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of Computer & Emerging Sciences

Course Outlines of BS Electrical Engineering Degree Program
Course Title

Electromagnetic theory
CVT MT220, Applied Calculus MT 117

Text Book(s)


Ref. Book(s)

Course Code
Credit Hrs


Engineering Electromagnetics, 8th Edition
W. H. Hayt, J. A. Buck
McGraw-Hill Inter. Edition
Field and Wave Electromagnetics, 2nd Edition
David K. Cheng
Pearson Education
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics 6e
F. T. Ulaby, E. Michielssen, and U. Ravaioli
Prentice Hall


This is a basic course in electromagnetic theory, starting with a review of vector
calculus. Electrostatic and magneto static fields are then studied with various
examples. The course concludes with development of time-varying fields and
Maxwell’s equations.

Grading Policy

Mid I 15 %
Mid II 15 %
Final 50%
HW / Quiz 20 % (Dates to be decided)
Homeworks will not be graded, but there will be a quiz from the assigned
homework which will be graded and marked.

Week of

AUG 10

AUG 17
AUG 24
AUG 31

Course Contents / Topics
Vector Analysis
 Vector algebra
 co-ordinate systems
Independence Day (Aug 14)
 Orthogonal Coordinate Systems
 Coulombs Law
 Electric Field
Electric fields due to various charge distributions
Electric Flux density, Gauss Law, divergence
(skip derivations of 3.4-3.7 but all examples and
drill problems are covered)



Sections: 1.1 1.7

Sections: 1.8-1.9,

HW #1 assigned
Monday 8/17/2015
(Due in one week)

Sections: 2.4-2.6
Sections: 3.1-3.3,
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2 Sections: 8.7. Forces and torque Magnetic materials.2.1-7. 7. Ampere's Law Curl.4 Sections: 9. electric current density. electric dipole Energy density in electrostatic fields.6.9. dielectrics. inductance calculations.1-8.1-4. Poisson's and Laplace equations (skip 6. 7.5-7. 7.10.SEPT 28 MID EXAM I (Sept 12 – Sept 15) Divergence Theorem examples.7 Section: 4.6-6. potential gradient.4 Ch.4-4.5.4 Sections: 8.5-5. boundary conditions Iqbal Day (Nov 9) Magnetic forces.3 Sections: 4. line integral.6) Steady magnetic Field: Biot-Savart Law. 5 Sections: 5. 6. Stokes Theorem. magnetic vector potential (skip derivations of curl and Stokes Theorem & Section 8.3.3-8.1-6.1 9. 10.7) Ashura (Oct 23 – Oct 24) Lorentz Law.6 Sections: 9.7. Faraday's Law NOV 23 Displacement current.3 Sections: 6.1 Sections: 10.9. boundary conditions SEPT 7 SEPT 14 SEPT 21 OCT 12 OCT 19 OCT 26 NOV 2 NOV 9 NOV 16 MID EXAM II (Oct 17 – Oct 20) Capacitance examples.8 Sections:9. Maxwell Equations NOV 27 Last Day of classes Sections: 4.8. magnetic flux.4-6. conductors Eid Holidays (Sept 23 – 25) Current and Conductors OCT 5 Method of images. 5.4 FINAL EXAMS (Dec 4 – Dec 14) Page 2 of 2 .210. potential difference Potential.5-9.15.