George Vincent B. Abejuela BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
George Vincent Abejuela, known as GV, is famous for being “boisterous.” This boisterous guy is such a sweetie and a friend to all. He makes everybody laugh and thinks of the most impossible things, which make him an adventurous one—a member of the Loyola Mountaineers and an active Dormer as well. GV as a friend is somebody one can talk to with no judgment whatsoever. He treasures his friends like his own family. One can count on him when one needs a shoulder to cry on or a buddy to walk, talk, laugh and just be with. He’s too good to be true. A not so perfect guy with a perfect personality makes him the best. He just knows how to sweep girls off their feet; with the added plus and minuses, you become insanely in love with this guy. In short, GV is a big guy literally and figuratively. He has a loud voice that comes with a big smile and a big heart.


Denise Anne C. Aquino BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
It takes some time to like Denise. People who meet her for the first time feel rattled by her presence. She’s one of those people who make you feel unsure of yourself. Her intelligence is intimidating and her perceptive remarks make you question how you’ve always viewed things. Denise is a living irony. She’s innocent and child-like, yet her wisdom is comparable to that of an experienced person. She’s an over-achiever because she’s driven, persistent, and not one to back out of a challenge, but she keeps herself grounded despite her gifts. She’s God-fearing despite her confidence; she humbly surrenders herself to God, and only to God. She’s annoyingly faultless but she manages to charm her way into people’s hearts. And people just end up loving and hating her all at the same time, only because she’s too damn perfect.


Annelie Christine T. Arayata BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Four years in Ateneo will definitely alter one’s personality and disposition in life, enough to try one’s patience, enough to break principles and values. Tin is truly an exception; she was able to remain innocent, pure and kind-hearted, just like the first time I met her. Her inner beauty shines and leaves an impression in the hearts of people who had the chance to know her. I admire how much she can give to others. She can sacrifice her own happiness just to please her family and friends. Some may dream of monetary success but fulfillment for Tin is to help not only her loved ones but the less-fortunate as well. She goes beyond her comfortable life just to be able to help others. To me and to the people around her, she is an inspiration and a testament that good people still exist. God created sunshine to bring warmth, light and joy to people. God created Tin for the days when the sun is not available. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, she will definitely shine, like she always did.


Adrian F. Aumentado BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Loves to laugh at people. Errr. make people laugh. Emphasize: “Hates the korny girly jokes”. Hates small talk. The only Lalaking Suplada. Drinks Coke like water. Cool Cat groupmate. Never gives in to pressure. Madiskarte. Studying hours before the exam? He studies while taking the test. Insomniac. Deceptively Sabog. Blessed are the ones who have seen him clean-cut and in formal garb. Banned in Tokyo Tokyo. The sole reason Mang Jimmy’s stopped serving unlimited rice. He has a built-in 6 mile radar that detects the prettiest of Ateneans. The epitome of Buhay Basketball. Earned the monicker “The Flight” in IAC BRAVO Basketball. Loves Japanese and Korean culture. He is that rare “looks-like-he-hates-girls” stubborn person who believes in the romantic concept of forever. Loves saying “stepback!”, “the night is young and so are we…” or asking “a bottle or two?”.


Ramon Carlo P. Baylon BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
There are many things that happen in college, and most of them will become obscure in the near future. Archie, however, is definitely not one of them. Here’s a guy who must’ve been the definition of a friend when the word was created. Archiekins, Ram, R.C.—these are the many names that reflect the various aspects of his personality. You see, Archie is someone you can drag to the basketball playoffs, to the library, or to some late-night gig, and he will be there, not because he feels obliged, but because he wants to spend quality time with you. You’ll never hear a word of complaint from him, even if he has already been pushed to the limit by circumstances. Archie’s the type of person who will go out of his way to ask how you’ve been after a long lull, or the type who would go to your birthday even if it was the same day as his. This hard-working guy will surely go places someday; he won the hearts of those who care for him, and he can surely win any ordeal that may come.


Teresa Grace V. Bermudez BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Tit - a bundle of computer programs: Paint. She paints a smile on everyone’s faces. An easy charm, a warm smile, and a huggable personality-she easily gets along with other people. Adobe Photoshop. An all-around artist: plays the piano, writes superbly, draws and paints skillfully. MS Word. Seems like an unassuming and simple girl at first, but upon knowing the real her, to describe her as fantastic is definitely an understatement! MS Excel. She never settles for mediocrity by constantly going beyond her maximum potential. In fact, Tit has effortlessly earned a reputation as one of the smartest people in the batch by consistently being in the topmost honors ranking. Unlimited drive + Initiative = Success. Games. However, Tit is not at all the super serious type reading those darn textbooks 24/7. She also finds joy in the simplest things like going out with friends. MS Outlook. Surely, Tit will be remembered by all for her kindness to always look at the good side of a person and the drive to work hard at all times.


Antonio M. Berroya, Jr. BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
One of the brooding types but is quite the opposite when one gets to know him. Resident “alaskador” and one of the few people who you actually get to talk to both seriously and jokingly. A level-headed type of person who tells you straight up what’s going on in his head. Add to that his qualities as a good groupmate since he’s very dependable and you get a great and true friend. Contrary to his popular image as a crab, Tony is really a true friend. He is also a sensible guy to talk to because he knows how to listen and gives practical pieces of advice. Most importantly, he is really a dependable and reliable guy even with money matters. Tonio’s also the master when it comes to providing snappy one-liners and asinine comebacks. Unfortunately, whether you’ll be thoroughly amused or mercilessly teased will depend on his mood and agenda for that day. But those in synch with him have enjoyed the benefits of his notso innocent banters. If anything, Tonio’s one creative tormenter.


Anna Felliza M. Calvo BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Who says that persons can’t come in complete packages? Well, Anna is one bonafide rarity. She is one heck of a movie-junkie, book-headed, Asianovela-infatuated, Japan-crazed, saccharine-voiced stunning lady. Kidding aside, she really is a very well-rounded individual. She has a countenance that you look forward to seeing. But definitely, she’s no dumb splendor. She’s as hardworking as an ant but achieves things in humongous proportions. She never reckons second best in anything she does. Although this girl might always seem fully-booked, you’ll be surprised at how she manages to perform mitosis to do other things that she likes. From a full time Japanese into a rock star diva, no one can stop her from morphing from one being to another. But no matter how big she is for a small girl, she owns a very big heart—a heart that is always attracted to love and kindness. She’s Anna, and no one compares to her—that’s why I (we) love her. —Raymond Sean Gonzales


Camilla Carla M. Carandang BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Down-to-earth comes to mind when you think of Camille. While she possesses many things that most people long for, has achieved a list of accomplishments that can run from Bellarmine to CTC, she has managed to keep both her feet planted firmly on the ground. Underneath this sensibility, however, is an animated, crazy, and bubbly character. She knows how to strike a balance between work and play. If there’s one thing that’s hard to miss about her, it would be that disarming smile of hers. There’s something about it that immediately puts people at ease. With her heartfelt and infectious laugh, there is never a dull moment when you’re with her. She also thinks of the cutest and craziest nicknames for just about anything. Lastly, she is one dependable friend. Accommodating and sensitive to others’ needs, she’s a great encourager who does her best to ensure that everyone’s happy. No wonder her friends are as many as her accomplishments. With her, everyday is a surprise waiting to happen.


Carlos Noel P. Carlos, Jr. BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Some people think a few bottles of ice cold refreshing San Mig Light and chicken fingers is the only way to go when obstacles come stumbling along the road of life. But having Yaw as a friend proves them wrong. A great conversation with a wonderful friend could be the topmost solution when things go wrong. This is where Yaw puts himself excellently in. He listens with his whole heart and soul to any friend who seeks comfort. Wisdom and self-realization are elements developed at the end of a discussion with him. Hence, his friends feel reassurance and somehow let them see glimpses of hope peeking at the end of the tunnel once more. Underneath his eyeglasses and favorite moss-green shirt is a sense of resiliency, which drives him unflatteringly towards his goal. When he gets his mind into one thing, he strives toward it. And if there’s one person who will say that migration is not a feasible option because we, the youth, are the hope of the country, it would definitely be Yaw!


Roberto A. Castañares, Jr. BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Biboy never fails to amaze me. Everyday I learn something new from him—some wise insight, useless but interesting factoid or just plain annoying bakya thing he picked up from God-knows-where. He seems to be a contradiction; extroverted & funny at one time but complaining after that he feels socially inept. I know for a fact, everyone holds him very dearly in their hearts. He is also extremely vain. He could even beat the most girly girl with the time it takes for him to get ready. He can be as emotional as a stone but there are those rare times he tries to be sweet—and succeeds. He claims that he is still immature in his ways. But based on observation, I think he is way more mature than what he gives himself credit for. He is principled yet sometimes acts defiant even if he won’t admit it. I could go on...but since there is only limited space I will try to sum him up in one sentence: Inside him is a wonderful and amazing person with so much potential to be so many things—and it is up to him to decide what he wants to be.


Remcharles M. Cataluña BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“Finally, The Rock has come back to New Jersey.” His hot rendition of Westlife’s “Queen of my Heart.” But it won’t stop there. Remcharles brings laughter to the class. But beyond that is a true person, one that cares for his friends & teachers. Some call him Clark Kent because he watches Smallville & has the hair style of Tom Welling; or Willy Wonka because others told him he looked like Johnny Depp. His bad boy looks tame even the purest of hearts. This guy really likes to play a lot of basketball & wants to win a championship. ADB is his nesting place—working out, lifting weights & playing basketball. But what’s fascinating about him is that he performs under pressure, especially during the crucial moments of studying. Need I say more, the hottest, sexiest man alive is just walking around the corner, with respect to Johnny Depp. His favorites are Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan & Michelle Pfeiffer. His favorite players are Air Jordan, Bib, Melo and D-Wade. He’s Spiderman.


Ian N. Chacon BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
This young man’s life story is far from the very much stereotyped youngest son’s. True enough, he has enjoyed some of the benefits of such, but he proved to be much more than that. At an early age, he lived a life of simplicity, treasuring moments of sipa, trumpo, and playing ball with a homemade rim. Although the perpetual latecomer in school, he is effortlessly intelligent, rising above his peers in excellence. Coming from a small rural town, he is but the only one accepted to continue proving this ‘effortless’ intelligence at the Hills of Loyola. And after four years of college life, Ian is still in his own style and at his own pace—smart and easygoing, in an unusual mix. And despite missing the guidance of the man from whom he got his kamagong complexion, he has come to mature by himself. Ian is a great classmate, a true friend, and a person who cherishes his family. Indeed, this young man’s life story is by far better. And if you could only see those nothing-butnet treys…


Anna Dionne C. Chua BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Anna is the living manifestation of the cliché “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She may seem like the typical quiet and timid chinita, but silent waters run deep. A great conversationalist, you can talk to Anna about anything (from the serious to the mundane) and still go home with a pocket full of new and honest insights. That is because Anna is tactfully frank, calling spade a spade if the situation calls for it. With Anna, you’re sure to get the real deal. No exaggerations. Known among friends as an encourager, Anna’s words are inspirational. Perhaps one can say she is wise beyond her years. Anna also bakes really yummy goodies. Actually, she is as sweet as her sweets. One of the most thoughtful people ever to walk the earth, this girl goes out of her way to make little surprises for friends. Principled, Anna walks the talk and intends to live in no other way. A life changer and a passionate servant, this girl is definitely out to move mountains.


Queena Anne C. Chua BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
The wonders her humor can do are exceptional. Making a dull day bright, lightening up a tense situation, or simply making everyone crack up at her jokes—that’s what she does best. She’s a super kikay girl who would know all the hairstyle tricks while knowing how to get down and dirty too. She definitely knows how to have fun and be carefree at the perfect time. This innocent looking witch can be utterly crazy—she has an eye for the things that are wrong with just anything. But crazy witch as she is, she can still be a good listener, a rare quality nowadays when everyone just wants to talk. And when she gives advice, they’re always the most practical ones; that’s why even when often broke, she will always be rich with friends. A certified music lover, Queena lives & breathes pop & music videos. She may live each day in her clouds of illusions, but one thing for sure is that she is destined to take music management in the Philippines to the highest level. Queena—twisted in many ways, unique in every way.


