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Case Study

The Taj Hotels
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Department of Business Administration
Southeast University
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Md. Shahnewaz
Program BBA; Batch 27th
Major Area: Finanace
Department of Business Administration
Southeast University

Southeast University
Date of Submission:August 23,2015

Competitive Strategy : The Taj hotel its branding hotels like Vivanta & Gateway hotels are mainly following two strategy in thier business process . the first Indian industrialist who built the India's first luxury hotel in the year 1903 for £500. This hotel recognized as asias largest and finest hotel companies .They also open New Hotel chain in the differnet location for tjeir customers suitability like ginger hotel . The Taj hotels were built in the time were Indian are not allowed in the luxurious hotels in the period of British India.The gateway hotel in the deifferent state of india & outside the india as well .UK.Middle east. So that The Taj Hotel al the time try to develope new design.000. Low cost strategy : The Taj hotel also focused on relativly low cost but the services will be high enough .Srilanka . Legendry Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata.For instance : Product upgradation like expand the room sixe into 6500 Square feet . They are given below with proper explanation.So “More visitor more money” they belived in this tag line .Australia etc and expanded with 73 hotels in 15 countries on continents .They open thier international presence like US. one floor guest room and jiva spa. Differentiation strategy : A differentiation strategy calls for the development of a product or service that offers unique attributes that are valued by customers and that customers perceive to be better than the product of competitors . .they think if the cost of staying in this hotel is good enough than more visitor will be come .Maldives.Vivanta .Services and facilities for thier customers . Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata is a founder of Tata group who opened the Taj Mahal Hotels on 16 December 1903. Core Value of The Taj Hotels and thier other hotels :        Integrity & Respect Passion fpr excellence Exceed expectations Innovation Sense of Urgency & Accountability Social Responsibility Joy at work. one of the India's largest business companies.Introduction : Taj Hotels is a part of Tata Group.more than 9200 rooms.

External Environment inflience : 1.Management of business and operational risk 5.Company-Specific risks 3.Compliance with the tata code of conduct .Demographics 8.risk and controll matrix . 7. 6. Safeguarding of tangible and intangible assets 4.Internal controll system and thier adequacy : The internal audit process.Which is an objective methodolgy of providing a positive assuarance based on the audits of operating units and corporate functions .Heavy dependence on india.Compliance with defined policies and processes 3.Socio-Political Risks 2.Technology . The focus of these review are : a convergence of process framework.Government Vareity toles & regulation 5.Identify weakness and areas of improvement 2.Foreign exchange fluctuation risk.Competitors 4. Compliance with applicable statues 6.through its unique “Taj positive Assurance Model”.

. 3.Oriental.rollout of customer feedback system . Growing presence of internationa hospitality chains competing in the luxery and business segments . As a popular group is always in the eyes of the terrorists. 2. 3.IT initiatives . 2.Rapid expansion in both International and domestic destination. Threats : 1. 3.Tata business excellence model . 2.75 Properties in 40 locations across india and 18 internation hotels.Tourism sector leading to rapid growth markets in india.Ginger hotel ect. 2.Its huge competitors like : Oberoi.Meeting growing demVnd in the budget and mid-market segments.Oberio Hotels and Resorts 3.Slowdown of international demand resulting in reduction of revenues .Lack of skilled labour.Hyatt SWOT Analysis Strengths : 1.Leela Group of Hotels 2.ITC meet excess demand situation. 3. Opportunity : 1.It effective and efficient management techniques and staff.The various initiatives taken like .Mainly to the markets in which the group operates and general factors related to the tourism industry . Weaness : 1.Competitors : 1.

Because of these key elements it gains an iconic status of the most iconic hotel in India. electroplating and brushing machine for its silver ware. . Taj is the only hotel which has its own aerated water plant.Conclusion : Due to the attractive location and the traditional architecture it gain more stunning responsible from the foreign audience. laundry.