Joseph Louise B. Abeleda BS Biology

Sa unang tingin, kalmado, maangas at seryosong tao, yan si Seph. Ngunit sa tamang panahon, mahilig maghasik ng lagim at tumawa sa kahihinatnan ng mga bagay. Mabait at mapagpakumbabang kaibigan si Seph. Mahusay makinig at tila may baul ng payo para sa mga kaibigang nangangailangan. Hindi siya palaaral at hindi rin siya huwarang estudyante, ngunit alam niya ang kailangan niyang gawin at alam niya kung kailan ito dapat gawin, marahil dahilan kung bakit siya nakatatagal sa loob at labas ng klase. Isa siya sa mga malulupit na binhing ibinunga ng aming samahan na ikinalat sa iba’t-ibang unibersidad sa buong Metro Manila, upang isang araw ay pagharian ang buong mundo.


Bernadette C. Angustia BS Biology

How do you solve a problem like Bam? Does it sound like having to catch a cloud and pinning it down? When one is with her, one gets confused. Her bratty-ness when you don’t give in to her makes one out of focus and bemused. And one never knows exactly where or WHO one is—she gives a name to anyone to her delight and it sticks! Unpredictable as a weather with her spontaneous Tagaytay drives, she’s as flighty as a feather with her Subic horseback riding-like strides. She’s a darling! She’s a demon! She’s a lamb! She’d outpester any pest just to sway you to treat her lunch or dinner. When she drives her car--she’d drive a hornet from its nest! She could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl with how she handles and takes care of her 3 pubescent brothers. She is gentle! She is wild! She’s a riddle! She’s a child! She’s a headache! She’s an angel! Heavens, she’s a girl! Oh, how do you solve a problem like Bam, like how you’d want to hold a moonbeam in your hand? Oh, how you’d want to… but you just can’t.


Ralph Adriel T. Balan BS Biology

Ralph. Raphael. Ralphie. Raf. Raffy. Rolf. Rolp. Rohlf. Raprap. Adriel. Ads. Bal. Balan. Balanar. Balanoski. Balanoid. Balanoids. Mandark. Hamburger. Horr. Dondon. Ma. Kiko. Stui. Psstui. Iisang tao lamang ang tinutukoy ng mga pangalang ito. Lahat ng ito ay maaaring itawag kay Ralph. Ito ang mga pangalang nabigay sa kanya sa mga nakalipas na taon. Hindi nangangahulugang siya ay maraming mga mapanlinlang na mukhang ipinapakita sa iba dahil sa maraming pangalan. Ibig sabihin lamang nito ay nakikibahagi ang iba’t-ibang aspeto ng kanyang personalidad sa maraming tao. At sinong hindi mabibighani sa isang natatanging indibidwal na ito? Lahat ng taong makita nginingitian, lahat binabati, lahat gustong tulungan.


Vanessa Anne C. Bernal BS Biology

Bakit kaya kailangang umuwi ni Vanderella pagsapit ng hatinggabi? A. Mabagal s’yang kumain. Sisimulan na n’ya ang kanyang agahan. B. Mahilig s’yang umawit. May “Magic Sing” concert pa s’ya kung saan kakanta s’ya ng “I Will Survive”. C. Makakalimutin s’ya. Bigla n’yang naalala na naiwan n’ya ang kanyang telepono sa “refrigerator”. D. Mag-aaral s’ya ng Pisika—magaling s’ya pagdating sa mga numero. E. Manonood pa s’ya ng VCD ng mga Korean telenovela. Aja! F. Palagi s’yang huli sa klase. Sisimulan na n’yang maligo at magbihis. G. S’ya ay dakilang hardenera. Magdidilig pa s’ya ng halaman sa SecB. H. Palagi s’yang huling matapos sa mga pagsusulit. Ngayon pa lamang ay kailangan na n’yang umpisahan ang pagsagot dito. I. Hindi s’ya marunong magluto. Maaaring sumubok s’yang magluto ng turon sa “party” na nagbunga ng isang malaking sunog. J. Ang pangit kasi nung “prince” eh.