Kevin Patrick C. Chung BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Kevin’s got this creepy yet humorous blank stare. He stares into space, puts this ambiguous grin on his face, and lets you know he knows you’re there without ever looking straight at you. It could be telepathy, it could be paranoia, but Kevin’s classic stare has always somehow made me think “What’s this guy up to now? He’s messing with me, isn’t he??” But it is precisely this that has made me realize that Kevin is so much more than what people see or know. Beyond the well-rounded college student he’s been, Kevin’s silence speaks of the depth of character and thought that few people have taken the time to get to know. Maturity, wisdom, and integrity are but a few things to be discovered. So whenever Kevin sits there in silence, it scares me to think how big of a man is actually sitting there deep in thought. Or he could just probably be planning to give me River Blindness again.


Jose Antonio A. Climaco BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
In every batch, there will always be a person that manifests the description of a novel character. In the case of Johanne, he embodies the description of a multitude of characters. Ask anyone who he is, chances are they wouldn’t even know where to begin. But if one must try, Johanne is simply a man who has the self-confidence that matches that of Muhammad Ali’s; a person who bestows the composure of Michael Schumacher under pressure; and a person who possesses the undeniable presence of “the last idol” known as Tyrone Power. His obscure interest in Biblical Prophecy is stunningly evident as he always attempts to hunt down the identity of the anti-Christ. He also suffers a very rare anxiety disorder that compels him to memorize the scenes and dialogues of every movie he watches. So compelling is his disorder that he can actually name a Bond movie by simply watching the gun-barrel sequence. One can go on and on but still fall short in defining Johanne. But if one thing is certain, he is truly out of this world!


Jamielyn P. Co BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Probably every Comtech major in this batch knows Jam. For one thing, she would be pretty hard to miss in a crowd with her cheerful smile that never fails to make everyone’s day. If, however, you are starting to think that Jam is just a head-turner, it would be advisable to stop your train of thought right there. Fashionista, techie, artist, and creative thinker—this girl is filled with so much gusto and dynamo that just can’t be overlooked. Although sophisticated in both her style and ways, she remains humble and positively endearing. Her charm will blow you away in an instant, causing one to wonder how such a self-possessed person can walk amongst us so casually. But look deeper and one will realize that there is more to Jam than mere exuberance. This girl has depth. One can talk to her about life and know that she possesses wisdom. She’s also PR personified. You can put her in different situations with different people and she’ll definitely blend well. Everyone who knows Jam loves Jam. You just gotta love this girl.


Johann Justin S. Co BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Johann, or Jo (pronounced as “Yo”), is the essential wise guy. Having him around means enduring endless pranks, clever remarks, and jokes that will sometimes leave you bursting with laughter on the floor. And if ever you find yourself the victim of one his antics, he’ll innocently give you a smile that extends from ear to ear, along with a rapid up-and-down motion of hair that will either make you smile in tolerance or make you want to strangle him. Jo is a skilled basketball player, and maintains his body in excellent physical condition. He’s a passionate guitar player, an avid fan of alternative and R&B, and, though he doesn’t seem the type, a romantic at heart. But more than the jokes, Jo is foremost a great friend and companion. When you find yourself in the mood to talk about family disputes, school problems, or lost loves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover a listening and sympathetic Johann by your side.


Patrick Vincent G. Co BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Pat can be likened to an exotic brew of wonderful, intriguing elements. He is both an accomplished musician & time manager; besides being a member of three bands, each developing a distinct musical style, he is in charge of artist management for AMP. Offstage, he is a skilled photographer, taking pictures whose subjects range from crumbling statues in Intramuros to modern city scenes & seascapes. His sunny, upbeat disposition & terrific people skills allow him to seamlessly blend into diverse groups of people without skipping a beat. His expert bartending, wildly innovative mixed drinks & side-splitting one-liners have made him an eagerly anticipated guest at parties. On the other hand, his quiet side is also much loved by all; he is a good listener who gives great advice & words of comfort. He sincerely cares about people, giving warm hugs when they are needed most & sometimes even going out of his way to drive stranded friends home. In short, Pat is an exceptionally talented & brilliant person destined for great things.


Marie Lauren M. Constantino BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Lauren is a profundity. She is what I would call poetry in motion. Although she would laugh at the silliest things or cry at the sappiest movies, she is figurative language personified. Yes, I too thought she was beautiful yet, perhaps, ordinary. It wasn’t until some time later that I realized that the moments of laughter, of talking about common friends, and of sharing experiences, were all signs of the profundity in her rising from the seemingly ordinary. Lauren is indeed beautiful. At a glance from outer space, the earth looks fascinating. A mix of blue and white fills this extravagant sphere. I am an asteroid, ready to infiltrate this beautiful creation of God. As I enter, pieces of me slowly fall apart. My guard is down. I reveal myself as I hit the atmosphere. I am engulfed. It is hot. After this enduring test, I slowly cool down. It was a ride. It was hard, but it was worth it. The earth is twice as beautiful as it was in outer space. I am an asteroid, Lauren is Earth.


Carissa S. Cristobal BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
She’s one of the few seemingly shadowy characters hanging around in the college grounds or at Katipunan on those dull, lengthy breaks, searching for a bit of amusement and pleasure in a cup of hot chocolate while curled in the couch at the coffee house’s dimmest, forgotten corner or in a Coke float while having an animated conversation with a friend about sex and religion with a dash of the daily ranting. Most of the time, though, she’s preoccupied with fashion, music and theatre. When she has the time, she’s either designing the next thing that would revolutionize the fashion industry or pestering people with her singing or queuing for an audition for an obscure play somewhere. However, she’s still searching for the perfect outlet to allow her the creative freedom to execute her vision and I’m sure she’ll be getting there sooner than the world is ready for it.


Maria Nina Anna A. Cruz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“With the many hardships that college life brings, Nina is one person who will often be stronger than you are, believing in you, staying with you. She never fails to brighten your day.” —Aram Zarate “They said good friends are hard to find in college. For sure they haven’t met Nins yet. She’s a giver and a savior. Truly a selfless angel in a devilish disguise. I love her to bits.” —Isa Dumandan “She’s got to be the person with the kindest heart! She’s the sweetest and most caring friend you’ll ever meet. I might just be the luckiest to have such a one-of-kind person as my best friend.” —Cathy Besana “She’s everything and more. An entity of beauty and grace. Nothing can and will stand in her way. The world can only hold its breath and bask in the glory with what Nins would have to offer.” —Dandin Orillaza “Nins is the next best thing to a miracle. I realized that I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for finally found someone who needs me. She’s the greatest person ever to be with.” —Jacob Cusi


TedMark M. Cruz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
You would be hard-pressed to look at TedMark and not form any pre-conceived notions about his character. He is the epitome of a stereotypical rocker, from his hair bent on taking over the world to his no-nonsense footwear. Incidentally, he really is a talented musician, but this is where the generalizations must end. The abrasive personality coupled with enormous egos that usually accompanies those consummate musicians is definitely absent in this drummer. With his soft voice, gentle demeanor, all-too-easy-going personality and a hilarious self-deprecating sense of humor, he is well-loved by both the men and women in his life. His unassuming personality belies the talent his hands wield and the respect he has earned in music circles in Manila. Looking at him, you would never guess that he is more than average and better than most. And that is why TedMark, a.k.a. TMAC, is such a pleasant surprise.


Ma. Anna Teresa R. Cuyegkeng BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Ria is a complicated individual. There are so many facets of her personality, some which have yet to be fully understood. Of what we do know, it is safe to say that she is at once tough and gentle, determined and hopelessly indecisive, obsessive-compulsive and chaotic. In other people, these would be considered contradictions, but in Ria they somehow form an integrated whole. Despite her complexity, however, there are certain things about her that are unmistakable to her closest and dearest friends. She is unfailingly loyal and relentlessly upright. Her advice is always logically sound, yet layered with compassion and understanding. She is devoted to her family and friends, and unhesitant to make sacrifices for them. Ria is the sort of person one calls late at night when the world seems like it’s going to end. Her strength of character is what draws her friends to her, and her kindness is what gets them to stay.


Lourdes Anne Isabel M. De Guzman BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Taglay niya ang kakaibang mga kamay. Mga kamay na kung tutuusin ay walang pinagkaiba sa iba ngunit tulad ng kay Haring Midas, lahat ng hawakan niya ay nagiging ginto. Hindi ginto bilang metal kundi ginto sa kahalagahan. Taglay niya ang mga kamay ng sining at musika. Sa bawat kalabit ng kwerdas ng gitara o istrok ng pagguhit, umaalingawngaw ang kanyang kasiglahan at kasiyahan, kumakalat ang isang makulay na personalidad. Taglay niya ang mga kamay ng isang kaibigan. Handang umakay at pumunas ng luha, yumakap at humaplos at umabot sa puso. Sa kanya ay mga kamay ng pagtataya— pagtataya ng sarili na makatulong. Mga kamay na umaabot upang maibahagi ang sarili, ang mga nag-uumapaw na pangarap, tuwa, lungkot at takot. Mga kamay na umaanyaya na sa kanya’y kumapit upang sumabay sa pag-indak sa tugtog ng buhay. Si Lai po. Sumasainyo. (isinulat ni Jeah Villanueva)


Joseph Georg Michael D. De Jesus BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Joe/Henyo is known as the eccentric, guitar-wielding, finance-loving, head-banging human megaphone. His mind is deep, contemplative yet turbulent. It’s rare for him not to inspire, cure or shake you with his words! It’s amusing though, that he finds “the indubitable” only in two things: the existence of his goddess, Amanda Griffin, and his passion for The Beatles, Hendrix, Incubus, DMB, and everything Rock n’ Roll. Jo’s amusing peculiarities are the very things that endear him to his friends and peers. While he jumps in delight at the thought of accounting, this self-confessed nerd is resilient in breaking his mold. Passion is his game, from making love to his guitar, to whipping up gourmet dishes, or sprinting around Ateneo at 30 km/h! With his witty punchlines and self-inflicted bloopers, he can command an intense laugh trip! His penchant for trouble can lead him to crash his car, get burned by love, or rebel against authority. But it’s simply amazing how he can draw order from the chaos that surrounds him.


Marion Kynan C. Del Rosario BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
His boyish looks often do not tell the real story. Underneath his charming and endearing smile are multi-layers of personalities only those close to him are able to bear witness to. Kynan is a fierce competitor. Passionate, goaloriented & determined, he accomplishes anything he sets his mind to. He is a perfectionist, making sure even the simplest task is done extraordinarily. His dedication is unwavering. He sees to it that all his tasks are given the equal amount of attention and effort. All this combined with his originality, creativity and natural charisma make him a force to reckon. He is fun, energetic and can easily gain friends in every batch. He is a talented dancer, director, and a responsible leader. However, it is his compassion and good heart that sets him apart. His loyalty and friendship is incomparable. In this cutthroat world, he never forgets his friends, family and all the people he has met. He is a blessing to many as he shares himself knowing that this is what being an Atenean is all about.


Abigail Liza S. Dela Cruz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
If you have experienced a blissful and cheerful life—almost nirvana—no! you’re not high on drugs; you have just imagined a life with Abbie. This petite girl—a genius-looking student by day, and a relentless fairy by night—never fails to surprise her friends with the things she can do: an authentic cheerleader cartwheel, stanzas of unrelated made-up lyrics, crazy dance steps, and a three-hour discussion of an ancient Michael de Mesa film that she (and only she) has watched. On a normal day, Abbie is a barrel of fun. But try to put her in front of a panel for an oral defense and you will see the side of her that will make you crawl inside your shell—and hide there forever. Yet once she learns that you have gone hiding, she will try to get you out, as a good friend would do, and make you stay out with her sensible words and affectionate hugs that is uniquely Abbie. And it works! In no time, you find yourself back to your cheerful and blissful self.


Jon Sherwin G. Dela Cruz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
If women change their wardrobe every season, Sherwin does too. But it’s not his clothes I’m referring to, but his cars. Yes, this car enthusiast would do anything possible even as to skip his lunch just to suffice his spoiled obsession. But beyond this, Sherwin can fuel up any boring conversation. This funny and enthusiastic entertainer, with his quirky and mind-boggling ideas, can always lighten up anyone having a tough day. An efficient and fast worker, this devoted group mate would always be ready to turn on his turbo powered wit and charms just to inspire others to reach their potential. His drive for success is inevitably accelerated. His passion to reach his dreams already assures a welcoming future ahead. Lastly, although Sherwin exudes an intimidating aura, he is actually the opposite—a thoughtful and caring friend who will always be there to protect you, loyal and trustworthy, a true friend indeed. He is someone who will stand by his principles and will stand with his friends if he has to.


