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The project givesof
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understanding the brand preference ofstudents w it

phones.It helps us to know w hat are the basis on w

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w hen he/she purchasesa new hand

The projectw illhelp to learn aboutthe grow ing tele

The research w illalso bring to lightw hatallfactors
atthe tim e ofpurchase ofa new m obile phone.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................................7



The Global Cellular Mobile Industry: ...................................................................8


Telecom Industry in India ...............................................................................9


History of Indian Telecommunications ............................................................... 10

e. The Key players in the Telecom Market in India........................................11
Innovation in partnership ................................................................................ 21

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY ........................................................................22
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ...........................................................................24

a. SAMPLING METHODOLOGY: ..........................................................................24
b. RESEARCH DESIGN: -....................................................................................... 24

DATA COLLECTION: ........................................................................................ 24


DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION........................................................ 26


CHI- SQUARE ANALYSIS..................................................................................... 35


FINDINGS............................................................................................................. 40


RECOMMENDATIONS ....................................................................................... 41


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ANNEXURE ..........................................................................................................44


entm M obi o le phones connectto a c netw ork ofbase stations (cellsites). the telephone is effectively passed o transm itter.1.A new er service sim ilar to cellular is personal com (PCS).Generally. INTRODUCTION a.cellular telephone urban ser ar vi eas ce and is availa along m ajorhighw ays.Asthe cellulartelephone userm ovesf coverage to another.The transm itte called a cell. TheCellular telephone (com m only "m obile phone" or "cell pho "handphone") is range. a long portable electronic device used fo com m unicat Ini addi on.A cellular telephone is not to be conf oneused w ith (w hich is sim ply a phone w ith a very short w ireless connect outlet).packetsw itching for access to the Interne and receiving photos and stcur vi r deo. .em ail.w hich is in turn interc sw itched telephone netw ork (PSTN) (the exception is satel telephone is also defined as a w ave typeanal of og shor or t digital telecom m unication in w hich a subscriber has a w ireless conn telephone to a relatively nearby transm itter. tion to the standard voice function ofa tele m obile phones can support m any additional services such m essaging.

The Global Cellular Mobile Industry: The globalm obile phone indus m any try i di sf bas fered ent on m anufacturers a operators.m ar Four ketknow ledg large m anufacturers of m obile phones are today dom inatin phone industry.distribution netw ork.Sam sung and M otorola com paniesthere are m any m anufacturersthatoperate global .Sony Ericson. w h technologicalskills. The industry is based on advanced technology m anufacturers are operating in different industries.b.Nokia.

2% .Indi tr an y has tel hi ec the ghes om it ndus grow th rat i e n the w orld. the fact that India and China hav . M uch ofthe grow th in Asia Pacific W ir on eles M ar s Tel ketec isom m un spurred the by grow th in dem and in countries. China the is biggestm arketin Asia Pacific w it 8% h aof subscriber the tot subs al cribersin Asia Pacific. share in Asia Pacif hone icM mobi arket le p is6.c. like India and Chi grow ing ata rate of82.4% . Considering com parpopul able forgrow th. Telecom Industry in India The telecom industry is one ofthe fastestgrow ing indus hasnearly 200 m illion telephone linesm aking itthe third the w orld afterChina and USA. W ith a grow th rate of45% .

In 1883 telephone services w ere m erged w ith the p Radio Telegraph Com pany (IRT)w as form ed in 1923. Departm ent of Telecom m unications (DOT) w as estab exclusive provider of dom estic and l at ongdi w oul st danc bee it s s er ow vi n ce th regulator (separate from the postal system ). In 1986.NationalTelecom Policy (NTP)1994 w give a com prehensive roadm ap for the IndianI t n el 1997.Telecom sector w as considered as a strat governm entconsidered itbestto bring understate'scontrol. The firstw ind ofreformni si c n at tel ions ecom sec mt u orbegan to flow in 1980 the private sectorw asallow ed in telecom m unications equipm o ow ned com panies w ere created: the Videsh Sanchar Nigam L international telecom m unications and M ahanagar Telepho (M TNL)for ics eer invm etropolitan areas. oled I initiate a change prr oc es es ul s tf ii ng nal in ly opening up oftelecom servic for the private sector. History of Indian Telecommunications Started in 1851 w hen the firstoperationalland lines w ere la near Calcutta (seatofBritish pow er). In 1990s.d. .T as a regulator to facilitate the grow th ofthe telecom sector.telecom m unications sector benefited from the gen econom y.Also.After in allthe foreign telecom m unication com panies w ere nationali Telephone and Telegraph (PTT).exam ples of telecom revolution in m any oth resulted in better quality ofservice andol low icy er mt aker arif s fs t .Tel roduc ephone ed in ser Indi vic a es w e in 1881. ecom m unica Telecom Regulatory Authority ofIndia (TRAI)w as created.a m onopoly run by the gover Com m unications. Policy w as adopted in 1999 and cellular services w ere also l ye ar.

