Richmond L. Alviar BS Management Engineering

He needs only two things to survive: McDonald’s cheeseburger and water. He needs only three things to be happy: McDonald’s cheeseburger, water, and sundae cone.


Ryan Oliver Z. Balingit BS Management Engineering

He no longer cared about anything, yet he cared about everything… I would like to thank everyone who played a part in my Ateneo experience. Your contribution is truly appreciated. Cheers! “What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain ‘til you see their specks dispersing?—it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s goodbye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.” —Jack Kerouac, On the Road


Ma. Alita Criselle V. Bautista BS Management Engineering

Adventure: Budapest, Japan, Germany, KL, Slovenia, Greece—she has explored them all. Most are not even destinations for vacation and relaxation, but for exchange student programs and seminars. She gets chosen to represent our school and country by blowing all the competition away with a mere “ready, set, go!” to psych herself up. Whenever Criselle leaves, friends and family miss her dearly; but when she comes back, those on the other side end up missing her just as much. Everyone can’t get enough of her optimistic outlook, coupled with her infectious smile, witty answers, and the simplest things that make her happy. There’s that spark in her eyes. Adventure is a breath of newness, of creating moments in the ordinariness of everyday. This girl has a lot of spirit, tagged with a game face that just never fails her. Next time you ride a plane, check if she’s seated there somewhere. With such determination and diligence, she’ll definitely go places farther than she’s been. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


John Martin O. Belgado BS Management Engineering

Whenever Martin tells you a joke or a funny story, you either get it or you don’t. The guy has such a peculiar sense of humor; it will take you minutes to figure it out. You just end up laughing, anyway. Martin is a very laidback guy. Believe it or not, you will never see him stressed. With Martin, everything’s plain and simple. He’s serious when he means business, but when it’s time for fun, he’s game for anything. Try to get to know Martin a little better and, slowly but surely, you will be amazed. He is not afraid to indulge in his interests—like attempt to try some wrestling moves he saw on TV on an unsuspecting victim. He has a sweet tooth and believes that “there’s no such thing as too much donuts”. Martin is a techie and more specifically, a Mac addict. But just when you think that the only meaningful relationship Martin has is with his Powerbook, think again. He is the most sincere and loyal friend one could ever have. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Jean Abigail T. Bendicion BS Management Engineering

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” —Matthew 5:16


Katrina Alexa M. Bollozos BS Management Engineering

Trina. Asleep during the day. Awake at night. Loves vegetables. Hates ice cream. Goes cliff-diving. Fears heights. Loves her brothers. Wants to strangle them. Gets mad 10 seconds too soon. Laughs 10 seconds too late. Studies during a party. Parties the night before a math test. Goes to class in her pajamas. Goes to bed in her school clothes. Can figure out a business case. Can’t figure out directions. Can organize events without a planner. Can’t remember her class schedule. Has decided what to do for the next 5 years. Can’t decide what to eat for lunch. Management Engineering graduate. Rockstar wannabe. Ironic? Absolutely. Maybe that’s what’s different about her.


Oscar R. Bruce, Jr. BS Management Engineering

There are two types of high school valedictorians. The first is the classic nerd who buries himself in books and gets his toga ripped due to countless medal pins. The second is Oscar, a valedictorian who is brilliant, hardworking, and weird. For instance, he physically and emotionally tortures his fellow classmates. During major exams, he breaks into (novelty) song five minutes before and after the test. He is a walking advertisement for ABS-CBN, Jollibee, and National Bookstore. He is one of the early birds as well as the last to lurk in the darkness of Colayco Hall in his COA days. He is Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Grouchy at the same time. However, in spite of his weirdness and questionable sanity, he is one of a kind. A very loyal, good pet—err… friend. No, seriously, Oscar is simply the best, and I am just happy, proud, and lucky to be his good friend.


Jose Benjamin D. Buensuceso, Jr. BS Management Engineering

I almost got kicked out of my course. But with some perseverance, hard work, determination, prayers, laughs and encouragement from my friends and family, I made it through…Thank you. Ateneo was good for me. It started really squeezing out the best of me. It made me realize that there are a lot of great minds in this planet (including mine). It gave me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. College here was exhilarating! Thanks to the following, for making my college life memorable: The Cancio family and Tantan—for adopting me for a year; Alabang Carpool—the ultimate combination of efficiency and fun; basketball—the best sport in town; my teachers—would you believe I learned?; my friends— for all the laughs; my family—for being very supportive; and my God—thanks for this wonderful life. “Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God.” —1 John 4:7


Gideon Adriel E. Butalid BS Management Engineering

Gidz. Moves slowly, steadily and surely forward. The language he understands: high standards. OJT bosses couldn’t keep up with him. Stickler for quality. Quality control personified. Thinks out of the box. Always has a different perspective. Should be everyone’s management consultant. Dealt with the challenges of founding Statistics Circle. Minimalist. Vegetarian. Sacristan once upon a time. Man of God. Boholano blood. Deep inside: a man of steel, tested by fire.


Clarissa Joy C. Casabuena BS Management Engineering

Clarissa is a living testament that gentleness is a virtue. She wins the admiration of the people around her effortlessly because of her kind heart, her genuineness, and her vibrant spirit. But if you think Clarissa is your typical meek and innocent girl, better think again. Once she gets comfortable with you, she’ll surely rack you with her out of the blue hirits. She has watched wrestling since the time when the commercials were still Encarnacion Bechaves Flowers and Caronia Nail Polish. Beneath the sparkling disposition and effervescent smile is a woman seriously passionate for the Lord and her family. She sets her heart on every task given to her and works on it with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Hard and soft, delicate and tough, Clarissa’s many facets truly make her a treasured gem to everyone who knows her.


Madeliene Paula U. Chan BS Management Engineering

Somewhere between academics and athletics, we saw Maddie’s unending determination, extraordinary skills and sheer brilliance. Somewhere between sequins and glitters, handwritten notes and birthday celebrations, we witnessed the incredible transformation of bright ideas into creative action. Somewhere between studying for tests, cramming assignments and late-night projects, we received open smiles and warm hugs from a bubbly, sometimes crazy and stressed-out Maddie. Somewhere between meaningful conversations and meaningless ones, we found someone who doubles our joys and divides our sorrows, shares in our excitements and listens to our endless complaints. Somewhere beneath the surface, we learned of her inner strength and depth of character, resilience and courage truly worth admiring. And somewhere along the way, we are surely glad to have come across this priceless jewel—that is Maddie. (SMACKS)


Mark Edward U. Chan BS Management Engineering

Warning. A rare specimen from an unknown race was reported to have nestled in the Ateneo. Specimen Code: Edward. The specimen is said to be very dangerous. Talon-like nails, all sparklingly clean after fervent buffing, were reported to be on Edward. He has a sharp and witty tongue ready to end any argument brewing before him. The specimen is also highly intellectual. He excels in all his subjects, and is very organized. He has managed the Academics Department of MEA with much ease, to the great satisfaction of undergraduates. Above these, the specimen has an interesting ability to touch the hearts and lives of many with his pleasant personality. He is known to many as one of the leading faces in the Beach, and one of the noisiest. A higher being or not, one thing’s for sure. Edward is loved by many. He is one special alien, or whatever, you can’t find anywhere else in the universe.