Mary Kate Joy Q. Dela Cruz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Kate. There are just some people who make such a strong impression and have a really unique character that whatever that person does, you can’t help but say, “That’s so (name of person).” In this case, “That’s so Kate.” There’s just no other way to put it. Whatever she does is unique. Nobody does it like Kate. When you see something quirky, you remember the quirky Kate. When you see something bright and colorful, you remember the bright and colorful Kate. When you see something romantic, you remember the romantic Kate. This is all hard to understand if you’ve never been friends with Kate. To see and experience these things is to see and experience Kate. Once she gets into your system, it’s hard to get her out. To take her out of you would be like taking out that playful, curious, quirky, sweet, happy part of you. And your life would have much less meaning. So cherish her while you can for she’s always jumping around from place to place, bringing smiles to everyone she meets.


Ingrid Carina P. Diaz BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
I’d like to express my deep, never ending gratitude to the following: 1. God: You got me through every waking moment. 2. My family: You kept me going. 3. My DPBS and R2 friends: You kept me sane. 4. My sources of daily inspiration: You made me want to go to school. 5. Kandi, my trusty cellphone: You were there. 6. iGoddess, my precious iPod: You entertained me during the dullest of days. 7. People magazine: You made me want to regularly visit the library. 8. Rizal Library Art Book Collection (a.k.a. ABC): You provided a venue for my rest, relaxation, and 5-hour daily waiting time. 9. Siomai & Rice or Combo 4, and Buko juice or C2: You provided me affordable staple food. 10. Ateneo de Manila University: You made me one of the best. So… here’s to you. My college life would never have been the same.


Daniel Rafael B. Dilig BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Inside the classroom, he is Mr. Stock Knowledge, placing all bets on what his brain has retained while sitting those seemingly endless hours listening to the day’s lectures. Come exam season, two ends face him: the smile of luck or getting himself stuck. He’s a natural in math and logic, a subtly serious thinker, yet at times, he loses the perseverance to wield these good traits. His passions are basketball and growing his ‘fro. He is silent and reserved and then gets loud and wacky, cracking his own brew of corny jokes and expletives. He is as carefree as can be. He knows there is more to life than these four blank walls. He is a believer, an optimist, and when he wants to, an achiever.


Stephanie Ann M. Dionisio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
With her magnetic personality, Stephanie Ann, or Tahnee as she is fondly called, could win Miss Congeniality any day. But then again, being the beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate lady that she is, she would probably win the crown as well. Gifted with innate charm, style, and confidence, its no wonder Tahnee is such a natural headturner. But what really sets her apart is her ability to connect with people and make true friends no matter where she goes. Not content with being just a pretty face, Tahnee excels in her academics and extra-curricular activities; and she is never reluctant to take charge. Forever exuberant, she has influenced the world with her passion for life, love, and all the things that matter. Truly one-of-a-kind, it will take humanity at least a century to make another person as special as her.


Maricris R. Du BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
It’s impossible to mix water and oil, but Maricris is a walking contradiction since she’s both naughty and nice. She has the exterior of a simple and innocent girl but inside is like an excited chipmunk high on caffeine! She embraces the truthfulness of a child and isn’t ashamed to show her true self. She cracks the greenest of jokes and her friends always have a blast whenever she’s around. She’s like a loudspeaker on steroids; constantly talking about anything from crazy stories to the juiciest gossip from tinsel town. Her infectious laugh won’t fail to make you laugh too, even during Ateneo’s famous hell weeks. She excels in her academics and is very diligent when it comes to schoolwork. But Mar will always be known by her friends as crazy, a teenybopper, boyband fan, romance novel lover, would be chef, and best of all, a wonderful friend. A mixture of odds and ends, she’s bound to take over the world with her big imagination and even bigger heart. It will take another lifetime to find a person just like her.


Ma. Isabel Micar B. Dumandan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“You’re my jologs mate: fishball/isaw meriendas, ‘Kung Ako Nalang Sana’ movie, and of course, Nyoy Volante Nights!!!” —Cza “Isa is not one to pass up a chance, from road trips to saying how she feels. She is spontaneity personified.” —Nins “No woman could love her friends so much and still be able to give her whole self to her special someone; it’s really hard to understand how so much beauty and happiness could fit in one person. Nevertheless, Isabel makes all these wonders possible.” —Aram “She’ll charm her way into your heart with her mysterious and yet loving ways. Isa is the epitome of a wonderful friend. Amazingly independent, this girl is sure to go places and succeed in whatever she decides to do!” —Bea “Isa’s had her share of bumps and obstacles along the road. But what baffles me the most is how she manages to glide through them with confidence and style.” —Jen


Shiela Allaine G. Dumlao BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Kate. There are just some people who make such a strong impression and have a really unique character that whatever that person does, you can’t help but say, “That’s so (name of person).” In this case, “That’s so Kate.” There’s just no other way to put it. Whatever she does is unique. Nobody does it like Kate. When you see something quirky, you remember the quirky Kate. When you see something bright and colorful, you remember the bright and colorful Kate. When you see something romantic, you remember the romantic Kate. This is all hard to understand if you’ve never been friends with Kate. To see and experience these things is to see and experience Kate. Once she gets into your system, it’s hard to get her out. To take her out of you would be like taking out that playful, curious, quirky, sweet, happy part of you. And your life would have much less meaning. So cherish her while you can for she’s always jumping around from place to place, bringing smiles to everyone she meets.


Andrea Crystal C. Dy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Addy’s a very hard-working and intelligent girl who tends to astound people with her seemingly boundless energy. She has a love for acting and theater, engages herself in worthwhile school activities and gives her best in everything she does. She’s a very spunky gal who knows what she wants and how to get it and is also prone to bouts of affection to the point of molestation. But what you see is hardly what you’ll get when you get that rare chance to have a heart to heart talk with Addy. Beneath all the bone-crushing hugs and high-pitched squeals that precedes a lambing session (whether male or female) is a girl who simply wishes to find her corner of the sky, a group of kindred souls to find solace in, and maybe write a novellete along the way.


Sheena Lorraine S. Dy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Where most people could spend their entire lives searching for an elusive state of happiness, Sheens stands out as one the few who were genuinely happy even back then. What is even more striking is what makes her happy. Even after having been blessed with a charming personality, a collection of credit cards, a penchant for good grades, and the looks to match her talent for success, what makes Sheens happiest is, quite simply, people. She has always put people at the center of her life, because that is really all it takes to be happy. Sheens has learned the fine art of accepting people for who they are and appreciating their company. Whether it is someone she has known for a long time, or a newfound friend, Sheens never takes anyone for granted. Underneath that infectious smile and between those high-pitched giggles, secretly and implicitly, there is someone who cares a lot. Unsurprisingly, then, she has been rewarded with a lifetime’s supply of friendship, and with it, an eternity of memories.


Leandro Luis M. Echavez BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
If you happen to see a guy with a bragging stride and a white fitted cap stepping out of a waxed red Honda, you will most likely be at the presence of Lee. Approach him, though, and you will meet the friendliest person in the campus. He makes new friends everyday, ranging from terror professors to the prettiest girls in campus. Equipped with vision and confidence, Lee will always finish above the pack whether it’s studies, sports, or women. The only area he would usually finish last is during enrollment. Leading in his portfolio of talents are dancing, singing, playing piano, football, taekwondo, and non-stop running of 40 laps around the track. With his flawless physique, powerful kick, sleek flamenco trick and a very huge charisma there is no wonder why this kid is a true anomaly in nature.


Miguel Roman L. Escueta BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“Migs lives his life in rhythm; the beat of the bouncing ball, footfalls of speed, exultation of victory and of friendship: the frenzied strumming of everyday accompanies and fuses these discordant sounds into a unique symphony of a life lived to its fullest, each aural possibility pursued to its dramatic extent. Until the crescendo builds to its climax and at its peak, only a single voice is heard, singing from the heart songs of life, love and Miguel. Everybody stops and listens: not only because it is beautiful to hear, but also because it is true.” The Fabulous Executive Vice President of ACTM! Epitome of the student-athlete: ADMU Basketball Team B yet still performs well academically. A man of focus, passion and dedication, always gives his 110%. He keeps it real with good moral values & value for friendship. Acoustic Breaker (singer/songwriter/guitar player)! He’s got studies, sports & singing career in tune. Engineered for Speed, both on & off the hard court! A man of vision: it is for certain that the future is bright.


Jose Carlo J. Eufemio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Boom-boom or Boom (I guess he dropped the other boom to sound cooler) has been my classmate since grade four. We belonged to the same barkada but we only got closer when we both got in trouble with our courses. Imagine being together everyday of the week, even on Saturdays! It was hell for him, I think. He was forced to cope with my never-ending string of pranks and jokes. Good thing he’s the nicest person I know in the world or else I would have ended up in the emergency room. Jokes aside, Boom is one of the persons I really look up to. Boom is a great guy who’s loved by all his friends and thousands of admirers. He’s always there when someone’s in need. He’s funny and naughty as well; that’s why we get along. Other people might see him as “conyo” but they don’t know that Boom is really simple and humble person. He values what other people feel towards him. He doesn’t like fights or “tensions” with other people. He loves to play basketball but basketball doesn’t seem to love him as much. Haha!!! He dreams of becoming Clark Kent from Smallville. Too bad he “Kent” fly.


Cindy S. Fadera BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Cute and bubbly, these are the things that will come to your mind when you first meet this girl. She may be your typical colegiala but there’s more to her than what meets the eye. Though she may act like a baby at times, she has deep insights about life that she sometimes gets too emotional with. She never ceases to amaze, always trying out things like joining costume plays, singing her soul out in front of big crowds, experimenting on recipes, etc. While in the process, she is able to discover her talents and potentials; although, often times, she expects too much and get so much frustrated when things do not turn out as planned. She can also be very fickle and impulsive in making decisions that sometimes, she gets into trouble. But even though she is like this, in totality, Cindy is such a wonderful gal.


Andrew J. Fernandes BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Andrew is the spontaneous mixture of charm, comedy and energy dubiously packaged as the boy-next-door. His slack personality, boyish humor and easygoing image deceive everyone. Known to puzzle and inspire his peers with his sense of trite profoundness and knack for perceptive stupidity, Drew is a guy full of insights and nonsense. He is famous for his bottomless pit for a stomach, his evil monologues, his homey pad, his amplified TNT-ing, his enormous wingspan, his controller-hugging and keyboardspooling fingers, his deceiving patience, his academic indifference, and that mouth of his—he runs a lot, among other things. It’s quite a wonder how this guy can be so busy and still manage to always be out of the house, going around for a round of drinks with friends, and still perform surprisingly well in the classroom. Mr. Swagger is also known for his other unconventional skills, such as his timeless street smarts, uncanny spin-doctoring and charming unsuspecting females.


Pauline Astrid P. Ferrer BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Popi has evolved so much in her four years in college, from the timid probinsyana to the amiable girl always armed with such a warm smile and truly expressive eyes. She has come to learn so much on her own despite her age, and she has never ceased to show utmost compassion and sensibility in all her endeavors. Popi’s friends would all adhere to the fact that she is genuinely supportive and reliable, be it listening to endless rants, splurging with you in successive comfort food trips, or simply being with you when you’re alone. This budding writer’s notebooks are usually filled with her own snippets rather than lecture notes, as she always has this urge to put into writing the new thought that spurs through her mind. She does have her own set of OC attacks which kick in when doing school and org work, yet she favors spontaneity over routine, and always sees to it that she has time to unwind and recharge. Popi’s dogged determination and indefatigable spirit is clearly beyond compare, and this will surely take her places.


Givielle C. Florida BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Say hello to one of Comtech’s Easter bunnies! Happy, funny, and energetic, Giv is like a narcotic stimulant never failing to make even the most dejected person laugh with her wild antics and unpretentious nature. She would turn red, cry and act hysterical. While friends and strangers grope to calm her, she would suddenly laugh and ask, “Okay ba acting ko?” She would then proceed to make ugly faces. Believe it or not, though, she’s a Math person. Need it be said that she’s a very unusual, unique and very talented person, being an excellent singer, a great dancer, an aspiring actress and a graphic design master? She’s very easy to please. Taking a train or commuting to UP is already an adventure for her. Dependable in every single way, Giv will never let you down. Not only does she brighten her friends’ day by always being there, she also lets everyone see the sunshine and roses in a cloudy day by just being herself. With Giv, there is no person who is a stranger.


