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Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

Everyone loves Tidoy. She has charmed many men with her alluring personality, and has been adored by generations of female students from high school through college. A Sanggu officer who has practically dedicated her Atenean life in service of the student body, she is regarded by her peers and superiors with the warmest of affections, tempered by the utmost respect. With the right upbringing and work ethic, Tidoy is built for success. It must help that she is OC by nature; she places her files in color-coded envelopes, for example, and names Office Warehouse as her favorite store. She hates Nova chips, but likes un-ripe bananas. She is also the best female driver I know (human road map!), but has a tendency to speed (Katipunan to Mandaluyong in 12 minutes? Good ghed!). She is also the family driver, the only person I know who actually picked up the family driver and brought him home. She is a music lover, swimmer and a Photoshop specialist, and possesses the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.


Marie Denise G. Africa BS Management

According to a theory, none of us are, in a strict sense, unique; for each individual, there are 5 other people in the planet who are exactly like him in all comparable aspects. I can’t begin to imagine how the world would be like knowing there are five other Denises in the world. Looks deceive; everything about Denise is pleasantly surprising. She is realistic, and at times cynical, but hopeful. She is polite and courteous but never pretentious. She is mature and responsible but childlike. She laughs at the silliest things, but she is deep and insightful. She is cool and unruffled but very driven. She is simple but never without grace. She is uncomplicated but never onedimensional. Denise is a woman born ahead of her times, destined to be a trail blazer, equipped with nothing less than a good heart, her unique sense of humor and a drive to change the world. The world is more than blessed with just one Denise; imagine having six of them… God really is good.


Maria Regina S. Alarilla BS Management

Rina is no doubt one of the sweetest and most cheerful girls around. It would be almost impossible not to see a smile on her face on any given day. And whether you meet her in the hallway, or see her in class, she’s sure to give a nice, warm greeting. Rina’s one of the most hardworking students as well. She’s not ashamed to admit that she works hard for her grades. If needed, she will stay up late or spend her free time at the Lib in order to finish her work. Still, she has always been a great friend. Even if she’s absolutely swarmed with requirements, she won’t hesitate to lend her time to a friend in need. With all the time that she’s devoted to her studies, orgs and friends, it’s amazing to find out that she still has time to go out with her family for dinner and a movie. Anyone who’s been lucky enough to be her friend knows that truly, Rina’s the friend you’re always glad to see. Sunburnt and steady, from The Beach.


Gonzalo James I. Alejandrino III BS Management

GJ is a very unique person. Definitely the model brother from my point of view of YFC Ateneo. This guy definitely knows what his goals in life are and he relentlessly pursues them. I wish I had his discipline when it comes to studies. GJ is simply the best in all he does. The drive to serve for God is in his system. Nothing and no one can stop him nor his faith. A very wonderful person and one of the true persons I met in service of God with a big heart, his fire is so huge, it’s infectious. You know it’s with bros like GJ that makes my service to God more fun and fulfilling. A good friend and a good listener though, quiet and speechless at times, GJ sure is quite a catch—someone who will definitely not leave you until the end.


Germain Leloi B. Alilio BS Management

An obedient son, a deligent and very hardworking student. A friend who knows exactly when to listen and when to lend a hand. A dependable cousin, a dreamer, fanatic of basketball, shoes and cars, a technogeek, the artist. These are the best adjectives that best describe this dude. Gerloi is how he is known to the people close to him. First impression when you see him you would think he is timid and probably boring but the more you get to know him the more you would really be in awe because of his admirable personality he can easily get along with people. Very wacky and very passionate in all the things that he does. He knows when to fight and when to say quits.


Rita Harriet O. Alo BS Management

Sa karimlan ng bituka ng puting halimaw na may labimpitong ulo sa kakiputan ng kuweba sa ilalim ng pusod ng karagatan sa dulo ng tangway…dinig ko pa rin ang tawa ni Rita.


Jessica Trinidad O. Alvarez BS Management

Silent waters run deep. Jessica is no exception to that. She is oftentimes quiet, with all those thoughts and ideas flowing in her mind, making people think of high ways. She has depth inside of her. She takes the things important to her very seriously and she comes up with such brilliant ideas about nearly anything as a result of her careful contemplation. But Jessica isn’t always quiet. Sometimes, she would be heard announcing the latest about politics and showbiz and expressing her fearless insights. She can also be heard laughing at jokes people make, whether intentionally or accidentally. But it is certain that Jessica will forever remain as our silent thinker.


Camille Jayne C. Ang BS Management

Known to some as God’s greatest gift to mankind, C.J. Ang is an extraordinary young girl who can be described using only two words: beauty and brains. Aside from having the ability to make heads turn, she also is able to solve complex mathematical problems, write hundred page essays, and karate chop those who dare mess with her. Yep! She really is a jack-of-all-trades and has a witty personality to boot! But despite all these, what truly makes her stand out is her personality. She’s truly a sweet person, one who would go out of her way just to help out a friend in need. She’s the kind of girl you would like to have around when in trouble or simply to hang around with. She has the charisma, the determination, the will, the ability, the strength and all that jazz to make it in the big leagues. So, watch out for this girl as she climbs the corporate ladder all the way to the top!


Edward Ian S. Ang BS Management

Edward Ang began his life at the Ateneo in silence and mystery. Coming from the province, he found it difficult to adjust to life in the country’s metropolitan region. However, his innate traits began to surface. Ateneans soon discovered the real Edward Ang. This lovable “probinsyano” entered the lives of many people. Ed is carefree, humble, and inquisitive. This multi-faceted athlete dwells in both basketball and swimming. His humility is his greatest asset, and it is this trait which endeared him to the hearts of his numerous friends. He is quite the mischievous one, often playing pranks on his friends. Edward is always on the go; he is not the type of person to decline a friend’s invitation to go out. He listens intently to people’s problems, and consistently provides them with valuable advice. He is a generous friend who never refuses to share his numerous blessings. Edward is assured of a successful life mainly because of the goodness of his heart.


Stewart Y. Ang BS Management

At fist glance he may seem like an ordinary guy who could not care less about the world; but in Stewart’s case, first impressions do not last. Beneath his cool façade lies a gentle heart, one that cares greatly for his friends and loved ones. However, Stew is best known for his rapid gift of speech and his ability to make people laugh, the former often causing the latter. He’s quiet around people he doesn’t really know, but when left with people whom he feels comfortable with, you’ll see a different side of him. He loves to talk! Always animated when sharing his stories, but even more interested in lending an ear or offering a shoulder to cry on. He’s a great friend, someone you can trust & depend on. He is a good student who is good with numbers. A good student and an even greater friend—that’s the Stewart we all know and love.


Toni Rose F. Ang BS Management

Joy is like a brainteaser, there are always new things you can learn about her. One minute she’s this crazy party girl, another minute she’s this caring mother hen who dotes on you. Epitomizing her name, Joy indeed brings joy to all those around her. In her crazy, funny way, Joy always finds something to laugh about or make others laugh—whether it be butt-slapping or mundane things like making a bed collapse. Joy is also an artistic person who, armed with her camera and Photoshop, always goes out of her way to keep mementos of wonderful memories for everyone. Thus, it is no wonder that Joy instills loyalty in all her friends. After all, who would be dumb enough to let go of one of the sweetest, most caring persons one will ever know in a lifetime.


Vivian Marie L. Angeles BS Management

10 Things About Via Angeles 1. A certified fan girl (Anime, Asian Series, Harry Potter, etc). 2. Didn’t want to go to Ateneo at first but changed her mind eventually; and now, she loves her school very much. 3. Dreams to open up a restaurant in the future. 4. Loves her family and friends very much (Thank you guys! I love you all! I am nothing without you. I offer all of my achievements to you.) 5. Taking up a minor in Japanese Studies (Nihon ga suki desu!) 6. Can’t see herself migrating somewhere and leaving the Philippines. You can say that she is a nationalist at heart. 7. Absolutely loves writing and writes stories during her free time. 8. Can talk non-stop for hours. Just give her an interesting topic. 9. Only learned during college that she prefers OPM to western music. 10. All in all, she’s a bubbly, optimistic, jologs, loud, friendly, stubborn, smiling-freak and crazy kind of girl. She’s one of a kind.


Raoul Angelo D. Atadero BS Management

Middle children tend to become overachievers. Not Anj. In fact, Anj defines a whole new syndrome. The Anj syndrome is characterized by a larger-than-life passion for just about anything from office supplies to overeating and dieting (at the same time). The condition peaks and becomes highly symptomatic in the presence of [insert current love of your life’s name here] and subsides in...wait, it never really does. Characterized by persistence and permanence, it is humanly impossible to escape its captivating presence. It drives you to excellence and constantly keeps you on your toes. It makes you hyper-achieve and pushes you to be a full-time leader devoted to serving others, while never forgetting to deliver the wittiest of jokes. If you’re at the risk of exposure, there’s only one way to deal with it—love it. You’ll find that it won’t be hard.


Pauline Tracy P. Atienza BS Management

Aloof and impassive—that’s how this petite young lady is described by some friends, as they find it difficult to discern what’s going on in her mind. Others mistakenly equate this demeanor as being snooty and cold. But behind that deadpan look on her face is a very warm person to her small circle of friends. Someone once said of her, “She’s not the type of person you’d get to meet quite often and is the kind of friend you would want to keep for a long time.” To some, she’s really shy. But once you get to know her, she can make you roll in laughter and get you crazy with her antics. She still loves watching cartoons, for crying out loud! (…and is secretly a Disney princess wannabe!). She sings, dances, plays different musical instruments, writes very well, and plays lawn tennis. Her intimidating presence should not affect you though. But beware in pressuring her or calling her anything or something she isn’t because she can be unforgiving when she gets exasperated. And don’t bore her please!


Sarah S. Atienza BS Management

Warning! This woman is highly emotional, highly sensitive and precisely…hmm…Sarah. She can turn a joke into something serious. She can fool people and claim she’s 18. She can even fool your crush and make them think she’s the one who has a crush on them. She’s also very resourceful and persistent, especially when it comes to inquiring about someone she’s interested in. No yearbook will be left unopened, no number will stay unknown and no person will remain anonymous once this girl begins her search. Indeed, Sarah has her own share of peculiarities but these are just some of the things that set her apart from the rest. Beneath her lively personality is a sweet and caring person who is always willing to listen and sympathize with anyone in need. She’s particularly fond of chocolates and sweets, and both hold a special place in her heart, as well as her stomach. There’s no doubt that Sarah is one of a kind—getting to know her is a privilege and being her friend is a blessing.


Charlene Denise G. Ayroso BS Management

Charlene Ayroso is, without a doubt, one name known around campus. With her beautiful features and graceful attitude, Char is unsurprisingly one of these two: the envy of every girl who looks at her, or the heartbreaker of every man who catches a glimpse of her. In fact, she’s probably both. What one must understand though, is that Char’s beauty transcends the physical—it is the beauty radiating from her good heart that makes her one extraordinary woman. A responsible daughter, supportive sister and loyal friend, Char only has great love and genuine concern for people around her. Her sweet and thoughtful gestures can immediately lift you up and make you realize how beautiful the world is as long as she is in it. It is no wonder that the people who have Char in their lives never fail to recognize the pricelessness and irreplaceability of this beautiful gift blessed to them by God. He always scatters His little angels around to light up the entire word, and Char is living proof that they do exist.


Helena Cristina E. Bacani BS Management

Kris has an enormous appetite for life; from going on food binges, rolling down concrete pavements, movie marathons to getting baked under the sun, she always sucks the marrow out of life—she tries everything. A regular at the cafeteria, Kris is the type of person who loves to eat regardless if hunger strikes or not. With a cool head, Kris always has time for her friends who love her for her uncanny ability to animate the simplest of stories. Like any management student, she has her fair share of dreadful accounting tests, marketing passes, and the rest of her academics, but she never seems to let these get her out of focus. As the captain of the Blue Babble for 2 consecutive years, her love for dancing has molded her into the talented performer that she is today. A leader on and off the hardcourt, Kris is also an active officer of the Ateneo Management Association, as if her captaincy wasn’t enough. It doesn’t take a lot to see such passion in Kris; her knack for juggling loads of responsibilities makes her live to the fullest.


Vicent Carl C. Bacungan BS Management

VC is one of the most amazingly versatile people that you’ll ever meet. On one hand, he puts you at ease with his happy-go-lucky and carefree attitude. He just loves every moment with his barkada may it be the philo discussions, games of poker, late night 711 sessions or the drinking sprees. Spend a minute with him and you’ll realize that he’s one of those people who, just with his presence, changes the party into a partey! On the other hand, he astounds you with his remarkable work ethic and savvy, especially when it comes to the perennial long test and paper. He is also an extremely skillful person, offering a rare mix of brains, instinct and passion in all aspects of life: basketball, love, Church and experience. His greatest asset is his ability to deeply love so much that it hurts. As far back as I’ve known him, he has only lived under one mantra, “My way or the highway.” My way or the high way… No other guy does it better. Better yet. No other guy looks good doing it.


Ma. Kristina S. Barreiro BS Management

Who is Barre? Known to have the most visited house in history—from parties, inuman sessions, seminars, allnighters and simple hang-outs, Barre’s house is truly the place to be. A very predictable person, she is usually seen driving her red car, wearing her usual t-shirt/jeans/slippers get-up, and desperately taming her medusa-like hair. A self confessed foodaholic, she is normally seen relishing her dose of pizza, pasta or chicken. She’s not corny, nor does she use puns. Yet she’s one of the funniest persons around. Her sarcastic wit and one-liners are terribly amusing and despite her “default” menacing face, Barre is actually a very sociable person who simply enjoys talking and laughing. Overall, Barre is a great everyday companion. She talks to you, sympathizes with you, feeds you, drives you around, shops with you, and lets you sleep on her couch. But despite these, she would never let you drink out of her own glass, seriously.


Charmaine Hilary B. Basubas BS Management

Business. Cluster. Culture. In her senior year, Chum has risen to the upper ranks of some Ateneo orgs—as a Project Director of AMA, the Membership Development Deputy of the ICE cluster, and the Secretary-General of ALAC. This may seem surprising for those who are fooled by her seemingly quiet demeanor and her mysterious smile; but this Cebuana is actually a great conversationalist with strong beliefs and opinions. Her cognate skills extend to her academics; she has no problem burning the midnight oil finishing assignments and papers that challenge conventional ideas and philosophies. But there’s still more to her than that. Chum is a genuine environmentalist and a lover of animals, or at least most of them. She is also a gym enthusiast and is frequently seen at the gym in Moro. And finally, Chum is the best friend anyone wants to have. She’s extremely loyal and loves with all her heart. Just ask the boy she is constantly around with at school.


Joanna G. Bendoy BS Management

Bendie. Kat: Just open up to her & she’ll open up to you. Pretty soon you’ll realize she’s always been the friend you wanted to have & be with! Bev: If there’s anything that would complete one’s life in Ateneo, it would be meeting someone like Joanna. This girl goes along with any trip that you want, may it be music or just sitting around somewhere. Her natural way of making you laugh makes you want to talk with her even more. Joe: Beneath the seeming silent simplicity lies a childish hue in her soul that makes her very amusing. RJ: Bendie is a bamboo. Very resilient. Never breaks. You can count on her always. She’s a reserved person. The quiet type. But I dont know why I never had a dull moment with her. Perhaps she’s full of pages, like a book: at first, boring to look at but once you start reading it, you don’t ever want to stop—that’s Bendie. Full of philosophy. Me: Shyness. Coolness. Maldita. Impulsive. Basketball fanatic. Movie-goer. Just going with the flow. I always want to be happy & I want to enjoy life! Enough said.


Sheryl C. Bergado BS Management

Not enough words to describe this extraordinary woman. To have her as a friend is like hopping onto a nervewracking, stomach-churning, endless rollercoaster ride. She’s not exactly the easiest person to know because she’s like a big, attractive box of secrets and contradictions. However, once you are able open the lid, you’ll love everything you’ll discover inside. She has a tendency to laugh the loudest at your jokes, but she can also throw daggers with her glare. She may act silly & jolly most of the time, but she takes everything important to her seriously. She’s affable at one moment, then aloof the next. She complains about her height, but still wishes to be taller. It’s boggling how she can sneer at your idiosyncrasies, and still charm her way into your heart, especially when she puts her mind & will into it. All these reasons and many more make Scheh a great person and friend. Rest assured that when she accepts you as her friend, you have gained a loyal ally who’ll always be someone whom you can turn to, no matter what.


Mary Ann V. Bernal BS Management

Mean: the sweet girl with the energy that can brighten anyone’s day. Intelligence is one thing this girl undeniably has. At the same time, she’s one of the most cheerful people you’ll meet. She can be a role model of a strong woman today. If what she’s doing will not violate anyone, then she would go all the way and would even fight for it. Some might even say that she’s liberated, a very decisive person indeed. As a friend, she would give advice; you would have thought that she’s an experienced person. A friend you can count on through tough times. As a student and athlete, she’s not contented with her status even if she’s already excelling—a perfectionist indeed. She always perseveres and strives harder even in other aspects of life. Everyone enjoys her company because of her sense of humor and down-to-earth attitude, which made the people around to like her. Words alone could not describe Mean. Again, Mary Ann Bernal—good friend, good athlete, good student, and a good person!