Erica Ritz L. Chang BS Management Engineering

Great things come in small packages—Erica definitely pushes this age-old adage to its limits. Beautiful, smart, and responsible, one can’t help but get intimidated by this perfection standing in front of him. Then again, don’t let this make you think that she is not capable of mischief because she can surely make you laugh with a few of her naughty schemes and witty remarks. Just like the rest of us, you’ll see her buried under that accounting or math book. But just one call and she will unhesitatingly put down that book for her friends. Er is one of the most genuine friends you’ll ever meet; she can give you the soundest advice on just about anything. She might be an inch short from Wonder Woman but her small frame encapsulates an exceptional mind, an enormous heart and a beautiful soul.


Fitzgerald S. Chee BS Management Engineering

Fitz is the kind of person who turns into a monster if he’s still awake by 12 midnight. That is why this boy’s gotta be asleep by 12—unusual for a dormer. But you bet, when he’s awake he is a hardworking and diligent horse. Brilliant and full of ideas, Fitz is the smart guy, with a smart attitude, for smart and non-smart people alike. All in all, Fitz is the kind of guy who always remembers God in every endeavor, a guy who has a perpetual smile that lights up a room no matter how gloomy the mood may be. You’ll never run out of good qualities to describe this guy because he’s believed to be a direct descendant of Christ himself! Truly an enlightened individual who has a clear direction in life.


Carissa Melinda T. Chen BS Management Engineering

Let it not be said that this is a person who did not love with passion.


Harold T. Cua BS Management Engineering

Once, a fortune teller foresaw that a couple would have a son who will bring fortune to all. The fortune teller was right; Harold was a blessing. He was brought up with immense gifts and talents. As a student, he’s diligent but not a nerd. As an athlete, he’s hungry yet noble. As a friend, he’s concerned and caring. As an Atenean, he know he has an entire world to conquer, but not at the expense of his Jesuit humanity. More importantly, despite all these, he possesses a rare heart that enables him to be an admirable friend. In fact, he is the abridgement of what one would term a friend. His quirky remarks never fail to brighten one’s gloomy day. And although he has a truly buoyant and comic personality, he knows when to take things seriously and does so when the situation calls for it. He is one of the very best people you can rely on. If you are confronted with a problem, he shares in it and without a doubt, tries to solve them; a terrific troubleshooter, in a sense. He is truly someone we are all blessed to have.


Herbert T. Cua BS Management Engineering

One may be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of talent that pours out of Herbert. He has a mind that surpasses the norms of his peers. He has eyes that turn confusion into clarity. He has a tongue that has been his staff of wisdom rather than his source of pride. He has an athleticism that has proved his holistic brilliance to many. These may be some of the tangible gifts that he possesses, yet his greatest talent is perhaps his ability to make a great friend and a worthy peer. His calm demeanor and humble personality make people feel he is one of them. His adept dexterity gives people the facility for their difficulties. Though sharp and frank, his words and wit always mean well. His strong determination keeps people intact and secure. His comical comments and tricks bring laughter and relief to everyone. Herbert is aware of his capabilities and doesn’t hesitate to put them into good use for him and others. The spirit of Magis seems to lie behind him all the time. His big heart and healthy soul surely bring warmth to all.


Gabriel Dino C. de Jesus BS Management Engineering

College has transformed Dino into a man who will become our country’s future leader. Dino may have gone through tough times and yet he was able to cope with them and emerge to be more mature and more confident of himself. Despite his numerous achievements, he still remains humble, continues to be driven, and aspires and works for more. He is a very compassionate person, always too willing to extend his help to anyone. But the side of Dino that we don’t usually see is an innocent and playful boy who is very easy to please. He is still a little kid who needs to be taken care of! No matter where life may take him, I am 100% certain that Dino, may it be the strong and serious side we know, or the little boy inside of him, will continue to show his best and outshine the rest wherever he may go. With his strength, passion, determination, and the brains and looks to match, we can only expect great things from him in the years to come.


Allen Martin O. Dee BS Management Engineering

This guy has it all. He’s tall, dark, and, well, friendly. Allen Dee constantly catches the attention and admiration of the people he meets. Towering almost six feet tall, he can prove to be intimidating for first-time acquaintances. But once you get past that stage, you’ll discover that for all his size and enormity, Allen, or Dong, as he is more popularly known, has a kind and gentle manner about him. Dong is one of those smart and laidback students who usually study the night before a long exam and still get high marks. He is a basketball enthusiast, an alternative/chill-out/ R&B music buff, and a great friend. He is the type of person you’d want to be with, be it in work, a group project, an NBA Live game, or a Friday night out. He is dependable, caring, and trustworthy—the mark of a true gentleman. Dong, throughout his life, has constantly reminded us that there are still people in this world that light on the word ‘perfect.’


Jeffrey John D. del Prado BS Management Engineering

All hail the King of Pradohood! Passion. Dedication. Talent. These three words sum up Jeff’s success story in college. Jeff strives to excel in every field he takes up, from orgs to studies to sports. As his friends usually say, “Jeff has a plan!” Jeff is also an avid reader of books, a gimikero, and a hardcore rock aficionado. Of achievements, Jeff has become a DotA Champion and the “Itaas Mo!” title holder of T1. This is all, of course, to say the least of this guy. Jeff, most of all, is a great friend and companion. Trust him to be there when you need a companion during long T-Th breaks. In his own gruff and joking way, Jeff will comfort you when you’re down from the latest Stat exam, or from a bad breakup. For Jeff, it is sometimes useful to be reminded that gods can die forgotten, but friends last until the next lifetime.


Joanna Victoria C. Dimapilis BS Management Engineering

“No, wait! Alam ko na!” she suddenly says, beaming with pride. It takes you a while to realize what she means. But you eventually get it. Jodi just figured out another one of those complicated OR problems that occasionally characterize her life. No, Jodi is not a nerd. She—well, she just gets carried away sometimes. Hours later, you find her seated at the caf, with a dozen different kinds of Post-its stuck to her notebook, assigning a color and design for each list of things to do. No, Jodi is not really that OC. She—well, she just really likes Post-its. Sure, Jodi is small…minute…tiny…petite…but she is by no means short—of anything. Full of enthusiasm, she tirelessly works on all those org-related activities she has so much passion for. No, Jodi is not obsessed. She—well, she’s just Jodi.


Sherwin Dwight O. Ebalo BS Management Engineering

Host: What for you is the essence of beauty? Sherwin: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Being endowed by the Creator with the gift of unparalleled splendor, I feel that beauty is more than what meets the eye. Though I know that my physical attributes outshine even the Angelinas of this world, it is my personal conviction that inner beauty is what truly matters. With my wit and humor, for example, I bring smiles to weary faces. With my golden heart, I bring refreshment to tired souls. With my acts of kindness, I bring heaven on earth. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the essence of beauty is (dramatic pause) world peace. Thank you. Host: And the winner is… Sherwin, gising!


Gerard Alphonsus L. Elayda BS Management Engineering

Name: It was GA, and then Gerard. Course: BS AJMA, with a PhD in Marketing. Popular for: Trying to be on a diet but violating it at times. Seriously speaking (or semi-seriously), GA is someone whom you can talk with about anything. His unique sense of humor & funny moments (i.e. when he unintentionally talks about something that’s miles away from what you’re talking about) will surely bring you to a wild ride of laughter every time you talk to him. This guy, who stays just across Ateneo, surely has had a lot of good & tough times in his four years in ME. Nevertheless, he is a survivor. I can recall his extreme disappointment over a Math test; yet, he still made it through. Add to that his leadership roles in AJMA and you would be impressed by his acts of balancing school and org. A lover of Marketing, he’s also exploring Finance as another option for a career. An independent thinker w/ a lot of room for creativity, GA is certainly a great asset for the corporate arena. Finally… food trip? He’d gladly accompany you!