Diane Carla C. Bernardo BS Biology

A Father’s Letter: “When I first held you in my arms, I remember staring at your perfect little features, thrilled at each sound and new expression you made. As you grew older, I had to let you go and allow you to have your own way of facing hurt and heartache in order to make you stronger. I knew in my heart that you have a God-given talent and you nurtured it very well. You are a shining example of what a daughter can be including your imperfections. Honest, hardworking, principled, sensitive though sometimes irritable for you never settle for mediocrity. Has a soft heart for others and is willing to walk an extra mile without expecting anything in return. A very human and a true person… Remember my child that life is a journey full of thorns. There are stumbling blocks along the way. But these are temporary. No matter how difficult your goal may seem, remember that you have within you the power, ability and knowledge to make things better.”


Valerie Anne L. Blas BS Biology

If people could see through others hearts, then they would see that Val’s is a big, bright, glowing one. A young lady with a cheery nature, she wears a sweet and sincere smile on her face everywhere she goes. Always bearing a happy disposition, she never fails to laugh at both funny and corny jokes which make it easy to connect with her. The epitome of generosity, she has been one of the nicest and most other-centered persons out there. Thinking of Val makes one think of unconditional sharing of condo space, food, humor, supplies, etc. On the other hand, she is also full of surprises. No one could have thought that this clever and witty girl could be a hustler in billiards. She may be responsible yet at times, she can also be a happy-go-lucky person. A silent worker, a diligent student, and a one-ofa-kind friend… what more could you ask for? Val is truly a unique person… beautiful both inside and out. Even in small doses she effects a great impact, and what greater compliment could there be than that?


Jemimah T. Cartagena BS Biology

Si Mimah? Kikay yan… Kaya naman tulad siya ng Palmolive, parang nagpasalon Tulad din ng Myra400e, kasi blooming siya ngayon. Masipag yan.. Parang Milo, “great things start from small beginnings” O kaya naman Globe, “making things possible.” Mabait din yan… Kaya naman para siyang Coca-Cola, kasama ka O kaya naman GMA7, kapuso mo. Ito at sobrang dami pang iba… Kaya kailangan mong makilala si Mimah Kaya nga sa akin, para siyang McDo Kasi, “love ko ‘to.”


Armand Alfred M. Castro BS Biology

“In a crowd he is the outspoken one. He exudes the kind of energy that is both inexhaustible and infectious, which he channels into his time for his friends. He is someone who can easily make people laugh, and one who laughs easily, even at himself. His confidence borders on the unholy.” —Dulce “Buji is the only other ‘Buji’ I’ve ever known. He’s got a cool name that complements his effortless exuding awesomeness. He’s a friend for keeps! Time surely zips by when you’re with this guy!” —Lourdes “Who is this man? He has a big eating problem: he looks malnourished even with his healthy appetite. He is lazy, but he gets away with it. You wouldn’t think he could carry a tune but he’s just the opposite. You’re shocked and amazed at the same time. A living contradiction – yet is still a close-to-perfect blend of a great and outstanding man. Ay si Buji lang pala yun! San ba nanggaling yung nickname niyang iyon?!” —Gail “He really puts the F in fun.” —Camille


Irish Senen B. Chang BS Biology

Simplicity takes the notion of monotony and dullness, yet this highlights the vibrant life that Irish continues to inspire everyone to have. She has no pretensions—what you see is what you get. She celebrates life and relationships, embracing their meaning to their fullness as they are. She has a great spirit, which she is dedicated to share to her loved ones. She makes you feel very special each moment you’re together through her sweetness and humor, and you’d always see her flashing her radiant smile along with those warm high-arching eyes of hers. In times of need, she’ll be there for you not to tolerate your mistakes, but she’d rather accept you for your uniqueness and give you concrete avenues for improvement. Furthermore, her sunny disposition never fails to uplift the spirits of those around her. She inspires you too see things from a positive light and see the good in people and even in the darkest and worst of all situations. Life with her is simple yet still very brilliant.