closed usergroup and vid Cellular services can be further divided into tw o categorie M obile Com m ti uni ons c( aGSM )and Code Division M ultiple Access(CD sector is dom inated by Ai Es rs tar el.and collectively accountfor less than 5 per cent ofsu privat ser evicesfocuson the business/corporate sec end tor.and Cellular Services.and handsetpriceshasdriven de e. LG 5.w hile the sector is dom inated by Reliance and Tata Indicom .such asleased lines. Sam sung 4.accountforalm ost90 perc basi s c ervices. M otorola 3.w hich al m ain source ofrevenue. Nokia 2.Private sector services are presently availabl areas.Opening u dom estic long distanc ser et vi el cephony es are the m ajorgrow th drivers fo industry. Cellular operators get substantial revenue from com pensate them forreduction in tariffson airtim e.Fixed line services c national or dom estic long distance and international long d state operators(BSNL and M TNL).The tarr if educ fs for tion airi t n im e.and off services.Telecom m unication sectorin India can be divided into tw o se Provider (FSPs).ISDN. The Key players in the Telecom Market in India 1. Sony Ericsson .nationallong di internationallong distance.Vodf and I one dea Cellular.

Soon Nokia successfully developed the dig 200) thereby replacing the prior electro m echanicalanalog 200 w as em bedded w level ith m hi c put o gh er language as w ell as Int m icroprocessors w hich in turn cal ont low rol ed led com tel put ephone er exchang Introduction ofm obile netw ork began duc enabl tion ing tot ihe nvent Noki the a pro .The Fin had grow n quickly due to the increasing need forpow ertrans and telephone netw orksin the W orld W arII.In pre electrcity produced by t -he Nokia w ood started selling goods under the brand nam e on Nokia.a m anufacturer a Rubber goods .an engineer nam ed Fr tedr abli i s khed Ides a pul tw am ood pes m ill and started m anufacturing paper in southern Finland near the ba w ere the days w hen there w as a strong dem and for paper in stakes and Nokia grewas fas ter ter . Afte acquir aed m ajor partofthe Finnish Cable W orks shares.Nokia In 1865.In southern Finland a com m unity called Nokia still Finnish Rubber W orks.The Electronics Departm ent Group w asform ed. ng of the 1 telephone exchanges c m ons echani isted cal ofelect analog sw itches.Gradually the ow W orks and the W Cabl orksecom panies consolidated. In the beginni 970.allthe m erged up to form the Nokia Group.The and f Nokia exported paper to Russia firstand then to the United K The Nokia factory em ployed a fairly large w orkforce and a sm around it.

Slow ly and steadily.Itis headquarte and em ploysabout68. Enter to Global System Communication Nokia Corporation (Nokia).and an increase of20.Presently.Nokia has evolved fr rom and a pul cabl p.5% ofnetsales in research hasitsannua lNokia Gam e.itm arvellously sold 20 m Augus GSM system sto 59 oper 31 cat ount ors ri i n es.vid gam esand businessm obility.navigation.a digitalm l aunched and Nokia started the developm entofGSM phones.a Finland based com pany incorp leading m anufacturerofm obile devicesand m obile netw orks years.The NM T w as later on introduced in other c GlobalSystem for M obile Com m unication (GSM ). service providers and corporations.Nok ofm obile devices w ith experiences in m usic.(Rum our h offered to the Sw edish telecom com pany Ericsson during th refused)Due to ia thi inc sr Nok eased itssale ofGSM phonesthatw aseno w as the m ain reason for Nokia to notonly be one ofthe large im portantcom paniesin Finland. The com pany recorded fE41.Th products in 150 countries across the w orld.Nokia becam e a large television m anuf largest inform ation technology com pany in the Nordic cou econom ic recession the Nokia w as com m itted to telecom m u series of pr the oduction w as so successfulthat inspite ofits goa units.Nokia isthe digitaltechnologies.500 people.s pr ol ovi uti des onsequi and pm services f netw ork operators.netw ork in 1981.itinvests 8.The ope .Ital ent so . es rubbe m anufacturing com pan a m ajor m anufacturer ofw ireless devices and netw orks. revenues 121 moillion during the fiscalyea Decem ber 2006.3% over 2005.B brought about an econom ic recession in Finland.Asperthe sources.

