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is an important milestone in the history of the University. National Folk Dance Workshop. Ambalike Hiriyanna Prof.A and Dean. Sri N. Asst. Ph. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of the University said that Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya is committed for qualitative research and to realize this aim and to increase the quality of research various workshops are organized according to the regulations issued by . many special programmes have been organized. Vrushabhakumar. Prof. students of the University teaching and non-teaching staff were present on the occasion. search for new knowledge and researches are taking place. Totally the University is gaining confidence by formulating and executing the ambitious projects and programmes. Professor offered vote of thanks. Dept of M. government as well as scholars is instrumental in achieving the expected level of success.B. S. the news letter of the University is formed with an intention of making the academic and research activities taking place in the University reach the common folk. competition and discussion programme on Rangoli and Hase. Ambalike Hiriyanna. It is a known fact to you all that HANATE. In the period of first three months of the year 2014. Authorities of the University in Calendar release Programme Prof. visiting professor. The organization of the 21st National Conference of FOSSILS. scholars. Ramesh Editor New Year Calendar and Diary Release Programme A programme of release of calendar and diary for 2014 published by Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya was held on the 1st January 2014 at the Nadumane auditorium at the University campus. Professor. when based on the basal Knowledge tradition. Equally important are the two other National Seminars namely ‘Higher Education and Inclusive Karnataka’ and ‘Higher Education and Rural Development’ that were held on the campus. and the Government. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Chandra Poojary. Kamalaksha. Prof. Asst. Gani. D. of M. Sri Sangamesh S. preserving and developing the indigenous knowledge while becoming a source in itself for such knowledge systems. M. Registrar (Admn). Prof. K.C. centre for Extension and consultancy. This issue of HANATE consists of the reports of various programmes along with the photos there of. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya is busy with the motif of collecting. Dr. Sri Jayadatta S. Registrar (Evln) and Director. Prof. S. During the presidential remarks he said that the University is trying to achieve progress by solving some little problems that bother. I would like to bring it your kind attention that the cooperation of the public. Naik. Head.A welcomed.C. Ph. ‘Pattanga’ and other academic activities. Research Workshop -1 University committed for qualitative Research: Prof. were the other dignitaries present on the occasion. Hon’ble ViceChancellor presided over the function and released the calendar and the diary.Editorial In the present context. when the release of the calendar and the diary of the University took place. research workshop. Mohankumar sang the invocation song. academic as well as cultural activities held in the Regional study centre’s of the University. Dr. Dept. associations.B. ‘Janapada Deeparadhane’ (Folkloristic Lamp Adoration programme) in collaboration with ‘Vishwapratishthana’ of Uttara Kannada. The programmes that took place were: Welcoming of students of 2013-14 batch. Ramesh.D.B.D. physical and intellectual resources are felt quite necessary. threw new light on the aspects of application of folklore to the contemporary needs. Project Assistant compered the programme.

Chandra Poojary.D students 2013-14. (Management studies). (Admn) talked on the occasion.K. Ramesh. (Sociology). Sri S. S. Registrar. Hongala Basavaraj Siddappa (Communication) Arunkumar H.U. Anilkumar Mugali (Agril Science). Premakumara addressed the students. Dr.C.C.C Ramesh. Shivaraj K. Ambalike Hiriyanna inaugurating the Research Workshop Prof. Rajappa Hittalamani (Kannada). Udayakumar S. M. General Secretary FOSSILS said that hitherto FOSSILS has organized 20 conferences at National Level and the organization of 3 . Afterwards various cultural activities were held. Surendra Shetty (Kannada). Prof. K Premakumara. Inauguration of the FOSSILS Conference Prof. Smt H. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University. Gani. S. (Kannada). Prof. (Kannada). Maheshwaraiah. Senior Research Officer of the University and various other research scholars participated in the workshop. Mohankumar sang the prayer song. Nagaveni T. He was speaking from the platform of the inaugural function of the first workshop for the Ph. K. Sakri and Miss Kavita Chavan shared their views on behalf of the students. Keshav Halligudi (Kannada). (Kannada). Prof. Prof.H (Kannada). Ambalike Hiriyanna. Sri Sanniah and Sri Maruti Karjagi student members of Cultural Association and Sports Committee welcomed the assembled audience and compered the programme respectively. Purushottama Bilimale. Welcome Programme to Students Welcome Programme to the students for 2013-14 academic year of Karnataka Janapada Vishwa vidyalaya was held on the 9th January 2014. (Agril Science). Sri N. Sri Sangamesh S. Naik. Raghuraj. Registrar (Evaln) made some introductory observations.D course. S.S. Director. Prof M. K. Basavaraj Pattanashetty (Kannada) . Ambalike Hiriyanna inaugurating the welcome programme to students. Sri Parasanagouda Patil. Kamalaksha. He spoke these words from the Inaugural Platform of the 21st National Conference of FOSSILS organized at Gotagodi from the 19th January 2014 to the 20th January 2014. Delhi urged the Government to establish ‘Central Folklore Academy’ for the development of folklore. J. Dhanalakshmi. The list of the students selected for Ph. Prof. Abhinaya extended the vote of thanks. D. Jayadatta S. based on the result of the Entrance Test conducted according to the regulations of the University. at the Nadumane auditorium of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Ravindra H.G. Raju Kembhavi (Economics). D. is as follows: Mamata C. Prof. Dayananda K. Karibasaiah M. Sridevi Nadiger (English).N. H. Arpana Hegde (Tourism). Dharma Nayak (History). (Kannada). and other teaching and non-teaching staff were present. America Institute of Indian Studies centre. Chandra Poojary spoke about the nature of course work and Prof. Nirmala S.B. Sri Jayadatta S. (Communication). Razia Begum Nadaf (Folklore).M.H (Kannada). (Kannada) Shashikant Shetty (Kannada). The programme was organized by Students Cultural Association and Sports Committee of the University and was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Project Assistant compered the programme. research scholar offered vote of thanks. During the inaugural address he said that cultural programmes are essential for the development of talent in student life.B. Naik was also present on the dias. Registrar (Evln) and Dr. (History). Kumar Sharif Makappanavar sang the invocation song.

Deepesh V. He thanked the dignitaries. Gourish. H. D. The following specialists in their respective areas presented their scholarly papers. Prof. Chandu. Prof. Krishna Reddy and Prof. Director. Assistant Professor. Assistant Professor proposed the vote of thanks. N. Sri Ganesh Chauhan. Naik. K. Dr. Dr. Shweta M. Smt Meera H. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Krishna Reddy. Somarajendra. Dr. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Prof. N. 4 Prof. to the Vice-Chancellor co-ordinated and compered the programme.. G. Prof.Premakumara. Jyotsna Chandrakant. Smt. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University presided over the function and said that university is committed for the conservation and development of the sources of knowledge of all the communities of society.N.B. Exhibition of Doddata presented in one of the programmes of FOSSILS Conference. N. Ramesh. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Republic Day Celebration Prof. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Folklore University said that inspite of the progress achieved in various fields in our country. Sri Mani P. Naik. Prof. Innumerable scholars attended the conference. Premakumara. Basappa Bangari P. Guruprasad. Naik. Sri K.C. He addressed the gathering after hoisting the national flag on the 65th Republic Day on the 26th January 2014 in the University campus. Dr. Dr. Prof M. Prof. Bharathi Maravanthe. Bhaktavatsala Reddy. Dr. Bhaktavatsala Reddy. D. Kum. Sakri and company presented cultural programmes. Premakumara were present on the platform.B. Dr.B.C. sincere efforts are needed to eradicate illiteracy and other problems that pester the society.B.K. Raghavan Payyanad delivered a lecture on ‘Applicability of Folklore Data and ‘Linguistic Analysis’. M. .D.G. Ramesh and Dr. Teaching and nonteaching staff of the University were present on the occasion. Assistant Executive Engineer. Sujata Akki. Sujata Akki and many other luminaries chaired many technical sessions. Balaji Nayak. Sri N. Senior Folklore Scholar Dr. Dr. Shankara Narayana shared their experiences of the conference. Purushottama Bilimale. he enjoyed the unforgettable moments in the conference. Production in Rural and Tribal Cultures and Sustainable Development and other Folkloristic fields. Sri K. Mohankumar. O. A. Prof. K.. Dr. C. Kum. Smt Vijayalakshmi Getiyavar. After the address of Prof. M. scholars and others who were instrumental in steering the conference towards success. Dr. Sri Ravi. Dr. Chandra Poojary. Valedictory Function Prof. Abhinaya compered the programme. Ningavva Harijan. etc. Dr. Registrar (Admn) welcomed the dignitaries and the delegates. Girija Davagi. members of FOSSILS and many luminaries of the field of folklore were present on the occasion. S.N. Superintendent and others were present on the occasion. Miss Shwetha