Maribel M. Co BS Biology

Top 10 testimonials for Marble: 1) Kat: Model student! Model height! Model personality! Model friend! 2) Harvy: One of those few Bio majors who are good in Math. In her, an enemy finds a genuine friend, the bored meets someone sensible to talk to, and even the unsocial meets a buddy to the party. 3) Mikki: One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. 4) Cherrie: Every semestral break, she is one of the people I am looking forward to see and chat with. 5) Van: Juggling school work and gimmicks is her expertise. 6) Dia: She makes medical gibberish seem like the recent showbiz rumors that we can’t resist hearing. 7) Ivy: She manages to have all her school work done and still have 8 hours of sleep. 8) Pao: Simple yet Beautiful + Smart yet humble + a “geek” yet a party-goer; she is the type of girl that guys could not resist to have. 9) Jack: Chatting with her even overnight would be a charm. 10) Tine: A balance of extraordinary personality, good physique and a brilliant mind that still manages to remain humble and grounded.


Vanessa Charlene O. Co BS Biology

There are people who you meet and forget and there are others who have this enchanting ability to naturally draw you to them. These are the people who tend to leave a lasting impression in our hearts. One such person is Vane. She shares time, empathy and effort superfluously, not caring when or for whom but rather asking herself, why not? She delights in such joys as if her time for others is eternal; her love, limitless; and her effort, shared. This selflessness, coupled with her beyond mere-mortal level of intelligence, her extreme obsessive compulsiveness, her wittiness which per chance borders on “corniness”, her on-and-off-employed varsity tennis skills, her pureness of heart, her inability to pick a fight and her good looks, make this beauty a princess in the hearts of all the person whose lives she has touched; truly a one of a kind person. Simply put, she’s TANtalizing. It isn’t a wonder why so many love her.


Bernadette Anne D. Cruz BS Biology

Badette in English is… the epitome of the phrase “small but terrible”. She is one who can get along with almost everybody. A genius in mathematics, she can arrive at an answer without a solution—not even a calculator! Also known as the walking Filipino dictionary and a living Philippine delicacy recipe book. She’s a balance of humor, brilliance and sweetness. She is also a suitable model for the battery Energizer cause she keeps on talking and talking… Bel, the name speaks for itself, Belle (Beautiful). Badette in Tagalog… ‘Asan si Badette?’ Ito ang mga katagang karaniwang aking sinasambit tuwing hindi ko kasama si Badette. At bakit ko naman palaging hinahanaphanap si Badette, dahil siya ay madaling utangan, siya ay madaling isama kapag ikaw ay kailangang pumunta ng Bellarmine, siya ay may bahay/lugar/dorm kung saan puwede ka makitambay at makigamit ng kubeta, siya ang may ‘malalaking’ hita kung saan ikaw ay puwedeng mahiga. Sa makatuwid, siya ay isang napakabuting kaibigan. Lastly, in “The Language”… Badette is simply Ako…


Ryan Em C. Dalman BS Biology

Big. Muscular. Athletic. Words most commonly associated with the name Ryan Dalman. Yes, he is all of these but not only is he the typical athlete. He is also an immensely comical guy with a unique and often times ironic humor. As the original “Bio-Man”, (taken literally from his course) he does not possess any supernatural qualities but he has the uncanny ability of telling a completely fake story in the best poker face possible. Together with his entertaining antics, videoke song numbers and dance moves, Ryan is definitely one funny and amusing fellow. With his physique, dark skin and shaved head, it’s difficult to not catch a glimpse of him in campus; but what is really captivating with this guy is his overall personality, demeanor and attitude. With a ready for anything and go getter mind set, it’s not hard to be infected with his enthusiasm and zest. A kind, gentle and generous person, Ryan is definitely an all around kind of guy! Thus, Dalman is truly, the Man!