Miguel Andre P. Encarnacion BS Management Engineering

Si Enca, pa-star. He thinks he’s all that. He says he’ll get a 4.0 QPI every semester, and yet he hardly ever gets A’s. He claims to be the best point-forward in school, but he’s not even a member of the Seniors basketball team. He proclaims to be a “cutiepie” when in fact, he…well, okay— let’s give it to him—he’s one of the more striking people in campus, despite the fact that he looks like his IQ does not exceed 5. Most people would tend to see Enca as an underachiever. Those who know him would vehemently disagree. He’s a risk-taker; he’s driven; he’s passionate; he’s intense; and he’s definitely no quitter. He’s a clutch performer, capable of taking over anything, either as the leader who teaches the rookies, or the complementing teammate. Yes, si Enca, pa-star—not because he thinks he’s got everything going for him, but because he dreams to be a superstar. He just doesn’t know it yet, but he already is. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Francis Nikolai P. Eraña BS Management Engineering

Nikko is a companion, a true friend. He will spend time with you not because it is convenient, but because he wants to. He always picks his friends carefully and rightfully so. He would not open up to just anyone; but when he does to a friend, it is truly sincere. In return, he understands his friends and accommodates their concerns. Nikko is fun to be with because he provides a boost of optimism and laughter in the area, yet at times, he can subtly get on your nerves. When he wants to say something, he says it either straightforward or sarcastically, unafraid to cut to the chase when necessary. He can be outgoing or antisocial, rational or impractical. Overall, Nikko is normal, imperfect, because he is true, to himself, to others, and ultimately to God. As cheesy as it may sound, Nikko is great company, company one would want to have for a time much longer than now. Hopefully, when he steps into the professional world, he will be able to produce people as well-principled, as God-loving, as loyal as him.


Jacqui Anne Kelly L. Evangelista BS Management Engineering

Just when you think you’ve got the best friends one could ever have, Jacqui suddenly comes into your life, changing it in a way words could never describe. As you get to know Jacqui, you’ll find yourself fascinated by the wonderful things that she could do to you, such as making you listen to her sing as if you are not beside her, making you binge like there’s no tomorrow, making you tell her the stories that you don’t usually tell to anyone, and making you want to cherish every precious moment with her like there isn’t a next time. Jac will make you realize that there’s no such thing as a corny joke or a boring story; that being out of the ordinary is the normal way to go; that compliments are always understatements; that school is really more about friends than books; and that family is the most important treasure one could ever have. Jac takes on life with the sense of a woman and the spirit of a child tirelessly searching for good things to look forward to in life (hardly ever knowing that she is enough).


Danielle Marie C. Feliciano BS Management Engineering

“Oh my gosh, <insert name>, may ikukuwento ako sa’yo!” This is Danes’ way of saying “Good morning!” And you sit there, staring in awe, at the level of energy she must use to tell a single story. A few minutes later, you hear her sing her favorite anime or Asianovela song which you don’t really understand, but tolerate anyway for her enjoyment. More than an anime or Asianovela enthusiast, Danes is a model student in her own way. Sure she exhausts all her allowable cuts and almost always comes to class a few minutes late. She hands in her papers fresh from the printers of RSF, and cramming defines her studying habits. Yet, she manages to get good grades in all those braintwisting, nerve-wracking ME subjects. That’s what makes Danielle Marie C. Feliciano, Danes.


Natasha Iza K. Fernandez BS Management Engineering

“Just once?!?” Well actually, not even. You’ll never see this girl gloomy, aggravated nor demoralized. She is uniquely blessed with a face and a personality that radiate eternal sunshine. This is Iza, the smiling face. Ever composed, ever glowing, ever steady. This is what draws people to her: the subtle sweetness of her character creeps up on you like the gentle dawn rays which soothe and comfort, day after day, without fail. Don’t let her laidback nature fool you, though. Behind those big shiny teeth and small shy eyes is a pure genius that can pounce and demolish any problem. The rumors are true—her small frame has indeed carried a multitude of batch mates and friends as she selflessly tutors for each test. For sure, Iza will leave the Ateneo as a legend. But it will not be because of her exemplary grades nor her record number of class cuts; her legend lies in the simplicity, humility and innocence amidst the beauty, brilliance and perfection. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Jason Oliver C. Go BS Management Engineering

Banking on his unique physical traits and innate charisma, Jags is one of the more popular members of the batch. He can make anyone smile and laugh with his wit and humor. He may seem like the type of guy who’ll never take anything seriously. The fact of the matter is, he thinks things ten times over before actually pursuing them. He is an athlete in his own right. His killer crossover is as powerful as his killer smile, which is just as indicative of this person’s potential for success. He is competent, diligent, and most capable of succeeding in the real world. He has creative juices flowing in him that enable him to make seemingly ordinary things into something unique only to him. It is the little things that he does that make him so endearing. Jags may be a man of few words and his oafishness may be the first thing you notice; but regardless of this, he has shown us how true and pure his heart really is.


Stephanie Michelle D. Go BS Management Engineering

How can one bottle up the bubbling contents of the complicated mass that is Steggy? To do so would be like trying to keep too much helium in a balloon. When there’s so much substance inside, how can the balloon contain it? In actuality, it can’t…that’s why it bursts. The same effect is applicable to the one people know as the resident supergirl, one-woman production crew, or the TNT in a box. When you chance a glance at her sweet and usually laced-with-pink self, you may even be surprised at the things she is actually capable of. To those who know her well, she’s the one who people will find running around the campus looking for people and getting things done. She’s the one who isn’t afraid to show people who she is and what she can do. She’s the one who reaches out her hand and touches the stars. So what will happen once you try to contain her? She will only become stronger, bursting out of the bottle to mark her prophecy of greatness for the Ateneo, and the rest of the world, to see.


Carlo Sebastian B. Gutierrez BS Management Engineering

Caloy is ever the slow-moving but quick-witted mix of comedy and style. Caby (or Prince Olrac) to his closer friends, is someone trustworthy and responsible. He is often called Careerman as a joke about his seriousness regarding his assigned tasks. Although he really has a keen sense of what he wants out of his future endeavors, he never forgets to spend time with friends even though it is spent joking around and doing nothing but nonsense. His friends all think he is the real weezer, a term they call someone who is always cool, calm, and collected. He is never the one to run out on matters of fun, but he hates it when he thinks his name has been tainted—a true mark of a gentleman. Even though he is sometimes the shy one when it comes to the girls of his dreams, he is quick to make friends with men and women alike. Smart, fun, a music-lover, and full of good character, these are why he is known as Mr. Perfect.


Amarish Joy Y. Horrilleno BS Management Engineering

When one speaks with or hangs out with this quiet chinita, one is sure to discover more about the world at large. Though she is mostly preoccupied with clothes, bags and the love of her life (i.e. her shoes) she is able to offer others advice. She is able to do this because of her skill to see what others tend to just ignore. She is able to absorb and process what is outside and with sufficient prompting, shares her opinions with others. Be it good news or bad news, expect to hear it from her with equal gusto as she’ll give it with her lovely smile. You are sure to simply feel the day turn brighter and whatever burden seems lighter whenever she’s around. Be joyful for Joy is truly a friend for keeps.