Loretto Maria Isabel V. Bugia BS Management

Life is one grand exploration. So it is for Isabel. With her laid-back style and unusual bohemian taste, she radiates an extraordinary zest for life. She has this incredible passion for adventure, which is very much seen in the way she values the diverse cultures and lifestyles around the world, making her always experience life to the fullest. At such a young age, already, Isabel realizes the significance of being able to reconnect with her inner self in the hope of gaining peace within. Normal days suddenly become interesting the moment she shares her thoughts about even the simplest things; her love for the arts and nature, along with a certain charm and wit that seem to captivate many, make her the perfect hang-out partner! That’s Isabel, intelligent, down-to-earth and, sometimes, the most uncanny character there is. Full of irony, full of life, Isabel is one of those few people who are unique and special in the truest sense.


Mariele Anne G. Butalid BS Management

She represents spring time when a lot of surprises can be seen in her everyday. Our very own May: spunky, energetic, and ma-kwento on the one hand; down-to-earth, one-of-theboys, and simply the epitome of steadiness on the other. A prime example of someone who represents the very best of the South. Lasallian at heart, but Atenean in spirit. She’s as faithful as the sun rises in the east. We have seen you grow and take on a thousand and one personalities that represent all these different sides of you—from wearing your Coca-Cola daster to being in the coño carpool team, our eng-eng days with the barkada and our moments of solitude—happy or depressed, we’ve been through them all! And the point is that we really do know that tomorrow is always better, that life truly compensates… and it’s all because God is good. May goes through each day wide-eyed, optimistic and accepting—a formula that will bring her nothing but the sweetest, finest things in life. Animo Repúblico!


Juan Leo Q. Cabredo BS Managemen

Leo may be known for his quirky antics, witty one-liners and impeccable timing for a punchline. But beyond his ingenuities is the making of a great man. He lives life with enthusiasm, looking into every possibility and impossibility of what he aspires, and who he aspires to become. His possibilities are endless, his impossibilities are transcendent. Nothing can break this unrelenting spirit, for his passion is too overwhelming to overcome. He knows what he wants and achieves it. He accepts failure with intrepidity, rising almost unscathed and he celebrates his successes with much regard for others. It is remarkable how, beneath his strength, is a loving man, unafraid of the betrayal of gentleness. He stands up for those he love, and shows them their innate beauty. He loves and he loves profoundly. It is certain that Leo is bound for greatness. If this is not the making of a great man, then he probably already is.


Marishka Noelle Cecilia M. Cabrera BS Management

Wide-eyed, you skip along a well-trod path, wondering why your footprints have to join the flurry of a million other footprints. Like a reel of film on a round glassy screen, you watch births and deaths, shed tears for the complacent monotony of everything in between. Glass breaks; the sharp pieces follow you home. You shut the door and try to hide behind your walls. But soon, like the few whose hearts and minds and souls are made of something purer than the pristine makings of a clear morning, you dare step outside and discover that as soon as your feet touch the ground, broken glass transform into stars and weave constellations on the earth, slowly creating a path for unexplored dreams.


Anna Carmi R. Calsado BS Management

Her captivating smile cannot be missed from afar. You will often see her stopping along hallways to say hi to the many friends she has gained throughout her college life. She is behind numerous expressions and has coined many terms that people seem to catch on so quickly. Never attempt to race with her on the road because this girl will leave you eating dust—2 fast 2 furious personified. She has such a strong impact on others; she will surely leave her mark once you’ve crossed paths. Carmi is an exemplar of a well-balanced personality and truly encapsulates beauty, attitude, and brains all in one person. An epitome of an individual driven with good, hard work and an efficient outcome; she never fails to reach her goals in every attempt she makes. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”; and with her high-spirited character and her persistent attitude, Carmi will indeed go a long way in life, achieving wonderful things throughout the journey.


Joyce Anne P. Cariaso BS Management

Don’t let the wailing “anhooh bhaaa’s,” the meekness and the kikay-ness fool you. Joyce is most definitely not the runof-the-mill Atenista. Scientifically proven to draw attention to herself without even trying, only the strong-willed are able to pry their eyes away from hers. As if that weren’t enough (and to inspire people to ponder where they were when God para-dropped endowments), she can play the guitar, sing and dance (no, not all three at once. Duh?)! She does all three with her own brand of soul—the kind only the likes of Basia, Patti Austin, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone and the Girl from Ipanema (whatever her real name is) can relate to. Since it’s rare that she discloses this side of hers, those who are lucky enough to experience it are reminded of the spunk and attitude this girl has bubbling just beneath the surface, despite her seemingly docile character. “…It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul…”


Miguel C. Carlos BS Management

“The best things in life are free”—true enough. Well, if you are friends with this young man, good heart, sweet thoughts, smart kid by the name of Miguel Cruz Carlos, congratulations! The finest thing about Miguel is that he knows how to appreciate every single detail of the memoirs you have shared and he knows how to treasure his friends. He may not be that happy-go-lucky type of guy but he makes sure that whenever you are with him, you’ll be in high spirits, comfortable and most of all you’ll be yourself—no questions or prejudices appended. He just makes this world a perfect place to live in, no joke! Life may be harsh on him, yet I admire him for his strength, enthusiasm and ability to move on with life no matter what tribulations he may have faced. He’s just too good to be true; no wonder girls go gaga over him (of which only 10% are genuine girls). Truly, when you meet Miguel, you’ve just obtained one of God’s most exquisite creations—in fact, he is one of the best things that happened to me.


Vonn Brian A. Carriaga BS Management

There are so many things to say about this guy whose presence is an epitome of simplicity. At first glance, you might be deceived by his quietness. But beyond lies a jolly and ambitious guy who never runs out of stories to tell. Vonn is a person who enjoys life and never fails to show it. He can dazzle you with his amazing mathematical and accounting skills, extensive knowledge of jazz, indie and rock music or his tantalizing way of playing the saxophone. His stories of countless experiences are nothing short of amazing. This clever guy has a natural way of bringing a smile on people’s faces. Indeed, he can make you feel good about yourself. A truly gifted person with a good head above his shoulders and a caring heart that goes along with it. That’s Vonn, the most straightforward person I know. A genuine block mate who always speaks from his heart. A friend who can never be forgotten and has definitely left a mark in his friends’ lives.


Marie Christine G. Carrillo BS Management

What sets Tin apart from other people is neither her excellence in academics nor her involvement in extracurricular activities (although she does manage to balance both.) Rather, what’s so special and great about her is that she is the most ideal friend anyone could ever ask for. She is someone who can never let her friends down, for she has always been willing to give her allout support. A very thoughtful, fun-loving, sweet and spontaneous person, she has her unique way of making those around her feel loved. She’s one warm-hearted person, effortlessly touching people’s lives. There is no dull moment with her. She finds laughter in anything, and lightens up your day by simply being around. She is greatly loved by her peers, because what she has been to them is the truest friend she could ever be. She remains grounded and humble despite all the wonderful blessings she has. The kind of friend that everyone would kill for, she doesn’t just come into people’s lives….she becomes a part of them.


Isabel Maria N. Celdran BS Management

Isabel Maria—as beautiful as her name is, this lady here is even far more beautiful. Her being evidently gorgeous makes all kinds of guys fall for her, but Bel still remains her humble and lovable self. You think she’s beautiful? Wait ‘til you get to know the real Bel, the Bel who is just bursting with love for her dogs, friends and family. She’s also the worst seatmate you could possibly have because when she’s around, it’s always fun and laughter; once she gets started on her hysterical teary-eyed laugh, she gets the entire group laughing along with her. But don’t get me wrong, she also has a serious side to her. Bel’s strongwilled ambition to succeed in life is seen through her business-mindedness and practicality, which gains her the admiration of many. Her sweet little gestures to cheer us up make her even more lovable than she already is—they definitely don’t come any sweeter and truer than our dear friend Bel. Without a doubt, Isabel is loved and treasured by everyone whose lives she has touched.


Natalie Jane T. Chai BS Management

Being Natalie for a day includes waking up quite late and rushing to school, because more often than not, she didn’t get enough sleep. In class, she would spend time taking meticulous notes while the teacher drones on, particularly when she finds the subject interesting. Otherwise, she listens, nods, and participates when possible. During her break in the caf, she hangs out with her friends. They chat, laugh, share concerns, encourage each other, or just eat. Then they all start studying. When alone, Nats would go to the air-conditioned library or computer labs, gaining more knowledge by reading, checking her mail, or just searching for stuff that interests her. Once a week there’s Bible study or fellowship across the street. After class, org requirements and group meetings sometimes take up her time. Work even follows her home. After finishing papers, readings, and some org work, she sometimes catches a segment on TV before preparing for bed. It’s late, her parents remind her. As usual.


Bryan Benjamin G. Chan BS Management

“You can only know yourself through others”—this is me, Bryan looking through a clearer set of spectacles. “One may see him as shy and nonchalant, but he is really quite thoughtful and sweet. He is someone whom you could spend countless hours just talking about anything under the sun, from showbiz news, to politics, to your personal life. Also, he is the type of person you can really depend on; he is the kind who will genuinely support you in your every endeavor and never leave you hanging for whatever it takes. That’s Bryan in a nutshell—shy and mysterious at first but ultimately your caring ally until the end.” “Bry is a plate of pancit. Noodles and oodles of patience. Bry is a plate of pancit. Pieces of meat filled with knowledge. Bry is a plate of pancit. Stir-fried vegetables, crisp to friendly perfection. Bry is a plate of pancit. Colorful, flavorful. Bry is a plate of pancit, add a hint of spice and he’s complete. Like him, love him, like a plate of pancit.”


Juan Carlos L. Cheng BS Management

He has always been a quiet guy, and he really is a man of few words. However, that does not stop him from being a lot of fun. He would say the right punch lines at the right times and arouse a boisterous laugh from the crowd. He might also seem reserved, but he is always ready to partake in something new when challenged and sometimes even just because he wants to. To his loved ones, he can be subtly sweet and thoughtful. Sometimes, he might seem indifferent, but he would eventually reveal something up his sleeve to show how much he cares. He’d stay with you as long as you need him to even if you’re not doing anything, “pasas lang.” He’s also someone who’d certainly listen to anything you have to say, may it be about politics or your passions and fears. Ultimately, he is not the most predictable and readable person there is, but it is this randomness that makes him special and unique.


Anne Michelle L. Ching BS Management

The first thing you’ll notice about Meanne is her smile. It’s plastered all over her face. She’s the cute chinita girl who walks while flashing those pearly whites and acts as if the world has no problem at all. Being with Meme makes you wish you could turn back time. Her childlike aura reminds you of all the good things about being a child, the carefree attitude that makes you feel like nothing can go wrong. She has this pleasing, go-go attitude and sunny disposition that rub off on the people around her. So every time you feel down, just look for her and she’s sure to brighten up your day. She is one of the truest persons you’ll ever find. That’s one thing she’s blessed with, a genuine heart. No pretensions, no inhibitions. If you haven’t met Meanne, you’re missing out on a whole lot. Whatever beauty she has outside is just a reflection of the loveliness she has inside. Once she walks into your life, you will definitely keep her. She’ll catch you with her charms, impress you with her wits and capture you with her heart.


Kevin Victor T. Chua BS Management

Some guys seem to have it all: the girls, the car, the brawn. These are the kind of guys that girls adore and other guys seemingly despise. Kevin? Well yes, he is one of those guys. But unlike his peers, he remains surprisingly humble. He is a level-headed person with strong convictions. He is not one to follow popular beliefs. Kevin is his own person. He fights for what he believes in. His focus and his drive are unshakable. As a friend, Kevin leaves nothing to be desired. He exudes genuine kindness. He gives all that he has to offer without expecting anything in return. With him, it is impossible not to feel loved. But Kevin deems the number of friends unimportant. He believes in the quality of friends, not the quantity. Yes, some guys seem to have it all—but Kevin? This guy has the strength of soul to go past all these and remain true to himself. With his wisdom, he awakens us to a new understanding. He may just stay in our lives for a while but will leave footprints in our hearts and we are never, ever the same.


Roslyn Elizabeth Y. Chua BS Management

Things I realized in college: We live in a world of expectations. Sometimes you feel like everyone is looking at you and judging you but they’re actually not—it’s just you. The people you know very well are the hardest ones to describe. It must be because closeness cannot be measured by how much two people know about each other. Success is always relative—relative to what others have done and what they cannot do. More often than not, however, it is relative because of our own and other’s perception. There might be no way of finding out the absolute truth about a person, about a certain situation, or about the world in general. I guess we are all limited that way.


Andrew W. Chuacokiong BS Management

“My main man” —Mr. L “To be is all I gotta be.” – Ms. C “May seem like an ordinary happy-go-lucky guy, but you’d be surprised how he’d get things done when the need arises.” – Mr. E “A comical genius” – Mr. K “Unique” – Mr. C “Pragmatic” – Ms. B “Can deftly overcome any challenge with ease.” – Ms. N “A gentle aspiring breeze that rekindles ones innermost soul with his kind and enduring ways.” – Ms. H “Witty!” – Ms. V “Always there when it’s chow time.” – Mr. Y “The ever reliable finance head.” – Ms. M “A silent listener and good adviser.” – Ms. G “The only Chowking that’s open 24 hours a day.” – Mr. G


Kimberly Ann L. Chupeco BS Management

Everybody on Earth needs his own angel—someone whose mere sight brings a smile to one’s lips, someone who magically makes everything bearable through the warmest hugs and sweetest gestures, and someone whose love and presence generate true beauty and immense happiness into her surroundings. Thank God for Kimberly Chupeco, Ateneo’s resident angel. Hers is, in popular opinion, one of the prettiest faces to ever grace the Ateneo campus. Her warmth, generosity, willingness to help, and genuine concern for the well-being of others further magnify the beauty that radiates from deep within her soul. However, appearances can also be deceiving—this mildmannered and demure lady is actually a strong individual who knows what she wants and doesn’t have any qualms about achieving them. So, a real angel in disguise? Possible… Just don’t check her back closet, you might find her grand wings stashed in there.


Krystle Vanessa Clemente BS Management

Convincing, perky, cheerful, fun-loving, carefree, friendly, and smart are just some of the words to describe Krystle. Actually, to capture her personality, it wouldn’t be enough to describe her in words. To truly know who she is, one has to experience being a part of Krystle’s life. Krystle is someone who can make anything fun. With her, there is never a dull moment. She’ll constantly entertain you with stories about her experiences, TV shows, and other people. More than being fun-loving, Krystle is also a dependable and caring friend. You can count on her to cheer you up when you’re feeling down or listen to you when you need someone to talk to. We all know that Krystle can achieve great things because she has what it takes to go after her dreams. She has the perseverance and drive to overcome the obstacles that come her way. Truly, she is one of a kind. And all of us who know her consider ourselves blessed.


Dianne Bernice C. Cohu BS Management

If I were a book, what would be my title? Why? A Woman’s Liberation by Ursula K. Le Guin. Bernice is a strong-minded girl who plunges into life with much eagerness and vigor. Moreover, she has a passion for reading women’s literature/ “chick lit.” Thus, no other piece, save for A Woman’s Liberation, can be more apt for this modern young woman. —Joanna Lao The Little Prince by Antoine de St.-Exupery. Bernice, much like The Little Prince, appears endearing, entertaining and harmless. Yet, she is also more than that. She provides you with new insights; she is the type who pushes you to do more and think more through her effective persuasions. The Little Prince provokes within you a mixture of happiness and interest, the very same feelings that you will have when you have chanced upon meeting Bernice. —Deng Diwa


Marie Marguerite Inez T. Crisostomo BS Management

Effortlessly, Nezi is a master at stealth—reticent but a resilient worker, deceivingly harmless but a consistent heartbreaker, revealing a gentle smile however brewing a cunning strategy. This seemingly unreachable goddess can surprise you with her unforeseen quirks, uproarious antics, and “taray” remarks that can put anyone into silence or temporary state of shock. Add to that her lurking passion for intelligible and unintelligible things as she loves to philosophize or rather, she wishes she could stop philosophizing about life, love and the intricacies of the human mind. A pretty face, a brilliant thinker and a loving friend? Everyone can attest to that. Yet even to her oldest friends, Nezi ceaselessly remains an enigma. The beauty about her is that knowing her piques your curiosity to know even more. Although this may be a challenge for many, it’s unquestionably rewarding. Her worth to the people who respect, admire and love her is an affirmation of her sheer beauty, both on the surface and in character.