Adrian Andrew F. dela Paz BS Biology

In 12th century Japan, the great Tiger of Kai, Takeda Shingen, once said, “It is largely left to her own natural bodily perfection, and she has no special need to resort to artificial coloring and powdering to look beautiful.” As crude as it may sound, I guess it is true. It took me years to figure it out but thanks to the people I have encountered so far such a thought began to sink in. Striving for perfection in every aspect is indeed an honorable and painstaking task but even harder is to be content with who you are. It is never easy to accept such a thing due to the reality around us. Come to think of it, nothing in life ever is. I actually said, “You are perfect just the way you are and let nobody say otherwise,” to a certain someone but I myself could not accept it. Nonetheless, it seems that in any and every form of art or aspect of life, beauty although relative is found in its simplicity, no frills, no strings, no attachments. You are perfect the way you are and let no one say otherwise…


Haziel Adrielle P. Dela Rosa BS Biology

“Dynamo. That’s one word that comes to mind when you think of Haziel. She is one person who is always bursting with excitement about life. She has this knack for influencing friends to aspire to be better in their relationships, their values, and their aspirations. She seems to know the key to living a life that is more than mere existence. At times when her stress level sky-rockets due to exams, papers, lab reports and orals, Haziel remains composed and personable as she relates with others. She puts her heart into what she does, and if you are blessed enough to really know her, you would know that her ultimate passion is her relationship with Jesus Christ. Unusual? Perhaps. But so is Haziel!” —Bernadette Ramos, CCC My personal prayer: Lord, I am a seed that will need You and the people around me to grow. Thank you for being the soil that I can anchor on to. Thank you for giving me my family and friends to nurture me, like the rain and sunlight to a growing tiny seed.


Toni Anne A. de Venecia BS Biology

What is the recipe for a Toni Anne de Venecia? A heartmelting smile, a stunning body complemented by her simple yet inimitable fashion, a competitive and focused brain, and most especially a kind and sweet, loving heart. Toni, as most of her friends call her, is the spark that ignites the fuel that makes their day complete. There is no laughter without her around. With her jokes and funny antics, the gloomiest days easily turn into days brightened with sunshine sprinkled with countless smiles. But don’t be deceived that this is all that Toni is. She also excels in her academics no matter what obstacles she is faced with. This doctor-to-be is competitive, always striving for excellence and always focused with a goal in mind. Surely, she’ll put up a healthy competition that will be beneficial to all. But above all these, she has the kindest of all hearts, always ready to listen when one has problems; giving a shoulder one can lean on in times of despair. Beauty, Brains, and Heart… Holistic… A perfect recipe for Toni.


Jennifer Rose F. del Castillo BS Biology

In the year 2002, a certain freshman by the name of Jennifer del Castillo made the claim that she was a goddess, generating gripping unease among the hearts and minds of the envious. There were many valid arguments raised against the claim such as the fact that Jen, along with an accomplice, had been notorious in several extremely embarassing and “cradle-snatching” moments. Nevertheless, Jen up to this day holds the title of “goddess”. It appears that she had in her defense, a much stronger contention. Not only did she have the perfect concoction of beauty, brains, brawns, and boys, but she had it in her a certain fearlessness. She was fearless in the face of any opponent, be it in sports such as swimming, soccer, flag football, and rowing or be it the no I.D. no entry security guards. But her greatest moments were when after what people do to put her down, she would, without any thought of giving-up, pick herself up scarred but untramelled, strong and majestic as any goddess could ever be.


Anna Regina C. Feraren BS Biology

Some people are easy to love. Some people will never fail you, or themselves. For all the rough times Reggie has gone through, she has remained resilient, loving, and thankful. She stands out for her rock-solid convictions, and is never afraid to speak her mind, no matter the consequences. Reggie is not the average nerd, but she is, to her credit and to her friends’ enjoyment, an astounding dispensary of knowledge, you cannot even begin to imagine the things you can learn from her. She is well known for her bristling candor, for the advice that often has people seeking her opinion, and for an obvious, unfaltering love for her family. She may be the biggest prankster (for the record, never outwitted), but anyone will be glad to describe great memories being the object of her mischief. Truly, here is someone who has the greatest energy making the people around her happy. “The world is a stage and men merely players…” With Reggie on it, her family and friends couldn’t be more blessed.