Juan Carlo P. Fragada BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
A true-blue Atenean, having completed sixteen years of Jesuit education, Jake “Fraggy” Fragada lives and breathes passion and excellence in life and in service. Apart from being the class beadle for a good number of subjects and semesters, Super “P”, as he is also known as, has had extensive organizational exposure both in and out of the university. As a result, Fraggy enjoys the hustle and bustle of group interactions, more importantly the grind of discussion as a result of an open sharing of ideas and sentiments. A music aficionado through and through, he infuses dynamism into any situation, which manifests itself in his enjoyable execution of a joke, an anecdote, a simple song, or a piece of advice to harmonize everyone and to keep them grounded, but smiling. Fraggy lives by the saying “Life’s fun,” cherishing and enjoying each moment, making the most out of the each opportunity to share love, smiles, and to keep the music of life playing.


Reynaldo P. Gabunada, Jr. BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Begin with the end in mind. That has been the philosophy of this person all throughout his struggle with life. Many instances have come his way to test his endurance and perseverance with regard to his visions but none have been able to withstand his deep conviction to be excellent. There are times when the storms of study, friendship, family and business take their toll—only to show his mastery and wisdom. Kakam, as many know him, may seem uptight and too formal, but being the next Gokongwei that he is, he is still one of those true individuals reminding us to be who we want and give it one last try. He is a man who keeps his word and values his commitments as if forged in steel, and will be there as many times as needed. He will be well loved, having endeared himself to countless of people. As one who always says, “one for the road!” not withstanding the fact that with his discipline, talent and carefree obnoxiousness, the world would be the witness to his travails a long way after he goes down the hill.


Michael Jason C. Gan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
I always lack time. I’ve mastered the art of wasting time. But time is never a problem. I always use it to the fullest anyway. All I need is speed to get things done just in time. As they say, “daig ng maagap ang masipag”. Not that I endorse people to cram but it’s the best way to experience instant adrenaline rush. But if all else fails, then I’d say it’s better late than never.


Cris Gilbert H. Garcia BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
It may not be obvious at first, but you will sense it. There is something different about this guy, something that resides behind common appearances. Sure, Cris Garcia may look like your average, cheerful energetic guy; but with one passing glance, the truth glimmers from within. Could it be? Could this guy be…a professional wrestler? Is it possible that beneath the layers of adorable, huggable baby blubber lie the robust muscles of a fearless fighter? Indeed, I say it is. That’s right, folks. Within his huge chest cavity beats the vigorous heart of a never-say-die warrior. How else could this guy wrestle with the demands of his academics while at the same time muscle his way to being the managing editor of Heights, a member of the Intact Core, a one-time block rep? This guy’s got so much heart, not even a major surgical operation could keep him down. And this infectious charisma can’t help but touch everyone around him. So the next time you see Cris, ask yourself one question: can you smell what Cris is cookin’?


Maria Kristina C. Garcia BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Aira. “Eklat Peklat of the New Millennium.” Loves going to concerts of all kinds and nationalities. Loves to laugh. And when she laughs, you would want to laugh as well. Devotee of all the Gospels. Incapable of making eye contact. Loves accounting and P.E. 101. Active in organizations. Has perfect teeth. A in ROTC. Always on time. Always online. Simple and practical. Loves UAAP. Loves exercising. Loves eating fats. Thigh-part of the McDo chicken only. Combo 4 waffle with egg that should be scrambled. Blue eagle the king! Boy Abunda and Jobert Sucaldito. Silent but deadly. Turning Japanese. Anime fanatic. Jintamo. Suman. Love moves in mysterious ways. S.S.B. HHWW. SSHH. Chuvaness. Humble. Friendly. Jiggy. Game. Religious and patient. Honest-to-goodness. CD-R Queen. Generous. Forgiving. Faithful. Creative. Loyal. Man’s best friend. Imbestigador. Stalker for life. Autistic. There can be miracles when you believe. I am confused. Aira for President.


Mikel Emanuel K. Garcia BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Of the many things that define Mikel, let us talk about two. One thing that defines him is his leadership. This man has the gift of inspiring people around him. Many of us who have worked with Mikel can attest to the fact that he makes things easier for everyone. As a leader, Mikel knows what he wants and allows his team to share in his vision, as well as own it. With him as a leader and team player, everyone knows their assigned roles, everyone is happy with their work, and everyone is happy working alongside each other. Mikel is a unifying influence. Another thing that is an imprint on Mikel’s personality is passion. He is passionate about his faith, and is completely open about it. He is passionate about life, and is not afraid of change or new things—in fact, he eagerly awaits these things, and sees them as challenges. Furthermore, Mikel is passionate about people. He will not judge anyone, but will seek to understand, and be a friend.


Jillian Q. Gatcheco BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Walking along the campus, you see this cute bubbly girl in braids, wearing a pink top and a sweet smile, and you just know that the day will turn out great. That’s how I feel every time I see Jill, either in the cafeteria sipping her morning coffee, or at the Pub Room finishing her work as Associate Editor of The Guidon. She’s like a rock star in school, because almost everybody knows her and places her in their “friends” list. It never gets to her head that people admire her, and I bet she doesn’t even know it. Jill is also one of the friendliest girls; whenever you see her, she’ll make it a point to stop and chat even for a while. She loves the simplest things in life, especially when she’s out with her block mates or she’s watching the cheesiest movies with me. With everything going on for her, she still succeeds in balancing them altogether, even when it gets rather tough. When you’re with Jill, you’ll always treasure every conversation, and you’ll never feel unloved or unwanted. Trust me on that.


Joan Eunice D. Go BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Eunice has the grace of an angel. Every time she enters the room, her disarming smile noticeably catches everyone’s attention. She can manage to look cute and adorable even when frustrated and stressed from the numerous projects and assignments. Effortlessly intelligent, Eunice can easily figure out math problems and tinker with logarithms. She can be persuasive with her views and is not afraid to share her thoughts and bits of wisdom. Coupled with her sharp memory, you can just imagine the wonders she can make, mischievous or not, this lady can always find a way to get away with anything she desires. Her enthusiasm leads her to do unexpected things. Above all, Eunice is a great friend to keep. She never fails to shower her friends with her warmth and concern. Her sincerity and helpful character draws people to be around her all the time. Having no pretensions whatsoever, Eunice knows how to have a good time and will always strive for others to see as well that side of life. A great companion, an angel from above, girly yet tough, that is who Eunice really is.


Lenilynne L. Go BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Len would like to take this opportunity to record in the annals of Ateneo that she would not be where she is now if not for the continual love and support of her parents. Thank you mom and dad, for the allowances that always came on time; for the little and big extras that made life away from home just a little more comfortable. If Len never cried every time she left home to study in Manila, that is because her parents have brought her up to be independent and strong, to never rely on anyone else but herself, to grow up and be a role model to her younger siblings. Though she has failed at times, it is good to know that she is still loved no matter, and that her family is always there, and has always been. A big thank you to her family… for everything.


Krystal O. Gonzales BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Tal never fails to remind you of summer days. Her heart is always full of laughter, her head always with a song (probably Through the Fire) and her tummy full of yearning for her next meal. Tal may seem shy, but to her close friends she is anything but demure. She is one perky girl who will shower you with endless stories told animatedly with a distinct high-pitched voice. And if you’re really lucky, you might just get a song and dance number. Known in her tight circle for her strange inquiries (“How does Darth Vader pee?!”), over-sharing (“Pag-uwi ko…”) and sudden outburst of rapturous song (“I’ll be...! That’s all.”), Tal continually surprises everyone when she shows she’s more than a perky girl with doe eyes. Her personal opinions about different issues, social vision and willingness to do the right thing make her someone to look out for. If there is anyone that undoubtedly will make a difference, it’s Tal. All her friends know they can expect amazing things from this girl, one hippity-hop and pirouette at a time.


Maria Leilanie C. Guevarra BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Lei has a colorful personality. She’s red because of her lively character—a sound effects master and a self-proclaimed singing sensation. She’s one of the craziest people you’ll ever meet, as lively and as red as the jellybeans she loves so much. She’s blue because she’s every bit Atenean—talented and smart; a human calculator; as blue as the gems on the earrings she loves to make. She’s green like the leaves of a tree that give fresh air, because every minute with her is like a breath of fresh air which soothes and makes every tough day seem not so tough after all, as long as you have her by your side; as green as the green tea she always drinks. She’s pink because she’s every bit the Shopaholic, complete with the discount cards; as pink as her rosy cheeks. She’s yellow like the sunlight because when you’re with her, she can make happiness so infectious especially with her funny antics. Red, blue, green, pink and yellow— what do we have? Not quite a rainbow, but something just as beautiful: Lei-An Guevarra.


Maria Carmela M. Guinhawa BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Here is a woman who has captured the hearts of so many people who were lucky enough to ever get to know her. Her big heart always has lots of room for every single one of her friends. She is also very outspoken, which makes strangers feel comfortable around her. Mea is one of the sweetest people one can ever know during a lifetime. She has a charming personality that everybody just loves. She has this captivating smile that coincides with her “tawang nakakatawa,” making time fly so fast whenever you are with her. She is also a very trustworthy person who will listen to your problems and give good advice and aid you in times of need. Although Mea could be a bit edgy at times, this is very much overshadowed by her absolute focus, her brilliance at work and the excellence of her outputs. A sure winner in whatever she will do, a true human being, a loving friend—this is Mea.


Maria Carla Hernandez BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Work hard. Party harder. A typical day spent eating and sleeping. The frequent trips to Wendy’s for a serving of Caesar’s salad. The weekends spent with the Babble. The weekdays spent with the Babble. The free time spent bumming and sleeping. And sleeping. Shhh…still sleeping. Only to wake up to another night of drinking and dancing. The friends who offer company and influence. The four years of growth. The changes. The maturity. Learning about life beyond the books. Learning from people. Knowing the self. The judgments. The stereotypes. The superficial above everything. Laidback party girl. The deeper truth behind it all. The chosen few privileged to see the real. The potential. The regrets. Realizing what could have been. But it’s never too late. The fun within the struggle. The best years so far. The memories. One special beach trip. The surprise of love. Tears of joy. A precious gem. The happily ever after. These incoherent words. This incomprehensible woman. This is not just Lala. There’s more…


Nicole Velvet U. Hokia BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Nicole is every bit a Gemini, her zodiac. There are two extremely different sides to her that will make you think if she has a twin. First off, there is the seemingly quiet and shy girl who gets A’s and B+’s in English and Calculus, finishes her readings days before others do and highlights using different colors of crayons. She’s an artist—she writes so well, her friends want her to do papers for them; she paints beautifully, for sure her works of art will be worth a fortune in the future. And then there’s her other side—the funny, outgoing, talkative and crazy Nicole. She talks in a very animated way, with hand gestures that make you want to duck because she might hit you. She can make funny voices that will gross you out and make you laugh. Even though it might seem like she has two sides to her, one thing is for sure: she is an excellent friend. She will do anything and everything for her friends and that is what makes her so extraordinary. That’s what makes her so Nicole.


Paul Patrick S. Ignacio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
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Ignatius Michael D. Ingles BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“Ako nalang si Mickey,” said a grade school kid to another as they kicked around a football. Discipline. The captain of the season 66 and 67 champion men’s football team is awake at 5am and groggy for bed at 9pm. This is no simple task while beset with school and extracurricular interests. Time for self is traded for time for the team and others, always trying to be the exemplar. Showstopper. At the season opener of season 67, he broke a 2-2 tie with a wicked crossover that twisted the La Salle keeper’s ankles. Desire. But still simmering within the ready smile and the steady shorts—passion. Knowing him, I’d call him the “Fast and Furious”; but his teammates look to him as their heart and soul. “Puso” is his rallying call. Off the field, he is easygoing yet focused; living the Marleyesque Beach Life, of “everything’s going to be all right” and “taking things as they come.” “Which Mickey? There are 2 of them,” said the kid again. “The small one,” came the reply. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Ciara D. Juan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
How to get to know Ciara in ten days 1. Throw away that preconceived notion that she’s intimidating and spend the day talking and laughing with her. 2. Discover the go-getter in her as she jumps from one activity to the next. 3. Be amazed on how she can manage each event and excel in all. 4. Take her to a romantic movie and discover that the tough chick is a real sweetie inside. 5. Team her up with her drinking buddy Jose, bid goodbye to Ms. Sense and Sensibility, and say hello to a drunken riot. 6. Visit her blog and appreciate her creative and emo side. 7. Watch her in the next Survivor or Amazing Race as she quenches her thirst for adventure and satisfies her need for great challenges. 8. Go to her when in need of straightto-the-point, no-nonsense advice and see for yourself how brutally frank she can be. 9. Spend time with her and her siblings and see the “ate” at work. 10. Realize that ten days aren’t enough to experience the totality of her.


