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Like the 3 Shepherds of Fatima . . .

We Must Love The Pope; We Must Love The Bishops
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

The Holy Father suffers greatly
because the Consecration of
Russia is not yet done as he
himself acknowledges. Our Lord
says, "Pray, pray a great deal for
the Holy Father, he will do it but
it will be late."
Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia loved the Pope so much that even when they were
kidnapped and threatened with a violent death they found solace in offering up
their sufferings for the Holy Father's sake.
They would not be consoled in such grave suffering by such a thought unless
they loved the Pope deeply. Our Lady of Fatima had particularly taught them to
do that. She showed Jacinta a vision of the Holy Father being persecuted. He
was crying; people were throwing stones at him and even cursing him. This
moved Jacinta so, that she immediately redoubled her prayers and sacrifices for
The Fatima Message tells us why the Pope is suffering these things and what is
needed to be done to stop them.
On July 13, 1917, Our Lady explained that if mankind did not amend then the
WORLD would be punished by four chastisements.

"The war is going to end, but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one
will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an
unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is
about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine and
persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father."
The first two punishments are easy to understand ... war and hunger. The
world is now already punished by war and hunger and it will get worse if sin
does not become less.
But to understand the other two punishments of the world is more
difficult ... Persecution of the Church and Persecution of the Holy Father.
Now perhaps you wonder how this could be a punishment of the world as it
seems to be more a punishment of the Church. It was Our Lady Herself,
however, Who clearly indicated it to be a punishment of the world.
Today, the Church is persecuted not only behind the Iron Curtain, not only in
third world countries, but also in Western Europe and North America. And this is
evident if you consider that the truth is being silenced in your pulpits. When was
the last time you heard a sermon about Hell, about sin, about conversion, about
the Rosary and about Our Lady of Fatima?
Furthermore the full message of Fatima is opposed and even attacked by some
"Catholic" priests and publishers.
But even more important, the Pope is persecuted. He knows the Consecration
of Russia is not done. He has admitted it publicly before 250,000 people, yet
today, people claiming to be loyal to him are spreading the lie, the utter
falsehood that the Consecration of Russia is done.
It is this punishment, the persecution of the Church and the persecution of the
Pope that prevents the Consecration of Russia. Our Lady, on July 13, 1917, said
that to prevent these punishments of war, hunger, persecution of the Church
and persecution of the Holy Father She would come back. She said:
"To prevent this I shall come back to ask for the Consecration of Russia ..."
["and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays."]
Our Lady explained that:
"Russia would be the instrument of Chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish
the whole world (for its crimes) if we did not obtain beforehand its conversion."
On June 13, 1929, Our Lady came back and asked for the Consecration of
Russia and explained that,

"God promises to save Russia by this means."
Now it is the persecution of the Church, and persecution of the Holy Father
which delays the Consecration of Russia and this delay in turn causes the world
to suffer for its sins, because as long as Russia is not consecrated and converted
the world will not have peace. Our Lady promised peace only...
"If My requests are granted." She further said that:
"Finally, the Holy Father will Consecrate Russia to Me, it will be converted and a
period of peace will be given to the world."
Today there are about 25 war going on around the world, as well as terrorism
and the war on the unborn, with 50,000,000 (fifty million) victims; casualties
who die violently each year. No! There is no peace.
Today the world suffers tremendously because Our Lady's Fatima request for the
Consecration of Russia has not been done. The persecution of the Church, of the
Holy Father, is the punishment of the world which prevents the Consecration
from being done.
Why can we say this? Because we know that the Pope and many of the bishops
are good-hearted men who ardently desire peace for the whole world, and
prosperity for their communities.
Many Bishops Do Not Really Know

The Pope's own newspaper
reporting the fact that the Pope

knows he has not yet
consecrated Russia as Our Lady
of Fatima requested.
If they only knew, really knew that God the Father, Jesus Christ His Only
Begotten Son and the Holy Spirit, the Divine Consoler, has given to them (the
bishops and the Pope), the very easy, very practical means of bringing peace to
the whole world and to save millions of souls and avoiding the otherwise certain
annihilation of nations, then they would use this means. They would consecrate
Russia as Our Lady of Fatima formally requested them to do.
But most of them do not know that this Consecration of Russia is the ONLY
means to bring peace and prosperity everywhere, because the Church is
persecuted, because the full Fatima Message is hidden and those of us who
promote it are attacked and lied about.
As Dr. Robert Morris pointed out on our weekly TV program Fatima: "The
Moment Has Come", the K.G.B. carries out an intense program of character
assassination against those who dare to reveal the truth about Communism.
And the K.G.B. now extends its influence into some North American papers,
even to some so-called 'Catholic' ones.
As a result of this persecution of the Church the bishops by and large still do
not really know that the peace of the world, the cessation of world hunger and
the avoiding of the annihilation of nations is in their hands and their hands
We should not blame them, we should not resent them, but rather we should
love them. We should help them overcome this persecution which aims to keep
the Full Fatima Message and its great importance from the bishops.
That is why we have written to them the following letter which, as you can see,
in this context of the Full Fatima Message is self-explanatory. Please pray for the
success of this letter writing and for the grace-filled reading by the bishops of
this momentous book The Secret and the Church (Volume II of The Whole Truth
About Fatima).
The Pope knows in his heart and has publicly proclaimed it two times on March
25, 1984, that he knows the Consecration of the world done on that day, by
himself and some bishops, as well as the previous seven consecrations done by
Pope Pius XII, Paul VI and by himself, John Paul II do not fulfill the requests
of Our Lady of Fatima.
Despite these very public statements which were also very publicly reported in
the Pope's own daily newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano and the Italian Catholic
Bishops' newspaper Avvenere, there are some priests and organizations