Niña A. Gabaton BS Biology

Niña is an organized, creative, and intelligent being which mirrors the beautiful soul that lies within her core. She started schooling with a showing of utmost determination to succeed in life. And now, she ended up in a prestigious university and soon is almost to leave its portals to embark into another educational quest. Niña, for us, has grown into a fine, mature lady capped with moral trimmings we have given her along her journey to maturity. All of her dreams in life, we have left to her discussions, of course coupled with our parental guidance, some missing out, but mostly on the positive side. In the pursuit of her medical degree, she seems unperturbed by the length of time she will be spending for the next four years or so. And her specialization? A branch of medicine every girl wants to explore—DERMATOLOGY!


Katrina Jean G. Gabriel BS Biology

KAT! KITTY-KAT! Hotstuff! Haha!… is ¼ of the Mean Girls & yet a total sweetie. A fashionista, shopaholic, chocoholic, coffeeholic & guyz-a-holic—a total babe… va-va-boom! Kat may speak ‘bulol’ Filipino but she’s great to talk to–a strong personality, a soothing voice, an unassailable force of being. Academically speaking–she’s got it going on! A’s galore! The absolute all-in-1 package: intelligence without being geeky & gorgeousness both inside & out… Kat’s also a great party partner! “Balance” is the key… *wink* A total sucker for jocks, MGMs (macho-guapito-mestizos) & tall guys…Kat’s a heartthrob in her own right with men everywhere ogling her… “Lakas ng dating!” She can make any guy do a double… that’s Kat! INTENSITY that is what she is… Never a dull moment, she’s totally fun to be with– infectious laughter, hilarious moments (best known for setting “balls on fire” or rather cotton balls aka test tube plugs while singing to SantanaÜ) At a time when people live life to be remembered, Kat remembers to live life.


Lawrence Edenino I. Lao BS Biology

One word for Lawrence and that’s “classic”. Besides tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the tunes of the 80’s, he is truthful to himself, a classic guy. In hardships and sickness he is always by your side ready to make you laugh and cough at the same time. He is beyond being a good friend because he is your brother-at-arms. —Ryan Torres Lao—he’s hilarious—even when he doesn’t try to be. Fasttalking and fun-loving, this guy is always looking for a good laugh. Most of all, he loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. --Mikki Tenazas Straight and to the point, the point may hurt, but that’s the point. He may be sometimes brash, but that is his honesty at work. Amongst friends, I will rather have an frank, brash, and honest man, than a meandering suave liar. Honesty indeed is the best policy, and Lawrence has earned his award in honesty. He’s a dependable voice to listen to. You’ve earned our trust Lawrence, and we thank you for letting us earn your friendship. —Armand Castro


Harvy Joy C. Liwanag BS Biology

I suppose reality only caught up with me four years ago. Only then did I begin to see things no longer as how they seemed to be: That hard work is paid off not by grades but by the learning acquired in the process; That nonsense Ateneans do exist, but that there are a lot more sensible ones among us who still believe and do make a difference; That the highest crime we can commit to ourselves is not ignorance but apathy, silence is next; And that in the battles of life we win some and lose many, but it is what we accomplish in the end that is nonetheless most important. Fifteen lines are never enough to sum up my college life. But the experience that brought in the tougher me and the memories of people are enough reasons that lead me proudly to say: Ah, these four years were the finest of my life!


Zomesh A. Maini BS Biology

He is definitely more than just an Indian-sounding name cloaked by a noticeably dark complexity, for the strengths of this fellow lie in the deepest recesses of his persona. Unreasonably compassionate and empathetic, he is perpetually ready to adhere to reason in all his judgments even at the expense of being hurt. He transcends beyond his age through the profundity seen in the way he speaks. He adheres to his principles and exhibits accountability and integrity manifested in his actions. Amidst trials and tribulations, he is one whose unrelenting commitment to himself, his family, his peers and country never wavers. Put together, these attributes constitute an honor student, an academic scholar at that, a loving son and brother, a loyal associate and a genuine friend. He is Zomesh Maini; his enemies may come in hordes and yet his allies, numerous in number, shall come to his rescue… if only to express our gratitude for him having touched our lives. Puso Pare, Puso, for the warm of heart shall never lack a home.