Richard Neil A. Ilagan BS Management Engineering

Pinilit talaga ni Carding na magpaka-estudyante, ngunit naniniwala siya na hindi sa pakikinig sa ora-oradang Pilosopiya at araw-arawang Matematika ang tunay na maghahanda sa kanya para sa kanyang mga minimithi. Sa halip ay inilaan niya ang kanyang oras sa mga bagay tulad ng pagko-komyut, pagpupuyat, pagkakarpintero at pagtulong sa iilang mga taong lumalapit sa kanya para humingi ng tulong at suporta. Masasabi niyang nakamit nga niya ang kanyang mga hinahangad, ngunit totoong kapos ang oras. Nananawagan siya sa lahat ng kanyang mga naging kaibigan at ka-ibigan (choz) na ipagpatuloy ang paglapit sa kanya para sa kung anumang mga bagay, at ipinapangako niyang pananatilihin niyang libre ang kanyang serbisyo at panahon, gaya ng dati. Salamat sa lahat ng nakisaya at nakitaya.


Javier Antonio F. Inumerable BS Management Engineering

To an ordinary observer, Javy may look like someone caught up in his daydreams, often distracted and detached. The truth is, Javy probably has the potential to do almost anything he wants to do; the only thing is, he never seems to want to, except under extreme pressure. This guy is famous for starting 5-page papers three hours before submission, or 10-page research papers two days before, and actually getting decent grades (well, most of the time). But although this “laziness” may seem like a liability in group projects, his penchant for coming through when needed has proven to be one of the best assets a group could ask for. Underneath this exterior, Javy is a man of many layers, and many contradictions. For example, where else can you find a dedicated officer in a SOA org who also exhibits certain Machiavellian tendencies? Also, his usual silence masks a wittiness not many people get to see or appreciate. And if you get to know him well enough, you will see that in his dreamy state, he is one of the few people in this world who make perfect sense.


Jamille Castor M. Jongko BS Management Engineering

Jam is one of the few people you will meet who know what direction to take in life. Aside from being everybody’s chum, he also gets to knock some sense into his closest of friends. Underneath the simple smiles and occasional jokes is a person of principle and profound aspirations. He faces life with a kind of courage most of us could only dream of. No amount of hardship could ever be enough to fade the laughter in this guy’s heart.


Maris A. Lallana BS Management Engineering

A day in the life of Maris is defined by a mishap or two: She can wear her shorts backward or slip on the wrong shoe, She can spill coffee on her new sheets or Coke on the floor, And if you think that’s bad enough, then wait, there’s still more— She gets bruises on her legs from heaven-knows-where, An electric fan accident almost left her without hair. Once, she fell asleep with her ID hung around her neck, (But she was awfully stressed at that time, so c’mon, what the heck). You’ve gotta hand it to her, though; she takes it all in stride, She simply smiles an enormous smile and starts humming with pride: “Dum-dee-dum-dum-dum,” as she plops down on her bed. She could be glum and gloomy, but she thinks happy thoughts instead. A day in the life of Maris is defined by a mishap or two, But she never lets these booboos ruin her day, so neither should you.


Patrick Ryan C. Lao BS Management Engineering

No words can ever describe him because he is simply “Patsoy.” Maybe because his personality says it all. He is a gentle person with an ever caring heart, a man who has touched other people without having the slightest idea of the impact he makes on their lives. Patsoy is truly everything you need in a friend and more. He alters the entire structure of that word and definitely adds more meaning and life into it. Maybe he himself will never notice the inspiration and joy he brings to all of us because Patsoy is the true happiness we have been experiencing all this time. 1Patrick \”Pa-tri-‘ck\ noun\ (1984) 1 a: eccentric b. a crazy person 2 a: gifted with unique ideas and talents b. literary genius c. consummate guitarist 3 a: hilarious b: cheerful, comforting 4 a: a friend that you can always count on b: a person who’ll go out of his way for you c: a person you can trust syn \Patsoy (noun)


Raul Michael D. Leopando BS Management Engineering

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.” —Burton Hills Mikey’s approach to life is just like his laugh: genuine, unguarded and utterly contagious. Agonizing over grades and stressing over deadlines is not his style. Instead, days are filled with endless jokes and teasing, uncontrollable laughter, perhaps even a giggle now and then. Life is simple, uncluttered, relaxed. But don’t misconstrue. He’s no slacker; he delivers when called for. He just does so with ease and pace. When he decides to, he easily dominates in school, in the basketball court, in org work, and anywhere else you put him. Mikey is the type of person who keeps you on the edge— giving you just enough to leave you wanting more. He sits around having fun, keeping things right, and keeping everyone around happy, too—knowing that he’s more than enough, whatever need may come along. Mikey isn’t the kind of person to go out searching for happiness—he doesn’t need to. He’s already there. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Carla Nicole T. Lim BS Management Engineering

Life brings simple pleasures. Chocolate is one of its gifts to many, while Carla is its present to a lucky few. Chocolates and Carla are very much alike. They both have that dark, rich color, which can fill your life with flavor. Dull moments are easily flushed out by Carla’s charming wit and humor. Chocolates and Carla also have that tantalizing sweetness which leaves you yearning for more. After all, who can blame you for consciously longing for Carla’s endearing mannerisms and gestures? Chocolates melt in your hands, while you’ll be melting in the warmth of Carla’s company. Her graceful presence magically weaves a world filled with fantasy yet in tune with reality. Egyptian princess, mythical 5 baller, stunningly beautiful fashionista and loving friend all in one—a gift craved for by many yet only available to a select few. Chocolates buy you a few minutes of happiness. Carla brings you a lifetime of it. Sunburnt and steady from The Beach.


Edward Byron T. Lim BS Management Engineering

Is it possible to fail accounting and finance and still stay in ME? Well, this guy has done it. How? By working hard and persevering. He is very responsible and reliable, faithful in all the things that are entrusted to him. Byron has a true servant’s heart—humble and always ready to lend a hand. Nope, you are wrong if you think he’s the all-work-noplay type of guy. Byron also loves to sing, laugh, and play basketball. His innocence and occasional “deafness” (what we call “Edward’s Syndrome”) never fails to bring comic relief. That’s why it’s always fun to be around him. You’d even recognize his voice even if you were a kilometer away because he is the symbol of energy and fun conversations. A hardworking student and an org leader, Byron is great, cool, funny and a trusted pal above all else. Way to go Byron!


Sarah Rose U. Lim BS Management Engineering

Sarah has a knack for always being at the top of her class. She is an intelligent, hardworking, responsible, confident and well-rounded perfectionist who has principles in life. But even with her talents and brains, Sarah remains humble, simple, down-to-earth and fun to be with. Gifted with the ability to cheer others, she’s sure to lift your spirit whenever you’re down, through her wit, charm, sheer beauty and light-hearted ways. Sarah’s the girl with no fuzz—what you see is what you get. She’ll generously give you her refreshing smile, yet she’ll frown when things seem to be wrong for her. All these simplicities make her win the place of everyone’s dearest friend. Sarah is also one of the most determined persons you could ever meet. She never quits and nothing can ever stop her once she sets herself towards a goal. Moreover, she’s one who never forgets her first priority: God. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to serve God and others. Truly a living testimony and a wonderful blessing to everyone around her!


Sarah Jean C. Liuson BS Management Engineering

Sarah Liuson. This pretty, petite girl is not just a pretty face. She’s more than that. She’s someone who you can count on to do your Powerpoint presentations. Even in the wee hours, you’ll find her doing projects, not panicking a bit. This is not to say that her work, even though crammed, is out of style. She never does anything below her standard, and that is a very high standard! No wonder people always trust Sarah with the finishing touches of their projects. By now, you might perceive this girl as a pretty and studious girl. But there’s more!!! This girl always prioritizes her friends more than anything. She will wait with you until you are safely in your car or in your class. You can also count on Sarah with gimmicks! She’s always game! Spending quality time, chatting and being with friends are some of the few things she enjoys. During Saturdays afternoon, she enjoys painting, one of her talents that you might have not known. There are lot more things I can say about her, but it’s better to find it out yourself.