M. Prakash Hosamani attended the sessions.M Maheshwaraiah. Dr. Prof. Sri B. Regional Secretary of FOSSILS was present on the occasion.N. Sri. Dr. Arumkhan. Institute of Folklore Studies. Prof.Srinivas Dappu. S. K.B. Smt Arpana Hegde compered the programme. Registrar (Admn).S. Rajalakshmi Achat. Unnikrishnan. Satyanarayan. Registrar (Admn). Chandra Poojary. Sessions Various technical sessions such as the following were organized on the occasion: Native Knowledge Tradition. M. Dr. L. Dr.the 21st conference at the Janapada Vishwavidyalaya itself is a matter of pride and pleasure. Naik. the Organizing Secretary of the conference conveyed the vote of thanks. T. Sri N. Rural and Tribal Event Management. In all these sessions there were serious discussions and debates. Tirupati. who presided over the valedictory programme opined that Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya campus witnessed the successful organization of National Conference of FOSSILS which threw light on possibilities of new searches and study in the field of Folklore. He added.Vijaya. P. N. who spoke on the occasion said that it was a pride pleasure for the University to hold the conference. Mohankumar sang the prayer song and Smt. B. T.T. D. Rajashri Patil. Nazeemuddin. Mutthaiah. Dr.

Compered the programme. Bhaktavatsala Reddy. folk arts are disappearing fast. retired professor of Kannada of Karnataka Vishwavidyalaya. He said “Folklore is a way of life. Dr. Tirupathi spoke on the topic ‘Basal Knowledge System’.N. Prof. While delivering the Special Lecture on the topic ‘Morality in Folklore Research’ organized by the center for Extension and Consultancy at Nadumane auditorium of the University campus on the 12th February 2014. “The chance of teaching is the greatest reward in life. Organizing Secretary of the Workshop welcomed. Hon’ble ViceChancellor presided over inaugural function and said “it is a matter of pleasure that the Siddi tribe is identifying itself with the mainstream while retaining their traditional art forms”. D. Chandra Poojary and others were present on the occasion. Naik expressed his concern that in contemporary days of modernization.2014. Maheshwaraiah. Maheshwaraiah and Prof. Registrar (Evaluation). Prof. Vidyanand Singh of Manipur a renowned Manipuri dancer participated in the programme as a chief guest and addressed the assembly. Sri N. Afterwards Manipuri. asserted that the researches must be people oriented and there must enough care to see that the results of these researches reach the public.Folk Dance – Workshop Valedictory Programme “The Chance of teaching is the greatest reward in life” . Prof.M. Bhaktavatsala Reddy were honoured on behalf of the University. Prof.C. “the knowledge of the folk is self-evidenced and therefore it is always much useful to the life of the whole community”. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Institute of Folklore Studies. Registrar (Admn) Prof M.M. H. The resource persons of the workshop Sri Vidyanand Singh. 5 . Prof N. Chandu. globalization and the influence of modern media. former Professor of Calicut University. addressed the participants. artist Sri Santhosh Siddi. One must carry out the responsibility of teaching dance with devotion”. Mohankumar sang the prayer song.02. Ambalike Hiriyanna. “Very immediately ‘Art Club’ shall be opened in the University campus to enable the interested students to pick up folk arts”. The Workshop was held from the 6th to the 13th February 2014. Kumari Shwetha M. It was a wonderful performance. Ambalike Hiriyanna at the National Workshop Prof. Halakki and Siddi dances were performed by the participants of the workshop. Prof. teaching and non-teaching staff of the University were present in the programme. Sri K. He was speaking from the platform of inauguration of ‘National Workshop on Folk Dances’ held at Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Sri Y. K. Halakki artist Sri Ganappa Gowda and Siddi artist Sri Nagaraj Shankar Siddi and other important persons were felicitated on the occasion. Ambalike Hiriyanna talked on the occasion and said. a renowned tribal artist of Ankola. N. Naik.C. Prof. said Sri Nagaraj Shankar Siddi. Prof. Smt. Director.B. Raghavan Payyanad.Sri Nagaraj Shankar Siddi The valedictory programme of the dance workshop was held on 13. Registrar (Evln) conveyed the vote of thanks. Prof.B. Sri Ganapa Gowda shared his views. Further he expressed disgust towards the contemporary system of using folklore as business. Dharwad.B. Society and Environment themselves are the laboratories”. Raghavan Payyanad. Premakumara. Prof. Special Lecture Series-01 Prof. Prof. Dr. Abhinaya H. Ramesh. he made the above observation. Ramesh. Kerala delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Applied Folklore’. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of the University inaugurated the programme. He said. S. H. Halakki harvest dance artist. Premakumara welcomed the dignitaries and compered the programme. S. D.

