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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

187 / Thursday, September 27, 2007 / Notices 54893

that are currently authorized by WIC makes minor modifications to certain Responsible Official
State agencies. parts of the proposed action, and asks
Comments are being solicited on for comments on those modifications. Meg Mitchell, Forest Supervisor,
whether the NUPC will decrease the DATES: Comments concerning the scope
Green Mountain and Finger Lakes
burden on WIC State agencies and of the analysis, specifically in regard to National Forests, 231 North Main Street,
manufacturers by providing a uniform the modifications to the original Rutland, VT 05701–2417.
data source for submitting products for proposed action, should be received by Comments Requested
WIC review and eligibility. The burden October 19, 2007. The draft
hours associated with this collection environmental impact statement is now This revised notice of intent
burden will be for updates to existing expected in January 2008 and the final continues the process of gathering
products and the addition of new environmental impact statement is comments which guides the
products as they become available and expected in July 2008. development of the environmental
authorized. We estimate that for this ADDRESSES: Send written comments to impact statement. The primary purpose
burden reporting period, 1,000 Bob Bayer, Project Coordinator, is to gather public comments, issues,
manufacturers will spend a total of 125 Manchester Ranger District, USDA and concerns regarding the proposed
burden hours to report new product Forest Service, 2538 Depot Street, action. Comments, issues and concerns
information and update existing product Manchester Center, VT 05255. will be used to help formulate
information when necessary; 20 State FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Bob alternatives to the proposed action.
agencies (40 users) will spend a total of Bayer, Project Coordinator, Manchester Please make your written comments as
5 burden hours to report new product Ranger District, USDA Forest Service, specific as possible as they relate to the
information, update existing product 2538 Depot Street, Manchester Center, modifications of the proposed action.
information, and, upload/download VT 05255; 802–362–2307 ext. 218; e- There is no need to re-submit comments
products to their State agency approved mail: or thoughts that you have already
list, and 2 Federal users will spend a submitted during the formal scoping
total of 1⁄2 hour to report new infant process held in July–August of 2005.
original notice of intent to prepare the
formula product information and update Those people new to the process at this
Deerfield Wind Project EIS was
formula product information when time may feel free to provide a broader
published in the Federal Register on
necessary. The total number of burden range of comments. Include your name,
July 15, 2005 (Vol. 70, No. 135, page
hours for this reporting period is 130.50 address, and, if possible, telephone
409750). Revisions are as noted here.
hours. number and e-mail address. Comments
The responsible official is now Meg
Affected Public: Manufacturers, WIC received in response to this solicitation,
Mitchell, Forest Supervisor, Green
State agencies, and Federal government. including the names and addresses of
Mountain and Finger Lakes National
Estimated Number of Respondents: those who comment, will be considered
Forest. The expected dates for the
1,022. part of the public record and will be
Number of Responses per release of the EIS is as noted above. The
proposed action has been clarified as available for public inspection.
Respondent: 2. Comments submitted anonymously will
Estimated Total Annual Responses: follows.
be accepted and considered.
2,044. Modifications to the Proposed Action Additionally, pursuant to 7 CFR 127(d),
Hours per Response: 0.063. any person may request that a
The Deerfield Wind Project is now
Estimated Total Annual Burden: 131. submission be withheld from the public
proposed to consist of 17 wind turbines
Dated: September 12, 2007. with a rotor size of 87 or 88 meters in record by showing how the Freedom of
Roberto Salazar, diameter for a total turbine height from Information Act permits such
Administrator, Food and Nutrition Service. ground to the top of the blade tip at confidentiality. Persons requesting such
[FR Doc. E7–19050 Filed 9–26–07; 8:45 am] about 400 to 410 feet and a name plate confidentiality should be aware that
BILLING CODE 3410–30–P power rating of 2.0 or 2.1 megawatts confidentiality is granted in only very
(MW), depending upon which model of limited circumstances. The Forest
turbine is selected. The original notice Service will inform the requester of its
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE proposed 20 to 30 turbines decision regarding a request for
approximating 340–370 feet in height confidentiality. Where the request is
Forest Service with a power rating of between 1.5 to denied, the submission will be returned,
2.0 MW per turbine. The site will now and the requester notified that the
Green Mountain National Forest; be capable of producing 34 or 35.7 MW comments may be resubmitted with or
Vermont; Deerfield Wind Project whereas the original proposal called for without name and address.
AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. a site capacity of 30 to 45 MW of Dated: September 20, 2007.
ACTION: Revision, notice of intent to electricity. Access to the western project Steve Roy,
prepare an environmental impact area will be from the north along a Acting Forest Supervisor.
statement. private road known as the Putnam Road,
[FR Doc. 07–4747 Filed 9–26–07; 8:45 am]
and will extend westerly onto Forest
SUMMARY: The Forest Service is Service land, rather than from the south
processing an application for a special end of the project site as originally
use authorization from Deerfield Wind, proposed. A storage and maintenance DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
LLC for the installation and operation of building and a new substation will be
wind turbines on National Forest sited along the northern access road. An Rural Utilities Service
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

System (NFS) lands managed by the alternative to connect to an existing

Green Mountain National Forest Green Mountain Power Company Information Collection Activity;
(GMNF). This notice revises the substation on private land on the east Comment Request
‘‘responsible official’’, updates the side of Route 8 is no longer feasible due
expected dates for the release of the EIS, to capacity issues. AGENCY: Rural Utilities Service, USDA.

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