The netprofitw as E4. 2003 after clearance from the Prom otion Board(FIPB).i w nves ith t an m ent of Rs 500 Crores.Enterprise Solutions.The M ultim bringing connected m obile m ultim edia to consum ersin the fo devices. The Netw orks division provides ne com m unications.F Motorola M OTOROLA Electronics a w holly ow ned subsidiary of M OTO w asestablished in January.Its solutions opt inc im lude ized bus m obi ines les devices for end u a por tfolio ofInternet portfolio netw ork perim eter security g connectivity offerings.and Netw orks.Nokia Corporation isbased in Espoo.1 over2005. llion i an n fis nc cal rease of19.488 m illion during fiscalyear 2006. .code division m ultiple access ( CDM A (W CDM A) technologies. The ndus trend tr of y nor beat mi s ng star i ted w ith th fastestnat ever ionw ide launch byM OTOROLA in a period of4 and 5 the com m encem entofoperationsin M ay inc 2005.306 year m i2006. During the ye M OTOROLA also com m enced the hom epr fri oduc endl t y ion Ref f r or iger its at ec or os and established its assem bly line for its PC M onitors at m anufacturing pany w as E5. M OTOROLA setup of a the stat are tm anufacturing facility atGreater N Delhi. The com r pany ee di oper visions ates : in M ultim edia. in 2004. including 3G W CDM A m obile devices and solution Sol t u ionsdivision enablesbusinessesand institutionsto exten from m obile devices for voice and basic data to secure m obil applications. Nokia Corporation m anufactures m obile devices principally for m obile com m unications. and netw orks service platform s and prof operatorsand s ovi ervi der ce spr .

hom e appliance peripherals industry.3000 Crores.M OTOROLA h the one m illion m ark in the m onth ahead ofitstarget.The GreaterNoida mg anuf unit ac li t ne urhas in been designed w ith the technologies atpar w ith internationalstandards atKor m ostEc fro iendly units am ongstallM OTOROLA m anufacturi w orld.M OTOROLA hasem erged asthe leaderin Colour Autom atic W ashing M achines.M OTOROLA achieved another be first ever sales of One Lakh ACs (W indow s and Splits) in M OTOROLA is poised to surpass its turnover targetofRs yearand clock a turnoverofRs.In Colour Televisions having setthe m illion units ofColorTelevisionsfor2002. Thisyear. The year 2001 w itnessed M OTOROLA bec grom ow ing the fa com pany in the consum er electronics. The tic ll om the pany m ont had h of October 200 achieved a cum ulative turnoverofRs5000 Croresin Indi in 2003 .m aking itthe r Rs fas 5000 testCr eve ores clocked by any com p in the Indian consum er electronics and hom e appliance achieved this m ilestone. M OTOROLA Electronics is continually providing supe products& value form oney to over50 lacshouseholdsin I .Ai r Fr Condi ee Ref ger ti roner at i ors. M OTOROLA Electronics Indi tes a ti gr s ow the ing fas com pany in the consum er electronics. and Frost M icrow aves Ovens.hom e appliances and com puter pe today.

Sam sung's strong influence in South K throughoutthe nation.ung'sconstruc wt as ion aw br ar anc ded h a contractto build on the tw Pet o ronasTow in M er alays s. incl Sam uding sung Elec .r c he al etai and l entertainm indus enttries. The Samsung brand isthe bes Sout tknow h Kor nbr ean and in the w orld and in 2005 Sam sung over Japanes took rival eSony as the w orld's cl ons eadi um ng er electronics brand and becam e partofthe top tw enty globalbrands overal in m any dom estic industries f .dow nsized the com pa operationsto concentrate on three industries:electronics.In 1993 and in orderto change the strategy from t leaderto the role ofa di Lee ffer Kun hee ent . tronics . ndus one t of rit es he w orld' shi sl pbui arges l and der t s Sam sung Engineering & . er It at Sout is e h Kor 'sl ea argest chaebol and com posed ofnum erous bus int ines er .In 1996. Tai iapeii 101 n Taiwand an tBur he jDubai in United Arab Em (founded irates by Callum Cuirtis).Samsung The Samsung Group isthe w orld's congl larges omt . Lee iat Byung or .c h ial hem as t i .e chem cal i s(Sam sung Electronics).a Cons m aj t or ruc gl tobal ion construction com pany three m ultinationals form the core of Sam sung -t Gr he oup and re m eaning of Kor the ean w orSamsung d is"tristar"or"three stars". began leading the w ay in certain e com ponent Samss . a num berofbusines but sesal abr sooad.the Sam sungSungkyunkw Group reacqui anr Uni ed ver thesity foundation.and issom etim escalled the 'Republic The 1990ssaw Sam sung rise asan internationalcorporation. inanc suc . nat al ses l i uni onal ted under the Samsung brand.w hich isthe tallest constructed. chull offten ofSam sung Group'ssubsidiaries.t t r he oni wcor s ld's el lar ec ges troni t cs com pany. Sam sung Heavy I . Sam sung isthe w orld'slarges Tel tmevi anuf s and ions act var urer ious ofother consum erelec .