Ma. Kristina Sarah S. Katalbas BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Mga Pasasalamat: - a.R, Abi, Rina, Inca, Kars, Ginny, Gracie, Joan, Jake, salamat at kayo ang naging kabarkada ko. Sa inyo ako natutong tumawa, mangarap at magmahal. Salamat sa samahang di ko malilimutan. - Janelle at Patti, ang aking mga kasama sa condo, ang aking mga kapatid; salamat at magkakaibigan pa rin tayo hanggang ngayon. Salamat sa lahat ng pakikinig sa akin, sa pagsalo sa aking pagtawa at pag-iyak. - kina Fr. Dacanay, Sir Anjo, Sir Ocampo, Sir Siao, Ms. Jalandoni, Dr. Garcia at Sir Aly, kayo ay mga astig na nilalang. Nawa’y dumami pa ang mga taong mamangha tulad ng paghanga ko sa inyo. - kina Ma’am Ghing, Ma’am Pong, Ma’am Peachy, Ate Cora at Ate Rose, salamat sa pagtulong, pag-asikaso at pagxerox. Pinadali niyo ang aking buhay kolehiyo. Salamat sa inyo. Binuo niyo ang buhay ko.


Jose Paolo D. Katigbak BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Don’t Quit When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, When funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Success is failure, turned inside out— The silver tint of the clouds of doubt And you never can tell how close you are It may be near when it seems afar So stick to the fight when you’re hardest It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!


Suzanne Stephanie G. Kocencio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Like a child, she wishes on stars, has fantasy dreams and believes they will come true someday. Like a child, she pretends to be a princess, not knowing that she is one to the people who love her. Like a child, she masks her mischief with cute puppy-dog eyes—and often gets away with it. Like a child, she wonders what else is out there and wanders away, but would always come back home. Like a child, she gets scared and confused, but with proper encouragement and support, she takes small bold steps in facing life. Like a child, she secretly prefers long naps and ice cream over exercise and unsalted food. Like a child, she responds to care, not control; to acceptance and encouragement, not domination; to love, not power. Like a child, she yearns to be held and protected and cradled; she deserves to be. Inside the heart of this lady is a child that sings and dances and hops around; fortunate are those who know the child within her.


Joanna C. Lao BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Instructions: Give Joanna Lao a review as if she’s a book, and you’re a famous columnist. “Joanna Lao is definitively a sleeper hit. You’d never know that behind that sweet smile hides a sharp wit, an adventurous soul; and believe it or not, she’s as tough as nails.” —A.D. Weekly “A page turner! Fun and upbeat with enough mystery to keep one interested. Undeniably a great find.” —PageViews GM “The sly sarcasm in every critical remark is masked by a lovely smile and warmth…A delicious, if not dangerous, combination! Definitely a unique piece of work.” —Washington Post “Witty, charming, exciting, and with depth, Joanna Lao gives amusing but helpful insights and knowledge about everything.” —Chicago Tribune “Deceptively simple, but undoubtedly a rich blend of wit and humor… Each page is colorful and entertaining. This ‘book’ is hard to put down once started.” —Publishers Weekly


Margaret C. Laogan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
One of the things that will first strike you when you meet Marge is her pretty almond eyes, her now sexy, tousled hair and her big, welcoming smile. Marge is the type of person who easily makes an impression, as she is gifted with the charm and the endearing personality that makes her presence felt in every room. One who never backs down from any challenge (shopping sales included), Marge constantly amazes us with her unwavering determination, strength and her passion for life. She has that interesting mix of insightfulness and mischief that enables us to have meaningful yet, at times, bizarre conversations ranging from specific cat body parts, to boys, and essentially, about life in general. But what truly characterizes her is her loyalty, sincerity and genuine concern for others that emanates from everything that she does. A good student, a responsible daughter and sister, but to her friends, an extra ordinary person, really the “best” friend one could possibly ever have.


Lorenzo Francisco O. Lebron BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Everything about Enzo is Italian—his dog Giacomo, his F1 team Ferrari, his fondness for Armani, the blissful carbonara served in his home. This having been said, Enzo is a man of impeccable style and taste. He is unfailingly well-dressed (have you ever seen him in shorts? No!) and has the bearing and manners to match. Now, you might be coming up with a mental image of a spoiled rich kid, and nothing would be further from the truth. It would be hard for anyone to match Enzo’s generosity with his friends. Several can attest to being practically residents at 685 Notre Dame, and to having been rescued from poverty and starvation by this Good Samaritan. And to top it all off, Enzo knows how to have fun. A skilled video gamer, cunning foosball player, avid magazine collector, geeky movie buff, occasional displayer of tremendous psychic potential, Pop-Tart critic and strangemusic listener, Enzo lives life to the fullest, and the sky will definitely be the limit for him in the years to come.


Sarah Lynn S. Lee Villanueva BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Style cannot be learned; it’s either you have it or you don’t. Without question, this lady has it. Though one may initially be attracted to what Pom wears, what makes her unforgettable is not her fashion sense but her hautecouture heart. Pom takes the clichés of being a friend to a new level. She is the kind of friend you’d want to be with whenever you’re at your lowest. She has a gift for transforming the dullest of moments into something so fascinating that you will never forget. Her amusing wit and hilarious ways could really brighten up the darkest of days. But more than that, she is a dear friend because she always thinks of other people before herself, always willing to put aside what she wants for someone else’s happiness. Her thoughtfulness is unparalleled for she can remember even the smallest of things. Simply put, Pom is a great friend. And in this life where great friends are hard to find, Pom is one of those few whom you would definitely want to keep.


David M. Lee BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
David is known for his immense collection of techie resources—from High-end PDAs to 20-gig iPods and fast PCs—and his vast knowledge of them. He is the epitome of a smart guy living in the digital age. Many are deceived by his quiet and calm demeanor; but beneath that seemingly ordinary and innocent appearance is a hilarious, approachable, intelligent, interesting, and thoughtful individual. He’s got a real passion for high-tech gadgets, alternative music, and things that are out of the ordinary. Sure enough, this guy will reach great heights; but he remains down-to-earth and undeniably humble. This guy is one of the few individuals on this planet to have a strong conviction for his values and principles. He’s deemed by his friends as one who gives the most thoughtful and sensible insights and advice that rivals that of Manila’s most popular advice columns. David truly is a special friend to treasure and an extraordinary individual that’s going to make his own unique mark in the world.


Kristina Grace S. Lee BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Kris is no doubt an achiever. Mediocrity is not something to be found in her as she strives to excel in everything she does. She is the embodiment of a modern-day lady who knows how to achieve her ambitions but still keeps her foot on the ground. A natural-born leader, she dutifully carries her group to accomplish a task successfully. As a friend, Kris is kind, loyal, trustworthy, helpful, generous and thoughtful. She is also very appreciative and does not fail to laugh at your jokes even if they go a bit off track. As a Christian, she is the epitome of a Christ-Centered Atenean; her faith has never wavered amidst all the trials she had faced. As a person, she reminds other people of how it is like to be a child by being in love with the simplest things like eating out with friends, laughing with them, and watching Chinese or Korean soap operas. A typical girl, she also loves to talk. She can’t sit still in a car and not talk about something. It’s a mode of expression for her. Being with her, one learns to live and thrive in it.


Gabriela Andrea R. Libang BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“She enters the room, breaking the unbearable monotony; the change is welcoming. Then a cacophony ensues. She cackles, she roars, she giggles, she purrs. Her boundless energy spreads like wildfire and you are engulfed into her vibrant world. But at the end of the day, she stays still and listens to the sound that matters to her the most... your heart.” Gab is one of the sunniest people you could ever know. She is loud, funny and very down-to-earth. Behind her perky personality, there is also an analytical person who will dissect, even to the smallest details, anything that is of interest, school-wise or otherwise. She is an honest person who says things as they are. Her many stories and ready smile makes people easily warm up to her. There is never an awkward moment with her. A consistent shoulder to lean on, she is always willing to offer sound advice, always ready to listen and to stay with you, come what may.


Sabrina Stacey D. Lim Uy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Sabrina Stacey. Two words which conjure images of a diminutive little girl with two pigtails bobbing beside her ears. This may have been true—12 years ago. Now, Sabrina Stacey has grown beyond the name which embodies her. Maybe not in physical stature but in the number of friends to treasure, knowledge to cherish and lessons learned. Sabrina Stacey. More than what her name says about her. Hear her roar.


Patricia Bernadette S. Lim BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
From her tanned, mestiza looks and confident stride, one would think that Patty is a hard-to-reach sosy girl. But the minute she flashes her dimpled smile, you’d instantly know that her pretty face is simply a peek into her warm and colorful personality. Always game for anything, Patty’s passion for life is evident in anything she does; whether it’s cheering up her friends with her crazy antics or taking odd jobs once in a while. Patty secretly dreams of becoming an “artista” and with her characteristics, it won’t be surprising to find her someday accepting an award on TV. Besides her unmistakable talent in acting, she’s also undoubtedly beautiful inside out. No man can resist this angelic beauty. Heads turn when she passes by! But if you can get over staring at her and actually get to know her, you’ll find that there’s so much more to her than that. Patty is one of the most valuable friends around. Humble, honest and fiercely loyal, she’s definitely a friend for keeps! Sensitive yet strong, beautiful yet humble, angelic yet crazy, she’s definitely a “bida” to all her friends.


Francine Kay C. Lingad BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
When bad vibes are looming over you, she’ll be there with a hug and Pixie Stix to dust the troubles away. She’ll walk down the seemingly endless nighttime streets and hallways with you, listening with an open mind, tissues in her hand in case you want to cry, and a comfortable silence shared between you when you need it most. She’ll ask you random questions and watch the traffic with you from the 16th floor of a building; you’ll realize that if you look at the world with eyes as eager as hers, the whole world has secret details that leave you constantly amazed once you’ve discovered them. She’ll jump into the deep end of things to help you keep your head above the murky mess, and laugh along with you in the uphill struggles. When she reminds you that you can do something, it’s easy to believe her because you know she really believes you can. Francine is a walking, talking, and living proof that time and experience really do strengthen that fragile thing we have come to know as friendship.


Denise Bea L. Llanos Dee BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Happiness is the highest good, being a realization and perfect practice of virtue, which some can attain, while others have little or none of it... – Aristotle


Lisa Marie L. Llanto BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little. – Aristotle


Karren L. Lopez BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
She’s no fool. She sees life as it is. Not afraid to say what’s on her mind and tell you what’s up. Sweet. Thoughtful. Goal-getter. Someone to sit in silence with. Coolness. Hilarious. A weird, impulsive, small, fat chocolate lover. Crazy. An adventurous Dumbiri. Looks mataray but isn’t. A frustrated boxer and a Part-time coffee Beaner. A girl who loves her own thing. She’s the best!


Rica Mae L. Lu BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
People may perceive Rics as shy and quiet in public. However, she may talk a lot to someone she has just met and may become real talkative when she finds a common interest in them. She’s funny and silly and never fails to have people laugh along with her. Her friends cannot remember a time when they did not laugh with this girl or laugh at her because she is truly unconsciously funny. She often comes up with creative ideas and wild dreams. In fact, one of her greatest dreams is to live in New Zealand because she feels that cows are cute. She is really fond of cute and innovative things. Having seen something like a expandable rubber reptile that floats on water, or a 15-inch pencil that can be twisted, is enough to make her day. Rics is also someone who loves to try new things. It would not be surprising if she suddenly decides to explore in another city or country, as she possesses both the curiosity and courage of an adventurer.


Karen Fatima D. Magbanua BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
While searching for a childhood memory, I’ve dreamt of a thing called Love. It didn’t seem important to me... until I felt hurt and pain. It was then that you’ll know how wonderful loving is. My life has been an enormous tumble of hurting and loving. My friends were always there beside me. And I owe to them the person I have become. My family is indescribable. I wouldn’t have thought of any other people who have done so much for me. They are the epitome of love, compassion and altruism. To God, I have always looked up to Him for that kind of strength no other human can give me. I’m fierce and strong. I’m funny and corny. I’m caring and loving. I’m sentimental and emotional. I’m tactless and callous. I’m strong and resilient. I’m cheerful and jolly. I’m hardworking and passionate. It’s all me…all rights reserved.