which claim to be faithful to the Pope, faithful to the Magisterium (even though
they do not appear to know precisely what the Magisterium is) but who deny
the Pope's own public words. And to add insult to injury they attack us for
upholding the Pope's words and say that we are against him. Such "loyalty"
from those priests and bishops who oppose the Pope seems to be hypocrisy.
As you can see, with help like this from enemies of the Pope posing as his
friends, it is no wonder that he cannot rally his bishops behind the Consecration
Request of Our Lady.
The Pope wants to do it. But he needs the cooperation of the world's Catholic
bishops. He does not feel that they are sufficiently prepared to understand and
obey the order he must give them to consecrate Russia because the full Fatima
Message has been hidden from them and the Pope has few, if any, friends
around him to rely on to get the Message to them.
The Holy Father is dependent on you and I to get this Message to the world's
bishops. Already we have been notified by more than 10 percent of the world's
bishops and by over 10 percent of the Cardinals that they are willing to do the
Consecration of Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested when the Pope gives
the signal to do it.
Considering the vast resources (millions and millions of dollars) of the antiFatima forces who have recently conducted their latest campaign of
disinformation against Fatima it is indeed encouraging to note that many
bishops and Cardinals have not been fooled and are standing strong with Our
Lady of Fatima and the Holy Father.
No doubt there are even more bishops and Cardinals who have not informed us
about it but who are also not taken it by all the lies and distortions about Fatima
published in the "Catholic" press and the secular media. But there is much to be
done and time is growing so short.
That is why we have sent the following
letter to every bishop and Cardinal in the
world. Thank God for the help of
supporters of The Fatima
Crusader which enabled us to do this.
"He (Jesus) departed from them, and was carried up to Heaven. And they (the
Apostles) adoring went back into Jerusalem with great joy." (Luke 24:51-52)
Ascension Thursday 1990

Your Excellency,
Please be on the lookout for a special gift I have sent to you.
Through the Prayers and sacrifices of many tens of thousands of supporters of
Our Lady of Fatima I have been recently able to mail you a very valuable gift.
(You should receive it in the near future.)
This gift is truly from Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, and sent with Her love to
you, because it is only through Her that we have been able to gather the people
together to translate, print, publish and send this expensive book to you and all
your brother bishops.
This book is "The Whole Truth About Fatima" Volume II, "The Secret and the
Church". It is the result of four years of writing and research by Brother Michael
of the Holy Trinity and great effort on our part for over 6 months to render an
accurate and readable translation.
Fatima, as you know, has been approved by five successive Popes. Our Lady of
Fatima's Message and Prophecies are certified to be from God by the fact of the
Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people.
You will see, by reading this book that Brother Michael has painstakingly
researched and written, how Fatima is the key to understanding all the Church
and world events of the 20th century which touch each of our lives so
I know that you indeed must be very busy with many things but I humbly invite
and even urge you to read this 800-page book when it comes. It has many
spiritual riches. It is well documented yet easy to read.
Last year we sent you Volume I of the "The Whole Truth About Fatima". I hope
that you were able to read it all because it definitively answered those who deny
the literal truth of the Fatima apparitions and message.
The Fatima message is so crucial to all of us, especially to you as a bishop. It is
very important that you be convinced of the full truth about Fatima. In these
books, like no other book you will read the full message and the wonderful and
yet very powerful and sobering prophecies given by Our Lady and Our Lord.
Jesus Says: "Make It Known To My Ministers ..."
In this second volume, among its many treasures you will read some
astounding words Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God has addressed to you His
bishop, His watchman. Jesus Christ said to Sister Lucy of Fatima, "Make it
known to My ministers ... "

This authentic but little known passage from the Fatima apparitions is part of
the Fatima prophecies and is told in this book starting on page 509.
This prophetic message meant for you personally is too long to explain here.
(You will be able to read the chapter referred to in a few minutes when it
comes.) Suffice it to say that the salvation of millions of souls, and even of
millions of lives hangs in the balance, including as you will see, very possibly
your own.
Since I have spent 13 years in writing, researching and promoting the Fatima
message I can assure you that this is no exaggeration. But you will be better
able to judge that for yourself after reading Brother Michael's book.
Perhaps you would like to know a little more about me and why it is that I write
to you. Only by Our Lady's help and God's grace have I been able to promote
for these many years the Fatima message despite my lack of talent and virtue
that such an important work demands.