Rhys Hester Y. Cruz BS Management

May ilang mga mukha na nawawala na lamang sa ating mga buhay sa paglipas ng panahon at mayroon namang tila sinadyang tumatak sa ating pagkatao. Isa si Rhys sa mga taong mapalad kong nakilala. Isang mahusay na estudyante na kahit may ibang kailangang gawin, hindi pa rin nakakalimot sa mga kaibigang nangangailangan ng tulong. Lumalapit ang lahat upang magpaturo ng nakaraang leksiyon o di kaya nama’y humingi ng payo sa mga bumabagabag na problema. Minsan tahimik, minsan nagpapatawa, ngunit madalas nandiyan para sa iba na walang hinihintay na kapalit— isang tunay na kaibigan na walang tigil na pasasalamatan.


Ser Patrick D. de Dios BS Management

Ser Patrick de Dios is a perfect example of a walking contradiction. Book smart yet unbelievably forgetful. He’s also affectionate but oh-so clumsy. His defined personality makes him the epitome of a variety of characteristics. He’s the epitome of fun—there’s never a dull moment with him. He’s also the epitome of an Atenean that can prove the critics wrong. SP is not the “harsh, English-speaking, apathetic elite” but is actually a soft, witty, cleverly sensitive person who knows both worlds. Moreover, he’s the epitome of balance. He adroitly divides his time between his studies and his social life. SP is also an in-born alaskador. However, for him, teasing is his own unique way of showing his being warm. Even though he is jovial most of the time, he knows when it’s time to get serious. He is always there to listen and give his honest and meaningful advice even if it means not agreeing with you. After all, “only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.”—Sicilian Proverb


Julian Anthony de Guzman BS Management

Not everyone was born to create ripples in this world. But for Jul, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option. Armed with a great mind and an irresistible charm, this man is ready to take on life’s challenge head on. Failure may be inevitable, but what sets him apart from everyone else is his resilience. He wastes no time to try to get back on track and give things another shot. Against all odds, he will prevail as long as he sets his mind to it. A great colleague and an even greater friend, he is ever ready to take a comrade by the hand to help him reach greater heights. Truly, he is a man dedicated to the service of others. He has the innocence of a child and a heart of a compassionate warrior. He may lose in some battles along the way, but Julian Anthony de Guzman will definitely emerge victorious from this journey we call life. This person is bound for nothing less than greatness.


Marianne N. Delantar BS Management

She’s the one who laughed at your joke which no one else found funny She’s the one who said hi to you warmly when you were having a bad day The shoulder everyone cries on The friend with undying sympathy The clairvoyant who will tell you how many children you’ll have The Japanese doll Stunning diva Earth angel Hyper kid Peacemaker and Breath of air. No pretenses, no walls Pure Talent, all heart and sincerity An amazing woman the world will only get one chance to see


Nicolas Andre T. Devanadera BS Management

Meeting Nikko Dev is like opening Pandora’s box. What comes out is a range of personalities that will keep you on guard, awaiting what he’s going to bring out next. Once you let him into your life, there’s no turning back. Vibrancy, color and life are what Devanadevil stands for, from having a meal in the cafeteria named after him to transforming into an animal whenever he hears the songs on his play list—it seems there is no stopping this guy from doing what he wants. The paradox that is Nikko Devanadera: “Kulit” but brilliant, insensitive but understanding, short but muscular (at least he looks like 5’7 from afar), “Sobrang bait na sobrang kupal.” He’s the hippie guy who’d suddenly burst into a song and would charm you with just one look—his list of antics could just go on. Seriously though, there’s no one else like him; there’s never a dull moment with Nikko. And if you’re in the same category as his car or his iPod, consider yourself lucky because then you’d know that he’s got your back.


Maria Lourdes B. Diwa BS Management

Whenever I think of Deng, the very first question that comes to mind is how in the world I encountered such a whimsical creature. Fate must have played a big role in our first introduction, for she definitely made a mark in my history of unforgettable human acquaintances as the unbelievably hilarious girl who wore an inside-out shirt and a big smile as she sold tickets for a concert in one of her orgs. One must beware of her sudden bursts of her where-did-that-come-from opinions and her ingenious ideas, for they will instantaneous infect you with an unstoppable laughing session. Her calmness and optimism could become highly contagious once her vivacious aura reaches your energy sphere. Even if it seems that everything is in chaos, this girl still smiles and would let out a small joke to lessen the tension. What I like about her is that she always says what she feels and thinks honestly, with no pretensions. Because of these, I say that I hail the heavens for giving me a friend like her.


David G. Domingo BS Management

David Domingo or simply Domeng has 5 moles in his face. This is supposed to mean that he is very easily gets jealous; but surprisingly, this is not his most obvious trait. Domeng is very charismatic, evident with the constant throng of people surrounding him. One of the oldest in the batch, his age is evident in his emotional maturity on some times; yet on other times, he is downright childish, throwing stones and showing his bolus from time to time. From being an excellent goal scorer at football to cramming before a test, to teasing his friends, he is a man of many talents. Even though Domeng is skillful in many things, his most characteristic trait is his charisma, with almost everybody from the barkada to the caf people being easily influenced by his charms. Maybe it’s the moles, maybe it’s his inherent laziness, maybe it’s his fascination with African Americans but whatever it is, Domeng is one guy na masarap katambay.


Ana Katrina P. Echevarria BS Management

Rina is smart. Everybody admits to that fact, except of course, herself. She has the incredible gift of intellect that allows her to achieve whatever she puts her mind into. She has in herself a fervent desire to always do more than what is expected, and do it with utmost perfection. She dares any challenge, never rules out the impossible and constantly seeks what could be. For this person, the real test starts where possibilities end and impossibilities begin. But what really defines Rina as an individual is not her innate mental aptitude. Rather, the true definition of her character lies in the infinite depths of her heart. A heart beaming with unconditional generosity, compassion, humility, love and most especially courage. Her spirit is resilient, able to take on life’s many obstacles with every passing day, head up and triumphant. An amazing student, but an even more amazing person, friend and companion. Truly, Rina has no less than greatness ahead of her.


Paterson P. Encabo Jr. BS Management

“He’s easy to please when it comes to food, easy to talk to and very approachable.” “His simple smile can cheer up anyone. When it comes to his studies, he’s serious and patient. He’s a friend you can trust and a friend that you want to keep forever.” “Agimat ng grupo namin!” “PJ is your celebrity/boy-next-door. He has definitely got one of the best laughs in town. A guy filled with love for humor.” “He is a kid who wants to have fun. He is always willing to help and be there for you through the good and the bad.” “Balance, Cheery, Creativity” “He accomplishes his tasks with ease.” “He looks like a kid but he’s mature beyond his years.” —by people who know him so well…


Reuben Enrique I. Estrada BS Management

One thing that will first come to mind when I think of college is the boyish & easy smile of Kit. I didn’t realize ‘til now how much I’ve grown accustomed to his face, his cheerful voice that brightens up my days or the quiet admiration in his eyes whenever I beat him in basketball. There seemed to be so much time to play games, discuss lessons and do org work. I can’t believe that soon, all of it will come to an end and we’ll have to go our separate ways. I’m going miss him a lot after graduation. In our group, he was always relaxed. I remember worrying if he could deliver as much as he promised. But always, without fail, he came up with exceptional results. In time, I came to realize how competent & dependable he was. I’m pretty sure that he’ll land in a Fortune 500 company one day. At the end of the day, we’ll all take different paths but it’ll be great to know that at one unforgettable period in our lives, we all gathered together and became the best of friends. Good thing friendship lasts. —Katrina Leung


Christine P. Factora BS Management

Christine \’kristēn\ n 1: an ISO gal but an ACLC ‘roomie’ by heart 2: a great friend and person; one of the nicest people; doesn’t know how to get mad at people 3: in-house plumber and technician 4: Huggable Awardee 5: gymbuddy extraordinaire 6: genius in math; anything that has to do with numbers—Miss FACTORa’s good at it 7: Tracy’s all-time blockmate and lunch mate 8: wants to travel the world 9: Philippine version of Drew Barrymore 10: certified true-blue Atenean 11: a collector of cute boys 12: Asylum girl 13: fairy-tale-princess-trapped-in-the-real-world ~adj 1: smart, outgoing, weird sometimes, and beautiful; Beauty and Brains 2: dependable and responsible 3: sweet and a great companion 4: voluptuous (Note: If you really want to know who Christine is, you just have to get to know her personally. Don’t worry! Getting to know her and being with her is an adventure in itself. In the long run, time lost in getting to know her will be worth it.)


Fatima Corrine M. Facun BS Management

Corrine is a strong woman. Not only is she strong physically (she is the strongest girl in the Ateneo Rowing Team), but she has also a very strong personality. This makes her get what she wants. However, this strong personality is what makes people think that Corrine is mataray but there’s more to her than that. She watches out for her friends and even gets mad with them whenever something bad is done to them. She is also a very real person. She knows herself so she doesn’t pretend anything; she’s is not afraid to show what she truly feels. This strong woman is also kikay. She plans the outfits she’ll wear weeks before an event. Her must-have kikay kit essentials include lip gloss, eyelash curler and eyeliner. Corrine embodies the saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t stop at the mataray look of Corrine because if you do that, you really will miss out on a lot.


Adrienne Gerardine I. Favis BS Management

Ria, as she is known to her friends, can be described as a complex person with simple desires. Both passionate about her beliefs and compassionate with the underdog, Ria is happiest when she is helping out in something she has conviction in. She can be very choosy but when she decides on something, she gives a hundred percent of her effort to it. This is probably why she is always on the organizing team of one association or the other. She perpetually gives you her opinion on things, especially food and movies, which makes her the resident food and movie critic. She has always had a soft spot for anything soft, small and cuddly, as can be seen from the number of stuffed toys she owns. She appreciates beautiful things in life, be it clothes, a room design, a flower or even a cloud formation. If she finds something attractive, you can be sure that she will call your attention to it. She is one person you have to know, as she is a fun and loving friend, daughter, and sister.


Jake Mario P. Fernandez BS Management

If you need to find Jake, don’t bother looking for him in Cervini! This apathetic dormer is known to roam Katipunan until early morning. A self-proclaimed trendsetter, Jake is one of the pioneers of spreading the DOTA craze among his peers. If he’s not playing basketball, he’s definitely in front of a computer. On the other hand, Jake is also very smart, insightful, and deep. He always has so much to share about anything and everything. Jake will voice out his thoughts, but he will also allow you to talk while he sincerely listens. His pleasing personality exudes a positive aura that spreads out to others. He’ll manage to make you laugh at his corny jokes that leave you with a sheepish grin on your face. But when you need him to be serious and be there for you, he empathizes with and looks out for you, never leaving you until he is able to lift your spirit. These and more make Jake the best friend anyone will be privileged to have. Jake, you may lose all your hair but you’ll never grow old in our hearts.


Emmanuel S. Ferrer III BS Management

You can never hide the greatness that lies in the blood of a man who stays true to himself and shows no pretensions. Through the years, he has definitely unfolded the fine virtues that he possesses. Being a leader, he inspires other people to make the most out of themselves. Being a fighter, he knows how to hold on to his principles and stay firm to his beliefs. Being a real friend, he makes you feel your worth and has definitely shown the world how one can stay loyal and loving to the people close to his heart to the utmost level. Extraordinary; noteworthy; a source of bliss; indeed, that is Cheeno and he is so much more…


Daryl Josef C. Flores BS Management

Dax (dáx) noun 1. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none; 2. The leading German index of equity prices based on the 30 most heavily traded stocks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; 3. Loyal Friend; 4. Diligent Student; 5. Responsible Leader [see also Gandhi]; 6. Sports enthusiast; 7. Food lover; 8. Film buff; 9. Frustrated artist; 10. Internet surfer; 11. PC game fan; 12. Storyteller [see also rumor or gossip]; 13. Snobbish yet friendly; 14. Clever, cunning and ambitious man; 15. Future world figure [see Churchill or Roosevelt]; and 16. Someone very pleasing to look at.


Kenneth Oneal S. Gan BS Management

I am known by many nicknames. It’s peculiar that not everyone knows what KOG stands for. But hey, it’s cool. These are what the many people in my life fondly call me and some history to them… 1. KOG – the original, bestowed upon me since Grade 5. 2. Kogy – from a fiend, uh… friend in High school. 3. Kogi-wugi – from my staffer in High school. 4. Koga-cola – from my little classmate in High school. 5. Keg – my blockmate misheard my nickname during OrSem. 6. Kogilax – from my little blockmate in college who’s into Pokemon. 7. Kogster – from my english blockmate. 8. Kogbert – I read Dilbert… someone made the connection. 9. Koggers – I forgot who started this… but thanks for the name. 10. Panda / Polar bear – most of my blockmates indirectly call me this. Whew! I’m sure there are many more. I’m just glad to have been a part of your life as you were and always will be a part of mine.


Raymond Kristopher S. Gan BS Management

Raymond Kristopher Sy Gan is… A great friend who is always ready to be beside me whenever, wherever.—Steph A gentle giant—big in size and big at heart.—Kris A rare find! Despite life’s setbacks, he manages to look at the bright side…the perfect gentleman.—Marianne One gentle giant…—Tups The tallest friend I have. In times of need, he is there to lower himself and give a helping hand.—Silva A very shy person but would often attract the attention of others due to his baby-face look and towering height. He is blessed with a radiant disposition and a good sense of humour that wins him true and loyal friends.—Kitin Someone who intimidates people with his height, hot temper and brain; but inside he is a softy, wanting to love and be loved.—San


Alissa Pilar G. Garcia BS Management

It is impossible for any Atenean not to notice this girl. Yes, she is the one who goes to school as if she is going to a fashion show. She has the shortest skirts and the most adorable outfits. Having Sasa as a friend is like having a very precious and rare diamond, she sparkles and spreads brightness all around. This girl will encourage you to do anything that you want to do, teach you to dream about anything that you want to dream of and make you test the limits of any situation. —Alex Roman Though she may seem tough at first glance, she’s actually a sweet heart once she lets you in. She’s always someone you can talk to, just as long as it’s not about her love life. As I look back at all the things I’ve experienced with her, I laugh and realize that I had so much fun. College wouldn’t be half as great if Sasa wasn’t lurking around in her mini skirts or wasn’t my lifetime partner for that matter. – Camille Villar


Camille Anne I. Garcia BS Management

There’s an expression that “looks could kill”; but when one talks of Camille, they know that even more dangerous than her killer looks is her killer personality. Senator Camille can be found waving to the masses or any person. Bonding moments with her are instantaneous because she finds a way to connect with everyone—fashionistas, rockers, or nerds. Her charms and her 1000 mega watt smile are enough to brighten any room she enters, as well as any friend’s life she walks into. She is a good conversationalist, a determined leader, and a trusted ally. Her endearing quirks such as her OC attacks, her belief that cigarettes are a healthier vice than alcohol, and her notion that she is a guy trapped inside a woman’s body, despite being able to spot a chic accessory within any five mile radius, add to her appeal. If that killer package doesn’t get to you, perhaps her shooting arm can. So be warned of permitting Camille into your life because once she’s in, the danger of letting her go is absolutely unimaginable.


Carlo Rammel T. Garcia BS Management

This is a letter of thankfulness. erik, kathrese, jen, francis, micmic, enzo, miggy, kc, nikko, war, krystel. ryan, john, allan, mark e, bren, dann, jo, real, rey, spencer, john p, iocis, joemar, arvi, karl, josh, bonjie, vc, ron, ken, dane, neil, will, jobe, jefy, bianca, cyndy, miggoy, adrian, ivens, kellda, kit, jill, kerv, josh, albert a., paolo(s), abo, john d, et al. God bless all of you animals. I am grateful to every CERSAn that ever was and ever will be. Thank you for being my home for the four years that have passed. I hope that I was able to give back enough. nilo, rofil, alf, dino, nikko. I will never forget anything. Nilo, Rofil, four years was fun, wasn’t it? Kat Leung, IISDC ‘05 (‘uber’). To all my relatives who were there for me in my time of need. Clarita. Anthony, Melisa, Lia Quijano. I will always be proud to be your son/brother. You guys have been with me through it all. I love you with all my heart and I’m going to make you proud. Thank you for the gift of truth, confidence, character, principle. I am a Quijano. - Carl G.


Johann Paolo C. Garcia BS Management

If it isn’t Mr. Big Fish himself! You will never hear a more mind-blowing story if it hasn’t come from this storyteller; his exciting narrations are just the start of the best company ever. You would just go over your head and out of this world trying to describe a guy like Johann Garcia, because if there were anyone more inexplicable, it would be this guy! He’s Mr. 90%, so close to being all that and leaves the 10% to his unruly lifestyle. He’s Saturday Night Live. A J.K. Rowling and Conan O’Brien combined. And the truth of it all, he’s the dreamer of all dreams. A survivor of the real adventures. He’s a natural Steven Spielberg. He can sing without a voice. He can walk without poise. Which means he’s got 100% confidence. But with that aside, we all know he was born to be an entrepreneur, admirable for his success in every aspect of his life. He dreams of leaving a legacy behind and we are all just here to witness him turn all this into a reality!