Rofil Sheldon F. Magto BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Google search: [Röfìļ Šhéldòn] 101 Results: 1. Medium height [5’4”]; 120 lbs; semi-wavy black hair; brownish black eyes; fair complexion; sexy; six pack (pan de sal). 2. Interests: painting, photography, arcade, video production, biology, mountaineering, traveling, and videoke. 3. Sports: basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, marbles, patintero, sipa, sepak takraw, 1-2-3 pass, darts, and pog! 4. The guy famous for coloring his orsem nametag; scholar; the always present & efficient periwinkle vball captain; cute little guy to mess up with; powerpuff first victim; CERSA VP; gentleman; sweet lover; student-leader; highly creative and artistic; has a good sense of humor; smart; Loyola mountaineer; Block R2; etc… 5. Roommates: Carl, Nilo, Nikko, Jino, Alf. Next Page »»»


Kathleen Anne C. Mamaradlo BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Anyone who knows Len loves Len. You’ve probably seen her strut her stuff on campus with her chandelier earrings and coordinated fashionista outfits. This girl is extremely approachable; walk up to her and you can talk about not just mundane but serious stuff too. She’s one with no acts or fronts whatsoever. She’s such a hilarious person with her quick wit, humor and constant LSS that will certainly put a smile on your face after an agonizing accounting long test. Beneath the petite exterior lies a girl with great strength, who plays her roles well and never runs out of energy. A responsible gal, she is always on top of academic duties; yet with one nudge, would gamely drop her book to go tripping with you. She’s a woman full of heart and no one else could share words of wisdom as sound as hers. She makes sure she gets what she wants in life and she never fails to see the bright side of even the most drastic situations. This charming girl-next-door is out to conquer the world, one crazy one-liner at a time.


Ai V. Masuda BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Let us bring Ai out of the box. Physique: Small feet. Tiny hands. Chinky eyes. So half-Japanese. Must-haves: Celfone. Hair brush. Lip gloss. Tissue. Candy. Rosary. Favorites: Chocolates. Clothes. Shoes. Flowers. Orphaned babies. Special Skills: Creativeness. Resourcefulness. Charisma. Interests: Multimedia. Shopping. Movies. Anything cute. People. Primary Attitude: Optimistic. Cheerful. Dynamic. Compassionate. With others: Limited. Quiet. Shy. Demure. Sensitive. In School: Sleeps. Studious. Responsible. Productive. Holistic. With friends: Hilarious. Helpful. Patient. Understanding. Life-saver. At Home: Playful. Sweet. Thoughtful. Obedient. Honest. Loving. With herself: Always neat and clean. Comfortable. Altruistic. With God: Lapsy. True. Loyal. Personal. Certain. Complete. Whew! This is Ai. Time to put her back inside the box and make her as one of the best and priceless gifts you could ever receive in your life.


Joan Louise G. Mejino BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
It’s incredible how someone as petite as Joan could have so much within her. She’s an amazing dancer who dances her way with grace and struts through life with sheer elegance and style. She’s always sweet and perky; and when she says hello, she jumps and beams and she waves with her entire body. It’s just impossible not to feel welcome and wanted. Once she’s into something, she gives it her all. She’s passionate at whatever she does and leaves no room for mediocrity. Not to be underestimated, her wit is sharp and her soul is strong and compassionate. She’s kind of a light breeze that pushes big, dark and heavy clouds away, leaving people feeling a little tougher and a tad more hopeful during their despondent times. She knows how to stand up even when the world pushes her down and shares this optimism about life with everyone around her. People always say big things come in small packages. With Joan around, it’s not hard to know why.


Jacqueline P. Mendoza BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Say hello to one of the wackiest (in a good way!), most creative people in Comtech! Jarqs to her friends, this lady has a unique sense of humor. From flying cows to spacedout moments, her imagination knows no limits. Dynamic and creative, she has a vivid imagination that can produce intelligent and funny ideas out of thin air. Always true to herself, she’s never the person who tries to impress; nevertheless, never fails to capture hearts. Jacqui has this quiet strength in her that you don’t often see. With a contagious laughter and a bucket full of ingenuity, she makes for the perfect companion. This girl loves to go out and spend time with her friends, talking about things ranging from the mundane to the serious. Jacqui always looks at the bright and fun side of things. The ultimate character of sorts, her inner child radiates in everything she does. Thereby producing such a sweetheart who never fails to see the world the way it should be—as one magnificent playground.


Marco Leoncio Z. Monzon BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
This guy will stop at nothing to have a great time. Be it drinking with friends until the sun rises or playing computer games all night, by hook or by crook, he will do it. It doesn’t matter if there’s a test or a 10-page paper due the next morning, Marco will do anything to have some good ol’ fun. He can afford it though. He has this big head on his shoulders, literally and figuratively. Despite his seemingly laidback attitude, Marco has a great mind. He is able to solve the toughest math problems and squeeze his way out of the most impossible situations with his gift of gab. More than that though, his fun-loving attitude doesn’t hide the fact that he can be quite serious at times. A great friend with a great heart, he treats his friends with the utmost care and sincerity. While he has a tendency to use his signature flattery every once in a while, these only serve to bring a smile to the hearts of the people he’s met. And for the people who have been blessed with his friendship, their lives could not have been better.


Rachanee C. Munar BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
This is for all the people who color this world into a better place— This world I was so blessed to see, thus becoming a part of me. For all the precious people who became a part of my life in ADMU. For all the people I’ve met… sometimes people aren’t close, but one ‘hello’ can overcome a vast distance in between. For all the sincere classmates who have come and gone; and for those who have stayed… Thank you, and God-willing, I hope we stay longer. For all the group mates who have made me laugh (mga kalog) and cry (pero tamad) all at the same time. For all the friends, the enemies, and those who have been friends and enemies all in one (Tin!). After all, what else does friendship mean? For all the terrors (este, teachers pala!) who have not only offered their minds to us, but their hearts as well. Your sacrifices are thanked for and cherished deeply. For all the people I’ve grown to love, and for those who gave love unconditionally (Ma & Pa); above all else, to Jesus Christ who is everything to me.


Marvene Rom C. Munda BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
A simple man with a great dream—that’s M.R. for you. This man, even with his shy disposition, has the ability to attract lots of people. He never fails to make you laugh and feel good. He has the power to make the worst possible situation seem better. His imagination soars high, which makes him excellent in creating great ideas for film production and video editing. M.R.’s artistic side surfaces whenever he’s behind the lenses. His observant and perceptive nature takes over once he’s holding the camera. Goofiness and antics are replaced by authoritative looks and skilled ways of directing. Gone is that impish guy who loves nothing else but to fool around, replaced by a quiet and focused young director. He will surely be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a movie director who will someday surpass all the greats out there and be able to touch the hearts of people not only in the Philippines but the whole world as well. With his passion and dedication, MR may be the next legend in history.


Gabriel Angelo N. Nacianceno BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
To living each moment as my last To sitting under an orange sky To hot chocolate on a rainy day, to my year-long tan Driving on a full tank, to running at 9.5, to the playlists in my iPod To bathing under the sun, to numbering the stars Following my intuition, evolution, exhilaration, redemption, To celebration, creation and passion! To laugh, dream, and dance; to Malibu 7, moonrays, and turon To Smudge, R1, and Central Perk, to Narnia, and the firetrees burning To roadtrips and chicken wrap, to COSA’s five, iced tea and Cuaron To listening to soaring symphonies, to always remembering To the Broadwaykada and casting To my brothers, Miguel, Marco, and Mike To defying gravity Going to where reality becomes dreams


Nanneth T. Naguit BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine. Imagine that someone you’re always happy to be with. Imagine the sister you know you can confide your deepest secrets to. Imagine the best friend with whom you shed countless tears and shared countless smiles. Imagine the mentor who inspired and moved you, and made you believe you were more than you thought you were. Imagine the girl who’s simple enough to know what is important in life and at the same time mature enough to cherish them. Imagine the child who’ll teach you how to smile and the woman who’ll let you cry. Imagine all those rolled into one person. And if in searching through the most vivid of imaginations, you do come up with that person, I’d tell you that even she won’t measure up to half of who Neth is. Neth is all that and more. Her family and friends are blessed that they won’t have to imagine.


Joanne A. Nayve BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Don’t let the mataray looks or the seemingly poised demeanor fool you. In truth, a boisterous laugh (together with a huge capacity for fun and humor) and a melodic voice make up a fun, witty and sincere friend—Anne. Being with her, you can never go wrong. This bungisngis queen-slash-crammer-slash-music diva who’s one of the boys and is game for anything and everything keeps up a-smile-and-a-wink attitude that indeed effectively helps her get through any predicament she comes across. She radiates a sunny disposition that brings in a light and warm atmosphere wherever she is, whoever she’s with. From silly talks about strange issues to really serious matters, she surely can make you forget the time. To top it all off, the good heart she keeps exudes true beauty she possesses. Anne—she laughs hard, cries even harder; an all out lover and most of all, a genuine friend. Simply put, she’s just like good ol’ tuyo-and-tsokolate on a rainy day—you just can’t get enough!


Steven Alexis C. Ng BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Alexis Ng is more than just a name. After having accomplished more than many a hopeful Atenean could only dream of, he seems destined for the stars, and more. He has become set in stone; his work is too perfect, too brilliant, that he almost seems inhuman. He has become a veritable legend, at once revered and damned. But what really fascinates and disturbs the few who dare look beneath the surface is that in seeking the world, Alexis has actually hidden his face from it. He has hidden how flawed, how hurt, how lost, and how fearful he really is of discovering that at the end of the day, a place in the stars cannot make him a person worth loving. For all that he has mastered in the world, he does not have the warmth of absolute belonging that many of us take for granted. In the end, what all of us should know is that what really makes Alexis more than what he already is isn’t the name, but what lies behind it. It is this shadow that many of us fail to see; it is this that defines him, curses him, and empowers him.


Maria Carina M. Nodora BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
It’s all in her eyes. Twinkling with mischief, they carry the ability to launch a fit of jokes and laughter. Bouts of laughter shower the smiles, More frequent than the chuckles, but are nevertheless rare. Other times, they reflect the deepest of thoughts. On a moon-lit sky, just like tonight, where stars shine even brighter, one will find her – pausing for a moment. (Quick to silence, she listens) And when it does, the laughter becomes silent smiles. To stay awhile, and to remain for long, is to witness life’s beauty in all its simplicity. Such fleeting moments with her linger. A friend cannot help but be thankful for her.


Catherine D. Obillos BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
When you see a red Mitsubishi Pajero that has a plate number that can be read as “uhog”, you can be certain that it belongs to Cat-O. This fine girl has it all. She is academic excellence manifested in the form of a svelte and sexy diva. While she tries to keep her “simple but astig” aura with her usual jeans-andshirt attire, she can stun you with her eye for fashion. Give her a moment, and she transforms into a dainty lady as she can strut the hottest fashions with almost no effort! With such a disarming smile, she brings warmth to her friends, and a sigh of attraction from the men. And diligence can’t get any better than this. She makes the task of getting an elusive “A” look like a walk in the park. But believe me, this girl knows how to party. This barhopping babe is probably an expert in every cocktail drink the bartender has in his arsenal! This incredible fusion of Retail Therapist, Dean’s Lister Extraordinaire, Femme Fatale: Catherine.


Gracienne Aveline N. Ong BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Gracienne has a fondness for uncanny things. A person who can appreciate anything from a friend’s cute classroom doodles to ergonomic pens to croaking wooden frogs, she’s a delight to be around because she can wholeheartedly appreciate the cleverness of things. She’s unconsciously unselfish with both herself and her time. She can be readily dragged into the depths of Ongpin for a “merienda”; or be talked into impromptu shopping trips. A person with such mild mannerisms, she only has two extremes: the art of cramming and minimalism. If she needs an hour to get to school, by all means she won’t get up a minute sooner; and if she had a choice, she’d write all her essays in bullet form. At the onset, one may perceive her as quiet; but to those who really know her, she’s a blast to be with. When she’s with her private group of friends, she’s actually a very talkative person, and she’s fun to be with. She’s loved because she never fails to show her care, and doesn’t hesitate to help you when you ask for it.


Raymond John Ordoveza BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“Neither can embelishments of language be found without arrangement and expression of thoughts, nor can thoughts be made to shine without the light of language.” -Cicero


Regina D. Puno BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Ginny is the walking reality of a paradox. An English speaker who takes up Filipino Philo classes, rides public transportation yet knows nothing about commuting, an obedient daughter who breaks rules to watch a romantic Pinoy film with friends. But behind these qualities that she possess lurks the up-andcoming financial analyst and accounting goddess who uses her God-knows-from-where power to turn horribly complicated money problems into correct, clean and organized financial statements. Yup, miracles do happen, folks. Look closely and you will definitely find a flicker of mischief in her eyes. The resident showbiz insider of sorts has raised not once, not twice, but countless times many pairs of eyebrows with unbelievable news that gets confirmed a few weeks after. (Yup, Ginny works for The Buzz. Kidding!) That’s our Ginny—the ever-reliable, ever responsible student and friend who studies hard to give up a class for an afternoon of fun.