Ranki . ot.even sur Int pas elsing w or in investmr ent the sf 2005 o fiscalyear. ay Ten years later. el s af ee W ter orldw ide [ 10] Top 20 Sem iconductor M arket Share.Sam sung becamm eobi the le lar phone m ges aker t inUni the ted Stat and es 2nd lar m ges obit le phone m akerin the W orld. In 2008.contacted Sam s S ung to coop LCD w as established as a jointventure betw een Sam sung a to provide a stable supply ofLCD m anuf panel act sur S f LCD or eri bot ss . Sam sung becam e the largestproducerofm em or -y chipsin Sam sung.s How ung ever MCo. or a $5 billion vent s ur ol e dw t Renaul o as at t a significant loss. h ow ned by Sam sung and Sony 51% to 49% respectively an factoriesand facilitiesin Tangjung.Sam sung'sbrand strengt [9] im proved in the las tfew years. sung Elec( t SEC) ronicw sas off pun ici of al f ly fr s om the Sam sung Group and has since com e to dom inate the g w orldw ide sem iconductor business. M ost im portant Sam ly.Sam sung isthe w orld'sm sec obi ond le phone lar m aker gest.i Sam an sung su financial of cr 1997 isi 98 s relatively unharmSam ed. .In 1995. ng Year itby Yea builtits li fqui irs ct r dystaldi ss cpl reen. w hi ch had notinvested in LCDs.Sam sung gr be the w orld's largest m anuf cac rys tur tal er di of spl li ay qui Sony panel d . e wt or h ld's s l ec ar ond gest chipm aker Int . s.South Korea. Com pared to other m ajor Korean com panies As .

and theLG LGPr Gl ada im m( er KE850).m arketed the LG Chocolat the e phone.Si LG has tw o joint ventures w it El hec Royal troni Phi cs:l LG ipsPhilips Display LG.m obile phones.its affiliate.LG acquired Am erican television m anufacturing com pa LG Electronics is the w orld's s er ecof ond Tel bi evi gges sit ons m dak bi and gges thi tr m arker of TVs LCDand M obile Phones.and petrochem ical pr subsidiaries El li ec ke tr LG oni G Tel cs. By 2005.Hi a tachi phone divisM ion.LG has entered into a joi Net ntw vent orks ur and e wi has th Nort created Nor LGtel Co.The w as Luc fam kyous brand foritshygiene productsline soaps and Hi Ti laundry detergents. has 75 subs w or idi ldw ari i de es that design and m anufacture televisions. cs I I Gol n 1959.Asthe com pany pl expanded asticsbus it i s ness.the com pany tas ag li s ne oc" iLi atf es e' i s tGood" s . s 37.on largest Conglom The er com atpany e.CD ts l w riter et s c .Philips LCD. t ) roni in 1958.w hich m anufactures optical idat ke DVD aROM storage drives produc .but m ost associated w ith its L toothpaste.L ecom . cat and ions devices. L Electronics ow ns Zenith Electronics and c Di ont spl rol ay. . hom e tel appl ecom ianc m uni es.In 1995.As a result.W ith headquarters in the LG T Yeouido. 9 percent LG w as a Top 100 globalbrand and in 2006.t LG ronics is the flagship com pany ofLG Group.Zenith Electronicsand LG Chem i countries.w ith the lettersLG.I 3G tnow focuses on the design and m ar phones such as the LG Shine. renam ited w as "LG".LG al int so vent has a ur je o w ith Hit LG acDat hi. wLG thr of 14% ecor .LG Group Koo founder In Hw oiestablished Lak HuiChem icalIndu in 1947. com pany' changi s ng im age ofthe m akerphones ofthick . com pany w aspicked as"The Design Team Redof Dot the Des Aw Year iar gn" dby in the .the abbreviation of"Lucky Gold recently.w br hi and le s nam om e e other household products (not available outside t Sout he h Korea) brand nam e ofLucky.Also in 2006.L larges m anuf t acturers of liquid crystaldisplays. obi LG le.Ltd. dstar produced Korea's firstr M any consum er electronics w ere sold under GoldSt t ar he .ded Nowa brand the w orld's largest plasm a panelm anufacturer.itestablished GoldSta (currently LG El nc ec.Seoul Elec .LG The LG Group isSouth Korea'sthird largestchaeboland isa m ult that produces electronics.

