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Values, Goals, Objectives, and Measure of Effectiveness in

Flood Protection System

Flood protection system will be needed generally to provide and manage the protection of
people and their properties including land from flooding, river erosion, and land erosion.
Furthermore, it also needed to prevent the urban in identified areas from damage caused by
flood and erosion, and also to prevent damage on the environment within and beyond urban
area. In the end, the ultimate value for flood protection system is to achieve people survival
as the protection from flood to the people and environment will help the people to have more
chance in living.
In order for the people and environment to obtain full protection from flooding, there are
some goals that have to be fulfilled, which are:

Improve the quality of flood control system, including the existing infrastructure (like

dykes, dam) and the land drainage system across the urban.
Utilising the most cost effective, long-term management options using natural asset to
fully prevent flooding risk. The natural assets being discussed are the river within urban
area which used to accommodate the run-off flow from the urban; and the natural
catchment area within and beyond urban area which play important role in reduce the

run-off flow within the urban.
Provide investigatory service to mitigate flood risk, including investigation on climate and
land use changes in within and beyond urban area.

To protect land, buildings, and infrastructure from flooding, there are some main objectives
on flood protection system, which are:

Improve land drainage system, including main drainage system, road and houses
drainage system, sewage system, and so on. Main drainage system will receive water
from sub drainage system (road and house drainage system) and transport it to an
outfall (river or stream). The drainage system must be improved so that each of drainage
can meet the water flood elevation demand.

Land use change also an important issues regarding the flood risk. the drainage system will not have enough capacity  to receive the run-off and the flooding will occurs. Each city definitely has its own flood protection system. Maintained the river is being conducted to increase river capacity of accommodate the  run-off flow from urban area. For example. It absolutely dangerous as it can increase the flood risk. and also throw their waste into the river. But. city garden. in the fact many citizen build their home near the river. and all the green area that allow the rainwater to percolate into the ground. Natural catchment area beyond urban area will be the forest and all green area around the urban. The catchment area. Improve river asset management. Climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Improve its quality will provide great help in  creating protection from the flood. The natural catchment area within the urban include park. The investigation will be needed to foresee the potency of climate change in increasing flood risk. the flood protection infrastructure can be already old or not performance well. there are some measurements that can be taken. The excess water then becomes run-off that flow on the city surfaces (like road). the land use change at the land along the river (at river shoulder). Further investigation at other land use change is needed to reduce the urban risk for having flood. This is achieved by monitoring changes to river/stream channels which could affect the community and by providing advice on preventative maintenance for river/stream channel integrity. then the water will not have chance to infiltrate into the soil. this include improving the infrastructure of flood infrastructure which already constructed such as dykes. permeable pavement. The potential effects of climate change include longer periods of drought or rainy session in some regions. MEASURE OF EFFECTIVENESS To make sure the objectives of flood control system already achieved. have important role to reduce the run-off flow or stormwater in the urban area. The land along the river should be free from any building in purpose to preserve the river. Improve and preserve natural catchment area. But. The activities also include maintenance the river channel and protect the river from erosion. city forest. Improve the investigation of the impact of climate change and land use. If this continued. within and beyond urban area. Improve existing infrastructure of flood protection. If the catchment area is too few. River monitoring will provides flood warnings to the community for specified rivers in a timely and effective manner. which is: .

then the elevation of flood water in the river will  be lower. If the natural  catchment area is improved enough. Percent of flood risk at rainy season To achieve full protection from flood. If the capacity of the river is larger. Improvement of the river is done for increasing the river capacity in receiving run-off flow from urban area. then the run-off debit absolutely will reduce. the investigation of climate and land use change is being improved as to knowing its potency in increasing flood risk. The improvement of flood protection infrastructure will led to reduction of run-off and the high  of standing water in the surfaces will be lower. Elevation of standing water on the surface. The high of standing water can measure of whether the flood protection infrastructure (the land drainage and existing infrastructure) already performance well or not. Flood water elevations for the river. and also will measure if the investigation already improved effectively or not. Run-off flow per hour on the surface. . The percent of flood risk at rainy session will indicate whether the climate and land use change play an important role or not regarding flood risk. The performance of natural catchment area regarding the water percolation will be measured with the run-off debit per hour that flow on the urban surfaces. The measurement in that objective is the flood water elevation on the river.

Diagram of Values. Goals. Objectives. and Measure of Effectiveness in Flood Protection System .