Maria Kris Ann A. Llanes BS Management Engineering

If she was music, it is best to play her in an orchestra; otherwise, she loses her harmony. She is but a composition of different and opposing yet harmonious set of notes that give her character. Vindictive of poor performance, Kris would most likely blame herself endlessly and undergo chronic moments of depression until she finally opens herself to a high probability of success. Hard working and success-oriented, Kris is bound to be an outstanding player in a cutthroat world of business management. But work and academics alone do not define her, her frequent sharp humor and child-like roles make her a favorite among her peers. As a child, Kris loves to play dress-up. Even today, her frequent self-directed attention made mirrors, tinted car windows and puddles her companions. Her kind and sensitive side shows every now and then, making feats of sweetness and love toward her dearest friends. Blessed with beauty and brains, a good daughter, student and a soon to be business woman—only motherhood await.


Paul Jeffrey C. Lu BS Management Engineering

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort of and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” —Martin Luther King Jr.


Joel Patrick L. Macalintal BS Management Engineering

“Weh…” He pauses, looks thoughtful for a while, and gives you a full-blown account of how he solved the math and programming-laden homework. You struggle to understand beyond the “Ah ganito kasi yan..” But somewhere along the way, you yourself pause and ponder as to why some people are just more gifted than others. As Joel finishes his last sentence, you almost gasp in awe, but you stop yourself. A few minutes later, you get reminded why. He just made another crack at what you said. And you’re not sure why but you and everyone else on your table seems to think it’s funny. He looks at all of you and manages to maintain a straight face. How does he do it? Where is the shift from the responsible, serious or careering student to the unknowing clown? You shake your head. See, this is why you sometimes feel that this person has a split personality…


Madelyne L. Malaki BS Management Engineering

Its 15 minutes past the bell and like clockwork you glimpse someone wearing bright spag straps expertly entering without a squeak—it’s Madz—the epitome of a walking contradiction. Roller coasters and buffet meals. Fairy tales and alternative music. Chocolate milk and the beach. Despite being a mix of mismatched notions, everything just looks like they fit in perfectly for her. She laughs like it is the greatest thing in the world. Talks like she’ll never run out of breath. Lives like there’s no tomorrow. She breathes life. Lives life. Is life. And because of her, every moment and experience is felt deeper and longer. Yes, her—the chocolate-lover, the notorious insomniac, the girl who’s utterly infectious to be around with. Nothing can stop her. And people love her for that. Phone call after phone call, text after text, people scramble to get a little word of wisdom or a small funnily serious thought on life and love to let them know that everything is going to be alright. And coming from her, it always seems it will be.


Justin Edward G. Modesto III BS Management Engineering

Justin has a firm grip on reality, thus making him life’s able apprentice. Perhaps, what makes him survive in this dogeat-dog world is his firm sense of priorities. Justin is able to vote-off any temptations to go astray by focusing on what matters, whether in the field of academics or in the realm of extracurriculars. He is able to make a mental list of things to be done, which he follows as long as there are no wild cards to ruin his plans. Justin is the idol when it comes to setting agenda and tasks to be accomplished, rarely ever missing any detail. It is no wonder, therefore, that Justin still manages to remain balanced amid the pressures of daily existence. With his mind focused on doing his best for God’s greater glory, Justin is the undisputed king of reality.


Laura Katrina Noel BS Management Engineering

A name is a word designating a person or thing. Sometimes, we forget what it is called, but in our hearts, we know exactly what it is and exactly what we are talking about. Years from now, when everyone has moved on living separate lives, we will look back on our college years remembering the girl who will smile at you in the hallway and help you with your studies. Others may remember the girl with long, lustrous hair, Vietnamese eyes, and legs which go on for days—definitely a dead-ringer for Pocahontas. Still, others may remember that girl who is exasperatingly intellectual and hyperactive with school activities. But no matter how you remember this girl, deep in your hearts, you all know she is that same girl. Then eventually, it comes to you…her name is Laura. “She was elusive…We did not know what to make of her. In our minds, we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew.” —Jerry Spinelli, StarGirl


Arniel Vincent B. Ong BS Management Engineering

12 frequently asked questions about this guy: What kept him busy during college? Extra units of MEA, Astat, CERSA. What does he do after each quiz? Compute for his QPI. Where is he bound to go? Law school, a company, or Malacañang. How does he define the color yellow? Green. How many cups of rice can he eat? Three, or more. What makes him throw up? Cooked liver, isaw, too much alcohol. What makes his blood boil? Another blood boiling. Where does his heart go when he’s mad? It’s nowhere to be found. When does he end well? When he starts bad. What’s annoying about him? Long pauses when he’s talking. The good thing about him? He treasures and loves his family so much. What makes him special? You wouldn’t really know. You’ll just feel.


Christopher S. Ontoy BS Management Engineering

¡Hola! Chris Ontoy loves Spanish. Though he is Chinese and his high school classmates think that he absolutely adores German, Chris actually thinks that the nuances of the Spanish language capture his essence most accurately…or so he thinks. Chris loves Spanish so much that he even abandons alpha, beta, and their other Greek relatives during a Statistics test just to converse with his teacher in Spanish with his test paper as the medium for their academic dialogue. This love for the Spanish language is only matched or even exceeded by his love for the simple life. He appears to most as unassuming and quiet, but has a real depth behind his simplicity. Chris enjoys doing seemingly plain and bland things like staying at home, watching television, and sometimes even staring into space. Totally unpretentious, Chris enjoys simple conversations, whether in Filipino, English, or whatever Spanish he can muster. His simplicity, more than anything is what endears Chris to everyone.


Ron Andrew R. Pangilinan BS Management Engineering

Many have wagered bets against Ron, higher QPI wins. How hard can it be to beat a non-grade-conscious, perennially procrastinating, unassuming little boy who has nothing better to do than sit around The Beach all day? They don’t know any better. It would have been a fair gamble, if they all got 0.5 bonuses in their QPIs. Not only is Ron a consistent Dean’s Lister, he’s always been in the top five of ME batch 2006. A distinctly Ron characteristic: always the underdog, never the loser. Ron’s drive and focus is unparalleled—when he wants something, or sees the need for it, nothing can keep him away. The best part is, he doesn’t forget to have fun along the way. Nor to take his friends along for the ride. He is as dedicated to success, as he is to having fun, and to growing friendships. He begins with fervent drive, competes with stunning competence, wins with style, then resumes his underdog appearance poised to surprise and prevail time and again. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Abegale Anne B. Pascual BS Management Engineering

There is an infinite difference between a little wrong and just right. Abby defines simplicity—far from being plain but never flamboyant. This kind of simplicity makes her naturally noticeable and draws people around her. She expresses herself without pretenses but never disregards people’s feelings. There is no mistaking that her personality sets her apart from the ordinary. There is an infinite difference between fairly good and the best. Abby wholeheartedly shares herself to those she loves. Friends find in her ears that are always ready to listen, shoulders ready to be leaned on, and arms eager to give a hug. Whatever she does for others, for her good enough is never enough. There is an infinite difference between mediocrity and superiority. Abby may appear carefree but her sense of priority and her passion have earned her many achievements. She is never short of a moment to express her gratitude to He who has given her blessings. There are infinite reasons that can convince anyone that Abby spells a difference.