try an In 2006.Luc dSt ky arand .In 1995. ac e cessories and PC cards. includi r ng ich feat phone s ur . .Bef is or ae the corporate n change toLG.Under the dea to be com pleted ar' by s end. m ng achines.f oduc un ts for end users.and air m unicationsand entertainm ent.The brand Gol nam dSt brand ar e of is stillperceived as a an nounced a prelim inary deal vent to f ur or emwa it j h oi Coner nt gy. its net incom e w as $226 m illion.household products w ere sold nam under e Lucky.2006~2007 and isoften called the "New Apple" com inmtuni he i t ndus ies.The current"Life'sbac Good" kronym slogan .from w hich the LG abbr w as eviation of derived. ofthe w hi brl and e electronic productsw ere sold under GoldStar the . The pro com bine pow erful technology w ith innovative applications m usic. ye LG w ould ac per qui c r ent e as 75 take in Conergy's Frankfurt panel solarplant M obile com m unications LG Electronicsisthe w orld'sthird largesthandsetm aker. pro refrigerat w as or hi s.LG SolarEnergy is in 2007 al t l o ow LG Chem to supply polysilicon to LG Electronicsfor cells.i LG ts f t i ook rst dive into panel the sm ol anuf ar acturing pool.The LG Group w as tw o Korean com panies Gol . on total revenues o com pany w as originally established in 1958 as GoldStar.GoldStar w as renam acquireni ed Z th Electronicsofthe United States. Digitalappliance Sony Ericson Corporate structure Sony Ericsson M obile Com m unications is a globalprovider o devices. In 2008.The netresultist enticing brand thatcreates com pel tuni ling ties bus for ines m obi s oppor le operator and desirablpr e.

existing receive acc and olades Sony Ericsson is today accepted as a w orld lea product portfolio frequently w in aw ards. and Pres Exec ident uti and ve Vi Head ce of Sales com pany has launched products that f tm he ake m aj bes ortmus obi el o e com m unicationstechnologies.the for Er mi er cs Pr sBr on es az ident il. icsson productshave universa and are different in the key areas ofim aging.The m anagem ent team is led Kom iyam a.such asthe 2G and 3G platform offeringsto entry levelm arkets. sales.The GSM Associati Best3G Handsetfor ull 2004.a form er senior executive ofSony Eur sope in and one the grow th of Sony in Europe.Japan.and R&D is in Sw eden.The com pany ly is by ow Er ned icsequal son and Sony and announ itsfi j r oi st ntproductsin MSony archEr 2002. Sony Ericsson undertakes product research. Industry accolades As new products are introduced to end user acclaim . m arketing. design an m anufacturing. Gl c obal us m anagem entis based in London.In February 2007 the GSM A phone. shot . f y eatur aed f phone m ade for Vodafone w ith range ofm obile entertainm ent di feat recur tional esand cam m ul er t a.m usic.UK. i and the K75 leading European photography/i agazines m agi and ningjudged m on qualit perform ance and value form oney.tdi om ser tribut seri vi on ces and .Sony Ericsson M obile Com m unications w as established telecom m unications leader Ericsson and consum er electron Corporation.F India.China and the US.

e Th sponsorship is an unprecedented opportunity for fans Sony Ericss new w ays to experience the gam e through m obile technolog content. . Strat partners such as Sony BM G is one w ay in w hich the com pany i and latestin entertainm entcont yent Eric ts os i on ts has user al s.and isforging ahead to bring aw i er d audience. partnerships w ith developers and content providers.In the m obile gam ing m arketSony Ericsson took the l firstto launch enabl Javaed 3Dhandsets. sSon o activated renam ed the Sony Ericsson W TA Tour in J year anuar ty itl 2005.Innovation in partnership Sony Ericsson strives cutt to ing beedge a provider of applications.

Factorsthatinfluenc m aki e dec ng is ni pur on chasing hone.f. The Secondary Objectivesofthisstudy w ere to identify: To know about the student pref ocer iat enc ede wl i evel th di as ffer s ent m obile phones. To find outthe studentssatisfaction tow ardsthe vario M ajor features. Factors.w hich help in increasing the sale ofm obile pho . a m obile p To know w hich advertisem ent m edia puts m ore im pact decision ofstudents.w hich a custom er looks for in a m obile purchase. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The Prim ary Objective w as to study the perception & buying tow ardsvariousm obile brands.


SAMPLING METHODOLOGY: Sample Size 25 0respondents Sample Unit-Stud entsofGraduation and the PostGraduation have be sam ple unit. c. Sampling Area Ghaziabad. Sampling Technique -Random Sam pling technique b.productra com pany & various internet sites such as m otorola. .2. Secondary data sourceslike catalogue ofthe com & go used. DATA COLLECTION: Primary data has been used by m e in the form ofQuestionnaire & w hich are the tw o basic m ethods of coll hi ec ct hing suf pr fic im es ar al yldata research objectives. RESEARCH DESIGN: - acros Ghazi s abad & gathered inform ation required aspe questionnaire. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY a.


4 160 140 120 100 Number of the Respondents 80 Percentage of the Respondents 60 40 20 0 Male Female Interpretation: The graphicalrepresentation ofut the of tabl thee 250 show Res st pondent hato s. 139 w ere m ale and 111 w ere fem ale.3.6 44.1 PARTICULARS NUMBER M ALE 139 FEM ALE 111 %AGE 55. . DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Q-1 Sex ratio of the respondents Table Number .