Patrick Joseph A. Marayag BS Biology

Kulang ang buhay ng isang tao hangga’t hindi siya nakakakilala ng isang Poch Marayag. Bakit, kamo? Aba, paano ka naman gaganahang magtrabaho nang hindi nakikita ang kanyang ehemplong napakasipag at napakatiyagang mag-aaral. Paano ka na lang matutuwa kung hindi mo naririnig ang mga patawa niyang bentang benta, o ang mga kuwento niyang pulidong-pulido sa emosyon at detalye? Paano ka maliliwanagan sa mga problema mo, kung hindi mo nakukuha ang kanyang mga praktikal na opinyon at maiinam na pagpapayo? Bumilib ka man o hindi, matuwa ka man o malungkot, maliwanagan ka man o manatiling bulag, simple lamang ang maituturing na tunay at hindi magbabago kailan man – at iyon ay ang katotohanang si Patrick Joseph Marayag ay isang tunay na tao, isang tigasing mag-aaral, at isang napakalupit na kaibigan. Kailangan ng bawat tao, ng bawat barkada, ng bawat klase, at ng bawat henerasyon ang mga taong katulad niya—kung wala, hindi talaga kumpleto ang mundo mo.


Angela Marie A. Olympia BS Biology

I am ari. I am asbestos galos! indomitable, polychromatic, legendary, prodigious, spunky, inanely asinine, adamant, inert, noble, active, reactive, flammable, ignitable, hazardous, dangerous, bold, italic, underlined, subscripted, superscripted, rage, spaced-out, emotionally constipated, insatiable, depthless, inestimable, fathomless, bottomless, boundless, finite, limited, undeterred, rabid, extreme, fanatical, radical, cool, freezing, warm, hot, stormy, placid, calm, light , dark, mysterious, odd, baffling, impenetrable, arcane, unconventional, ruthless, restless, an armrest, a chair, a table, a chicken strip floating in gravy and mashed potatoes, a dewberry, an oreo, an avocado shake, a chocolate bar, a piece of shortbread, a crumb, a freckle, a speckle, a fleck, a molecule, a neutron, summer, winter, spring, fall, a free fall, a falling-in-love, a lover, a loved one, a sister, a someday mother, a someday grandmother, a colleague, a friend, a foe, dynamism. I am perpetual motion.


Aldwin D. Ong BS Biology

Knowing Aldwin would make you dispense some common notions about finding the ideal guy. 1) Chivalry is not dead. He is as much a gentleman as the word could contain. 2) You can meet a sensitive guy with brains, brawns and good looks. He’s a tennis jock who is also a consistent DL. He calls plants around him by their scientific names for… um, fun; Mensa Material! 3) Not quite an art freak. A prolific photographer cum artist cum singer! 4) Silent waters do run deep. An old immaterialistic soul, he believes in living a simple life. He’s not the Dalai Lama, but thinking and philosophy is his first love! 5) There’s much joy in taking street kids to lunch. An active ACLCer, he spends weekends in Payatas to “be with” kids. 6) Aliens do exist. He is the definitive genuine person who loves deeply and gives himself wholly. God-centered, he seems to be in the path towards *gasp* priesthood. 8 years away from family in Singapore, he’s grown responsible and independent. 7) Superman’s alter ego isn’t Clark Kent! Your guess?


Anna Katrina R. Paraiso BS Biology

Ten Things You Don’t (but probably do, but not quite, but then maybe so, or merely) Know about Karen: 01 Lives on a Sweets Diet, from dusk till dawn (ask anyone, they’ll all agree) 02 Has not eaten rice since Highschool and does not miss it 03 Does not know how to wake up early in the morning thus, delaying everybody 04 Nocturnal (starts everything late at night until the wee hours of the morning) 05 Cannot leave the house without doing her morning rituals (lots!) 06 The prettiest Tenor, ever! Beat that! 07 Kuripot! Enough said. 08 Fashion statement: go color coordinated! (have to see to believe) 09 Big fan of rubber shoes and the color purple 10 She may be all that but not quite… Mismo


Katrina Fellize L. Pau BS Biology

Toyo’t wasabi sashiming pagsasama aming barkada. Pucca come to life, chinky eyes and pig-tailed hair oh! a friend, indeed. Malilimutin at tunay na antukin ating pitikin. Heto na si miss kumain parang ipis kaya manipis.