Dispelling False Rumors
However some Bishops have indicated to me that they have heard false rumors
about me. I am told that these rumors are harming my work in making Our
Lady of Fatima's message known.
I am afraid to bore you with details about myself. However, in order to
overcome any reluctance you may have due to any rumors published about me
in some "Catholic" papers and to help you appreciate the great value of the
books I have already sent to you, (as well as the one more, with Our Lady's
help, I will send in the future.) I enclose a copy of a recent document from my
bishop certifying that I am a Catholic priest of more than 13 years' experience
and in good standing. (See "Bishop Pierro's Letter" for this letter
photographically reproduced in this issue.)
I received my Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology and my Licentiate in Sacred
Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome (The Angelicum).
I have completed all my courses and exams for the Doctorate in Sacred
Theology in 1976 at the Angelicum, Summa Cum Laude, but I have not yet
done my Doctoral Dissertation.

Our Obligation To You
"Why is it that I have written to you?” some bishops may wonder. With this
letter and this book sent to you I feel, (as do no doubt a number of the more
than 20,000 supporters who have made possible this gift to you) that an
obligation, a grave obligation to you and to your flock has been fulfilled.

Although I do not have, like Sister Lucy of Fatima, the prophetic charism, I have
been graced through no merit of my own with a profound knowledge of the
Fatima prophecies and their importance.
This knowledge carries with it a tremendous obligation to make the full Fatima
message known, because it is clear that most Bishops and people do not know
that their very lives are in grave danger because Our Lady's Fatima message is
not known and obeyed.
To the extent I know Fatima, I am like the prophet Ezechiel in the Bible, who
was told by God to speak to his fellow man who was in error and danger of
death. If Ezechiel did not speak then God told Ezechiel that He would hold
Ezechiel responsible for his neighbor's death.
If Ezechiel did speak but was not listened to then God said his neighbor would
die but that Ezechiel would not be held responsible. I have felt it my duty to
speak out lest I be held responsible for your death.
With this letter and the copy of Volume II that I have sent you I trust I am no
longer responsible if the terrible death, mentioned on pages 543-551 that Jesus
predicts under certain conditions for His bishops, should overtake you. I trust
this answers the questions you might have as to why I have written you.
But there is much more in this book than just that terrible prophecy of Our
Lord. There are the very consoling prophecies of Our Lady.

Only You Have The Solution
I hope you will be able to read all of this book. It has much insight. It shows
how Fatima is the key to understanding current affairs in the world as well as in
the Church.
You will see that you and your brother bishops literally hold the lives and souls
of many millions of our contemporaries in your hands. Our Lady has obtained
for you and you alone, the power to free 1,500,000,000 men, women and
children. That is right! One billion 500 million people still enslaved by
Communist Russia only you can completely free!
You alone can stop the over 200 billion dollars spent on arms and armies every
year by simply using the instrument, the means Our Lady of Fatima has given
to you. You alone can prevent the annihilation of various nations.
It is all in this book. Please for Jesus and Mary, for the whole world, and for your
own sake I beg you and urge you to read this book.

Please forgive my earnestness in this matter but you will appreciate why I am
so forthright after you read this book.
Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Nicholas Gruner

Any help you can give to make
this book and the full Fatima
message known more widely will
be much appreciated. If you want
to make your willingness known
to me I could indicate to you
some practical ways you could
help without any extra work on
your part
P.P.S. The book is available only in
English or French. If you prefer
to read the French version
please let me know.
If your first language is not English or French and if you know of anyone who is
willing and able (for free or even at a reasonable wage) to translate this book
into your language please let me know and I will ask Brother Michael of the Holy
Trinity for permission to publish it in your language.

Important May 1990 Bulletin
Arthur Skinner, International Director of the Society for the Consecration of
Russia, returned to New Zealand after spending four weeks in Rome visiting
numerous Catholic Church officials. He reports that at least 10 Rome-based
Cardinals, whom he personally interviewed, have in April and May 1990 agreed
that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has not yet
been done according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima. These Cardinals
agree with the 400 bishops worldwide who have, in the past two years,
indicated their willingness to join the Holy Father in this Consecration when the
Holy Father announces the time has arrived to fulfill this request of Our Lady of

Yes we love the Pope and the bishops. And you, our faithful supporters love
them too. Not in words only but in deeds. It is only by overcoming the
persecution of the Pope and the bishops that we will have peace and that Our

Lady's Immaculate Heart will finally triumph over the enemies of Christ's
Please help us now as we struggle towards our goal of the Triumph of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary. Without your help we could not continue to break
through the tremendous obstacles deviously designed to prevent the solemn
and public Consecration of specifically Russia.
Your Rosaries and your financial support are urgently needed to continue this
fight for Our Lady and our Catholic Church.
Remember when the Consecration is finally done, the persecution of the Church
and the persecution of the Holy Father will utterly cease. It will stop forever
during the time of peace promised by Our Lady.
We must continue the struggle for the sake of the Holy Father and for the sake
of the Church which are so terribly persecuted today. Let us not grow faint in
doing this very important and necessary good work. God love you and keep you
strong in your fight to defend His Divine Son and His Blessed Mother, our Holy
Catholic Faith and our Church.