Karlo Manuel O. Pujanes BS Management Engineering

When one considers the qualities of a good way of life, any form of excellence comes to mind. However, few realize the underlying factor behind this: balance. This, I believe, is one of Karlo’s greater strengths. He is one of the few who strive to achieve both spiritual and mental focus, and actually succeed in doing so. He is a natural born leader, people look up to him, and he radiates no less than Heidegerian Angst under his belt. He gets his passion from those friends who are dear to him, and in return he gives his friends strength and companionship. Karlo is a man who knows to live the dream—and be as it may, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets far, because those who aim high are the only ones who can reach.


Gian Paolo Z. Ramos BS Management Engineering

More than your head-banging sleeping seatmate. More than your reliable private Math tutor. More than your hospitable Burgundy roommate. More than your talented guitar-playing musician. More than your resourceful MEA project core member. More than your eager YFC household co-head. More than your regular lunch-time mass-goer. More than your card counting poker/pusoy dos/bridge playmate. More than your resident McDonald’s study group clown. More than your after test inuman drink mixer. More than your “take the keys cause I’m drunk” substitute driver. More than your Pizza Hut eat-all-you-can buddy. More than your Ateneo-IAC assist-leader. More than your Yahoo! Fantasy NBA trade partner. More than your overnight group project music DJ (Ordertaker?). More than your Lost Season 1 marathon TV remote operator. More than your inspired chocolate maker. (Thanks Jom!) More than your crazy love-advice giver. More than your “I have a problem” drinking companion. Much more than your usual friend.


Tirso Timothy G. Reyes Iii BS Management Engineering

Timmy is the ultimate Man of Mystery. Upon first impression, this guy’s taciturnity and aloofness could drive people crazy thinking up theories to explain his behavior. Is he hiding a girl in campus? Does he grow weed in his backyard? However, once the wall of anonymity has been breached, you’ll discover a wealth of wittiness, humor, and companionship. Teme, as he is fondly called, never fails to crack up the group with his clever, Chandler-ish jokes. He has a kind and decent aura about him, always ready to smile and laugh with you. Most of all, you’ll find that Teme can be as steadfast and dependable as your closest friend. You can count on him to be there when you need him. Timmy is, in most ways, like a wall. It discourages strangers and outsiders but at the same time protecting those who are brave enough to venture inside.


Kristine Marie S. Robles BS Management Engineering

Kristine exudes a personality of someone with few words, but thinks with depth. Not many people know of the great things that this girl has achieved for she never brags about her accomplishments. Who would’ve thought that this young lady is one of the country’s top athletes and strongest female climber? She has represented the country in numerous international and national competitions which gained her recognition in the climbing community. Despite her commendable ability to balancing school work and excelling in her sport, she remains humble. Kristine is always driven to be the best by working hard at everything that she sets her mind to. It would not be surprising anymore if this girl continues reaping more recognition in the future.


Dan Ranier A. Ruiz BS Management Engineering

How can one remain idle knowing that there’s a requirement to be passed the following day? Well I guess that’s his special talent. The funny thing is that he gets away with it, all the time. He makes me wonder how he rarely gets daunted by time pressure and the load of school work he has to finish. Fearless, cool, and composed, he even fails his first few tests to force himself to study for the remaining tests of that semester. Although he may seem lazy, he knows his responsibilities well. I can tell you that this guy is unbelievably trustworthy and will do his best not to fail anyone. Where does he get the strength to do all these? He gets it from the three things that matter most in his life: God, family and friends. He manages to surpass every challenge without ever forgetting where he gets his strength from. What else can I say about him? I guess it’s up to you to find out. But one last thing, don’t tell him jokes. He is incredibly slow when it comes to jokes; you’ll just end up wasting your saliva on him.


Sedfrey S. Sales BS Management Engineering

Yes, Sed is a dormer. Yes, he is sometimes late. Sometimes? Well, it depends on your definition of sometimes. Whether chronic tardiness is something that afflicts every dormer, though debatable, is not important at this point. Sed more than makes up for this shortcoming by being first in what truly matters. Passionate about his undertakings, Sed is usually among the first to speak about what is on his mind. With much zeal, he talks about his plans for the Externals Cluster of MEA. With much enthusiasm, he speaks about his ideas for a marketing project. With much conviction, he articulates his thoughts about issues ranging from career opportunities to national politics. Sed may be late for some appointments, but he makes sure to make up for that. He is among the first to speak out and move when the need arises.


Dominic C. Santiago BS Management Engineering

Dominic strikes you as a happy-go-lucky, carefree guy with no worries too heavy for him to bear and no problems too grave for him to trivialize. But there is so much more than meets the eye. Domeng, as he is fondly called by friends, is actually a complex character whom you will spend a lifetime analyzing in vain. But undeniable is the warmth he radiates and extends to other people, the playful demeanor, the infectious sense of humor, and his dogged pursuit of whatever catches his fancy. Despite the rigors of his course, he still manages to engage in sports, particularly basketball, and go out with his barkada. This guy is definitely a rare gem in a treasure trove of friends.


Ryan Albert D. Serrano BS Management Engineering

Ryan—a short name for a deep and multi-layered person. Some people just can’t put their fingers on it, but there is this energy around him that just magnetizes you. He’s witty, sexy, smart & humble about it. He’s the nonconforming but ideal student, brother, son & friend. But what mostly attracts people to Ryan is his zest to live. He blurts out “Jesus loves me!” while driving, dances to the music playing in the mall, sings louder when he’s out of the shower and makes people feel how much he appreciates them. He does everything from the heart. That’s why he excels in everything, from studies to sports, music, cooking, and being the quintessential friend. To him, every person is a valuable individual who deserves a pat on the back or an encouraging hug and a sincere “How are you?” An incredible person, he will surely make his mark in the corporate world, in the music industry and even in the restaurant business. However, the most definite imprints have already been made, that is, in the heart of every person he knows.


Joyce L. Sing BS Management Engineering

At first, she might seem shy and ordinary just like the people you meet everyday. But you’ll be surprised at how strong your friendship can develop. When that happens, you’ll find yourself inseparable from her. Fun to be with, her antics and stories will cheer you up when you’re down, which is why there is never a dull moment when you’re with her. Joyce is a friend you could always count on and having her will surely brighten even your gloomiest days. She listens and gives advices which always challenge you to look outside the box and dig deeper over the matter. She will stand by you against any storm and will even give you her all when you need it. She’s smart, charming, friendly, caring, determined, and beautiful inside and out. A best friend—someone wonderful and special—what more can you ask for in a friend when she definitely has it all?


John David D. Sison BS Management Engineering

Bald. Energy. Soul. Fun. Influence. Extrovert. Easy-going. Carefree. Spontaneous. Game. Light-headed. Strong. Ice. Gudang. CSR. Courage. Passion. Heart. Study hard. Party Harder. —“Nyeark” Dave is one of the most brilliant people you’d get to know. He is the type who never seems to run out of ideas and is willing to voice them out. Passionate is also another word to describe Dave. Whether it be in the basketball court or for his various organizations, you know that he’ll give his all (even for the girl he loves). Dave is also the ideal drinking partner. After ten bottles of Strong Ice, he shares his secrets, emotes, and goes for a smoke. That’s what’s so great about Dave: he’s someone who gets things done but at the same time, he’s someone who knows how to have fun. Dave is one of the first friends I had in ME and there’s no doubt that he will still be one of my good friends in the future. —Allen “Badong” Dee