Joseph S. Garcia BS Management

A person who feels for others, just wants to make the world better. Joseph looks at the world in the perspective of reason and justice. What’s unique about this person is his ability to overcome bad judgment and tempting pleasures for the sake of the greater and more important good. Moreover, he feels inquiry and rationalization are very important in dealing with everyday challenges. Being able to distinguish yourself from others is one of life’s greatest challenges because every time, you are looking for others. Stop, think and reflect. Are you with the greater good? Only you can find out… Jaree lang!


Mark Isaak S. Garrido BS Management

Intoxicated with life. Perpetually misunderstood. Lives and thrives with pressure. Selfless. Indomitable spirit. Passionate heart. Always gives his all. Holds his ground when others seem to fade away. Character. Does not shirk away from the intimidating challenges, monumental tasks, and leadership responsibilities. Versatile. Blue Babble Battalion Captain. Ateneo Lex HR AVP. Dean’s lister. Has so much to do. Always lacks sleep. Part-time student, fulltime lover. Witty. Everybody listens when he talks. Always the source of the next good laugh. Agent provocateur of matchmaking stints, creative dance moves, and strange lingo. Spontaneous. Drinks as if it is his last. Maneuvers his life as if it were a road trip. Knows just when to stop, when to slow down, and when to speed up. Sentimental fool. Has learned to embrace the skies rather than chase away the clouds. Philosophical. Wears his life glasses, but removes them once in a while. Ironical. Simple in his complexity, yet complex in his simplicity. Phrases. Mark is.


Triska Monica Marcelina B. Garrido BS Management

A (wo)man of few words.


Camille Bianca M. Gatmaitan BS Management

Bianca: the queen of talk. Her commanding presence together with her quick wit and eloquence, are obvious qualities to ensure her success as an Amazon-womanlawyer, but she would really rather be Elle Woods. With her fashion sense and killer legs, she can give Reese Witherspoon some serious competition. Given her achievements, labeling her as smart would be an understatement, though she always seems to point her success to a balance of hard work, perseverance, obsessive compulsiveness, and prayer. Underneath that seamless student exterior however, is the soul of a wild child. She may take work seriously, but she knows when to let loose and have fun. Bianca is also multi-talented, but never ever ask her to sing. She has an uncanny ability to make Phantom of the Opera sound like Linkin Park! As a friend, you can always count on her to listen to you without judgment and fight for you when needed. Her wildest dream? To end poverty and achieve world peace as Ms. Universe 20XX. Go get them Bianx!


Sherry Kristen L. Go BS Management

At first glance, Sherry seems like a shy, petite Chinita girl. Her youthful looks and wide-eyed innocence make her seem younger than she really is. It is when she starts to speak that you’ll realize that she is mature beyond her years. Accompanying this maturity is the fact that she is very easy to get along with. With her jolly antics, who wouldn’t enjoy her company? Her smile brings about a soothing sense of reassurance. The moment you see her smile, it seems that every thing is going to be alright. So, how to describe Sherry in a few words? S-weet and Stunning H-umor-filled E-fficient; O.C. R-esponsible Daughter R-eliable Friend Y-earns for perfection That’s Sherry!


Titiana Marie L. Golez BS Management

When somebody said good things come in small packages, they weren’t kidding. Thea is the kind of person that can give new meaning to the word wonderful. She may be one of the shortest people in the room but surprisingly, she will be the tallest. She never fails to dazzle everyone with her wit and charm. Funny faces together with a highpitched voice, she could only be so adorable. Thus, she gets away with being annoyingly evil at times. She looks small but her heart is bigger than anyone else’s. She may be the last person you’ll ever run to but rest assured, she will be the first one to help. That’s why using “Thea” and “kind” in a single sentence would be totally redundant… ”pretty” would be overrated. She’s as real as can be. She’s like a drug, so addicting that you just can’t get enough of and will be looking for when gone—an eternal sunshine for your gloomy days.


Sheryl Marie T. Gotauco BS Management

Everyone has one unique aspect about themselves that you simply can’t help but marvel at. A good example is that you could compare Sheryl’s picture from seven years ago with her most recent photo and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And while, physically, she hasn’t changed a bit, what makes her even more extraordinary is that the Sheryl you couldn’t help but love years ago is the same Sheryl that still manages to attract new friends. She carries with her that same initially quiet and reserved demeanor that secretly harbors this dynamic person filled with a passion for life and activity. This alone is enough to keep her up with her studies, to be sociably entertaining, to speak effortlessly about personal issues and to be undeniably competent in whatever sport she chooses to focus on. Although she has matured into a demure lady filled with bright conversation and soft laughter, many have asked her to never change. It’s truly a comfort to know that Sheryl has always been one to keep her promises.


Cristina Suzzette U. Guanio BS Management

Kris is one of the few people who can always make your day. A very simple and humble person, she never brags about all the great qualities she has. An effective crammer who never wakes up on time, she nevertheless manages to balance her time among the academic, extra-curricular, religious, and, of course, social aspects of her life. One of the most dependable friends you can ever have, she always makes you feel special and she always has your back. Sensitive and caring, she always puts the interests of other people before her own. She loves to serve and is always willing to go an extra mile. Her passion for service and never-ending drive for excellence make her one of the most accomplished and successful people I know. A leader by example, she gives 100% in everything that she does and makes sure that at the end of the day, she gets the job done in the best way that she can and is able to make things better. One thing is for certain, life is simply better with her around.


Aisa S. Guiam BS Management

1. Once in a while switches to her spaced out mode—thudded her forehead on the library’s glass doorway and stepped on wet cement at Mateo Ricci. All unintentionally, of course. 2. Never underestimate the power of a drink. Without it, she thinks thrice before consuming anything edible. 3. The balance of forces. Yin and Yang. Pain and Pleasure. Aisa and Gadgets. Completely different entities but a necessary blend. 4. Qualified to become an honorary Japanese. 5. Saw a movie in Rockwell, groceried at Rustan’s, promenaded B. Gonzales and Katipunan. All done in the name of the most comfy outfit in her closet—The Pajamas. Beat it! 6. Thrives on pressure, on her crafted impulse and anybody’s smile. 7. Water on skin + chic literature + new escapades = Natural high. Conclusion: The list can go on but words can only do so much. Things are better off seen and felt. Be on the lookout. Impossible is Nothing.


Katrina Therese A. Gulay BS Management

A high resonating voice is heard corridors away. A hearty laugh fills the air. The closer she gets, the surer you are, that there she is, the super mega-bubbly person that is Kathrese. She is the type of person who could brighten up a room with her presence and spread her warmth through her big smile. A person with excellent PR skills, she never fails to befriend anyone and is actually friends with almost everyone! Aside from being super friendly, she continuously works as if she is Superwoman. She balances her time between academics, org work, dancing, family, friends and her boyfriend as if it were the simplest task to manage. Her passion for life allows her to exude optimism and joy in all that she does. Truly, she is one of those people who make life in Ateneo easier and more enjoyable. Kathrese is an achiever, a spirited person and a genuine friend who makes the ideal woman, especially in the eyes of her one true love.


Carlos Thomas E. Hugo BS Management

Inclined towards traditional notions yet a radical thinker. Highly competitive yet ethical in demeanor. Loves playing with numbers yet excels in creative work. Both an idealist and a realist. A peace maker and a fighter. The best of both worlds. Carlos Hugo.


Andrea Caterina Maria C. Ignacio BS Management

Drei, Deng or D…she is living proof that being whip-smart and beautiful may not always be a curse. For an heiress who’s rich, she’s ridiculously humble and down-to earth. D is a walking contradiction: a math genius in Prada, an extremely generous Ilocana, a level-headed party animal, a profound comedienne, a carefree kid-at-heart with wisdom beyond her years. Nothing seems to wane her zest for life and her infectious optimism. Branded by her friends as the Pinay (That’s so) Raven, from her quirky mannerisms to Bronx-like spunk, she is the spoonful of sugar you need to make life’s occasional bitter medicine go down. Look for Deng when you want the best companion to enjoy gastronomic feasts, be it very fine bubbly and foie or cowgirl street food! Although there may be other Andreas in this world, rest assured, this particular one is in a class all her own.


Ma. Beatriz Isabel F. Inumerable BS Management

Bea is like a superhero. Everyone wonders how she can go to a zillion meetings in a span of one hour. What’s more surprising is how she can do so with her short denim skirt and high-heeled sandals. Beneath her ditzy image is a geek at heart. Her brain must also have been super enhanced. That can be the only reason why she scored A’s on those mind-melting accounting exams. But despite all these, she still has the time to have fun with her friends. She loves going to the beach to show off her vast collection of bikinis, and of course, her oh-so willowy body! More than that, Bea also has the heart. Being part of so many organizations and being active in all of them shows her passion and drive for the things she does. How she does all these is a mystery. But despite these supernatural things, her friends know her as truly human. Compassionate. Loving. Driven. Those who know her for her superhuman abilities are lucky but those who know her from within are truly blessed.


Andrei Josef Y. Kasilag BS Management

If there’s one guy who encompasses all the traits expected from an Atenean, then he would be Andrei. Needless to say, he truly is a man for others. Andrei is a guy driven with passion and he definitely settles for nothing less than the best. Once in a while, he stumbles on frustration and disappointment. Nevertheless he humbly accepts defeat and sooner or later, again rises with spirit. Despite his remarkable sense of maturity, he still manages to see life with youthful exuberance and optimism. He’s the guy you can count on for jokes (even when the occasion does not call for it) and for those little unsolicited side comments that can, believe it or not, brighten up your day. Truly, he’s person you will never ever forget.


Tenylle Y. King BS Management

Ten is the type of person whose mere presence lights up your day, from her endearing smile to her funny hirits, wacky stories and special hugs. She manages to keep her energy level to the max, and does her best to transfer that good energy to others through her crazy stints and her own signature way of making people smile. Her simple gestures and thoughtful surprises make the people around her feel special and loved. In fact, Ten loves to pamper her family and friends with her cooking. Ten is always interested with what’s happening in the lives of her friends, most especially in matters of the heart. She is best in romantic covert ops and ideas, so you’ll be lucky if Ms. Cupid fires her arrow for you! If you look closely at her smile, you’ll see more than just an optimistic, cheerful lady. You’ll see her fighting constantly to be the best she can be in all of her responsibilities. So the next time you see Tenylle, try not to miss her smile. It foretells a story of a woman ready to bloom.


Angeli Agatha A. Ko BS Management

My college years here in Ateneo have truly been one of the best times of my life… A cliché, yes, but true nonetheless. A result of shifting courses twice (fate and I are fickle friends), joining fun, fulfilling organizations, and spending a semester studying abroad (HKBU rocks!), I have learned from the best of the best, been pushed past my limits, and have emerged a stronger, smarter, more real me. I am not afraid to eat alone (the sweetest little victory), stand up for my beliefs, and am always ready to embark on any wacky adventure or outreach activity. These I attribute to all the difficult, painful, and funny lessons I have learned inside and beyond the classroom. My friends describe me as: Thoughtful. Witty. Smart. Honest. Jolly. Talkative. Matakaw. Hardworking. Mabait. Funny. But had I not met these diverse and colorful personalities, I would not have made life-long friendships that I will always treasure and promise to keep. To the Father, my family, my friends, and Ateneo, I thank you.


Karen C. Kwok BS Management

First impressions always last? Not always. People would usually think that I am very quiet and shy at first. This would later be proven wrong, because when I start warming up, I talk non-stop. This makes them forget their earlier impression. They would be the first to object whenever someone would tell me that I am quiet. Now, they would describe me as someone who talks a lot. They would also say that I am dreamy and practical at the same time. I am a girl with simple joys. I would laugh at the simplest antics and cry at the slightest pain. Friends’ Description: “What you see is not what you get, because she’s better.” “Listing Karen’s attribute would not be enough to describe her.” “Karen is a person who you can’t encapsulate in a single paragraph; and when you hear that distinctive, bubbly laugh, you’ll know what I mean.”


Jill Adrianne T. Lao BS Management

She doesn’t seem to stop. With a persistent force compelling her to do more than what is expected, to achieve more than what others are doing, Jill just keeps on going even when the best have stopped to rest. And she does so with enough grace and beauty to show that diligence and competence is but a small a part of who she is. True enough, Jill’s passions go beyond what some might consider sufficient achievements already. She expresses her creativity through her enchanting voice and her distinctive paintings and sketches. A perfectionist to the very end, she displays the same kind of devotion and enthusiasm she devotes to work as to the whims that add to how beautiful and remarkable Jill is.


Erick Jason D. Latorre BS Management

Jason is all about balance. True, this can be confusing to some, especially to those who know him personally, but I believe that charismatic Jason Latorre is just a pretty average guy. Yes, yes, I know you think this guy is anything but average… but first, allow me to explain. He’s into judo, basketball and has been up and down the Philippine islands, constantly exploring beaches, jungles and mountains. Heck, he’s been so active with his extreme adventuring that he became the president of the Loyola Mountaineers. But then again, boy, can this guy vegetate. I’ve known him to sit alone and play with paperclips for hours on end… between naps! Even in school, this guy can really rake in those A’s. But let’s not forget how many times he “forgot” to show up for his long tests. So all in all, Jason is pretty darn ordinary—since he’s always extreme. ‘Cause if you average everything out, I guess Jason is quite normal after all. Save for his uncanny powers of persuasion. Never drink with him, I tell you.


Daniela Luz S. Laurel BS Management

This sweetheart is a tough nut to crack. On the surface, she’s a fragile angel—a breath of fresh air, graceful, charming, carefree, crazy. Later on you’ll find out that she’s all that and so much more, making her all the more fascinating. The real Daniela is stubbornly determined, independent, focused, passionate, painfully sincere, idealistic, ingenious, and a born leader who always stands by what she says. She’s a fighter and a dreamer at the same time and most importantly, a firm believer in life. The challenge is not to be intimidated by her awesome presence, but instead be inspired by the free spirit that can readily be seen in the gleam of her eyes. But more than this, Dan is an inherently good person with a pure soul—a devout friend who’s always there to listen, offer undying loyalty and affection, and brighten up any day. Bearing innocence that most lose touch of, she’s effortlessly beautiful not just to the eye, but to the hearts of those who hold her dear. The world awaits this precious jewel of a person.


Vladi Miguel S. Lazaro BS Management

Vladi Miguel Lazaro, whom everyone fondly calls Miggy, is a strange combination of an old and young personality all rolled up in one. He may look more mature and intense than most guys but he also has childlike characteristics in him that many find endearing. TheoldersideofMiggyisapersonwhomyoucantalktoabout anything under the sun. Sensible, smart and dependable are the best ways to describe him. He is someone whom you’re sure to be there when you need a helping hand. Whenever he promises something, you know that he’ll do it no matter what it takes. He is also very passionate about his future. Expect him to stand his ground on his beliefs. Lastly, the most admirable about him is his flexibility. Depending on the call of the situation, he knows how to blend with the masses or dine in the most expensive restaurants in town. His boyish side is filled with fun and laughter that you never spend a dull moment with him. Miggy is one hell of a person and a great friend to have.


Mike Oliver M. Lee BS Management

Tall, aloof, a forbidding stance, arms folded against his chest, no, Mike’s nothing like that. Just goes to show the flaws of first impressions. Yes, guilty. Works hard, plays hard. Saves every coin. Has big dreams. The Mediterranean house. Pressure doesn’t get to him. No way. Pushes himself to achieve, to excel. Moments of frustration? Of course. Just takes a deep breath, looks around and gets back on top of things. Because impossible is nothing. For Mike, that is. Acts like a kid, no worries. That irresistible smile charms everyone. Grumpy when stomach’s empty, sleepy when full. Quiet when angry, the stare says it all. Addicted to music, won’t stop, can’t stop. Wishes he has talent. Oh, but he does. Resourceful, creative, immensely analytical. Commanding, compassionate, a powerful and compelling leader. Frank, level-headed, never fails to poke fun at his friends. Understands, gives advice, always there 24/7. Sweet, romantic, doesn’t look like it? He is. All that and more.


