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55772 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

189 / Monday, October 1, 2007 / Notices

20070907AEO, from Harrison, MI, to NM, to Bovina, TX; White Park Consolidating the 800 and 900 MHz
Houghton Lake, MI; Coltrace Broadcasting, Inc., Station KANT, Industrial/Land Transportation and
Communications, Inc., Station WUPS, Facility ID 164287, BMPH– Business Pool Channels.
Facility ID 49694, BPH–20070907AEP, 20070828AAX, from Guernsey, WY, to Amendment of Part 2 of the
from Houghton Lake, MI, to Harrison, Glendo, WY. Commission’s Rules Allocate Spectrum
MI; Csn International, Station WAJC, DATES: Comments may be filed through below 3 GHz for Mobile and Fixed
Facility ID 41094, BPED–20070821ABE, November 30, 2007. Services to Support the Introduction of
from Wilson, NC, to Zebulon, NC; CSN New Advanced Wireless Services,
ADDRESSES: Federal Communications
International, Station WTMK, Facility including Third Generation Wireless
Commission, 445 Twelfth Street, SW., Systems (ET Docket No. 00–258).
ID 90498, BPED–20070830AAU, from Washington, DC 20554.
Lowell, IN, to Wanatah, IN; CSN Petition for Rule Making of the
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Wireless Information Networks Forum
International, Station KJCQ, Facility ID
124890, BPED–20070906ADK, from Tung Bui, 202–418–2700. Concerning the Unlicensed Personal
Quincy, CA, to WESTWOOD, CA; CSN SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The full Communications Service (RM–9498).
International, Station KJCU, Facility ID text of these applications is available for Petition for Rule Making of UT
87930, BPED–20070906ADN, from inspection and copying during normal Starcom, Inc., Concerning the
Laytonville, CA, to Fort Bragg, CA; CSN business hours in the Commission’s Unlicensed Personal Communications
international, Station KAJC, Facility ID Reference Center, 445 12th Street, SW., Service (RM–10024).
Washington, DC 20554 or electronically Amendment of Section 2.106 of the
91565, BPED–20070906ADR, from
via the Media Bureau’s Consolidated Commission’s Rules to Allocate
Salem, OR, to Millersburg, OR; Cumulus
Data Base System, http:// Spectrum at 2 GHz for Use by the
Licensing, LLC., Station NEW, Facility Mobile Satellite Service (ET Docket No.
ID 162261, BMPH–20070911ACM, from
prod/cdbs_pa.htm. A copy of this 95–18).
Chatfield, MN, to Eyota, MN; Cumulus Number of Petitions Filed: 2.
Licensing, LLC., Station KFIL-FM, application may also be purchased from
Facility ID 34428, BPH–20070911ACO, the Commission’s duplicating Marlene H. Dortch,
from Preston, MN, to Chatfield, MN; contractor, Best Copy and Printing, Inc., Secretary.
Educational Media Foundation, Station 445 12th Street, SW., Room CY-B402, [FR Doc. E7–19338 Filed 9–28–07; 8:45 am]
WKVF, Facility ID 859, BPH– Washington, DC, 20554, telephone
20070830ADZ, from Byhalia, MS, to 1–800–378–3160 or http://
Germantown, TN; Educational Media
Foundation, Station WKVZ, Facility ID Federal Communications Commission. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION
64493, BPH–20070830AEB, from James D. Bradshaw,
Ripley, TN, to Hayti, MO; Educational [Notice 2007–17]
Deputy Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau.
Media Foundation, Station KAER, [FR Doc. E7–19341 Filed 9–28–07; 8:45 am]
Facility ID 93355, BPED–20070907AFS, Filing Dates for the Ohio Special
from St. George, UT, to Mesquite, NV;
BILLING CODE 6712–01–P Election in the 5th Congressional
Four Rivers Community Broadcasting District
Corporation, Station 990901MA, FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY: Federal Election Commission.
Facility ID 94223, BMPED– COMMISSION ACTION: Notice of filing dates for special
20070906AFP, from Mcconnellsburg, election.
PA, To Hustontown, PA; Gla-Mar
[Report No. 2831] SUMMARY: Ohio has scheduled elections
Broadcasting, LLC., Station KBZB,
Facility ID 78999, BPH–20070803ADL, Petitions for Partial Reconsideration of on November 6, 2007, and December 11,
from Pioche, NV, to SANTA CLARA, Action in Rulemaking Proceeding 2007, to fill the U.S. House of
UT; Horizon Christian Fellowship, Representatives seat in the Fifth
Station WWDL, Facility ID 91476, September 24, 2007. Congressional District vacated by the
BMPED–20070907AGR, from Lebanon, Petitions for Reconsideration have late Congressman Paul E. Gillmor.
IN, to Plainfield, IN; Indiana been filed in the Commission’s Committees required to file reports in
Community Radio Corp., Station WJCF, Rulemaking proceeding listed in this connection with the Special Primary
Facility ID 91193, BPED–20070827AEJ, Public Notice and published pursuant to Election on November 6, 2007, shall file
from Morristown, IN, to Greenfield, IN; 47 CFR 1.429(e). The full text of these a 12-day Pre-Primary Report.
New Century Media Group, LLC., documents is available for viewing and Committees required to file reports in
Station WKXU, Facility ID 22322, BPH– copying in Room CY–B402, 445 12th connection with both the Special
20060921ACX, from Louisburg, NC, to Street, SW., Washington, DC or may be Primary and Special General Election on
Hillsborough, NC; Northern Star purchased from the Commission’s copy December 11, 2007, shall file a 12-day
Broadcasting, LLC., Station WMKC, contractor, Best Copy and Printing, Inc. Pre-Primary Report, a 12-day Pre-
Facility ID 42141, BPH–20070905AAN, (BCPI) (1–800–378–3160). Oppositions General Report, and a 30-day Post-
from St. Ignace, MI, to Indian River, MI; to these petitions must be filed by General Report.
Rural California Broadcasting Corp., October 16, 2007. See Section 1.4(b)(1) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr.
Station KRCB-FM, Facility ID 57946, of the Commission’s rules (47 CFR Kevin R. Salley, Information Division,
BPED–20070906AFL, from Santa Rosa, 1.4(b)(1). Replies to oppositions must be 999 E Street, NW., Washington, DC
CA, to Windsor, CA; Sutton filed within 10 days after the time for 20463; Telephone: (202) 694–1100; Toll
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

Radiocasting Corporation, Station filing oppositions have expired. Free (800) 424–9530.
20070830AEJ, from Clayton, GA, to Subject
Dillsboro, NC; Tejas Broadcasting, LLP, In the Matter of Improving Public Principal Campaign Committees
Station NEW, Facility ID 162373, Safety Communications in the 800 MHz All principal campaign committees of
BMPH–20070829ADC, from Texico, Band (WT Docket No. 02–55). candidates who participate in the Ohio

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