6 31 Total 12.oc Table Number 2 PARTICULARS NUMBER %AGE Service 109 43.4 Professional Others 34 13.Q.2. of 109 respondents belong to the service fam ily.4 250 100 120 100 80 Number of the Respondents 60 Percentage of the Respondents 40 20 0 Service Professional Business Others Interpretation The graphicalrepresentation ofthe t tabl he 250 e show res s pondent that out s.76 w ere from b the professionaland 31ot wher eres fr fam om i t l he y.6 Business 76 30. .

4 14. . om 000 e is and betw een restw ere from the fam ily w hose incom e isabove 35.000 101 40. e 000.000 respondentsw ere from the fam ily w hose incom 25. isbet 52 w een th respondents w ere from the fam ily w hose i nc 35.000 35001 & above Total 61 36 250 24.001 35.3 PARTICULARS NUMBER %AGE Les t s han 15.000 52 20.001.3 Income level of the respondents family Table Number.8 15.4 25.4 100 Interpretation The graphicalrepresentation ofthe table show s that out of 101 respondents w ere f l r yom w hos the ef i am nci om e is less than 15.Q.001 25.

6 6 2. .6 Graduate 89 35. Table Number.6 100 120 100 80 60 40 Number of the Respondents Percentage of the Respondents 20 0 Interpretation: The graphic r al esent repation show s that out of the 250 respon educationalbackground.4 PARTICULARS NUMBER %AGE High school 34 13.2 39.4 Interm ediate Postgraduate Other Total 23 98 250 9.Q-4.

5 S.NO Name of the Mobile Number of the Percentage of Phones Respondents Respondents 1 Nokia 155 3 Sony Ericson 34 13.0 Interpretation Outofthe 250 respondents. .22 are using the LG.155 are using the Nokia phones.8 2 4 5 6 Sam sung LG Others Total 6 22 11 250 62 2.Which mobile phone you are using? Table No.22 are and 11 are using the Others.6 M otorola 22 8.4 8.8 4.4 100.Q-5 .3 Ericson.6 are using the Sum sung.

Q.71 2 are using forabove 4 years.56 are us 4i year ng for s.75 are u 2years. .How long you are using the mobile phones? Table No.0 Interpretation Outof250 the respondents48 are using forlessthan .year.4 2 4 12 years Above 4 years Total 75 71 250 30 28.6 S.6 ..NO Time Period of using Number of the Percentage of the mobile phones Respondents Respondents 1 Lessthan 1 year 48 19.4 100.2 3 24 years 56 22.

.2 24 100.48 are us 4i year ng for s.Q.4 2 4 12 years Above 4 years Total 88 60 250 35.7 S.0 Interpretation Outofthe 250 respondents59 are using forles r1 sthan year.6 3 24 years 43 17..How often do you change your mobile phone? Table No.7.60 2 are using forabove 4 years.88 a 2years.NO Frequency of Number of the Percentage of changing the mobile Respondents Respondents phones 1 Lessthan 1 year 59 23.

000 142 20.000 86 Any am ount 7 Total 250 %AGE 56.00120.8 100 160 140 120 100 Number of the Respondents 80 Percentage of the Respondents 60 40 20 0 Less than 10.8 PARTICULARS NUMBER Lessthan 10.001 to 40.00 restw ere ready to pay any am ount.000. Table Number.8 What will you be willing to pay for a mobile phone by respondents.15 w ere w illing to pay betw eem 20.000 any amount Interpretation: The graphical representation show s that out of the 250 respondents w ere w illing to spend 86lw es er se than w ill 10. ing000.8 34. .00140. to spend betw een .000 to 20.000 20.4 6 2.001 10 to 20.Q.000 15 10.000 10.

6 .8 1. Consider the TV advertisement you like most what brand is it promoting by respondents.122 like the Nokia advertisem e sam sung.42 like Er the ics Sony on.11 like the LG a others. Table Number.6 .8 100 Interpretation: Out of the 250 respondents.24 like the M otorola.8 Sam sung LG M otorola 11 24 Iphone Blackberry Other 43 Total 2 4 2 250 17.4 9.Q-9 . .9 PARTICULARS NUMBER %AGE Nokia 122 48.2 4.8 Sony Ericson 42 16.

2 33.25 7.009 1. O E 23 26.9 E)2 / E = 3.25 . CHI.36 39.84 .429 Num berofdegree offreedom : 12.5 38 31.square analysis on the relationship between gender and time period of usage the mobile phone.8 (O-E)2/E 12.091 3.84 21.4 25 36 32 25 45 26 (O-E)2 40.2 7.429 .81 E .011 .570 .25 34. th ere isno significant bet rel wat een ions the hi gender p and tim e period of the m obile phone. GENDER LESS THEN 1-2 YEAR 2-4 YEAR ABOVE 4 1 YEAR Total YEAR M ALE 23 38 32 45 138 TOTAL 48 74 57 71 250 FEM ALE 25 36 25 26 112 Ho.5 25.462 .236 .4. there is a significant bet rel wat een ions the hi gender p and tim e period of the m obile phone.858 .5 31.192 . H1.64 33.SQUARE ANALYSIS Chi.

