella, Alice, and

Jasper! They should be here by now! They probably ditched us! Ohh, I’m so mad! Ooo, look a shiny thing! Emmett’s P.O.V They tricked me! They are so going to pay! Ooo, look a shiny object! And the guards fed us all three pizzas, we are going to be so sick. Edward’s P.O.V Bella! Where are you! Bella! Eww, a woman in the next cell is trying to flirt with me! Bella where are you! We all suddenly passed out at the same time. Alice’s P.O.V

I was in a cell with Bella and Jazz. In the next cell was Eddie, Rose, and Em. “Bella, where are we?” I asked confused. “We’re visiting Eddie, Rose and Em in jail” she said, sounding like a question. I realized that we weren’t even in a cell. “We have to get them out of here!” I screeched. “I’m sorry Ali, but we can’t do anything” Jazz comforted me. No, now they’ll be stuck here forever… I woke up gasping. Something hard was on top of me. I slid away and looked around. My eyes zeroed in on bags full of water balloons that I’d brought home. I picked up two and threw them at Bella and Jazz. They woke up and we started a water balloon fight. The three of us were

soaking wet when half of the balloons were gone. “We have to break them out now” we all sighed as we headed to jail with a bunch of water balloons. “Hello, I’m here to bail out my family” Jasper said sweetly. Boring way to break someone out. I threw a water balloon at all the guards and we three kept throwing them as we opened the cell. Rose, Em, and Eddie ran out and we all sprinted human speed to my car and piled in. Cops were chasing us and caught us at our house. We were handcuffed and thrown on to the couch in out living room. Carlisle and Esme walked in. Oh shit. All Cullen’s P.O.V except Esme and Carlisle.

Oh. Shit. Emmett’s P.O.V Mom and dad look really pissed. We are in deep trouble. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!” Esme shouted. We told the story, the cops left (thank God) and we were grounded in a weird way. “Now, we know you all hate jobs, so now you all have to get jobs to pay for everything you damaged which comes up to a total of three thousand dollars. And we’ve frozen your credit cards and taken your money.” Esme said. We all groaned. These next months were going to be hell.

Tanya’s P.O.V Ooo, Eddie’s going to get a job! He’ll look so cute in a uniform! That last time when Bella put on video me saying I will stay away from Edward was a total lie on my part. Like I would stay away from him! I spy on him everyday and no one knows! Oh My God he just heard that thought. I looked up and there he was with Bella. She had a furious look on her face. “Listen Tanya, I’ve had enough of your bull s***. Now you’re going to die. Suddenly, Bella tackled me to the ground and was ripping me apart while the Cullens stood there smiling. “Eddie help me!” I yelled. “NO, I hate you and you deserve to die” he said coldly. I was completely in pieces

(literally) nothing was attacherd to any thing. Bella grabbed every body part and injected venom in to it. It stung at each bite. Rosalie came up to and bit every body part. “Bella, can I burn half” Rosalie pleaded. “Of coarse you can Rose” she answered sweetly. They took half and half. They each took out a lighter and turned it on. My head was the only body part left alone. After a while, the only part of me left was my head. “What should we do with it?” Rosalie asked, kicking me with her foot. “Hmm, I know, give it to the werewolves, her head is big enough” Bella smirked at what Alice said. “I’ll call Jacob and he can pick it up” she said. Minutes later, I was being picked up by a wolf and pulled away.

Wolves surrounded me and attacked me. Then I was gone forever. (Tanya died) Everyone’s P.O.V TANYA IS GONE!!!! YAY SHE IS FINALLY OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! The End There You Have It. This Is What Happens When The Cullens Take A Trip To Build A Bear.

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