Reinelle D. Leong BS Management

Rein is very white. She is like Snow White; or Redford White. Actually, she is so white that even after 7 hours of sunbathing, she still won’t get tanned (the Sun is afraid of hitting her, I guess). But seriously, Rein is my one true love. Rein is the light that has always enlightened me whenever I feel lost. She has been there for me in every dilemma that I was in. And believe me, those were really big problems that I encountered. And she helped me get through every single one of them. Rein is a supportive, loving and caring friend. If you’re an ICAn, and even if you’re not, she would do everything in her power to make your life better. She’s also a loud person. Whenever she’s with her friends, you’ll probably be able to hear and distinguish her voice from a mile away. “Once in a lifetime, something really great and special will happen in your life. Rein showed up, and I’ll cherish her forever.” —Gerard/aokaw


Katrina S. Leung BS Management

When we graduate, Kat will be the person I miss most. She is so many things that it would be pointless to try to list everything, so I’ll stick to the things I love most about her, the rest you can get in her list of accolades. In the future you’ll find a more detailed account of her life on the Fortune 500, but for now you’ll have to do with mine. Anyway, I love that she plays basketball well, maybe too well. I love that she never gets too stressed and zones out when you’re trying to distract her. I love her simplicity in so many ways. But most of all, I love the fact that I met her at a point in my life when I needed to meet someone special. She has taught me to never be content with what’s easy. I don’t know what’ll happen to our group after graduation. I’m sure it’ll be difficult to always keep in touch. So, before things change too much I just wanted to let her know that she meant a lot to me. I’ll miss talking on the phone, the Mcdo meals in the car, making fun of Kellda and everything else that made us smile. —Kit Estrada


Paul Michael S. Liangco BS Management

He says… Paul is a master sugarol. Basta pustahan, lagi maaasahan. Lokongunitmataasanggrado.Kahitsinongkainuman,laging nilalamangan. Matampuhin sa kaibigan ngunit malambing sa girlfriend. “Ganyanan” na pag ‘di nasuportahan! She says… Many people will walk in and out of our lives, but only a few are capable of leaving a footprint in our hearts. There are some who breathe the same air and live the same life as all other people do yet make something out of their lives; and you know, to the depths of your soul, that they’re the kind of people who are destined for great, colossal things. Paul is one of them. Others don’t know the potential they naturally possess. They don’t know how one act can affect the way things can happen. They don’t know that each day, each experience, each minute matters. They don’t know the importance of friends, of relationships, of family, of dreams. He does. And though he may be hard to understand, he is certainly easy to love.


Alexander F. Lim BS Management

Gold medals in judo and jiujitsu draped around his broad shoulders, Ali can scare almost anybody off. But Alex is a living, breathing, walking contradiction. What other macho martial artist receives mid-day text messages from his mother telling him to eat a slice of cake to be happy? Scratching beneath that tough surface, you will find the sweetheart who wraps a protective wing around the people he loves. Absurdly intelligent, Alex is one of the few who know right from wrong, and one of the fewer who uphold that. He is a lot of incredible things all at once. Alex is someone whose person radiates in directions too diverse to wrap up and cram in as tiny a space as this. That is what makes Alexander—Great. He is in every way endearing. He is someone everyone looks up to—and quite literally at that, too.


Charlene Jade C. Lim BS Management

Shoba possesses a certain beauty, both inside and out, that draws people to her. Her captivating smile and warm eyes never fail to make people feel relaxed and at ease in her company. She has proven to be a genuine person, especially to her friends. She does random acts that make people feel special and important. She willingly sets aside her own affairs to listen to a friend in need. Though at times Shoba may doubt her own capabilities, the people whose paths she has crossed know that she has succeeded in so many things. She has formed friendships with her sincerity and affection. She has helped many people without even knowing she did so. She has made many people smile because of her kind-heartedness. She has gained the respect of many through her humility and her unpretentiousness. Shoba has achieved great things with all the little things she has done. You see, she has made many people’s lives more meaningful because she has touched them in one way or another.


Emilio J. Lim III BS Management

Who can forget this strapping Am-boy who sported blonde tips & chunky necklaces his freshman year? Emilio, Emilio III, Eo, E, Mr. Intensity, or ‘My Animal’ is still that funky, funloving person but now with a maturity beyond his age. This accident-prone athlete has had his toe broken & legs burnt in a span of 2 months, but this hasn’t stopped him from doing everything he wants. Eo plays flag football every week & has been with the track & field team for 5 years. (but is a rookie in this year’s UAAP!) His favorite sport though is Sunday Night Poker—anyplace, anytime. Although perpetually late & constantly taking naps, Eo tries his best to study. He deems TV as the enemy & always finds ways to make his time productive. He is very responsible in taking care of himself & his Pug Pogi. He also makes time to model, travel and be with his family. Eo takes control of his life. Most importantly, he is thoughtful, always generous, and never forgets to let his loved ones know how much they mean to him.


Janille Anne G. Lim BS Management

With her face as innocent and as lovely as an angel’s, one can say that Jal is the prim and proper young lady that her parents have proudly taught her to be. But once you get her to pop open, you’ll see that naughty smile and that mischievous gleam in her eyes which tells you what to expect—crazy adventures, endless conversations and tons of laughter. Jal is a human chameleon. She can talk about any topic of interest, from intellectual ideas to outof-this-world schemes. She is a mature and independent individual who never fails to impress everyone with her innate intelligence and wide array of talent in arts and music. She knows what she wants and is determined to achieve it. But another part of Jal is that sweet childlike exuberance and her heart of gold—she never fails to listen and understand when the whole world would not. Jal is like a boggling puzzle filled with different pieces; and yet they all fit perfectly into one big picture. One can say that anyone can only dream the impossible. But with Jal, impossible is nothing.


Jason Matthew S. Lim BS Management

“Ogres are like onions…” “Because they smell?” “Yes, because they—No! Because they have layers!” And there you have it; because of Shrek, I have found a similarity between a brutish, ugly, smelly mythical creature and myself. Like ogres, I am like an onion. More accurately, though, I am like a slightly used onion: the knife of experience has cut me very unevenly, all throughout the surface of my being. Because of this, you can see my different layers from different angles, sometimes giving people conflicting views about me. I am practically your easygoing, intense, organized, disorderly math-lover/hater. I’m shy, talkative, clumsy, and dexterous. I have a sense of humor, but it usually depends where you come from. The problem with having so many layers is that I have so many secrets that I have to tell someone eventually. In fact, now is a good time. Read closely and—oops. Looks like I’m out of space.


Jasper Edbert O. Lim BS Management

Jasper is… Trustworthy Loyal to his friends and family Always ready to help Friendly to everyone Courteous towards others Kind and Understanding A leader and a follower Cheerful Thrifty Courageous in facing problems Clean and respectable God-fearing


Sam Gregory T. Lim BS Management

There’s something about Sam that goes beyond his charming smile. His simple outlook in life is both amusing and admirable, and while he persistently strives to concentrate on the upside of living, his friends continue to find him fun and amiable. Although some would perceive him as moody, he just needs his quiet time to recharge. As a friend, you can rely on him to bail you out of a tight situation. To take it to a higher level, Sam is the embodiment of a “big” brother you wish you had. He can be so selfless and protective, yet never condescending. He possesses a sharp intellect alongside his incorrigibility. Though he may not always be open to everyone, once looked at hard enough, one would realize several things about him that is very special—overflowing humility beneath his acting arrogant, concern beneath his seemingly apathetic approach to things, and sensitivity beneath his toughness and strength. Indeed, Sam is one helluva person to be with.


Jobelle Y. Luy BS Management

She’s the best of both worlds. Jobelle struts slowly, gracefully carrying her great sense of fashion. But beneath the calmness is a wanderlust, up for anything. Light-hearted but a toughie, especially when it comes to bargaining when shopping! She can laugh at the smallest things, and then fight and stand up for herself. These plus her kindness, her intelligence (in accounting!), patience and more endear her to us.


Mary Francis R. Macapinlac BS Management

Goal-oriented, systematic and responsible—that’s Francis. She’s one of the most industrious and dedicated students in her batch, breezing through backbreaking workloads and hell weeks with ease. The perfect team player, her clear mindset, serious concentration and initiative gets her team to always move in the right direction. Her clever study tactics and her diligence are nothing but adored. But do not be fooled. This 5’7 voluptuous lady may seem intimidating, but her friends will attest to the very opposite. Cis possesses the unique ability to add color to your life. With her tender and motherly ways, she will always welcome you with warm gestures. She isn’t only generous with her notes, but with herself as well. Her petty little quirks are endearing too, her obsession with healthy eating, her indifference around major crushes, and her weird sleep episodes. Apart from being a student par excellence, she is a principled woman, a loving family person, and a trustworthy friend. That’s Francis. Undeniably, an inspiration.


Jennifer M. Magno BS Management

People who say that a pretty face cannot have wit, charm, and intelligence beneath it never knew Jennifer Magno. One of the very few to become an Avon girl, this high school valedictorian can fit into any crowd with such amiable flexibility that does not compromise her true self-identity. When she talks, which occurs a lot, everyone cannot help but listen because of her amusing humor backed up by solid common sense. And whenever a healthy argument arises, do not expect her to wither without putting up a sensible debate. On top of these, she is not a fragile package that needs to be handled with delicate care because when the going gets tough, this girl will still get going. Not a señorita who will collapse without her yaya, this independent woman commutes over long distances, cleans up after her own mess, and refuses to be abused by anyone. She yearns fair treatment from everyone and will not settle for anything less. She may not realize it yet, but she is already a success story still continuing to happen.


Nicole Marie A. Manzano BS Management

Genuine—noun.Sincerelyandhonestlyfeltorexperienced; free from hypocrisy or pretense. If there is one word to describe Nikki, this word would be it. In her four years in the Ateneo, she has touched people in more ways than one,just by being who she is. She has an infectious laugh, a bright smile and endless stories. She will always be the person to ask you if you’re okay or if you need company. She has the most sympathetic ear. She will always be as honest as a brick wall when something needs to be knocked into your head, yet she will always be your biggest supporter. She never fails to see the good in everyone despite anything and everything. She is also quick to point out the bright side of things, even when she hasn’t had sleep for the past twenty-four hours. This is who Nikki is: beauty, brains and a whole lot of heart.


Concepcion I. Martin BS Management

Con is always happy, perky & smiling. Although seemingly shy at first, her bubbly personality emerges once a conversation gets going. Her enthusiasm in her narratives manifests her perpetual love for life in its simplest forms. She finds joy in even the most ordinary things (like eating ice cream, and playing minesweeper!) Her endless stories about friends & family illustrate her love for people. In addition to these, Con is a loyal and reliable friend, always ready to listen and help out. And she can certainly lift a friend’s spirits after a long, tiresome day. With a carefree approach to life, Con can make you feel relaxed & can make you forget about the daily demands of life. She can make even the most stressful situations into something you can laugh about. Con always seems to find a way to be optimistic about things even though everything around her seems to suggest the opposite. She sees the opportunity in every difficulty. With her enthusiasm and optimism, Con will certainly achieve wonderful things and live a fulfilling life.


Eugene Michael I. Mateo BS Management

Mats is one who stands out in a crowd, literally, undeniably one-of-a-kind in every aspect. While his frame has gotten him many funny nicknames, all these do him little justice. A person ruled by ideals, he lets his actions do his talking. When everyone insisted on tight-fit shirts, he stuck to his comfy tees. When smoking became the norm, he’d vehemently say “no thanks.” A tequila shot signifies an extra-special occasion, and instead of clubbing, this steady guy would vouch for a chilly night in Tagaytay. He’s the first to rush to your side to offer any bit of help whenever he feels that you need it. Never short on sympathy & consideration, he will always give his unique perspective on things. Underneath that stubbornness lies an openminded listener who constantly prepares himself for life’s challenges. His passion will take him far, his modesty will take him even farther. We have all been blessed with his friendship and his ideal example—once you’ve truly known him, he becomes an essential part of your world.


Aileen P. Mendoza BS Management

Anong klaseng tao nga ba si Aileen? Marahil tinatanong mo iyan ngayon. Ngunit, mali ang ganyang tanong. Hindi naman kasi tao si Aileen. Si Aileen ay isang superhuman, isang katagang Latin na galing sa dalawang salita: super, na ibig sabihin ay “lampas”, at humanus, na ibig sabihin ay “tao.” Iyan si Aileen: lampas sa tao. Kapag nakita mo siya, masasabi mo na ‘yan. Hindi lamang lampas sa normal na Pilipina ang kanyang tangkad, lampas tao na rin ang kanyang pagiging taong “parisukat.” Kung utak ang paguusapan, lampas pa rin! Hindi lang sa akademya, pati sa showbiz; kung ano ang ikinauna niya sa klase, siya namang ikinahuli niya sa tsimis. Dahil na rin sa kanyang kakaibang abilidad, pati ang mundo ng anime ay kanyang napasok: sa pagbabasa ng mga kwentong base dito at pati na rin ang pagguhit ng mga karakter nito. Ngunit seryoso man ang dating niya sa iba, sa kanyang mga kaibigan ay kilala rin siya sa mga hirit, na may kasamang galaw ng kamay, na tiyak na makalaglag-upuan. O di ba?


Juan Carlos D. Mendoza BS Management

Sabi ni Hanamichi Sakuragi, siya ang pinakamagaling na player sa distrito. Sige ok lang, magaling din naman ako e, at malakas din mag-rebound. At kung malakas ang team ng Shohoku, di hamak na malakas ang Team BRAVO. Basketball nga lang ang maipagmamalaki ko, dun lang ako aktibo kahit kung minsan sablay pa. Pero kahit na, magaling pa rin ako! Sabi nga ng isang manunulat, “The advantage of doing one’s praising for oneself is that one can lay it on so thick and exactly in the right places.” Nabigyan din ako ng pagkakataon. Di naman ako mayabang kaya sasabihin kong tanga ako katulad ng pagkatanga ni Sokrates. Oo, hilig kong mamilosopiya at magmeron ngunit mas nakakaaliw ang mamilosopo. Hilig ko rin magbasa ngunit di ng mga readings kundi ng mga tsismis sa broadsheet, mas astig kasi kung Ingles. Pero sige, di ko na idadagdag yung iba ko pang magagandang katangian, baka abutin pa tayo ng isang daang pahina.


Kathleen Joy A. Mercado BS Management

All along, this girl has been making it to the headlines. Yes, headlines in the hearts of her friends who’ve seen her best and worst. Read on… “Long lost soul mate of Mariah Carey found!” “Red sneaker-wearing gal bags Longest Hair Award during OrSem” “Confused shopaholic finds out Anchor’s Away is not just a swing” “Nation fears of apple & 3-in-1 coffee shortages due to a certain ‘Mariposa of Katipunan’” “Management student survives accounting exam through 7-hour cramming” “Microsoft awards Kathleen Mercado ‘Powerpoint Goddess’” “Kat Mercado awarded Noble Prize Winner 2006 for sheer nobleness” “Kathleen Mercado named Manila’s Most Eligible Woman” “Prince Charming breaks Dancing Queen’s heart 6 million times; but friends are said to stay and love her no matter what” And… “True-blue butterfly deemed to go places!”


Nilo C. Mercado, Jr. BS Management

Wanted! The guy you see above is extremely dangerous. Known for his contagious mood swings, you won’t be able to resist his infectious laugh and affectionate manner. He is sure to offer both arms in times of need. Below is a statement from people who have personally encountered this guy: “Nilo is someone you can consider everyone’s friend. Nilo is so approachable, it won’t take very long before you will get to know him and he’ll get to know you. It’s very hard to explain the charisma this guy has; you’re sure to get along with him as he is the kind of friend who would stick to you like glue no matter what the circumstances. Through times of joy or even moments of sorrow, he’ll always be there to give a hand. Aside from being a good friend, Nilo is someone you can draw inspiration from. This guy is definitely an achiever—both in the aspects of athletics and most especially in academics.” See how deadly this guy is? Catch him if you can!!!


Marie Marthe O. Moldera BS Management

Someone… Who hates cats, but loves tigers Who rants about her weight, but never did anything about it Who loves singing, but hated by music Who loves kids, but scared to have her own Who hates crying, but a crybaby Who loves Math, but fails Accounting Who experienced traumatic car accidents, but would still want to drive Who wants to achieve her goals, but not assertive Who loves motivating, but seldom gets motivated Who loves eating, but doesn’t cook Who is simple, but loves complexity.


Sheryl Anne S. Molera BS Management

She laughs out loud. She talks even louder. She is neither reserved nor soft-spoken and definitely not a person of few words, but nonetheless she’s a person of substance, both in her mind and in her heart. She is always the center of attention because of her string of silly stories and her animated way of telling them; people simply love listening to her. With her, a dull moment is an impossibility. She amazingly knows how to mix words perfectly to convince people without her knowing it and the only one who can bring color to a black-and-white film. She gives new meaning to the saying “looks can be deceiving”; She may look mataray but being with her simply proves it wrong. She is a walking smiley face and has an aura that cheers up and comforts the “down-est” soul. Her presence lightens up the world. That surprisingly silly and seriously superb someone is she.