000- 40. culated = So w e w ill accept hypot nul hes l that is is there i fs fer no enc di e significance relations bet hi wpeen genderand tim e period ofchange the m obile p CHI-SQUARE ANALYSIS ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INCOME AND SPENDING ON MOBILE PHONES Income/ Spending Amount Less than Less than 10. cal 78.00035.X e=7.000 20. of 78significant= Conclusion Thus calculated X is less than the tabulated X ar .000 & Ho.000 35. .000 15.ndf = (row 1)(colum 1)n =(2 1)( 1) 4 =3 Table value ofx2 at1% level 7. There isno ant signi rel fi at c ions betw hi een p the inc som pendi e and ng on the m obile phones.000 above Total 66 27 4 4 101 35 23 3 - 61 29 20 1 2 52 18 7 1 36 above 10 Total 140 88 15 7 250 15.000 25.000- 20.000 25. There isa si nt gni rel fi at caions bet hi w een p the incom e and spending on th m obile phones.000 40. Ha.000 & 10.

70 144 10.2 5.70 2.77 E)2 / E = 26.10 2.02 .82 1.66 .16 12.11 21.39 .70 .11 . .59) hence there is a s r i el gni at f i i ons cant et hi wp een b incom e and spending on m obile phones.50 1.84 .16 103.00 20.57 .O E (O-E)2 66 56.49 2.7 .435 .66 29 29.21 0 26.30 73.40 2.06 3.45 1 1.12 4.01 1.12 35 10 27 23 20 18 4 3 1 7 4 - 2 1 34.24 3.89 2.77 Num berofdegree offreedom : ndf( = row 1)(colum 1)n = (4 1)( 1) 4 =9 Table value ofx2 at1% levelofsignificant= 14. 7 4 2.12 6.34 .30 0 E .42 1.05 .77) value m or of t e han the table value of x2 (12.67 28.89 2.55 18.16 23.24 4.16 (O-E)2/E 89.11 35.7 Conclusion: HOisrejec st inc ede the calculat x2 ed (26.

There isa si nt gni rel fi at caions bet hi w een p theand incom frequenc e y of changi the ng m obile phones.36 26.80 23 23.40 .04 . There is no s ant igni rel fic ations bet hi w een p the incom frequenc e and y of changi the ngm obile phones.90 45 33 21 43 20 27 (O-E)2 48.04 15.44 .04 15.31 .04 .64 Num berofdegree offreedom : ndf= (r 1) ow(colum 1)n =(2 1)( 1) 4 =3 (O-E)2/E 27.82 .00 2.36 1 .00 1.09 26.07 19. Ha. O E 38 32.82 .64 X2 = E)2 / E = 2.20 39.03 .13 27.92 33.CHI-SQUARE ANALYSIS ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN Gender AND Frequency of changing the MOBILE PHONES GENDER LESS THEN 1-2 YEAR 2-4 YEAR ABOVE 4 1 YEAR MALE FEMALE TOTAL Total YEAR 38 45 23 33 139 59 88 43 60 250 21 43 20 27 111 Ho.64 .13 E .

Table value ofx2 at1% level 7.78) hence there si i gni s no fi r cel ant ations ip bet h w een gender and frequency changing mt obi hele phones. of 78significant= Conclusion: HOisaccept sinc ede the calculat x2 ed (2.64) val l ue es t s of han the tablex2 value of (7. .

M ostfavourit am e br ong and the college studentsisNokia and the l favorite brand isLG.Price.5.Blootooth a butleaststudentsare aw are aboutthe 3G function. 35% studentchange theirm obile phonesw ithin 1to2 year 30% student us s i ar ngethe m obile phonessince last1 to 2 years. M ostly studentshave handsfree. phones SM Sf and o forusing the GPRS function. 49% studentslike the Nokia advertisem entm ost. Appearance.spokesperson and the m usicare the im portantfact M ostly studentshave the hanging and service problem w i .Brand Im age and advertisem entare th forthe studentsw hile purchasing m obile phones.bloothooth and m em ory Alm ostallstudentsare aw are aboutthe GPRS. 51% studentsare ready to pay fora m obile phone lessthan spend according to theirfam ily incom e. M ostly studentsuse the mrobi tall ki eng. M ostly studentspreferslim . FINDINGS Nokia isthe m ostfavorite brand ofthe college student.m edium si i ze nw hands eight et and large i M ostly studentssee advertisem enton television Story.