Jorel Conrad H. Soyangco BS Management Engineerin

Double Cheeseburger, Spaghetti, Twister Fries, Apple Pie, Large Coke. Just when you think he’s had enough, he goes for a Chocolate Sundae. People tend to think that he bites off more than he can chew. Fact is, he can just chew better than most people. That’s the thing with Jor-el, he is just more brilliant, more eloquent, more talented and generally more than people are accustomed to. But hey, everybody loves a winner, right? Not, exactly. But people who know him surely do because the guy grows on you. He grows on you as you have lunch and he never runs out of stories to tell. He grows on you as you sit in class and he never runs out of games to play. He grows on you as you drive home, reminisce and laugh at all the good and bad times you’ve had. He grows on you as you sit in The Beach all day, day after day for four years. He grows on you simply because he is Jor-el: a good friend who will be by your side through SMEG Sem and all else. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Chester Haley C. Tan BS Management Engineering

Once in a while, people take gambles to make life better. Chester took a gamble when he moved into BS Management Engineering. He was already on top, at the peak of his game, and yet was ready to start all over again. Perhaps he was thinking life would be better after ME. Maybe he was right, maybe not. He surely felt stress and urgency; an experience shared by ME students trying their best. But even if these things—the pressure, the stress, the urgency—made the life Chester wanted a little harder to reach, they made him a sure-shot winner too. Because when he took his crazy gamble, and when all the rigors of ME life hit all its majors, his leap of faith did make life a little bit better—for the friends he made and the students he joined. Chester: uniquely brilliant, stubbornly persevering, and undeniably human; he made living the ME life a little easier. And at the end of it all, his crazy little gamble did pay off. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Clarisse Darlene Rose T. Tan BS Management Engineering

Strap on your seatbelts and prepare for the ride of your life! With Cla’s extraordinary driving skills, you will surely reach your destination in no time. Just like riding in her car as you endure the busy streets of Metro Manila, being with Cla keeps you “sane” as you go through life’s crossroads. She is a friend who would go the extra mile to help, offer advice or simply listen to you go on and on even about the littlest things. With her sense of humor, witty remarks and welcoming smile, she never fails to shine her light and brighten up your day. This creative genius sketches out masterpieces on scratch papers and produces amazing articles surely worth reading—our resident editor, news advisor, brilliant classmate, trustworthy friend. Yet beneath all these lies a Cla few people know—someone who stands strong and does not give up, who silently fights battles and never complains, who teaches through her ways lessons on life. For all this and more I say, proud are we to be called her friends.


Dianne Jean D. Tan BS Management Engineering

To handle my life the way I won’t regret… To love unconditionally without fear… To have memories I won’t forget… To keep my true friends near… That is my vision. Dianne, or Die/Naerri as most of her friends call her, is a fascinating blend of child and woman. In one side, she still likes watching anime, playing MMORPGs and goofing around. On the other hand, she loves reading historical romance novels, meeting friends, and pondering on life’s facets. Her random insights are interesting and meritorious. She can fool you with a façade of being too cheerful, seemingly worry-free and childish. But there is maturity and depth behind that smile. Understanding and helpful, she always put others above herself. She’s also practical to a fault and uncannily intelligent. Truly, she is one keeper of a friend, and she will surely go distances. Smile always.


Dianne Paula C. Tan BS Management Engineering

Fastest to the dining table! More powerful than a skinny adolescent boy! Taller than a building, when on stilettos! Look! It’s a nerd! It’s a babe! No, It’s SuperDi! She has the perfect mix of brains, good looks, personality & strength of character only seen in comic books. While other heroes wake up in the morning as normal folk, then put on their masks, Di is like Superman. She’ll deceive everyone by pretending to be the dimwit that is often associated with women with her beauty; but as soon as we’re caught offguard, you discover that she’s able to maintain and improve on that 3 point something QPI, while partying and hanging out, without missing an episode of The OC or Friends. What’s more amazing is that this Superwoman has no kryptonite, save for maybe a bar of chocolate! It’s pointless to dwell on the idea that Dianne is but human. It’s definitely a sham, a desperate attempt to make us mere mortals feel that we have a fighting chance. She may be from another planet, but she rocks this world.


Hans Benson G. Tan BS Management Engineering

HBT stocks rose this week as reports showed growth in the economy and corporate profits. The S&P 500 advanced 6.9 percent led by HBT stocks. Benchmark indexes rallied even after the continued increase in world oil prices. Investors are confident and bullish in HBT because of QPI averaging 3.3 in the past four years and a QPI in the latest semester 15 percent above expectations. “Consumer confidence is booming due to good leadership, passion and hard-working mentality of HBT. The long-term outlook is a strong and positive one for HBT” a Goldman Sachs economist predicted. The Fed rate increase is not seen to slow down the growth of HBT. This is because of HBT’s history of overcoming adversities and facing problems head-on. The maturity and resiliency of HBT will surely trump any problems that may occur in the future. With a rating of AAA by Fitch Ratings, S&P and Moodys investors can bet that HBT has nowhere to go but up.


Jose Lorenzo A. Tan BS Management Engineering

It is safe to say that Lorenz (lôr’ents), a vegetarian who pretends to sight-read calculus, lies several standard deviations away from the mean. When looking for him during his lunch break, immediately proceed to the third floor of la bibliothèque; he will be there holding court on the deck of his beloved, if frighteningly panoptic, tour d’ivoire. Indeed, do not be alarmed if, while in mid-conversation, you turn to greet someone hello, then find him suddenly gone upon turning back. This simply means he has once again been taken up into his intellectual heaven and taken his seat at the right hand of Lourdes David. When informed by a staff member in his senior year that the limit on his “credit card” had been increased, he actually said, “You are a god and I have never heard anything more divine.”


Kimberly Diane T. Tan BS Management Engineering

First, and lasting, impression: “what a smile.” The trademark Kim Tan smile is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day even during finals week. Herald of cheer and hope, but more than that, what makes her so beloved is her heart, her passion to do more, to help more, to be a better friend, a better person. She has never enough time to do everything, like sleep, but she is never without time to help someone in need. She has a calming aura of openmindedness and playfulness. But, this ‘good girl’ persona does not place her above possessing a mischievous and uninhibited streak. In the darkest recesses of the night, she can be spotted dancing and singing aloud while placing the finishing touches of yet another group project. A perennial chatterbox, she is full of jokes, insights and good advice. Not quite perfection, but with her around, who needs perfection?


Louie Anthony C. Tan BS Management Engineering

Louie. A name reminiscent of a noble French king. Has boyish charms and a thinly stature that hides one blessed with the knack to meet friends and build lifelong relationships. Often goes under the alias: flooey or wiwiboi. Diligent, hardworking and persistent. Someone that sees the darkness of the day and brightness of the night. A certified “gentleman chick boy” to both peers and fans. Has the rarely-found-in-blue qualities of humility and truth in being a man for others. A trustworthy person who will keep all your secrets, yet has the emotional maturity of a 7-year-old. A tender and understanding friend whom you can nag all day long and yet stay sane. Founder of a promising statistical org and currently spends his free time on rosaries hoping that it survives till he is old and grumpy. Yet despite all the honors, orgs and chicks, he’s still the naughty purple-loving green-minded special little boy who hasn’t changed since his days in Xavier School.


Merryl T. Tan BS Management Engineering

She draws her chin inward, looks at you with doe eyes, stomps her feet like a petulant child, and calls out your name with the shrillest of tones, and you give in without thinking twice. Merryl possesses a certain charm that is distinctly her. Aside from tikoy, dimsum, and inexpensive fake products, she may as well be the only other good thing to come out of China. Her innate cheerfulness makes her the breath of fresh air desperately needed in times of fit and worry. Merryl is also one of those people who make conscious efforts to remain grounded in their faith. She’s not the type to preach, but she can really conk you out of your delusions with truths from the Bible. She exudes wisdom far beyond her age, which naturally causes her friends to come to her for advice. Even though she punches the hell out of guys for fun, this girl is one of the genuinely good persons we have all encountered, which of course, is all that really matters.