. 2014. “Development studies is a field of prospering area” . Ambalike Hiriyanna. Registrar (Admn). Hampi and other authorities of the university were present. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Prof. students was also held from the 16th February to the 19th February. 2014. V. but it is a field of study including other branches of knowledge that evolve continuously”.K. Prof. & Prof. Naik. T. Ramesh. Bhaktavatsala Reddy. Madras Development Study Centre. Boralingaiah. Naik. Ramesh & Dr. Sathyanath.C. teaching and nonteaching staff of the university were present in the seminar. Prof.B. During his presidential address he expressed his deep concern for the present predicament of educational system and said. K. H.Prof. Nagarajaiah’s visit Prof. Prof.S. V. Nataraj in the National Conference Prof. 6 Prof. Maheshwaraiah. Correspondent Secretary. Special honour offered to Prof. & Prof.K. Ambalike Hiriyanna for organizing the FOSSILS conference Successfully. Madras opined that development is not simply restricted to economic field. In the seminar the luminaries presented their scholarly papers. Prof. Prof.Felicitation Ceremony Higher Education – National Seminar After the Special Lecture Programme Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University and other officials were cordially felicitated by the FOSSILS. Dr. H. FOSSILS honoured cordially Prof. Nagarajaiah famous literateur and thinker visited the Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya on the 12th February 2014. Nataraj inaugurated the National Conference on ‘Higher Education and Inclusive Karnataka’ organized in the University campus for three days from the 17th February to the 19th February. Nataraj. Dr. S. Nagarajaiah observing ‘Grama Karnataka’ the open air museum. Dr. V. of culture of Karnataka down the lane of centuries. N. Prof.C. Raghavan Payyanad. General Secretary FOSSILS.C. member. Former Professor of Delhi University presented a paper entitled ‘Folklore studies in the context of New Humanities’. Mohan. Hon’ble Vice. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Kannada University.K.Chancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya presided over the inauguration ceremony.K. D. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya and Prof. M. Nataraj Prof. Sharat Deshpande presented the scholarly paper entitled ‘Challenges of Agricultural Education and Extension System’. Harish Ramaswamy presented a paper entitled ‘Quest for Dreams : Pursuit of Inclusive Higher Education in Karnataka’ and Dr. Prof. H. S. V. William Robert De Silva presented a paper entitled “Tryst with Destiny Betrayed’. FOSSILS. Dr. but it is a storehouse which contains in its womb those things which unveil the stages of evolution Prof.P. “Today’s education system is facing many problems and challenges”. Former Director. G.D.B. Chandra Poojary. Premakumara. D.M.P. Second Research workshop for Ph. Organizing Secretary of the seminar made introductory speech. Prof. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. During the visit he said “Museum is not simply a house where old and antique pieces are kept for exhibition. Ham Pa. Research Scholars . Ambalike Hiriyanna.H.