10.000 orlesst LG and Sam sung should try to expand itsm ary ket toshare and increase the aw arenessthrough the television advertisem Allcom paniesshould increase theirdistribution channe The com pani shoul esd continue to w ork on theStrategy ofT.New es techniquesofprom otion isrequired to create ab outthe entire range of prc oduc om.6.pani ts es .M Quality M anagem ent) Consum ersdo notgetsat pr is m o fi ot ed ional w ithpol the iciesofthe com pani . RECOMMENDATIONS Nokia should provivi dece bet and ter tr sy er to solve the hanging probl Cellularcom paniesshould increase the aw arenessabout Com paniesshould offerm ore range ofRs.Q.

opm ent.say thatthe sam e response w illexistthroughoutIndia.devel fashion.7. c .so w e can notdraw inf abou tthe population from thissam ple size. et . im e. ofGhazi w e cannot abad. The scope ofthe ispr lioj mi ec ted t to the citySo. Thisstudy bas i ed s on thei pr ngevai student l student s satisfaction m ay change accordi tec ng hnol to togy. Tim e period iss rhor esour tand ce constraints. LIMITATIONS A sm allsam pl 250 e size student of sistaken.

R. / w w w .co .in http ://w w w .com t us ts or /t l ganization.8.sam sung.LG.Nam akum ari RESEAR CH M ETHODOLOGY ebapp/Aboutus/ab http ://w w cw om .portal?nfpb=true&pageLabel= AboutLG http://w w w .noki about OPERATION RESEARCH - Vittal Web Resources: w w w BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS: M ARKETING M ANAGEM ENT V.m asw am .S.trai. http://w w w .htm w w w .

Occupation of Father Service Professional Business Others Specify 4. ANNEXURE Questionnaire Section A: Personal Informations 1.000 35.000 15.Nam e: 2.(a)Age: (b)Gender M ale Fem ale 3.001 & above .001 25. Income Level (per month) Lessthan 15.9.000 25.001 35.

) 8) How long you are using the mobile phone . Educational Background ( Parents) High School Interm ediate Graduate PostGraduate IfOther Specify Section B: About mobile phones 6) Which mobile phone you are using.Ericson k800i.5. A)Nokia C)Sony Ericson E)M otorola G)Blackberry B)Sam sung D)LG F)iPhone H)Others Specify 7) Please write the model of your phone (exam ple:Nokia 1100.etc.

A)W AP B)Justto talk on it C)UseGPRSfunction D)Receive Em ail& SM S E)Dow n Load Files F)Others(Specify .Lessthan 1 year 1 2 years 2 4 years Above 4 years 9) What are the reasons for using the above mentioned model.

10) How often do you change your mobile phone Lessthan 1 year 1 2 years 2 4 years Above 4 years 11) What phone Accessories do you have? A)Handsfree B)Bloothooth Head Set C)USB DataCable D)M em ory Card (SD Card) E)Others(Specify 12) Latest Mobile facilities which you are aware of:(Can tick m ultiple boxesofthe facilitiesyou know .) A)GPRS B)3G C)M M S D)BLOOTOOTH E)INFRARED F)VIDEO CALL G)OTHER FACILITIES (Specify) 13) What is your favourite brand in Mobiles? .

) 1 2 A)Advertisem ent B)Appearance C)Price D)Functions E)Quality F)Brand Im age G)Service H)Recom m ended by friends I)Others 3 4 5 . brand 14) Why you like the brands you chose above? (Please indicate the im portantofbe factors w hen you choose ver the y br imands por t sant .) 1 2 3 A)Nokia B)Sam sung C)Sony Ericson D)G L E)M otorola G)Blackberry H)Others Specify the .por 5 tant. m 4por t uni ant m.2hat ri t m ant po nei . 3leastfavorite.3 therim portant norunim por l t es ant si .from the bra m ostfavorite.(Please choose your3 favorite brands in order ofpreference . om 1 ew .

000 10.000 Any am ount(Specify 17) Where did you often see the mobile advertisement? A)TV C)M agazine E)Outdoor G)Leaflets H)Others(specify B)New sPaper D)Online F)Radio . 15) Do you prefer phones to be Slim orm edium or thick Light or m edium or heavy Sm allor m edium or large 16) What would you be willing to pay for a mobile phone Lessthan 10.001 to 20.001 to 40.000 20.Specify.

Others(Specify) 2 3 4 5 .por 5 tant.4 m. ant 1 .Story E.Recom m ended by Friends I.2 som ew hatim por nei tant ther .M usic G.3 im portantnoruni less mi por m por tant t uni ant .Picture C.) 1 A.Spokesperson F.Others H.Color D.18) Consider the TV advertisement you like what brand is it promoting A)Nokia B)Sam sung E)M otorola F)iPhone C)Sony Ericson G)Blackberry D)LG H)Others Specify 19) Which of the following would impress you the most? (Please indicate the im por act t ant orsof w hen below youfchoose ver the ybr imands por t .Slogan B.

) Are there any general comments you would make about what you like/dislike about mobile phones? (This could be pricing. memory.) . location of sales. or anything else. reception. colour.20.