Paula Krizia C. Quejada BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
There is more to Apol Quejada than being a pretty face. Beyond that great smile lies a very colorful character. Shakespeare could have had Apol in mind when he said “all the world is a stage.” Whoever said that a person cannot possibly possess so much talent has definitely never met this woman. Having a great passion for performing, it is impossible to know Apol and not know that she can sing. She also has a knack for consistently getting high marks in all her classes. Talent and looks are Apol’s perfect combination. Just look at the long line of admirers waiting to catch her attention. Off the stage, Apol is a fun friend. She is so easy to get along with that even after a few minutes upon meeting her, you’ll find yourselves exchanging stories and laughing out loud. She has the ability to bring life to the mundane, to continue being lively and enthusiastic even if life gets her down. It’s contagious. Apol is one of those people who you know will be famous one day. She’s definitely got the world wrapped around her finger.


Jema F. Quiming BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
The Paradoxical Nature of Jem She plans ahead but accomplishes everything a minute before it’s late. She always tries to soar high but keeps her feet on the ground. She turns out to be very quiet when she is about to explode. She is supposed to have lots of savings but is always broke. She gives but feels awkward to have been given something. She laughs even though she is hurting deep inside. She is moving forward but keeps on looking back. She remembers even when she has to forget. She is a chaos but still in order. She is who she is but then again… She is a person of consistency and contradiction. Aiming for a life well lived despite of all the confusion.


Rina Antoniette J. Ramos BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“R” is for Rina, but not quite. “A” for Rina is more like it. Rina is an “A” student, an “A” friend, an “A” leader—a remarkable person altogether. Simple words and adjectives cannot encompass the totality of a person whose heart is definitely in its right place. Being a consistent Dean’s Lister, who deals with academics and extra-curricular activities head-on, has never underrated the most wonderful moments you will spend with her. A person of substance, wisdom, and wit, she knows how to study hard and party even harder. Elegantly simple and mysteriously funny, Rina has the ability to unknowingly and silently make you feel guilty for watching movies when there is a test the next day. At the same time, she urges you to become your crazy self by doing song renditions that will make the original composers rise from their graves. Rina is remarkable for keeping the A’s all these years. She then leaves a lingering mark by sharing her A’s that titivates the rest of the world.


Ma. Loranie C. Ranario BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Wanderlust. My heart holds so many dreams The future is just starting to sparkle Even if the sky was higher, what does it matter? I will stand on tiptoes; I’ll be closer to the stars. Every road has its awaiting journeys If you want to reach tomorrow, you need to start now Allow me a thousand and one wishes One day, happiness will finally be in my hands Every heart has a pair of wings, No place is ever too far.


Henrik O. Resurreccion BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Inside this forever hungry Jollibee look-a-like lie a great person—a provider of insight and practical pieces of advice. He’s the kind of guy who can’t be manipulated into anything he doesn’t agree with. This no-nonsense guy really does know how to speak his mind. Always with an infectious smile, Henrik never fails to brighten everyone up even in the bleakest of circumstances. Just seeing him hop around the campus even during the worst days of hell week makes people wonder how he can constantly keep his optimism at high levels. His smile is infectious and his company is disarming. Aside from his very “Bee Happy!” nature, he’s a person with a great sense of humor. With Henrik, you can be yourself; he hears you out, makes you laugh and never fails to get you to talk a lot. He’s also a guy with ambition, never settling for less. And if you think that’s all there is to him, think again. You can’t deny his friendship. Even if it is full of complaints, joking & “kakuriputan,” one thing is for certain: his friendship is true.


Gerald James B. Reyes BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Ge is as real as he can get. No pretensions, no airs and absolutely no qualms. He has a big heart, always warm and welcoming. His generosity and willingness to help has in fact made his own house the bahay ng bayan through the years. Passion and heart is what Ge offers. He is often thought of as the kenkoy joker that never fails to brighten up a frustratingly gloomy day. But aside from this, a lot of people admire Ge for the passion he puts into every single thing he takes on. He lives life to the fullest. From the littlest things to the most significant undertakings, he puts utmost intensity and passion in everything. An excellent and hardworking student, he strives to be the best in what he does. Even in organizations, his capacity to lead is of no doubt. Among friends, although he is known as the responsible and reliable one, Ge knows how to enjoy. He is a hardcore fun-loving person, and because of this, it is never hard to find a friend in him. Lastly he is a onewoman man, loyal to the bitter end.


Margaux Louise F. Romero BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
“She was born with a natural spotlight that follows her around —this emanates from her good heart. There’s a different delight in knowing her from within than just seeing her from afar.” –Alessa; “Kaibigan ko ’yun. Inggit ka?” –Dodong; “What I love the most are her goofy antics, neurotic need to clean, and her superpowers as the dropper.” –Ate Nic; “Small girl, big car.” –Sherwin O; “We’ll both kill for Mr. JT.” –Alex; “An eccentric fashionista with a beach bum aura.” –Iking; “A true Boracay babe.” –Mark; “ACTM’s very own Ms. SOM. Heartthrob!” –Migs; “The little sister I never had.” –Carlo; “Über short hair, Über long hair, always up for a laugh, never gaining, silly partner for life!” –Mon; “Always has a smile.” –A.R.; “Gorgeous gypsy princess. Childlike and carefree. Anything can make her laugh; and once she starts she can go on forever. Slowest eater I’ve ever known. She shops like there’s no tomorrow, even though she knows she’ll be doing more shopping the next day.” –Con; “I love her to bits and pieces!” –Jules


Mabelle M.Sagocsoc BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Mabelle is an intelligent, talented young lady who has much potential not yet all fully realized. She enjoys singing, painting and drawing. She is interested in music, art, and beauty in general, may it be in nature or manufactured like architecture and design. She loves adventure, always trying something new. For her, there are still so many things to like and love, to see, to discover, to wonder, and to work for. Even with the enthusiasm to dive into the world, she is very conscientious that some mistake for arrogance, snobbery, or worse, indifference. If you know this lady as quiet, you haven’t really known her. In her company, everyday is full of surprises for she is not as calm as she appears to be, but one with the heartiest laughs and warm and kind personality. She has a genuine care for people especially for her family, friends, and for the people around her.


Mary Grace Denise D. Salvador BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Gracie is one of those exceptional achievers who can balance academics and extra-curricular activities, showing that she can excel in anything she puts her heart and mind into. Never settling for mediocrity, she faces every challenge with renewed determination and optimism, making her a strong independent woman. But do not let her tough exterior and achievements fool you, she may well be the sweetest and friendliest person you might ever know. To tell you the truth, her mere presence is actually a burst of sunshine after a rainy day. She never fails to smell like fresh summer mornings—enticing, refreshing, and uplifting. She is a natural charmer with a smile that can take all the stress away; she never hesitates to give you a hug or lend her shoulder for you to cry on whenever you are down. Unknowingly, Gracie has indeed managed to touch the hearts and minds of every person she has crossed paths with.


Ma. Czarina Victoria Josefa Y. San Pablo BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Much like the great length of her name, she is a person of substance. Despite being a self-declared nerd, she knows how to effectively balance work and fun. Zealously taking on any challenge with a strong mind, fervent heart and a big smile, her next big endeavor, aside from constantly attempting to get that “perfect Latina tan,” is to create a chocolate empire that bests honchos like Max Brener, Hershey’s, Willy Wonka and Ghirardelli combined. With such big dreams, she remains humble and happily contented with her life. Her infamous laugh has earned her a number of charmers and admirers. Also, she is a genuine friend whose friendship knows no boundaries and limits of time. Moreover, she never fails to brighten up people’s lives with her big warm hugs, infectious glow, affectionate gestures and her worldfamous crinkles. Please take caution because beneath her sweet and charming Sandara-look-a-like exterior lie a dance machine ready to party and dance the nights away.


Tiffany Chloe A. Santos BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Once upon a time, a girl dreamt of the perfect life. But she grew up and realized that fairytales are confined to her bedtime books. Still, she continued to live the only way she knew how—colorfully. She dressed-up with her retro clothes, made birthday trinkets for her friends, had adventures at Divisoria, and stubbornly followed her heart too many times. This girl never asked for grand gifts; when down, a peach mango pie always did the trick. Add some french fries and text messaging to that, she’ll be at her happiest. Happiness for her should be shared with friends who make up a big part of her life. Since she is a kid at heart, the littlest things turn on her emotional switch, yet she sure knows when to be strong when needed, especially in defense of her loved ones. Years have passed since that day she dreamt. She has never really stopped dreaming, because somewhere along the line, Tiffy, the girl who grew up, realized that life may not be perfect, but it will always have perfect moments. And indeed, for her, it has.


Jenette D. Simpao BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Jen may give you the impression that she is the snobbish type but after you get to know her, you’ll find out that she has an incredible sense of humor and wit. She is one of the few people who can get away with being a prima donna because of her remarkable intelligence, charm and class. Jen is often the silent one in the group, and then out of nowhere, she will burst out brilliant one-liners that will baffle and astonish everyone. Once you got her talking, you cannot help but hang on to every word she says. She has an accessible ear—she hears what you say, but most importantly, she listens—even to those that you don’t say. Her determination and passion for life will definitely take her to special places and endless horizons.


Jason Darwin B. Soliman BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Jason is like a lifesaver; no matter how you push him down, he will always float back up. He finds hell months stressless and oral exams worry-free. He walks the path of life in long, easy strides and he always looks at the bright side of life. His unique ability to quickly come up with humorous statements and observations has become a defining factor of our everyday conversations. But easygoing as he is, it does not mean he’s lazy; he regularly aces his exams and excels in all his undertakings. Jason is also undeniably, positively, and absolutely a great friend. He is a gentleman and he always tries to make his friends feel that they matter. In the four years we’ve known him, we’ve never seen Jason ask. Always, he offers, whether it is something as trivial as helping with schoolwork or something as profound as himself. His silence is touching. His friends simply adore this guy’s company, for he has no complications at all and there is no space in his heart for judgment and hatred.


Angela Mae J. Sy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Behind her Chinese rich kid aura is a full-fledged Pinay at heart. Getting to know her would hardly be a problem since she enjoys sharing cute little anecdotes. Gi is as blessed as they get: smarts, beauty, friends, etc. But when she starts talking, she becomes this loud, opinionated Pinay in Chinese disguise. She’ll talk about anything, from the latest fashion trend (which she is never shy to sport, avant-garde) to philosophy (her secret love). She is usually beautiful, sweet, passive Angela but morphs into a deceptively strong woman threatening to beat guys up the moment they lay a finger on her loved ones, which is why this warrior princess’ friends are also as fiercely protective and loyal to her. Though she screams paranoia and carries unwanted baggage most of the time, a more intimate view of her will show you her happiness and passion for the simple joys in life. Her beauty complements her undoubted intelligence, and her exuberant personality neutralizes the troubles of others.


Jefferson A. Sy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
When he stares at movie posters, you think he finds the leading woman sexy? No! He finds the editing interesting. When it seems like he’s just staring blankly into space, he is thinking about new business opportunities. When he doesn’t laugh at your jokes, don’t worry. Give him around 5 more minutes and he’ll get it eventually. When he stops eating in the middle of his meal, he isn’t full, he’s just sleepy. At night, when he asks you to drop him off at his place, he isn’t being “maarte,” he’s just being cautious. When you find him enjoying a conversation and notice that you can’t understand what he’s saying, relax! He’s not speaking another language. He’s talking about computers. When he acts all goofy and you think he’s kidding around, listen. He may be saying something serious…but then again, maybe he’s just goofing around! When he says he has a question in mind, be ready! You’re in for a lot of deep thinking. When he closes his eyes, you think he’s sleeping? (Well ok, sometimes he is)…He’s praying.


Tara Gayle Y. Sy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
A charming, funny and perky girl, Tara always brings delight whenever she walks around the corner. Perhaps one of the most diligent girls in the block, accomplishing school requirements and studying hard for her tests, quizzes and term papers would always be on top of her list. Tara’s sensitivity and professionalism makes her a great comrade and group mate. But that doesn’t mean that she has no idea of how to have fun. She jives well with almost everybody because of her varying interests. Most especially with the guys because remarkably, she is a wrestling, Ragnarok and Playstation fan, things that would normally be shunned by the doll-loving female! Moreover, she always sees the bright side of even the darkest situations; that’s why she has the ability to get your friendship and trust as fast and as effective as she plays Ragnarok. A balanced person, responsible student and most importantly, a friend one would never want to let go of.