John Michael Joseph Y. Pineda BS Biology

Mic’s bright easygoing smile exudes a boyish charm that is both mischievous and endearing. Armed with an adventurous spirit, Mic dares to take on the unknown and loves the thrill of challenges. Driven and outgoing, this adept leader jazzes up the traditional mix of responsibility and determination with a unique brand of charisma and humor. Also known for his self-assurance and persistence, he firmly stands by and fights for his beliefs and convictions. In fact, this resolute willfulness both impresses and exasperates, which is why it is considered as much a liability as it is an asset. Startlingly, Mic’s dynamic personality belies a sensitive nature. Pensive bouts find this philosophy lover debating on religious ideologies and reflecting on life’s meaning. Moreover, his enthusiasm for the martial arts discipline wushu and his interest in traditional healing methods reflect a deep appreciation of Chinese culture. Able-bodied and well-cultured, Mic will undoubtedly have a successful future to look forward to.


Fatima S. Pioquinto BS Biology

Top 8 Contradictions in the Person of Fatima Pioquinto: 1. She lives for math but is in a course with practically no math 2. She comes off as serious and quiet and but laughs every 10 seconds 3. She is a superior eater but never gains any weight 4. She’s not grade-conscious and yet she’ll be graduating Cum laude 5. She sleeps long hours but is still sleepy throughout the day 6. She’s warm-hearted and nurturing, but will faint if furry animals come near her 7. She never says it directly but you just know she’s always there for you 8. She is one of the best people I know and yet she is probably one of the humblest that I know. There may be many contradicting things about my friend Fatima. But there are things about her that just cannot be contradicted. Her heart and her mind are first rate all the way. There is no one else more decent than Fatima Pioquinto.


Joseph Victor Y. Quinsay BS Biology

Silent waters run deep. This held quite true for you. The friend I call: J-Q Silence in brow raising. Silence in ab undulating. Silence in expert driving. Deep thought, shallow humor, slow anger, quick laughter. All capitals you somehow remember. Silent waters run deep? Deep waters run silent? is it your depth that call for your silence, or your silence that call for your depth? Who cares, basta masaya ka kasama wala na tayong pakialam sa deep sheet. As Rex Navarette would say “Pack dat sheet.”


Abigail Marie P. Quintos BS Biology

I am one of the many whom she loves with all her being and who love her back infinitely. I am one of the many whom she has shared herself with wholeheartedly and made special in her own unique way. She is what the world should be—a beautiful soul that shows how others are beautiful as well. She is a kind spirit, whose religion is to love. She is my console, my conscience in times when I find it hard to trust myself. She is my guide that holds my hand and comforts me, tells me not to worry, and faces difficulty together with me. She is my strength, my inspiration to life and perpetual source of smiles when I am at my worst. She is my wonder, my mystery that keeps me forever excited and surprised that she can, in fact, be even better than anyone thought possible. She is a loving sister, a great daughter, a gifted actress, a brilliant crammer, a wonderful being and a beautiful friend, whom I will love forever.


Marie Isobelle E. Ramos BS Biology

Charming, alluring, intelligent, kind, God-fearing, well rounded are just some of the adjectives to describe this lovely lady. Over the years she changed from being that childish gal from the way she dresses and thinks to become a unique and beautiful woman. At the top of her BS Biology batch with grades of straight A’s, this smart individual has been a maintaining dean’s list candidate. During her free-time she enjoys sleeping, going out, reading books, watching movies and T.V. dramas. Isobelle is well known in her block to be sleeping at 8 p.m. and has not missed to read an assigned reading in any of her subjects. Aside from studying and being with friends, she always finds time to be with her family. She loves to teach and play with her little sister games like Text Twist and Feeding Frenzy. In the future, Iso plans to be a medical doctor in order to help cure people. To sum it up, there is no doubt that Chingkay is a role model for all and that this bright, dedicated and hardworking individual will become a successful doctor.