Jose Ma. Francisco O. Montejo BS Management

Upon meeting Jose Ma. Francisco O. Montejo, people quickly notice his sheepish grin and sparkling eyes. Kiko is all about living life to its fullest extent. This cheerful lad never fails to live up to people’s expectations. He manages his time well, easily balancing his time between family, friends, and his studies. He is a loving son, brother, friend and boyfriend. Kiko never fails to giggle whenever his girlfriend Maite’s name is mentioned. He is a loyal and loving companion to whoever gets the privilege of meeting him. Whatever the circumstance, Kiko somehow manages to overcome life’s many obstacles en route to achieving success. He lives to be a friend you can count on whenever you are at your highs or lows. He will be there to laugh with you and cry with you. His humility is exceptional. Time passes so quickly whenever you are with him, since almost all your time will be spent laughing at his witty remarks. This pureblooded Atenista deserves all the future success he will surely obtain.


Karlo A. Mortel BS Management

Everybody ultimately seeks happiness in their lives. While some merely spend their whole lives in search for it, there are some who already possess this unique gift. They are the ones that make us smile when we see them face to face. They are the friends that generously shower us with their loving and genuine concern. They are the individuals who make us believe that there are still good and sincere people in this world. Karlo is only one person, but has achieved much more than expected because of brilliance. Combined with his determination, he has become successful in every challenge he has faced. He has thought not with his mind alone, but with his heart as well. In the process, he has shined as a person, giving inspiration to others before him. Many dream of changing this world, but for some, it is simply their destiny to do so. Rest assured that Karlo in time will achieve all of these with friends and family on his side and a cheerful smile on his face.


Regina Ann L. Nonato BS Management

When I think of Regi, I am reminded of the simple joys and minute details in life that make me smile. Things like: seeing and hearing her infectiously cheerful “hello,” receiving greeting cards and sweet tokens from her on special occasions, sharing irresistible stories all night long, shopping at Divisoria amidst huge groups of people, sharing a big slice of cheesecake at TOSH, and so much more which this limited space hasn’t allowed me to fill. Well, that’s Regi for you—ever cheerful, sweet, thoughtful and fun to be with. Although a workaholic at heart, she seems to have time for everything, getting them all done in just a blink of the eye. Magic? Nope, just sheer Passion, Dedication and a Ton of Faith. But more than all that, she’s a responsible daughter, a diligent student, a selfless leader, an initiator, a comforter, and a great trustworthy friend with a truly genuine heart. College would not have been as exciting and as meaningful without Regi around. Knowing her alone makes life a little more extraordinary. Unbelievable? Believe it.


Ralph Angelo C. Noriega BS Management

Often dubbed by friends as having a perfect set of adorable, puppy eyes, he is the real inspiration behind the widely hit character of Puss-in-Boots in Shrek 2. The adage, “the eye is the mirror to the soul” certainly makes perfect and absolute sense in the person of R.A. This pair of expressive eyes tells you a depth of his personality, a burning passion for accomplishing things, and truckloads of brilliant ideas; it also shows off his irresistible charm, twisted wit, crazy antics, and uncontrollable warmth. No wonder he is well loved by so many people around him. Get ready folks, as he is set to take on the real world with a loud bang!


Ellaine S. Ong BS Management

Recipe for Ellaine: Sift ¼ cup of quiet and stir into a bowl of sporadic chattiness. Add a couple of independent streaks and put in a pinch of laziness. Beat until fluffy and then pour in 3 cups of humility, beauty, and grace. Add a dash of heart and sprinkle in big dreams. Combine everything and you’ll get a semblance* of Ellaine. For toppings, please add persistency, reliability, selfsufficiency and fighter at heart. *I only say a semblance because I’m afraid she’s one-ofa-kind who can’t be replicated no matter how hard you follow the said instructions.


Katrina P. Ong BS Management

Amongst a sea of ordinaries and run-off-the-mills, to come upon someone who vibrates with matchlessness and vibrancy is often unheard of. Yet, it is of great wonder how one with such audacity and inimitability still manages to attract upon steady and dependable souls simply by her wit and tempting charm. It is indeed rare and utterly fortunate to be in the mere presence of such a personality. How privileged one is, to be able to delve into endless conversations overflowing with strapping ideas and brilliant rationales. Such a commanding presence inevitably steals all attention and sentiments, be it for the taking or not. To part with such a spirit, however temporarily, causes one to wander and to seek for one exactly like her. It is only then when one realizes that, indeed, greatness is met only but for a random moment.


Lawrence Anthony D. Ong BS Management

In times of need, he will be there by your side. Lawrence would always put friendship above all. He cherishes the people around him and you can always count on him for a good laugh. He never fails to lend a helping hand whenever you have a problem. He would sacrifice his time to make sure his friends are taken care of. His dedication however not only ends with his friends; it is also shown in all his endeavors. He has the tendency to be intense especially when he is stuck in the moment or when he puts his mind into it. His drive and passion allows him to accomplish his goals with excellence. He remains true to himself and shows it to others. He knows what he wants in life and knows how to get them. He never lets anything get in his away and will not hesitate to fight for his aspirations. With everything he needs to do, he still finds time to balance his life. It is rare to find a person like Lawrence who has the perpetual drive to not only get things done, more than this, he wants things done great.


Mark Eugene J. Ong BS Management

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do.” — Kahlil Gibran


Stephanie Y. Ongsiyping BS Management

Stephanie in the eyes of a child… “My sister is like no other. She is an inspiration for her family and her friends. She motivates me so that I may discover that I can do more than I thought I could. She willingly offers to help me with what I need, especially my assignments, as long as she can do it. She is not afraid to takes risks and faces each challenge courageously. She sees it as a chance to learn. When I am with her, I know that I can be myself because I know that she does not judge me. I can tell her anything, even my most embarrassing moments. She is always ready to listen to me. Her thoughtfulness is one of the million things that I love about her. She never forgets to bring something home whenever she goes out. Her sense of humor never fails to light up the room. Her cheerfulness never fails to infect everyone. She also values her principles and virtues, especially her faith in God. There is nothing else I could ask for in a sister, for God has blessed me with only the best.”


Michelle Eloise A. Ordoveza BS Management

In her college years, Michelle went through a lot of different phases, some of them embarrassing and regretful, but hopefully forgettable. She is someone who tried to make the mundane into something more interesting, but that does not necessarily mean she is schizophrenic. Besides the required studying, she spent most of her college life watching movies of diverse types (from the nonsensical “intellectual” films to absolute commercial trash), bumming and going through strange adventures with her friends. Although she considers her good friends her sanity during her college life, she thinks they may have a hand in making her crazier than she already is. Michelle also has a bizarre magnetic pull towards strange, in ways interesting or downright definitely-not-from-this-galaxy, people which makes her think if there really is something wrong with her.


Katrina Jane Y. Osmeña BS Management

With a curious twinkle in her eye, with her perennially pink-flushed cheeks and bright, sunny smile, you’d think the gods finally heard your prayer and sent an angel down to earth. Don’t be fooled by her innocent façade though. While she may be a burst of sunlight and good cheer, she’s no typical angel. She can whine like a child and complain like a cynic. She can drive like a maniac and sleep ‘til high noon. But she does it so charmingly that no one can blame her for being the life-loving person she naturally is. More than anything, people are jealous of her, inescapably drawn to the positive energy that seems to radiate so easily from her. Friends love being in her company—she’s a breath of fresh air, a shoulder you can lean on. She’s the perfect conversation, a truly rare find. Being with her is like being above the clouds—light, airy, soothing, comforting. Effortlessly, she touches every life with a mark that is uniquely hers. The gods sent no one perfect, but certainly someone so real and so true.


Beverly Anne E. Padagas BS Management

Suplada at maldita—‘yan ang mga madalas na nagiging bukambibig ng mga taong hindi nakakakilala kay Bev. Ngunit ang totoo, ang mga bagay na ito ay itatanggi ng mga taong malapit sa kanya—kapamilya, kaibigan, maging ang mga taong naging kagrupo sa mga proyekto. Madaling lapitan para sa kahit na anong klase ng usapan, at kahit hindi na siya interesado, ayan at nakikinig pa rin sa ‘yo. Pareho man kayong may problema, mas nanaisin niyang makinig sa ‘yo at tulungan ka. Masayang kasama dahil hindi ka niya hahayaang mainip sa bawat segundong nasa tabi ka niya. Siya rin ang tipo ng estudyanteng kahit hindi nag-aaral, maayos pa rin ang mga marka. ‘Yun daw ang buhay—hindi dapat masyadong seryoso. Madalas puyat, pero laging nasa oras para sa mga kompromiso. Isang kaibigan na tamang-tama lamang ang timpla, at sa bawat araw na dumaan, aalalahanin mong isang biyaya ang nakilala mo nang tunay—ang isang astig na taong katulad niya.


Bianca Emma M. Padilla BS Management

Beneath the curly hair, Havaiana-clad, and spunky exterior lies a really smart, feisty, yet lovable girl who’s always there when you need her. She knows what she wants, has her own set of rules and beliefs, won’t hesitate to speak for what she believes in—and lives by them no matter what. A funky dresser and animated storyteller, her wacky and outgoing personality makes her the most fun to be with; she’s up for anything, anytime, anywhere. She serves as your conscience (mother figure) and will take care of everyone when they’re drunk and crazy. Forever on the go, this girl is always harassed! Yet despite her busy schedule, she will always make time for her friends. One admirable thing about Bianca is her candor. Her sincerity allows her to easily gain one’s trust. In today’s world of superficiality and hypocrisy, she’s definitely one of the few genuine people who stand out because of her integrity. As a friend, she is undoubtedly a prize catch, one who must never be let go.


Richelle Dianne R. Patawaran BS Management

Apple. Dianne. Patsy. Call 117 for free! Better than Google. “Better never than late!” Has the cleanest and neatest dorm room. Someone who can influence you easily with whatever thing she likes at the moment to the point that you’re obsessing with her. Pirate queen. Really smart, sometimes crazy. Member of the Cult of Mac. Toshy hater. Loves movies, foreign films, television shows and trailers. Has the most diverse mp3 collection. Leader of the Great 2am Gmail-invite Hunt, and the Orkut Obsession of 2004. Philosophy mentor. Loves school very much (especially those subjects involving numbers). Warning: When she’s in a bad mood, don’t even dare come close. You’ll be sorry. Best person to share inside jokes with. Speaks her mind. Knows her priorities. Has tons of ideas to share and one can talk to her about anything… as in anything. Willing to lend a hand. Most likely to protect, defend, and fight for you when you’re in need. Tells everyone she sucked at her finals paper. And what’d she get? An A!


Katherine H. Patricio BS Management

Keit has a passion for life’s honest joys. One can find in her a deep sense of appreciation for the things that are both really simple & simply real. Keit just loves life. She sees the possibilities in all things and is determined to achieve her goals with poise and enthusiasm. She is what so many of want to be—content with the things at hand, but not just stopping there; she strives for more. Magis personified. Her passion is not only for life, but for philosophy, marketing and public relations. The fusion of these rare passions makes her more extraordinary. Working hard, she always does her best, with special attention to the details. Even under pressure, she never loses her cool and never fails to smile and remind other people to smile as well. Her smile is beautifully genuine and genuinely beautiful. Whenever her friends are feeling down, she does little things that make them smile. Keit has made her friends’ stay in college an amusing and memorable one with her concern and her insanely hilarious incidents.


Erich Y. Pe Lim BS Management

The nerdy black glasses, the shirt with the collar popped up his neck harmonized with smooth slacks and a pair of slippers. It’s normal to think that this guy needs a fashion doctor for a huge makeover, but not Erich. Even with dull nerdish clothes, he could carry them like it was the trend of the season, simple yet beautiful. Grazing the pools of the Ateneo for nine and a half years with graceful strokes and the physique of a Greek god, girls have swooned over this swimmer. Within, though, lies a diehard hopeless romantic, a hardworking apprentice spending half of the day in the library and a man defined by his humility, heart, passion and dream. Amidst all that character is a friend respected, endeared and appreciated by his friends, by those who truly understand the man—the person whose ardent search for friendship, love and ones faith is unscathed. As the man known as Erich Pe Lim steps into the real world, it could be said that fate has already shaped his path, leaving destiny to bring him to where he truly belongs.


Leonardo Byron T. Perez III BS Management

“A generation of men is like a generation of leaves; the wind scatters some leaves upon the ground. While others the burgeoning wood brings forth—and the season of spring comes on. So of men one generation springs forth and another ceases.” —Homer, The lliad


Ember L. Pimentel BS Management

If there’s one thing that truly makes Ember stand out, it’s got to be his determination and commitment. He has got to be one of the most persevering and dedicated people I’ve ever met. You can bet that he will stop at nothing once his heart is set on a goal. How else could he have gotten an “A” in the dreaded accounting class of Ateneo? Don’t be fooled by his serious and quiet exterior though, because once you get him going, this guy has a lot to say. He’ll even get you to laugh at his jokes and antics despite his shy and reserved ways. But above everything else, Ember will surely go down in history as the king of load revision. After all, by some stroke of fate, he mysteriously manages to rearrange his entire schedule via load rev each semester. So if it’s about advice—ask Ember. If it’s about Accounting and Finance—ask Ember. And most of all, if it’s about load revisions, getting out of the class of a terror teacher, and just about any other loophole in the Ateneo system—yup, ask Ember!


Oscar Patrick L. Pobre BS Management

Oscar is one of the most reserved and conservative guys around. His eyeglass frames exude the intellect of a Nietzsche fan, but at the same time, hide the incredible sense of humor that only those who know him can appreciate. He can quip a line from philosophy, and later transform into a regular guy who laughs about suman and all the memories attached to it. Oscar is a true blue Atenean who is motivated and focused in accomplishing his goals. He has been consistent in excelling in all his endeavors, may it be academics, organizations (TheGUIDON), or sports (Chess). Though there are times that he overanalyzes things before he is able to act on them, he will never think twice in helping out his friends. Indeed, this guy has the heart of a gentleman who is willing to sacrifice for the people he cares for.


David Allen Y. Puen BS Management

Mark Sui: “Most known among friends as a perennial talkof-the-town or subject of gossip when it comes to girls and other juicy stuff.” PJ Encabo: “Watch out for this guy, he’ll go far.” Gino Bautista: “David Puen—always in the lib!” Char Ayroso: “The boy next door with the forever sunny disposition that could easily warm other hearts with his infectious smile.” Gee Abacan: “Good boys in, Bad boys out!” Raffy Taruc: “I’ll remember him for his sensitive side.” Mike Lee: “No pretensions, a real person, what you see is what you get. When you’re with him, you can really be yourself.” Bianca Padilla: “I’ll remember him for his words of wisdom!” Kristina Lee: “Vid is really a good friend, he knows when to keep quiet and just listen when I’m again whining about... you know...and also, he knows how to give great advice. He never fails to make me feel great even when I’m down.” Rein Leong: “I’ll always remember Vid as the forever romantic and Mr. Nice Guy.”


Mariel Victoria D. Regala BS Management

Mariel. Victoria. JamesLafferty23! “A life without vinegar is not worth living.” Olympic-level diver (SA 21). “Risky, risky!” Anti-UCC Vienna Coffee. Was never into TV series until One Tree Hill came into her life to shed some light on her world. Music-guru: loves and knows her music. “Sad movies are no match for inactive tearducts.” “....but inactive tearducts are no match for Sang-min.” “But Sang-min is no match for the Hotelier guy.” Cries after a Marketing defense, but not after reading “Sharing Sam” or “The Lovely Bones.” Writes well but is too humble to admit it. Prefers pencils over ballpens. Kind. Patient. Willing to lend a hand, especially when you need it the most. Understands her friends well enough to know when they’re feeling happy or sad or angry. Brightens up your day with her contagious laughter. Bullies everyone (with her laughter, also). Clams up around people she does not like (ahem). Walk-out Queen. “Nerves of… Web.” Undemanding. Laughs at your most insubstantial jokes.


Patrick James F. Reynoso BS Management

Summon PJ, a living proof of how inexplicably fascinating silence is. Often mistaken as a timid character, he possesses so much more than what meets the eye. He remains to be in the circle of loyal B-boys and being in the company of his best friends is his natural high. He is always ready to defend his loved ones, may it be against insignificant creeps or monumental crises that block the way. Although he has won and lost a few battles in life, he has managed to keep both feet on the ground, armed with an enchantingly contagious smile. He occasionally throws a couple of witty remarks at people, which contradicts his personality but nevertheless makes it even more interesting. He is quite proficient in handling relationships and has mastered the art of tolerance, but selflessness is his ultimate. Learns Grave Chill, Illuminate, and Blissful Aura. PJ leads an existence of tranquility and simplicity. In the midst of whicked chaos known to all as life, this gentle soul reveals to us the secret of sanity.