Catherine C. Tan-Afuan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
meow [mi ów/mmeeyaaaaaw] noun 1 a: one who has an eye to appreciate the nitty-gritty of things, may it be someone’s creativity, personality or intelligence b: one who never loses the chance to let people know how grateful she is of them 2 a: a cute, funny, sweet friend b: a bit shy but when you get to know her, she becomes very chatty c: always happy, always ready to smile d: a lovable and jolly ole cat 3 a: describable through four C’s: cheerful, creative, cute and considerate 4 a: a true friend and confidante b: one can be certain to be cheered by her 5 a: always cheerful, gentle and unintentionally cute even under pressure 6 a: definitely not your typical Chinita cutie because within her lies a tiger just dying to come out 7: fun-loving creative and responsible sister verb 1 like a panda [In Filipino: Madalas nasisiyahan dahil lang sa wala.]


Joyce Karen Y. Tan BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
This girl possesses something that most of us would kill for: she’s got a waif, model-like figure with the height to match—and she does take advantage of her Godgiven gifts. Being a shopaholic-in-denial, Joyce can fit into literally anything that she can get her hands on and manage to look good wearing it too. However, her looks are only one of the myriad of other things that we all love about this lady. Joyce’s personality is an inimitable combination of maturity and playfulness. Her ready smile and voracious appetite are only two manifestations of her being the latter. The sophisticated manner by which she carries herself and her constant drive to do better, whether in academics or extra-curricular activities, are a testament to how mature this lady truly is. My constant companion, pillar of strength, honest critic and one of my best friends—in my opinion, Joyce is the type of person you meet for a moment but never forget in your lifetime.


Tristan Jameson C. Tio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Give me a T! Give me a T! Give me an O! Give me a T-T-O! One of Tristan’s first loves is basketball. He’s also fortunate enough to be really, really good at it as he’s already won several awards which includes the 2004 Ateneo SOAC-naSOAC MVP. Tristan also loves his friends, and in return, he is also very much loved by them (and its not just because of the looks), as Tristan has shared his life in a way that has really touched others. People warm up to him easily because he’s really endearing. Aside from that, Tristan is also really charismatic and can please a crowd easily with his good sense of humor (by this, I mean a lot of corny jokes). Tristan is also very God-fearing and he loves his family a lot, especially his younger brother Tyler. Tristan’s greatest love however is no other than his mommy dearest. Even with his good looks and the fans of girls eyeing him, he can’t help but see only one girl in his life showing how faithful and loving he is. Not too many people in this world are like Tristan who seems to have it all.


Yda Samantha C. Tio BS Management Major in Communications Technology Managment
10 ways to be like Yda: 1. Have a crush for 8 years & never bother coming up to him. 2. Be President of the Single for Life Club (but be a hopeless romantic). 3. Be super OC, then let your clothes be a victim of ink or food stains. 4. Give personalized gifts, give great advice & be super sweet. 5. Don’t wear open-toed shoes, sleeveless or anything revealing, skirts or anything above ankle, but never leave home w/o flavored lip gloss. 6. Be the Oprah of our generation. 7. Be over-analytical but laugh unstoppably at the most babaw things. 8. Do acads (fall asleep in class) & org work 24/7; be stressed, complain, eat ice cream, then realize that you love the stress. 9. Keep in touch w/ your best friend by giving letters via lockers. 10. Be the epitome of women empowerment. Many have tried but no one has succeeded—there can only be one Yda Bida!


Genevieve Francine Y. Tiu BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Put it this way: GEN is a GENius when it comes to the GENtle GENesis of a non-GENeric and GENerous friendship that would GENerally last GENerations. Gen is known for her overflowing and bubbling friendliness. First encounters feel like a reunion of old pals; she has the uncanny way of making a 1 ½ break seem like it only lasted for 20 minutes. She gives you that kind of wave and smile when she bumps into you that makes you feel like she’s never been happier to see you. Gen is also the kind of person who, when it comes to writing, always has the perfect way of putting things. Her writing is her passion and she can get frustrated when her ideas simply refuse to flow out of her. Gen has been through a lot in college. She’s had her share of laughter and tears. She’s been on a roller coaster ride through college. But one thing you can count on is that there’ll always be people to meet her at the end of it all. Through all her ups and downs, she’s been blessed by friends and these friends have also been blessed by knowing Gen.


Henrique Paolo C. Uy BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Tangerine Oreo clouds, Gummi-skrimjian-bear-peanut butter ice cream, Haribol—who thinks of these things? None other than Iking. He is the epitome of “unique,” with his eccentricities that prove to be endearing over time. Being the artist that he is, Iking prefers to do things differently— not so much to prove a point, but because it is the only way he knows how. His passion for music and poetry and most recently, philosophy and half-perfection, is an outlet for both frustrations and inspirations. But here’s a guy who can make any conversation interesting with out-of-thebox ideas, funny quips, invisible instruments—his friends know that they will never find another person who can decently say “Haribol” and actually make some sense out of it or whatever gibberish. Well, he is a great friend, to keep things straight and simple, serious or not. (Ink has said enough. Sentiments of nostalgia will follow, go figure.) Kudos to the enigmatic tangerine experience.


Lyra Angelica R. Velayo BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
With my comtech management education, I think I’d very much like to break into the memorial service market by introducing special-themed funerals. I’m thinking “Under the Sea Adventure,” with a big shell for a coffin, mermaid and other sea creature costumes for the guests and the “interred,” then ocean waves and samba music playing in the background. People say the market will never be ready for this kind of service; but I don’t know with them, I’d sure want one. I’d want my life to be remembered as an outrageously fun adventure. Especially these past four years, after hyperacidity from math and accounting, life-altering philosophical awakenings, hilariously absurd video productions, quite a number of drunken revelries and enormous amounts of corny outbursts—it has definitely been a ride worthy of a celebration. At the risk of sounding touchy-feely, it wouldn’t have been as much fun an experience if not for the people I had them with (friends, take a bow!). I’ve had the best time and I won’t ever forget!


Rochelle T. Veron BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Loyalty is definitely the cornerstone of Rochelle’s personality. Nobody can accuse this girl of infidelity whether it comes to crushes or friends. While some people change their crushes on a weekly basis, Rochelle sticks to her one-and-only for not one, not even two but all four years of her college life. However, is that loyalty or addiction? As Britney Spears song says, “I’m addicted to you don’t you know that you’re toxic!” When her friends wind up in a messy situation, she’ll jump right in, boxing your ears for your stupidity while trying to sort out the mess for you. Also, in terms of having a good time, this girl is The Rock! She can turn practically every situation into a good joke. Just like her “idol,” “no commercial jingles would definitely escape her attention as she gives out whole-hearted renditions out of the blue.” True to her name, Rochelle is our “little rock”—a rock you can lean on; or you can have a good time with, throwing them to a tree. And of course, she’s a rock that you can count on to support you, come hell or high water.


Ronabelle Jeah A. Villanueva BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Minsan, may mga taong sadyang ipinadala ng Diyos upang magbigay inspirasyon at kaliwanagan sa pang araw-araw nating karanasan. Minsan, may dumating bilang magaling na tagapagbahagi ng mga kwentong muling nagbigay kulay doon sa nakabaon na. Minsan, may nagtaglay ng pambihirang kakayahang pabilisin ang oras. Minsan, may tahimik ngunit masugid na sumubaybay sa mga malatelenobelang pakikipagsapalaran ng buhay kolehiyo. Minsan, may nagpamalas ng matinding abilidad na pumukaw sa nakararami. Minsan, may mahiwagang radar na nakakita at nakarinig sa mga mahihiwagang nilalang. Minsan, may tumulong sa isang nawawalang bata upang makauwi ng matiwasay at masiguradong may bukas pang aabutin. Minsan, may nagtulak na mangarap at maniwalang may mararating ang lahat ng pagsisikap. Minsan may nangarap, lumaban, at nagtagumpay. Minsan may isang kaibigang simple at totoo. Minsan, sa buhay kolehiyo, may isang Jeah, na halos ganito.


Alexa Luccina M. Virata BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
You must have spotted this girl rapidly walking along the SEC walkway carrying several documents to Colayco to have her files received, then back to Ate Cora at SOM to get her photocopied articles. It doesn’t stop there. She goes back to the cafeteria to buy her favorite Spicy Herb Chicken and bottled water then off she goes to her class. That’s Alexa’s day in school: fast-paced. She can sometimes be a klutz and absent-minded (especially when it comes to her Lisa Loeb-ish specs). This girl is really grade conscious and is never happy with a C+. But don’t get me wrong, she’s not a nerd. She’s perfectly normal. Alexa is a milkshake mix of intellect, fun and wit, with a big helping of humble pie. She loves going out with her friends and is an expert on human relations. Despite her sped-up world, she never fails to stop and say hello, well that is if she sees you with her very poor eyesight. Don’t be deceived with her snobbish appearance; she’s one of the perkiest people around, even on the first meeting. In a word—superb!


Paul James Henri C. Yañez BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Popoy always keeps his word. That’s because he says it best when he says nothing at all. Poy is a man with few words, standing quite up and out amongst other Ateneans who can’t wait to share their opinions. Poy lives everyday without expectations, without prejudices and without fears. He is a true free spirit who has a different, more honest kind of philosophy. Poy is a big dreamer, not letting petty details stand in the way of, say, backpacking through Europe by himself, starting his own franchise, buying his own apartment in a foreign country, hijacking an airplane, build his own army or fleet…you name it, he’s thought of it, considered it, and has plans to eventually do it. An easygoing guy, he sports a curiously large amount of luck that lets him breeze through life-changing obstacles with a happy go-lucky ease. Poy is the renowned baby of his friends, always the stress-reliever and ready hug. He is always ready to give love, and inadvertently is also loved by many so very, very much.


Jessica Agnes L. Yap BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Chay: this girl is so talented, she scares herself. A music aficionado, a poet with an amazing way with words, a gifted photographer, a tough movie critic and occasional wise guy, she shows a natural aptitude for creativity. She’ll do anything for the people she loves and she can make sense out of the craziest things. And she’s cute too! Chay is all that and much more. If only she knew it…


Robert Vincent A. Yatco BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Rob is your dose of caffeine when there is a shortage of coffee; a walking instant-laughter sachet; and he is your punching bag when you need to rant. Rob is a guy who will go out of his way to put a smile on your face or liven up a boring day. But do not be fooled by his lighthearted personality, because Rob is a very hardworking student who takes his dreams seriously. What’s great about him is that he’s always willing to help out friends in times of need, and he’s the first one to offer a hand in whatever way he can. He is a sweet person who never fails to show how much he cares. One will be surprised at the depth of topics that a conversation with Rob may encompass, because this is a guy who definitely talks some sense, especially when one gets the opportunity to have a one-on-one with him. Someday, when college is over and we have all gone our separate ways, Rob will be one of those few people with whom we would like to keep in touch, because rarely does life gift us with friends as loyal and as true.


Fumiko L. Yu BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Do you know another person with such an odd name? I bet most of you guys don’t. But for those who know Fumiko, they can easily associate her with class and exquisiteness. Her statuesque frame and fashion sense may give the impression of a hard-to-reach girl, but once she flashes her disarming smile, all initial thoughts are washed down the drain. A child at heart, this bubbly lady indeed is someone you can surely get along with. She dazzles people around her with a pinch of energy, a dash of her sense of humor and charming smile. A name as unique as Fumiko matches the exceptional girl that she is. Just as her name implies, she is a true princess endowed with enthusiasm, style and perfection. Miko review: Japanese name, Chinese descent, Filipino upbringing, nerd-like passion to study, party-girl fashion sense, weird sense of humor, über high grades, out of the blue comments, sudden mental phaseouts, clueless child, affectionate, strong-willed, loyal to friends—need we say more?


Aram Loe S. Zarate BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management
Diagnosis: - Eye twitching due to overreading and late night cramming (nerdosis) - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by all the tarps, poster, banners, brochures, CS projects, and web layouts he made for hours and hours. - Overeating of donuts, hotdogs, & sour cream flavoured fries - Schizophrenia: claims to dislike pop but loves Britney, hears all rumors about his friends, hallucinates about being a famous designer - Still being tested for Bulimia or Anorexia: has consistently been losing weight since freshman year. Treatment: - Spontaneous trips to Tagaytay, Baguio & Bora (crazy8+dboys) - Spending the best years of college life with the ever reliable, fun-loving and life-embracing Block-R and English R16. - Eat more, sleep more, love more. Still, books first before… - Finding happiness from family and friends, not just work.

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