Paulrich Lawrence C. Tan BS Management Engineering

Paul is like your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookie. He may look dark and tough on the outside. But on the inside, he is warm, sweet and comforting. He also pursues all of his activities and responsibilities with great joy and interest. He loves every second of working with other people. And despite of all the pressure and stress of work, he always knows when to smile. You see, Paul is my guy. He is not just one cookie. He is one helluva tough cookie!


Niño Anthony P. Tanseco BS Management Engineering

A quiet guy indeed, if you do not know this person well. If you do, he is definitely not the silent type. This guy is shockingly talkative behind that discreet voice. He bears in him his relaxed, cool and charming attitude as he interacts with others. For a student who exerts little effort in academics, he performs incredibly well, even though hours of D.O.T.A. and partying, eat up most of his free time. There is no doubt that this guy is naturally brilliant and intelligent, both of which proves that this man has a lot of potential in any field of work. In addition to that, he is approachable and a trustworthy chap. Niño is a true friend that is definitely worth keeping and remembering.


Jose Jaime Rafael A. Taruc BS Management Engineering

Raffy’s like a breeze when it’s hot and dry, like a warm sweater for a rainy night, like a Beatles song on a black and white day. No matter how stressed out you’ve been, or how tired and exhausted school has left you, Raffy will always be around to cheer you up—with a grin, a high-five, and a corny joke (personalized, to boot). He also has the uncanny ability of being able to juggle so many different friends and interests at the same time. Four years of ME have strengthened his innate characteristic of being logical and calculating (but never to a fault); but at the same time, he’s not afraid of revelling in music, books, and movies; hence, no one defies the stereotype of the “future corporate slave” more than he does. What’s more, he sticks to his principles and makes it a point to keep all his promises. That’s what makes Raffy so easy to love, and frankly, I couldn’t imagine a better best friend in this crazy world.


Jermaine Randall D. Tee BS Management Engineering

School, eat, play basketball, eat, computer, study a little, play more sports, go out, eat, sleep. This is a day in the life of JR. You would wonder how he has managed to stay an ME student with this schedule. Simple. When exam time comes, there would be less eating and sleeping and more studying. Being an ME student, JR has mastered the art of cramming and prioritizing what’s important over the less important, and that would be studies, love, basketball and friends over everything else. Besides being a sport aficionado, there is more to JR that meets the eye. Full of understanding, wisdom, wit and charm, he’s a person who is driven, well-rounded and definitely very well-loved.


Karen K. Teh BS Management Engineering

Whether she is just passing by or scribbling notes in class, Karen brings an aura of warmth and an air of bliss wherever she is. Even without saying a single word, she has a certain something that draws people towards her. Like silent rivers that run deep, her calm and cool nature only highlights her depth of character and her enigmatic charm. Karen is a perfectionist by heart. She makes sure that every little detail is to her exact desire and meets her highest standards. The only person who could put study and fun in the same sentence, she excels in academics and loves discovering the mysteries of the world. Never failing to see the beauty life beholds, she not only aims to be the best that she can be but also finds a way to bring out the best in other people. Her passion for the things she believes in and her love for the people she cares about both endear and inspire. The lasting imprint of whatever she has to say is only rivaled by the sheer poetry of her sweet smile.


Kenn Dempster U. Tomas BS Management Engineering

The theory of convergence states that good things always happen with bad things, and many a people’s experience has proven it, almost authenticating it as a law—a truth. But it only takes one thing to disprove all of this: Kenn. Meeting him will only make you see that what seems to be good can always be followed by something better. He’s not your average Joe. With his great big smile, it isn’t long until one realizes what this solid mass of rock is truly made of; this true gentleman is the perfect mix of heart, mind and soul, and shall forever be a hit with everyone, especially the ladies. The more you get to know this friendly guy, the more baffled you’ll be, trying to figure out a better term for “friend”; it is an understatement. He is always the fighter, survivor and leader of the pack once he is set on his target; no room for failure and mediocrity for this guy, and it won’t take long for him to attain success in the world of business and the arts. So, does anyone still think that the theory is correct? No one? I thought so.


Isidore D. Tuason BS Management Engineering

Nothing escapes Izzy’s ever-wandering eye—be it the inconspicuous batch mate’s ridiculous new hairdo or the hot new freshie’s spanking wheels—he has something to say about everything. He has an unmatched talent of initiating & perpetuating amusing conversations. With his sarcastic remarks and his unlikely affinity for the local entertainment industry, he’s the only entertainment you’ll need to survive the ardent, blissful idleness of Ateneo breaks. But there’s more to Izzy than just his clowning around—he has his priorities set straight. He is driven to succeed in his career; his creative brain that comes up with his seemingly far-out but very innovative ideas, coupled with a perfectionist’s meticulous restlessness, will surely take him places. Izzy loves his family to bits, and no matter where life takes him, he knows that they are what matter at the day’s end. Finally, what ranks top-notch is his relationship with the Lord, who is both his Savior and most treasured friend.


Sharleen Gale L. Uy BS Management Engineering

Sharleen (Yes, it’s an s and two consecutive e’s!) is a silent worker. Engage her, however, with topics about laborers and their rights, GMA, Math and Finance, Chinovelas, or local romantic movies, and her face begins to light up with glee. However, underneath the chinky eyes and the silence is a girl who has tremendous passion to excel in the corporate world, not just for herself but also for her family. She is a loyal friend, a devout Catholic, a loving daughter, and a doting atsi.


Gian Carlo L. Valerio BS Management Engineering

Gian is one of the last few truly genuine people in the world. A man ruled by the ways of the heart and beliefs of the soul, he radiates a glow of sincerity not only in his words, but also in his actions. His true and down-toearth demeanor reminds us of a man nothing less than admirable. Exceptional in practically everything, this well-rounded man can truly blow you away with his brilliance. May it be academic or artistic, count on him to be among the best, as he has always been. But, although he studies hard, he parties harder. Gian, who is game for anything, is the right man to look for when you want to have fun. Not known to many, he does have that crazy bad boy beneath that perfect gentleman. Brought about by his experiences in life and his close relationship with God, Gian possesses the character and values that will bring any man beyond places he can only dream of. He has given the best of him to life and he deserves nothing less but the best in return.


Lauren Joseph B. Velasco BS Management Engineering

Under all the magician’s tricks, illusions, and misdirection, beneath the singer’s songs and the music of the piano, trumpet, guitar and saxophone, inside the designs, the layouts, and the posters, within the computer games and the technology, lies a little boy yearning to simply be there for everybody. “A joker is a little fool who is different from everyone else. He’s not a club, diamond, heard or spade. He’s not an eight or a nine, a king or a jack. He is an outsider. He is placed in the same pack as the other cards, but he doesn’t belong there. Therefore, he can be removed without anybody missing him.” —Jostein Gaarder, A Solitaire Mystery


John Benedict B. Victorino BS Management Engineering

Jeb lives in a world of half-sleep and daydream. He believes in the poetry of the cosmos, the infinity of lifetimes, and the pointlessness of anything that exceeds three lines.


Melvin Keith A. Wang BS Management Engineering

He strives to become an All-Star basketball player, but even the MIB recreational division was tough for him. He dreams of achieving Beyond God-Like in any DOTA tourney, but in the end, he only receives more deaths than pawns. Some say he is a failure, but then again, you only learn how to rise when you fall. He has courage and heart, and he never gives up. Some say he is entertainment. The truth is once you get to know him, he will rock your world... just prepare some Advil.

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