Rajashekhar Jamdandi welcomed. D. Naik inaugurated the programme. Sri Shek Khurshid Patel. ‘World Women’s Day’ celebration was organized. Ambalike Hiriyanna. 7 . H. Registrar.B. Traditional Rangoli Competition and Panel Discussion Prof. Ambalike Hiriyanna gave a call to the young generation to save and develop the traditional arts like Rangoli.Inauguration of ‘Tingala Janapada Chavadi’ at Bidar Regional study centre Prof. the Chief Editor of Karnataka Folklore Encyclopaedia talked on the occasion and said that this Encyclopaedia is to come out in ten volumes within the fixed frame work but with enough distinguishing marks than the other Encyclopaedias which have come on different subjects hitherto. at the University’s Centre. Secretary Janapada Parishat was the Chief Guest of the function.S. Bidar and Karnataka Writers and Artists Association. Prof. H. Prof. K. Jagannath Hebbale presided over the function.B. Naik. Naik. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya inaugurated the programme and said. Sri Dayananda Sirse. Dr. D. H. Srishaila Huddar and others talked in the meeting. Savita Naik. Shantamma Ballur conveyed the vote of thanks. D. renowned Folklorist and Honourary Editor of Folklore Encyclopaedia opined that there is greater need to formulate a model Folklore Encyclopaedia that enables the reader to understand total knowledge about Kannada and there by empowers him to understand Indian knowledge. Bidar. Chandra Poojary. Krishne Gowda. Smt.B. Sri Shankar Chandi prayed and Mahanand Madaki compered the programme. Sri Siddharamappa Madiwal. Dr. Jagannath Hebbale said that experts in folk arts would be invited in such monthly programmes to be held in future. Prof. Hase Chittara etc. Naik. He expressed this view during the inaugural of Folklore Encyclopaedia Project. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya presided over the meeting programme. Premakumara. Project Assistant welcomed. Prof.T. Dr. Smt. Smt Sunita Kodlikar.Naik. with a view to interact with them. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya presided over the function and addressed the gathering. Sri Vaijanath Nambode. Savita Hebbale.B. D. D. Dr. M. Prof. “such programmes are essential to keep folk arts and culture alive”. Ramachandregowda Prof. Sri Mahesh Gornalkar and others were present in the programme.B. Dr. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Prof. H.S. Sri Mohammad Fazal Ahamed. Women’s Day Celebration Under the joint auspices of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya Regional Study Centre. Registrar also talked on the occasion. Smt. Meeting of the First Grade College Principals A meeting of the First Grade College Principals of Dharwad division jurisdiction was convened in the auditorium of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya on the 19th March 2014. Sri Rajkumar Hebbale. Dr. Folklore Encyclopaedia Project Inaugurated “May the Folklore Encyclopaedia Project be a model project”– Prof. Tingala Janapada Chavadi was inaugurated on the 8th March 2014.S Ramachandre Gowda in the inaugural function of Folklore Encyclopaedia Project. which are at once unique also. Ramachandregowda. Rajashekhar Jamadandi. Prof. Dr. The principals of various First Grade Colleges of Haveri. Prof. Dharwad and Gadag districts participated in the meeting and gave their own suggestions. inaugurating Janapada Chavadi Programme. Registrar.

Dr. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya distributed the prizes and certificates. Dr. Kamakshi Raikar (Third) and Razia Begum Nadaf and Hussain Miyanavar (Consolation) bagged the prizes. former Professor of Kannada. Prof. Prof. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Asst. Certificate Courses. Naik. Premakumara. S. Registrar (Admn). Ambalike Hiriyanna presided over the programme of traditional Rangoli competition and panel discussion that was held on the 20th and the 21st March 2014 in the University campus. organizer of the programme compered and conveyed the vote of thanks. Sri Junjanna. S. Patil (Second). D. Valedictory Programme The valedictory programme of Traditional Rangoli art and Panel Discussion was held on the 21st March 2014. Dr. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya presided over the function. the rangoli artists of different districts and teachers of the University were present in the programme. Smt. . Sri Rohit Das. District Publicity Officer. Co-ordinator. Naik welcomed. Hanumikshetra Gowda Gamokkaliga. M. Chandra Poojary.C. Registrar (Evln) opined that folk rangoli art increases creativity. Prof. Bharathi Marawanthe. Smt. Kuvempu University. Chandu. Sri Junjanna. K. President Kumata Taluka Kannada Sahitya Parishat. Srikantha Kudige “Instead of lamenting that folk culture is being lost by the onslaughts of modernization and globalization we must learn to face them using the folkloristic resources” so said Srikantha Kudige. Kenchaveerappa. D. Ramesh. Haveri in the Valedictory Programme.B. Ramesh. Prof. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Hanumikshetra Gowda Gamokkaliga a famous traditional Rangoli artist of Uttara Kannada inaugurated the competition by putting the dot or Chukki. Srishail Huddar were present in the programme. 8 Janapada Deeparadhane (Folkloristic Lamp Adoration) Programme Inauguration. The winners in the Rangoli competition were given prizes and certificates. Prof. The list of the prize winners is as follows: Shruti Venkatesh Raikar (First).N. Executive Engineer.B.Prof. Prize Winners Participants busy in drawing the Rangoli. Registrar (Evaln). Premakumara. District Publicity Officer Haveri. Sri K. Dr. Prof. Prof. Prof.C. ‘Janapada Deeparadhane’ (Folkloristic Lamp Adoration) Become modern in using the folkloristic resources advises Prof. Sanjanagouda B. Around more than 30 Rangoli artists from different parts of state participated in the competition. was the chief guest.