Seaneen Valerie Rice BS Management

You look into her gorgeous eyes and you see the sweet, lovely person inside, dreaming big dreams, living to care for others. You watch her lips curl and bloom into a captivating smile, and your heart melts with her engaging warmth and charm. You take a look at her lovely face, and you fall for her, as you see a vision of pure beauty. You hold her hand, you watch her move, and you feel her strength and determination to make it big in life. You’re also made into a believer, knowing that she will succeed. She says her name, a unique name, a fitting name for such a unique Princess. “It’s Seaneen,” she says, with her trademark smile. And if you get to know her well enough, you begin to realize just how colorful rainbows are, how beautiful life can really be. —Louie


Ernest Jason P. Rivera BS Management

One look at Ernest and you will know that he has good taste. He’s got classy, personal style that’s trendy without bordering on the pretentious. Ernest is an absolute gentleman—a ladies’ man, at that. He’s got the suaveness, without the sleaze. He is the living proof that chivalry still exists. He will go the extra mile for you, especially if you are his friend. And what a privilege it is to know Ernest as a friend. You will discover that he is someone you can trust with your innermost thoughts, fears and dreams. He will listen to all your stories—even to the most mundane and absurd ones. Ernest has a way with words—his witty remarks are always enough to brighten up your day. Ernest is a walking contradiction—but in a good way. He prefers the humanities over business subjects (his majors, mind you!) but does well in both anyway. He has it all— good looks, a sharp mind, and most of all, a big heart. Here’s to all the finer things in life for Ernest.


Vanessa Kristel B. Roño BS Management

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling inlove. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenas first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” —Albert Einstein


Diana H. Roxas BS Management

This girl has been the inspiration of so many movies…. I’ll tell you who she isn’t. She isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. And she isn’t a phony. She’s Dia!—Maid in Manhattan Without hope or agenda… To me, you are perfect… And my wasted heart will love you…—Love Actually Ms. Roxas, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?—The Graduate I love the smell of Chismis in the morning.—Apocalypse Now Frankly, my dear, Dia doesn’t give a damn.—Gone with the Wind I love the way you listen to my stories, but mostly I love being your best friend.—10 Things I Hate About You You’re always a first rate, without trying hard, a sweetheart!—Bituing Walang Ningning Hello, gorgeous.—Funny Girl May the buzz be with you.—Starwars You had me at haller.—Jerry Maguire


Francie C. Ruiz BS Management

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” —Helen Keller


Erik C. Salazar BS Management

Erik is a guy who’s full of surprises. For such a low-key and down-to-earth person, you’d be amazed to find out that deep within, this guy is more than anyone could ask for. At first glance, he might seem serious and quiet, but after getting to know him a little more, you’ll find him playfully teasing and joking around as his little way of showing friendly affection. He can turn dull and monotonous moments into wild and crazy ones. He lightens up the mood with his witty one-liners. Erik is also known to be smart without much effort. A reliable guy, you can always count on his discipline to get you through any mess. He would often refer to himself as “Erik da Best.” True enough, many would agree that Erik is the best at some of the things he does but there is only one person to whom Erik would give his very best—and that is to this lucky girl who is equally thankful to have a guy like Erik love her with all his heart. College life will surely not be as great without him. That’s why so many people will miss this guy when he graduates.


Ramon Miguel C. Samson BS Management

Would like to thank the countless people he has met over the course of his 16 years at the Ateneo: teachers, classmates, people in the staff, and the random people he bumps into. Beyond all the being crass and hubris, Mr. Samson loves you all to pieces, and can only return the favor through sheer honesty and a peculiar sense of affection. He says that all have helped shape one question and one answer. “Status quo? That was before I came along.”


Gino Paolo D. Scarella BS Management

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” —John F. Kennedy


Marriane O. See BS Management

They say your friends know you best, sometimes even better than you know yourself. So, here’s An from her friends’ viewpoint: “Follower of John. The best blog finder. Certified stalker. Great writer and philosopher. Future president. Incredibly compassionate. Incredibly smart. Incredibly supportive. Our own superhero. Angel. Never gets mad, ever. Dependable. Understands you more than you understand yourself. Goes out of her way to help others. Friendliest of all. Good sister, but not averse to having catfights with her sisters. Patient. Thoughtful. Responsible. Makes you feel better when you’re sad. Conducted the great CSI marathon of 2004. Incubus freak. Brandon Boyd and Kevin Garnett’s alternate universe wife. Appears reserved and demure, but then you know what they say…it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Alternative music updater. Fr. Candi’s long-lost relative. Allergic-to-everything person. A friend all would love to have. Can walk from Ateneo to UP, if needed. Super An.”


Jan-Michelle T. Silayan BS Management

God and the color pink (on anything)—these are the two things that Jan is most passionate about. These, and of course, her most beloved people. Jan is often at her best when she is in her element—the element of gab and of prayer. The type to strike up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to her, she can quickly entrap said stranger with her charm; and before the stranger could even comprehend what was happening, she has already won her over. Her warm smile is never wavering—yes, she’s always happy to see you. Her hugs, the most sincere and comforting there can be—she just makes you feel so loved. Her loyalty, unquestionable. Her diligence and ambition—oh yes, it’s there, despite all her complaining about the most stressful subjects Ateneo could ever offer. Her friends—plenty, no kidding—multiply every single day. Her demeanor, simply infectious—you have never heard a laugh until you’ve heard Jan’s. And her faith, ever present—this is Jan.


Joseph Francis V. Silva BS Management

Joseph is one of the friends I got to know for years now. Once you get to know him, he is one of the funniest people you can meet. He is full of jokes that can make you laugh your heart out. Still, the best thing about this person is that he is always there when you need him. He is there to keep you company when you’re down. Even with his busy schedules, he still does not forget to relax and enjoy the joys of life. —M.R. Munda Silva is the epitome of a college student enjoying life to its fullest, partying during breaks and influencing others to study during critical times. He is the best friend one can ever have, always being there whenever, wherever, and whatever problem you may be in. He’s willing to share the burden and hardships of life. —R. Gan


Ryan Philip N. Simpao BS Management

If we want to spur change in the world, in this country, we must begin with ourselves. If we ignore our strengths and weaknesses, then we will find it hard to realize how to improve ourselves. If we ignore others and look only after ourselves, then times will not begin to change until the day we learn to teach ourselves to walk the path of righteousness. If we do not look into ourselves and face our doubts and fears, then we will struggle together until we have learned to overcome them. If we stand by and do nothing, then precisely nothing will happen. If we do not try, then we have already failed. We have the power to change, and the capacity for logic, thought, and reason. We have been granted the freedom to act, and the gift of limitless potential. If we do not understand this, then we will never be. We must open our minds to see that until the last human being on earth loses what good is left in humanity, there will always be hope. Follow His example, and take the first step towards enlightenment.


Christina L. Sioco BS Management

Confident. Hot. Stylish. Tall. Barbie doll. Praning. Funny. Talented. Fickle-minded. Stunning. Friendly. Kalog. Charming. Unique. Frank. Fire starter. Long legged. Gorgeous. Kikay. Sexy. Rebel. Survivor. Flamboyant. Seductive. Loud. Gutsy. Fashionista. Life of the party. Impulsive. Competitive. Witty. Talkative. Head turner. Outgoing. Larger than life. Real. Sophisticated. Wacky. Fun. Crazy. Beautiful.


Winilyn C. So BS Management

Wini. Busiest person on earth, busier than the president of the republic. Empress of orgs. Queen of multi-tasking. Must have a million invisible hands to do everything she is able to do (do well, at that). Financial accountant of the new millennium. Super student. Smart. Dedicated. Loves numbers. Will become the next fashion icon, or at least a trendsetter. More creative than she wants to admit. Best PowerPoint presentation maker. Linked to all men in the universe, and she still can’t pick one. Loves lumpia, photography, fashion and ____ sitting on a tree (fill in a name.Anyname.Chancesareyou’reright.)Underestimates her being understanding and patient because she is both. Perfectionist. Might seem quiet but has her crazy and “taray” moments, making the wittiest “hirits” non-stop. Very generous, not only of material things, but also of her time. Listens to you even if you’re talking nonsense. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with Wini. Truly, a wonderful gift of God to us and the world.


Ginnii Rose U. Sua BS Management

What do we know about Ginnii? Hmm… We know she’s a bit hard to read, and it might take a while to really know her. But we make the effort anyway, because we sense that beneath the somewhat aloof and quiet exterior is a person of true value. We see passion in the way she stands up for her faith and for what she believes in. We see strength in the way she handles problems and difficulties. We see resilience in the way she never lets tough times get the best of her. We also see a person who takes the time to be alone with herself and her thoughts each day and to simply enjoy the presence of God in prayer and in the reading of His word. We see her desire to serve the Lord in everything she does and to just give back what she has so abundantly been given. Finally, we sense her confidence in a God who loves her deeply—one who has her safe in His hands.


Lariza Nieves G. Suan BS Management

The naughty, faraway glimmer in her lovely eyes seems to say, “Come, let’s have dinner in Paris.” She has set her eyes on conquering Europe and is fascinated by history and aristocracy. She aspires to fly high on the eagle wings of ambition. If life were an adventure, she would choose to enjoy the journey rather than the journey’s end. She’s smart, sassy and sexy, but clueless and unrelenting. She’s a book hound, a clotheshorse, a laughing hyena and a voracious vulture. When you brave the mist and dare enter her mysterious world, beware! You will be challenged, charmed, captivated. Brand her a witch, but you will be powerless in this delightful enchantment called Lariza!


Mark Lance D. Sui BS Management

Mark Lance Dy Sui is one name that can be synonymous to dedication. Mark is someone who can really work hard on a goal whenever he puts his mind to it. With his fantastic work ethic, he is always able to manage his time well. In fact, Mark was once the team captain of the varsity swimming team of Ateneo. As a team captain, he was able to set an example with his no-nonsense attitude towards the sport. As a student, he never failed to get stellar grades and was never late with any requirements set by even the most terror of teachers. At times, it may seem as if he always has his serious game face on. Whenever there are long breaks, Mark is known to be the responsible guy who would never choose to cut class or come in late just to prolong gimiks. Along with this, many people initially thought of him as being “masungit” or snob due to his serious face. Yet, once you get to know him, you’ll eventually see his jolly and corny side. Mark is just a very quiet guy who is most definitely a reliable and trustworthy friend.


Adriaan Kervin C. Tan BS Management

He is the fulfillment of God’s promise of a miracle. Despite his mischievous demeanor, he has innumerable wonderful characteristics that have yet to be discovered by those around him. He possesses such charm with his welcoming smile and comical manner that each day is automatically brightened by his mere presence. And with his dazzling, shiny grin, corny jokes and amusing/annoying remarks, he will sweep you off your feet. So he’s not exactly who you had in mind when you were fantasizing about Prince Charming; but who else can you turn to if you want to laugh uncontrollably? Or if you’re bored and want to pick on someone? Or if you want to unload your problems? Yup, this guy right here. More than that, he is someone each person is lucky to call a friend, for he displays the very things everyone aspires to find in one—kindness, dependability, wit, honesty and thoughtfulness. So why would you still need Prince Charming?


Ann Katherine A. Tan BS Management

It takes quite a while to break into her focused, and sometimes, even daunting demeanor. But once that bridge is crossed and the other side breaks loose, the effort to get to know her is definitely worth it. Only Kathy can get away with that distinct, almost taunting, laughter and make a crowd come alive with witty comments. Only she can treat the main roads in Manila like Nascar racing circuits and in basketball, only she possesses the guts to challenge a six-footer on her way to the basket. Kathy may have an unassuming nature, that almost intimidating aura, but beneath this pretense lie a unique competitive spirit and the remarkable commitment to excel. She has this sense of direction which adds to her focus and determination to get what she wants. She remains humble despite her talents and intelligence and even couples them with burning passion and unparalleled hard work. As an Atenean, Lady Eagle, friend and daughter, Kathy has surely made a mark that is incomparable from the rest.


Donna Catherine C. Tan BS Management

Sometimes, people who don’t know how good they are can’t help but shine through it—that’s Donna. Unmistakably brilliant. Irresistibly endearing. Effortlessly addicting. Someone who can have everything but is still childishly delighted with the quaintest little things. One song, one movie scene, one dance move, one cute drawing is enough to get this girl giggling incessantly. When bored, loves to poke and pinch. When happy, still loves to poke and pinch. Surprisingly witty during the dullest of hours, disturbingly bouncy during the happiest of times and intriguingly composed during the most daunting of moments. From the countless Mango shopping sprees to the wee hours of cramming to the hustle and bustle of org life, she is on top of things. After all these, there is still so much to be discovered about Donna which makes her even easier to love than she already is. She’s someone you’d want to be, someone you’d want to meet, someone you’d want to know. She is life and everything good in it.


Faye Joyleen G. Tan BS Management

Independent, cool and calm—that’s Faye half of the time. Blessed with wit and an analytical mind, you can count on her to talk sense and hit it right there. She likes to help people grow and make them feel treasured. A child at heart, compassionate, and a good friend. Many of her happiest moments are found spending time with her friends and family, playing card and board games, barbecuing, hiking, walking and going to the beach. “Consider the laurel bay leaf. It’s when it’s crushed that the flavor comes out. It’s when we are broken and we know that we are nothing that God becomes everything.”


Gregorio L. Tan BS Management

Greg is definitely easy to like. His laidback personality naturally attracts people towards him and he has never lacked sincere concern for everyone in his company, remaining always sensitive to the feelings of others. Greg knows how to make you laugh and is always ready to crack a joke or two when a smile is the remedy you’ve been looking for. He is a very committed and diligent person, both in his studies and extracurricular activities, which indicate that he knows what he wants in life and will do everything he can to obtain it. He has also always been willing to step up and take charge if the need arises. He takes on every hindrance that comes his way as a challenge to accomplish more and to achieve a higher goal. Being the eldest child in the family, much is expected from Greg; but these expectations do not stop him from living his life. Instead, they encourage him to do more with it. Greg has a lot to offer and with his passion and desire for success, he will surely excel in whichever field he chooses to pursue.


Mary Michelle T. Tan BS Management

Mitch is often mistaken for a modern-day Maria Clara, but there is so much more to her than that cultural stereotype. True, she seems to draw admirers like a spider lures flies, but her charm is just one weapon in an entire arsenal. She has the mind of a mathematician and an entrepreneur, which makes her organizational skills unparalleled. She goes through life almost effortlessly and always unruffled, never showing signs of stress despite the demands of her course. Her priorities have always been and always will be in perfect order. She is strong in her faith, obedient to her parents, loving to her siblings, and attentive to her friends. Mitch is also one of the most generous people alive. She gives without hesitation, wanting nothing in return. She knows exactly when to be serious and when to let herself have fun. She is the ideal person to share stories and laugh with. Essentially, Mitch is a person who deserves only good things in life, since she has shared so much of her goodness with the rest of the world.


Ritz Jeramae B. Tan BS Management

1ab•nor•mal Pronunciation: ab-’nor-m&l, &bFunction: adjective :deviating from the normal or average : unusual, exceptional After several years of being a part of Ritz’s life, I would have to say that Ritz is an abnormal person. Kind-hearted, seeing the good in people, thoughtful and affectionate, caring, smart, down-to-earth, fun loving and fun to be with, honest but tactful, thrifty and practical, business-minded, and a natural born leader. She is the ultimate people magnet, attracting girls and boys alike with her charm and amiable aura. An effortless beauty exuding grace and confidence, she keeps her feet flat on the ground. Above all, she’s one of the best a friend could ever hope for and more. Yes, Ritz is abnormal. She is a testimony of a person close to being perfect.


Bernadette Ann G. Tang BS Management

Though petite and quiet, one should know better than to underestimate her—beneath the surface is one who embodies areté, or excellence. Generous and kindhearted, Bernie’s the kind of person who makes everyone feel instantly welcome. She’s the first to be trusted with the most difficult-to-keep secrets. She’s also the first to put on a knowing smile, when she knows you’ve got something to hide. She’s one who’d excitingly tell you about the dreams she has for the world, who can turn your world upside down with one irresistibly charming smile. She’s the quintessence of sweetness, the genius, the understatement of friend, a hopeless romantic. She’s someone who’d nag you to near death but loves you ‘til death, who teaches you to love like crazy and to dream like no one ever has. At times, she’s pensive and thoughtful but then her eyes twinkle, and she begins to smile. And you know without a doubt, despite the fact that she likes sad endings in movies, she deserves nothing short of the happiest one.


Lady Sherika K. Tanmantiong BS Management

Poised, graceful, and armed with a lovely smile, this Lady seems to float on clouds. She’s one of those people you’d love to hate because she’s got it all, but could never bring yourself to. She’s just too ‘malambing’ for anyone to have ill feelings towards her. She’s got intellect, a sweet singing voice, a killer tennis backhand and some dance moves to boot! She’s been blessed by truckloads but her feet have never left the ground. Friends most remember and celebrate her humility, someone who knows what she’s got but never flaunts it, or takes it for granted. Her secret ambition (which won’t be much of a secret anymore) is to get into showbiz and entertain people; she does, on a daily basis, even without the lights and cameras. Animated conversations filter out of every room she’s in. Fun-loving and yet responsible, she strikes a balance in all aspects of her life, juggling numerous engagements with little trouble. An all-around girl who could succeed in any field she wishes to enter, Lades sure is easy to love!


