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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

179 / Monday, September 17, 2007 / Notices 52849

review period determination within 30 2008 and the final EIS is expected to be under one or more alternatives.
days of the date of this notice (see DATES published in June 2008. Vegetative removal and road
above). The request must specify the In the Federal Register of September construction is likely to be clearly
following: 22, 2006, in FR Doc. 71–184, on page evident, for approximately 10 years,
The identity of the product; 55419, in the third column, additional within the project area. The forest plan
The identity of the applicant for information must be added to the standards and guidelines for the Visual
patent term restoration; Proposed Action caption, first and Quality Objective (VQO) within the
The docket number of this notice; and second paragraph to read: project area specify that the area should
The basis for the request for revision, Proposed forest management work be managed with a VQO of Retention.
including any documentary evidence. includes noncommercial thinning, Under a Retention VQO, forest
commercial thinning involving removal management activities may be visible
Further, under § 124.30 of the
of logs and slash by ground-based but not clearly evident to the average
regulations, any interested person may
skidding or helicopter, ground-based viewer. Disturbances must appear to be
file a petition with APHIS, no later than
machine work and hand work to pile from natural causes. Therefore, to
180 days after the date of this notice (see
thinning slash, and slash-pile burning or ensure project consistency with the
DATES above), alleging that a license
broadcast burning to dispose of or forest plan, the plan would be amended
applicant did not act with due diligence
reduce woody fuels. On existing roads at the same time as and in conjunction
in seeking APHIS approval of the used to support these treatments,
product during the regulatory review with the approval of an action
maintenance work including forestry alternative, should one be selected, that
period. The filing, format, and content best management practices would be
of a petition must be as described in the involve similar departure form current
performed. Up to 14 miles of road may standards and guidelines to conserve
regulations in ‘‘Subpart D—Due be constructed or reconstructed, these
Diligence Petitions’’ (§§ 124.30 through Mexican spotted owl, Northern
road will be developed to facilitate goshawk, visual quality and limitations
124.33). proper ground-based skidding and on activities on slopes over 40%. The
Authority: 35 U.S.C. 156. access log-landing areas. Upon plan amendments would be limited to
Done in Washington, DC, this 11th day of completion of logging and other apply only to the Perk-Grindstone III
September, 2007. mechanized treatments, temporary hazardous fuel reduction project area
Kevin Shea, roads would be rehabilitated and closed. and its approved activities (36 CFR
Acting Administrator, Animal and Plant The remaining roads, needed for long 219.8(e)).
Health Inspection Service. term access would be closed by
[FR Doc. E7–18266 Filed 9–14–07; 8:45 am] installing gates or other barriers at road FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
entrances to eliminate motor vehicle use Buck Sanchez, District Ranger, Smokey
on the road (Forest Plan, p. 47). Closed Bear Ranger District, Lincoln National
roads may be reopened when needed for Forest, 901 Mechem, Ruidoso, NM
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE subsequent fuel reduction or other 88345, telephone (505) 257–4095.
management activities, and then closed Dated: September 10, 2007.
Forest Service following completion of that activity
S.E. ‘‘Lou’’ Woltering,
(Forest Plan, p. 37). Closed roads may be
Forest Supervisor.
Lincoln National Forest; New Mexico; used as trails for hiking, mountain
Perk-Grindstone III Hazardous Fuel biking and horseback-riding. The [FR Doc. 07–4582 Filed 9–14–07; 8:45 am]
Reduction Project proposed forest management treatments BILLING CODE 3410–11–M
and roadwork integrated various detail
AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. design-features to conserve cultural or
ACTION: Notice of intent to prepare an historical sites, air quality, soil, water DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
Environmental Impact Statement; quality, wildlife, native plants and trees,
Forest Service
Correction. scenery, and recreation.
To achieve desired conditions for the Lake Tahoe Basin Federal Advisory
SUMMARY: On September 22, 2006, the area, the proposed action involves some
Federal Register published a Notice of Committee
removal of commercial-size trees from
Intent (NOI) to prepare an areas of protected habitat of the Mexican AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) spotted owl, a threatened species. Under
for the Perk-Grindstone III Hazardous ACTION: Notice of meeting.
the current forest plan as amended,
Fuel Reduction Project on the Lincoln these treatments to reduce fuels near SUMMARY: The Lake Tahoe Basin Federal
National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger urban areas are anticipated; nonetheless, Advisory Committee will hold a
District (71 FR 55419–55421). That they are a departure from the forestwide meeting on October 9, 2007 at the Sierra
document estimated that the Draft standards and guidelines adopted to Nevada College, 999 Tahoe Boulevard,
Environmental Impact Statement would implement the recovery plan for this Incline Village, NV 89451. This
be available February 2007, and would species. Additionally, the proposed Committee, established by the Secretary
require a single forest plan amendment, action will remove canopy cover within of Agriculture on December 15, 1998 (64
correction of both the estimated date Northern goshawk post-fledging areas.
FR 2876), is chartered to provide advice
and the number of forest plan Northern goshawk is a Regional Forester
to the Secretary on implementing the
amendments is necessary. sensitive species. These areas may not
terms of the Federal Interagency
Correction: In the Federal Register of meet forest plan standards and
Partnership on the Lake Tahoe Region
September 22, 2006, in FR Doc. 71–184, guidelines for canopy cover. Forest plan
and other matters raised by the
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

on page 55419, in the first column, standards and guidelines also restrict
correct the DATES caption, second operation of wheeled of tracked logging
sentence to read: equipment to slopes of less than 40%. DATES: The meeting will be held
The draft EIS is expected to be Operation of logging equipment on October 9, 2007, beginning at 1 p.m. and
available for public review in January slopes in excess of 40% is anticipated ending at 4 p.m.

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