Book Release Programme As part of the programme. Dr. the former ViceChancellor of Kuvempu University opined that the discussions. “The education. Venkataramaiah. Dr.B. Savita Uday. Ambalike Hiriyanna. P. Prof. Registrar (Evln).B. Smt Akshata Krishnamurthy. On behalf of Janapada Vishwa Prathishthana various great personalities of several fields were felicitated with prizes for their contributions and achievements. Jayasheela talked on the topic ‘Collection of Folkloristic Items: Some Problems’. National Seminar on Higher Education and Rural Development “The contemplations of the University can provide solutions to social problems”. Smt Leelavati N.S. Ramanna. Jyoti Nayak.C. Prof. Kum. Sridhar Balagar. Marga Kavya Kirana and Dr. (Pratibha Vidyarthini Deepa Prashasti).Prof. Kuruva Basavaraju talked on the topic ‘Folklore Museums: Various Concepts’. N. He inaugurated the two-days National Seminar on Higher Education and Rural Development. Sri Narasimha Bhat (Devamma RamNayak Deep Prashasti”). Dr. P. Ramanna presided over the function. organized under the auspices of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya and Karnataka State Higher Education Council. M. Nayak made introductory speech.R. As a part of the seminar. Sri Sumukhanand Jalavalli and others were present on the occasion. Naikara Baduku Baraha books were released. presented a paper entitled ‘Post 9 .S. Halakki Okkaligara Kathanagalu. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Naik Registrar welcomed the audience and dignitaries.B. Venkataramaiah. Seminar A Seminar on ‘Folklore Museums’ was organized in the campus. Ningappa Mudenur. Smt Abhinaya of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. D. various sessions were held and many scholars presented their papers. Prof. Sri U. Award Ceremony Prof. The list of the scholars and the papers presented by them may be listed as under. ‘Sirasiya Sri Marikambe. deliberations and contemplations that take place in the Universities which are the centers of knowledge can certainly provide solutions to the problems that pester the society.Rural Development’. Sri Shivasundar a great thinker of Bengaluru. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya talked meaningful words on the occasion from his presidential chair. P. Dr. Bonsai Vatavriksha. who presided over the inaugural function said.A Student. Veerabhadra Naik presented a paper entitled ‘An Integrated Study of Different Effects of the concept . Prof. The scholars delivered speeches. Ramesh.He addressed the audience after inaugurating the Janapada Deeparadhane programme organized under the auspices of Extension and Consultancy Centre Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Chandra Poojary.R. Janapada Vishwa Pratisthana of Honnavar and Pragati Graphics Bengaluru on the 23rd March 2014. which increases the confidence among the graduates shall become supportive in acquiring the employment”. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Balabodhi. S. Dr. Prof. Dr. Prof. Girija Davagi campered the programme. Srikantha Kudige (Kuvempu Deepa Prashasti) Sri Ganapati Timmanna Hegde (Shivarama Karanth Deepa Prashasti). Dr. M. The following were the personalities honoured with prizes/awards. N. Deshpande presented a paper on the topic ‘Rural Development is possible through the Increase of Production’. Prof. Sri U. Smt Shanti Nayak conveyed the vote of thanks. Venkataramaiah in the inauguration of the National Seminar on Higher Education and Rural Development. Dr. on the 27th and the 28th March 2014. Channesh presented a paper entitled ‘Understanding the Environment related Problems through adjustment of Transfer of Commodities Between Rural and Urban System: An Analysis of Karnataka’ Dr.