Markwin L. Tee BS Management

On the surface, one may think that Markwin is nothing but some athlete seriously dedicated to his sport. Once you get to know him, you would find that this initial impression could not be farther from the truth. For starters, this guy is a mental math whiz, able to calculate numbers in his head faster than the time it would take you to whip out your calculator. He is also like a walking encyclopedia, a highly accessible source of information ranging from politics, to food, to theoretical sure-win strategies at the Poker table. He may seem quiet, but get him started on a topic and you would instantly find yourself engaging in a very interesting conversation with him, one that could be very well metamorphose into a friendly debate. Most important of all, Markwin is a friend, a prize more rewarding than all the gold medals in the world.


Norman Frederick M. Telan BS Management

A few warnings to heed before entering Jobo’s world: 1. Never lend him anything; it will just be lost once inside what his friends have coined as the “black hole” bag; 2. Never copy his notes; deciphering his hieroglyphics handwriting is an ordeal in itself; and 3. Never set an early morning meeting with him. Ready? Then proceed to the entrance, where a welcoming smile and a disarming charm await. Take an exhilarating ride as his carefree attitude and unsystematic method amazingly accomplishes the tasks at hand. Flex those muscles and break loads of sweat in his regular doses of athletic activity. Be awestruck by flashes of creativity and an expansive vocabulary. Save your applause for his rhythmic movements and convincing portrayal of varied characters. Prepare for bouts of laughter while listening to his narration of “sablay” moments. Share the vision of an experienced leader. Discover new features that are, although yet to be revealed, ever growing. And the exit? It won’t even cross your mind.


Jorge Marcel A. Temblique BS Management

He is simple. He never philosophized on life, he simply lived it. Never having to analyze his relationships, he simply was a friend. Chel also saw things in a simple way, although he could never tell the difference between the colors of his colorful life. Yellow is the brightness his sunshine smile brings. Blue is the coolness he supposedly has. Fuchsia is the color he cannot spell. Gray is the area he’s never been to. Amber is the color of his friends’ energy. He was always there ready to laugh with, and willing to be laughed at for everyone’s sake. Not only does he have a shoulder to cry on, but a heart to welcome anyone as well. Colors may fade, but memories with him will never disappear.


Roderick Roldan G. Teo BS Management

The simplest guy I know. He can somehow make himself deal with the most unpleasant situations, and be content with the simplest things, like Chocnut, Blazing Burger and peanut butter sandwiches. He doesn’t even care if he wears the exact same white printed shirt he wore a week ago; he still manages to look quite presentable in it. Very un-materialistic, he doesn’t look at material things from the outside, so long as they still function and work quite well. Even with his old-ish tastes, like Frank Sinatra and other “parent-generation” songs, he is stil updated with the latest songs and happenings around town. But what is really extraordinary about him is the fact that he just scanned for an Accounting 101 or LS long test in the morning, and still got a 94! Underneath him are brewing potentials and ideals just waiting to be realized and developed. He may at times be very lazy and passive, but when he is really stimulated and interested in striving for something, it is a definite 100% success.


Mark Andrew T. Tieng BS Management

This is an incredible moment. It is a very different feeling; a grand turnover from being formed to actually having a form. Before anything else, I would like to thank my parents; they have given me endless allowance and endless support. They have guided me through thick and thin! (I was thin before and little thick now.) They have thanked and scolded me for my numerous awards, from Xavier School Green & White Slips, Invitations from teachers to Honorable Mentions, Silver Medals and Best Subject awards. I would also like to thank my barkada, my ever-so-good-influence buddies. And to my girl, thank you. You make good things great, make worthless things useful, and happiness, bliss. All of you guys have made me who I am today, the ever-so-Mak-kulit me. I will always be thankful. Lastly, I want to thank all my fans out there! For all your love and support! For you all, a short saying to live by: don’t take life too seriously, becuase in fact, no one has ever come out of it alive! Love you all!


Jino Anthony L. Tiga BS Management

You’re just too cool to be true, I love the things that you do You’re cool to see or to touch, but warm when lovin’ so much Baby when I close my eyes, there’s nothing your love can’t suffice You’re just too cool to be true, I love the things that you do When I feel out of the zone, or I’m just plainly alone When I need someone to love, you swore that me you won’t shove When I don’t need someone lame, then baby I’ll just call your name ‘Cause you’re just too cool to be true, I love the things that you do


Ryan James C. Topacio BS Management

Adversity—this is how I would describe my college adventure. From the various problems I faced to the triumphs in life, I have always kept my spirits up. I have kept myself busy throughout my college life: being a coach, a baseball varsity member, and an officer in AMA. I am happy to have known various people from all walks of life and having them as friends. I will surely miss the sleepovers, inuman nights, and most especially, the gimmicks. But what I won’t miss are the long tiresome accounting exams, 500-page books, and the numerous projects of Management subjects, most especially marketing. Each of us has their own path in destiny. Some of us may have a successful career while others may not be that fortunate. But we should always be optimistic as we create our own story/movie called “My Life.” I would like to thank you for being part of my story, and say good luck in creating that perfect ending for your own. “Impossible is nothing. The first step is always the hardest.”


Oliver Tupaz BS Management

College is a battlefield with its students as the enlisted soldiers, and the teachers as their generals. In the war that has lasted for four years, we saw many who have fallen, have given up and crumbled to the struggle. But with God as our commander, most of us have carried on the faith of seeing the brighter future. Every accounting exam, strat planning, and oral defense was weathered out and the battle scars have molded us to become better individuals—tougher, braver and wiser. After 4 years in the learning halls of Ateneo, what will become of me? Nothing is certain, but what I know is that whatever comes ahead of me, I am prepared to grab the next star; to withstand another storm and to face anything. I am a stronger soldier now—marching on to new battlegrounds and onward to conquering worlds.


Benjamin R. Umali BS Management

Where I grew up—that is to say, anywhere and everywhere with friends that have become family—words have little meaning. Placing myself in the comfort of the familiar, I have learned not to put spaces between the lines. This is perhaps my greatest achievement. And so there is no need to say goodbye. Let go. Look back. For us whose fates have become knotted in a mess, there will always, always be a next time. For after all these years I have learned and believed what a few lines vandalized on a college table meant: In our hearts there is a ruthless dictator, ready to contemplate the misery of a thousand strangers, if only to ensure the happiness of the few we love. Tila ba alon sa dagat / na bumabasa sa dalampasigan / nang paulit-ulit / minsan malakas / minsan nama’y mahina / kung paminsan ay hindi umaabot/ dahil pagabi na. To the nights I won’t remember, with the friends I’ll never forget… Good times lang… good times.


Sheryl T. Uy BS Management

Life. She claims to be scared of recitations, but ask her Ph101 teacher and he’d say otherwise. She lives, according to her, “for the thrill.” And for the A’s, if I may add. Philo discussions don’t stop in class. We squander through nights finding answers to seemingly easy questions, only to be tricked on discussing so much more than we get credit for in class. She indulges my whim for intelligent chitchats, ones that leave me with more questions than when we started. Friendship. She’s a big bully who knows how to sway her friends to do her bidding. She’ll turn on her charm full blast and wham! Next thing you know, you’re parting with your crisp P20 in exchange for cookies; or serving food at her stall during AMA Mall or sales-talking others to try out her wares. People wonder what we get out of a friendship from this bully. Well, unwavering loyalty, countless memories of fun and laughter, great food (only when feeling generous), hours of criticizing hapless people, and the best friendship one could ever wish for.


Warren Chase K. Uy BS Management

Here’s an epitome of a true guy who has a deadly combination of looks, wit and humor. Partying and fun is never out of his vocabulary; but behind this groovy and muscular façade, Warren is not only an academic achiever but also has leadership abilities. He has developed a set of life guiding principles which contributes to his immeasurable knowledge about life and practicality. Coupled with these is his deep sense of maturity that makes him a friend for keeps. Alongside all the pieces of advice he gives, he is also one of the funniest guys in our batch who never fails to crack you up with his funny antics. Cool, smart and sophisticated, Warren knows the time when to get serious. He knows it because he sets his goal of fortune and success ahead of him and fearlessly faces all the challenges of life. His independence and maturity no doubt shows that he is a guy who will surely succeed in the other dimension they call, “the real world.”


Miguel Carlo S. Villadolid BS Management

Migs continuously brings an aura of cheerfulness wherever he goes, infecting his friends with a trouble free attitude. With his happy disposition, he never thinks badly of others, gaining him friends from all walks of life. But beyond every laugh is a true and loyal friend who thinks of others before himself, making him a true gentleman as well. Moreover, he is wise. His maturity is ever helpful to his troubled friends. —Kevin Chua Miguel Villadolid (aka the new hottie.) You’ll see him around, always tired and worn out after his incredibly tasking twohour school days. Don’t let the sluggish attitude fool you, he always has access to the best notes and is actually a closet overachiever (marketing finals, acing philo quizzes, somba). Those who know him will probably remember him most as being one of the kindest and warmest people that roamed the Ateneo from 2002-2006. If you knew him, you’d know why he’s so easy to love. —Camille Villar


Therese Anne A. Villanueva BS Management

Matalino. Madaldal. Maingay. Mataray. Maganda. Madamdamin. Mabait. Mapagmahal. Malambing. Maalaga. Matiyaga. Masipag. Maabilidad. Maprinsipyo. Masayahin. Maka-kapwa. Maka-Diyos. Sabi nila, walang kwenta ang Pilipinas. Wala na raw tayong pag-asa. Maaaring tama sila. Ngunit, hindi ko mahahayaan ang sarili ko na walang gawin. Nagtataya ako at umaasa na maaayos din ang lahat. Kailangan ng malaking pagbabago upang makamit ito. Pero kaya! Ituring ang iyong sariling tagahawi ng ulap sa kalangitang kulimlim. Kampanang yayanig sa bawat nilalang. Magigising ang lupang kulang sa dilig. Ikaw ang magsasabing, “Kaya mo to!” Tulad ng isang tanglaw sa gitna ng bagyo. Isigaw mo sa hangin, tumindig at magsilbing liwanag sa dilim. Harapin mong magiting ang bagong awitin. Ikaw ang liwanag sa dilim —Rivermaya


Anna Bianca R. Villapando BS Management

Simple magic, and yet still, magic. One may think that underneath there is some foolery, but behold the beautiful truth of her celestial visage. This is Abu—the lone evening star amidst the pale lights. A reassuring friend to many people and an even more endearing and thoughtful being to some. A mature woman in her own right and yet never denies her inner child; Abu is in constant flight with the night wind and yet still rooted to the morning earth. Multifaceted, she hones her skills as a servant-leader through her various activities, both academic and extra-curricular. Indeed just like magic, all she needs to do is flash a glimmer of a smile and then her contagious aura spreads, befuddling even the gloomiest of faces. A person capable of giving so much love and thus, receives equally so. This writer is fortunate enough to be able to love and be loved by one such as her.


Camille Lydia A. Villar BS Management

Bookworm or bombshell? High-brow snob or a low maintenance girl? Whichever view you take, Camille is a walking paradox in high heels. A self-confessed “intellectual ditz,” conversations with her can range from politics to Pucci prints. Critique anything but her fashion sense; very few can pull off those outfits with a subtle grace quite as effortlessly as Cam. But don’t ever make the mistake of calling her a mindless priss, because there is definitely substance behind this girl’s style. She has savvy, ambition, a sharp mind, and is incredibly street-smart. Under her frosty glare that some may find intimidating at first, lies a real, fun-loving spirit, mischievous charm, and a genuinely sweet heart. Never pretentious, she unabashedly shows her warmth and affection to those that she cares about, and is fiercely loyal to her close friends. Here’s to the queen of SOM dress code violations, the survivor of P1 drinking sessions, and the cutie who made college life funnier and more interesting for those who knew and loved her.


Miguel Lorenzo L. Villar BS Management

Chshhhchshhh! Heads turn, faces filled with confusion. But amidst all this, there is one who smiles at the sound; he recognizes it. Who? A kid who grew up alongside mischief and chaos, with scars and stories to narrate his escapades. A relentless teaser who doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Takes on almost anything, regardless of how stupid or crazy it is, drives like a maniac; a walking disaster. Has a bad habit of forgetting things and has trouble keeping his mouth shut. Pigs out when he’s hungry, eats everything when he’s full. Seems worthless? Not quite. Turns out to be not your average—wait—almost mediocre sonofagun. A friend who lends a hand, an arm, an ear, a heart. A guy who tries to step up whenever he can, to prove that there’s more to him than what others see. Someone who’ll make you laugh, make things seem not so bad. Dreams big, he struggles to get there. The perfect guy, he’s not. He is the one who laughs hard, cries even harder. He is still that kid, that guy, fragile beneath the tough façade. Bombi.


Karl Vincent H. Villuga BS Management

In these lines is my best stake in capturing an extraordinary man you rarely encounter in a lifetime. Blessed with the voice of a thousand angels collided into one mantra, he has sung from concerts to stages with international singers. But what makes him truly amazing? It’s those times he’d gladly sing for the Lord’s praises, for simple late-night school events with nothing in return, for moments he’d stop time just to sing for you. Despite the call of music, this man has unbelievably achieved constant honors and even gained recognition from multi-national companies. Still, this isn’t why I call him extraordinary. It’s his kindness to come an hour earlier just to study for a Theology quiz with you despite grasping only four hours of sleep. It’s his giving of himself, his exceptional faith, overflowing heart and astounding humility that moves. He is remarkably inspiring, not of his God-given skills, but how he uses them for His purpose and how he has touched millions of lives without him even knowing it. I do. This, is Karl…only much more. —mtf


Charlene Hazel O. Yao BS Management

For being the friends I could always count on, thank you to my barkada—Cha, Bso, Tiff, Ani, and Lades—my friends for life. For providing me with the best college memories I have— from enduring the hardships of BMH to sharing the JTA experience—thank you to Lades, Angeli, Ongsiy, and Jal, a.k.a. “Q1 Cuties”. For living a life-changing four months with me in Budapest, thank you to Yan Mei, Jenny, and Criselle—I learned so much from all of you. For inspiring me and motivating me to learn, thank you to Fr. Dacanay, Dr. Venus Ibarra, and Ma’am Vene Rallonza. For playing a part in my Ateneo life—my marketing groupmates (Roslyn, Brian, Yan, Angeli, Jen, best group ever); block Q1 (Jo, Rhys, Mic, Krystle, Kathrese, Erik, Warren); JTA Class 2004-05; my AJMA family; and to everyone else—thank you all for making it complete. For giving me everything I could ever ask for and more, thank you to my family—you have made me into the best that I could possibly be.


Charson O. Yu BS Management

Charson—a great friend, a good student and a remarkable leader. As a friend, he is someone who is always ready to give a helping hand or listen and give advice to problems. He always takes time to analyze the situation before giving an advice. On the other hand, as a leader, he holds the highest position in the Ateneo Management Association. Rarely will you find a person involved in so many things and yet manages to accomplish all of them well. With such a busy schedule, one might wonder how Charson is able to juggle academics, extra-curricular activities, friends and family all at the same time. He is totally dedicated to his work, knowing that continuous effort is the key to succeeding. Seeing his determination now, there is no doubt that he is yet to realize his full potential. Amidst all his commitments and responsibilities, Charson still knows how to have a good time.


Geraldine U. Yu BS Management

When you look back at all the people you’ve come across in life, the ones you’ll remember most are those who manage to bring a little smile, a little light, a little laughter, and even the faintest spark of hope on your darkest days. G is one of the select few God put on earth to grace your life with all these and more, even during the super-typhoontsunami-oh-my-god-it-seems-to-be-the-end-of-the-world days. Yes, sugar and spice, and everything nice, she can give even the staunchest sugar-hater a sweet tooth! A word of caution: hard as it may be to believe (just look at that angelic, “don’t-hurt-me-I’m-fragile!” face), this girl packs a mean punch of endless hirits that seem to come out of nowhere and hit you right smack in the face when you least expect it! But the best part is, lambing-to-death is sure to come right after (her own manipulative way of making it up to you). Like a true friend, she hugs you and won’t let you go until, finally, you realize that it’s not the end of the world after all.


Yan Mei Zheng BS Management

Yan Mei seems to make everyone around her feel carefree. You won’t see a hint of worry in her face even if the people around her are stressing themselves out. She’s always smiling and ever so cheerful that you just want to reach out and hug her! She’s also a kind of friend who would understand and accept her friend’s weaknesses and craziness. One of the few friends I have who understands my month long cravings for creamy pesto or chicken strips. More than all these, I have so much admiration for Yan’s tough heart and confidence. She’s someone who is sure of what she wants and is not afraid to get it. Moving to Manila from Fujian is a testament of that courage. I hope she feels that she made the right decision moving here and giving up her old home in China was worth it. I hope she’s glad how things turned out the way they are...I know we all are glad, we met a person like Yan.

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