Prof. Registrar (Evln). Registrar (Admn). “It is possible to see the folk arts surviving and growing only through the basic folk artists”. Ramesh. Valedictory Ceremony Dr. Prof. Dr. Prof. Naik. “In the context of globalization basic folk arts.B. former professor of Institute of Social and Economic Change. D. Prof. Prof. At the same time the third course work for Ph. He further said. Registrar (Elvn). “We may draw more morals from the oral folk literature”. M.C. He was speaking as the chief guest of the programme Tingala Atithiyondige Pattanga. Prof. Prof. Siddha gangamma.D. Dr.B. 2014. Pattanga -16 Dr. presented folk songs. Gayatri Devi in the closing ceremony of the seminar. Vasu. Sripati Bhat. which included Sri Venkatesh. Prof.C. Prakash Bhat and others were present on the occasion. K. Dr.16 organized in the Nadumane auditorium of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Gayathri Devi. Ambalike Hiriyanna. literature and culture and also the tradition is on the shoulders of artists” He spoke these words at Nagandige auditorium as chief guest of the programme Tingala Atithioandige Pattanga -15 organized by Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya on the 31st January.Naik. Pattanga -15 “Commitment of artists is essential for the preservation of folk culture” Pichchalli Srinivas Sri Pichchalli Srinivasa a famous folk song singer of Malur of Kolar District said. Sri K. Dr. Naik. Registrar (Evln). Chandra Poojary was present on the platform. Prof. Dr. Chandra Poojary made the introductory observation. She was the main speaker at the valedictory function of the National Seminar. S. Prof. literature. Premakumara and other members of the teaching staff of the University were present in the programme. Ramesh. Ambalike Hiriyanna. culture and traditions are disappearing fast”. On this occasion Sri Pichchalli Srinivasa was felicitated by the University. M. Friday. “The greater responsibility of preserving the basic folk arts. Prof.Global Agricultural Problem in Karnataka: some Notes’. Prof. Sri Nagaraj and Sri Ravi. Ramesh. President Yakshagana and Bayalata Akademi and his companions presented a puppet show entitled ‘Bapuji’. Afterwards Sri Belagalu Veeranna. Sri Pichchalli Srinivasa and his company.C. famous Gondaliga artist of Kaginele opined that in order to protect folk culture it is necessary today to preserve Gondaliga art as well as other folk arts. Dr.B. Sri Manju. on the 28th February 2014. Chandu and other members of the staff were present. He also said with a note of sorrow. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya presided over the function and said. Registrar (Admn). Song presentation by Sri Pichchalli Srinivasa and his companions in the Pattanga programme. D. Hon’ble ViceChancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. K. S. . presided over the function and said. students was also held from the 27th to the 29th March 2014. 10 Sri Yamanappa Bise. D. S. “We may also learn the lesson of action and ways of the world from folktales”. Chandra Poojary.N. urged the researchers to emphasise and concentrate on inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary levels. Premkumara.K Premakumara. M.

2014 at Shimoga.Naik.A. After this under the supervision of Sri Yugadharma Ramanna. 2014. Professor.A. Dr. Under the aegis of the Department of Political Science. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Chandra Poojary participated in the seminar ‘Education and learning’ held on the 7th February. Assistant Professor and other members of the staff of the University were present on the occasion. Dr. Srishaila Huddar. 6. Chandra Poojary was invited for the programme of Guruvandana on account of the retirement of Dr. 12. Prof. He delivered the inaugural speech.A. Prof. Naik. Sri Yugadharma Ramanna who held the panel discussion lamented that modern education is effeminating modern youths. exhibited the Gondaliga art. 10. Folk Literature and Folkloristics results were also announced. Dr. Chandra Poojary participated in the valedictory programme of the seminar and delivered the valedictory address. of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya participated in the valedictory function of the two days National Seminar on the topic ‘Amendment of Article 317’ organized by Kannada University Hampi at Gulbarga on the 29th January 2014 and delivered the valedictory address. He delivered a valedictory speech there. Prof. 3. Prof. 2014.List of Programmes On the 25th February 2014 the result of First Semester M. that Sri Yugadharma Ramanna carries. Prof. P. Prof.B. In the same way Third Semester M.H. 2014. Sri Yamanappa Bise. 13. S. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya participated in the programme of Dr.A.C. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya propelled the procession of the art troupes arranged on account of ‘Huggi-Suggi Janapada’ programme organized by department of Kannada and Culture at the district Gurubhavana. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Dept of Journalism. 2014. 4. 9. First Grade College Hospet and Law and Legislative Reformation Institute of Bengaluru. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya addressed the gathering as chief guest of the function of the Silver Jubliee celebration of Shimoga District Okkaliga Women’s Forum.U.S. Folk Tourism. Pattanga -17 “The job. Chandra Poojary inaugurated the seminar and delivered the inaugural speech. Our Journey towards the Folk (Nammavara Nadige Janaredige) 1. Folkloristics. . He also underscored the point that folk materials cause the growth of mind and cater to creativity on the contrary modern materials narrow down the mentality of man. Prof. M. Sri Lakkappa Gudakar. Sharana Samskruti Utsava 14 was organized by Sri Basava Kendra at Hosamutt of Haveri from the 19th February 2014 to the 22nd February. Dharwad. Prof. Govt. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.C. K. Registrar (Admn) inaugurated the function. Sri Yamanappa Bise was honoured on behalf of the University. Haveri. Ambalike Hiriyanna. M. A.B. He delivered a special lecture on the topic ‘problems and solutions / remedies’ as a chief guest in a session. Balasubramanayam. Department of M. The conference was held from the 26th March. M. D. Registrar (Evln).B. 2014. Registrar (Evln) were present on the occasion. and Folk Communication courses were announced. Prof. He made the inaugural speech in the programme. D. Prof. Prof. Sri Fakirappa Bise. Sri Shivadharma Chandranna and Sri Shanta Naik sang the Vachanas and lavanies. 5. Sri Yugadharma Ramanna.B. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. The seminar was organized under the auspices of the Kannada Department of G. Hiriyanna was the chief guest on the 11th February.Ma. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor inaugurated the 8th Annual Programme of Srimati Chandamma Chandappa Memorial Trust at Kustagi on the 25th March. Prof. Prof. Ramesh. Ha. to the 19th March 2014 First Semester Examinations of M. 14. and department of Kannada and Culture Haveri on the 22nd February. inaugurated the Belgaum Divisional Level Folk Festival organized by the Department of State Publicity and Information at Rangayana premises Dharwad. on the 23rd February. One Day Seminar was organized on the topic ‘Hyderabad Karnataka and 371J : Involvement of the public and development’. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Haveri on the 28nd February. Folk Literature. Folk Arts. Davanagere on 22nd February. He addressed these words from his presidential chair of the programme Pattanga-17 on the 19th March 2014. Under the aegis of the programme Folklore Conference was organized and Prof.G. 2014. K.C sponsored national seminar on ‘Old Kannada poetry: A Redefinition’. 2014 to the 26th March. M. Prof. 2014. The programme was organized by the Association of Journalists. is that of spreading the worldly education through his extempore poetic talent and highly responsive personality is highly praiseworthy” said. at Haveri on the 11th February 2014. Jamuna. Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya. 2014. Head. 2. Ÿ ¥ÀmÁÖAUÀ-17 Felicitation to Sri Yamanappa Bise in Pattanga programme. On the 21st March. Registrar (Admn) and Prof. Chandra Poojary. Centre of Karnataka University Kerimattihalli. 7. College Haveri. A National Sminar on ‘Mahatma Gandhi Rashtriya Grameena Udyoga Khatari Yojane’ was organized by Davanagere University. Ramesh.Na prize award on the 5th February 2014 at Tirthahalli and addressed the gathering after releasing the book.B. Registrar (Admn). Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. Ambalike Hiriyanna. Sri Rangappa Bise. Prof. Ambalike Hiriyanna participated as a chief guest in the Taralabalu Hunnime programme held at Shiggaon from the 9th February. Prof. S. 8. Siddhagangamma. On the occasion he made a speech. Premakumara. Ÿ From the 10th March. M. inaugurating the Pattanga programme. Naik participated as the chief guest of the valedictory programme of the U. D. 2014. Prof. Ambalike Hiriyanna.G. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor inaugurated the National Folklore conference organized under the aegis of Karnatak College of Bidar and Karnataka Literary Association. Prof. Naik. Department were held in the campus of the university quite systematically and transparently.B. 11. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. D. 2014 to the 14th February 2014.

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