Russell Francis U. Rivera BS Biology

Russ is one of those few people who stand out in a crowd. With his big physique, he can be intimidating for some people. But it stops there. He can cheer you up and make you laugh out loud with his humor anytime. He has a way with people and knows so many persons that he’ll bump into an acquaintance or two anywhere he goes. As a friend, he would go an extra mile for you and help solve whatever problem you may have. Someone who gets by with 3 hours of sleep a day, you can count on him to keep you company while cramming for a test at 2 am. Aside from being into basketball, fishing and mountain climbing, Russ loves cars and he likes them fast. So if you’re running late for class, let him drive and he’ll get you there safely on time. What’s amazing about him is that he’s not only smart but street smart as well. That’s why he’s a handy man to have around. With all these said, it is undeniable that Russ has all the qualities needed to excel in anything he sets his heart into and be anything he wants to be in the future.


Gaston Juan P. Roces BS Biology

A supportive hand, an infectious smile, a consoling touch, an encouraging voice, a generous heart, a beautiful soul… He is a loving son and brother, a caring and dependable friend, a lover of nature, a devotee of music, a kid in many ways, yet a man of wisdom as well. Someone who passionately embraces the world, with all its beauty and cruelty. Someone with so much to offer but chooses to stay out of the spotlight. Someone whose happiness is never complete when not shared with another. Someone who’s more afraid of not being able to give than of having nothing for himself. Someone who’s not afraid to love, and does so wholeheartedly. He is someone who, in this life, you will definitely be thankful to have beside you… having the kind of spirit and courage that will see you through, the kindness to patiently teach you what is right, and when need be, the compassion to pull you up and carry you from a fall. For these and many more, I choose to walk beside him.


Jose Mariano T. Tan II BS Biology

To the Joemar who may be a little tired at 50— You know why you’re tired. You started saving the Philippines at age 20. There was always something about you, something extra. You always knew you were meant for greater things. You saw it coming. You have always known that this is the time, this is the place and you are the person. With passion and an unwavering conviction, you set out doing what you were always meant to do. You were starting to move in the circles of leaders. Simply pursuing your vision of excellence at whatever you do, you make little distinction between work and play. For you, you have always been doing both. You wanted to be a doctor—not only to don the white suit but to uplift the lives of everyone you encounter. Unafraid of your own light, you made other people see the light in themselves. You served the world, you gave hope and you didn’t even know it. You got hooked and I’m glad you did. Look around you—It is a better world, Dr. Tan. Thank you.


Lourdes T. Tan BS Biology

Fickle. Finicky, / Capricious, mercurial / That’s all about you / The ever changing you. / Loulou, Lourds, Lourdes / That’s all I call you/ The ever changing you / From management to bio / From choice one to choice two / Change is constant with you. / And constantly you are true / Your constantly fun / Constantly there / Change as you may, / Wonderful you stay / The ever constant you. / The you that is so true. Fickle as she may be, she’s simple, smart, funny, adorable, cheerful, and energetic. She’s become a principled, disciplined, and responsible young lady. All thanks to her lovely family and friends, especially her parents who trust, believe, and support her throughout all her endeavors. “Love you Nanay and Tatay!”


Mikhail G. Tenazas BS Biology

Kat: “We’re the crazy kids in the family, that’s why we get along so well (when he’s not too weird). Everybody loves him, myself included. Miss you Paolo!”; Poch: A well-rounded boy, easy to be with and very hardworking.; Naz: Mikki is like a puppy—cute, funny and carefree.; Justine: No words can explain the totality of his being; Lulu: Mikki’s full of surprises. He can look innocent one moment and mischievous the next. Funny, smart, artistic, surgeon hopeful. cheers to the future.; Lao: “Oh Mikki (You’re so fine)2x, you blow my mind. [Hey Mikki (Huff Huff)]2x.”; Matching: A Chem genius who never gets lower than an A during the exams.; Dulce: For all his supposed silence, Mikki makes a lot more “noise” than his habitual whistling and the jangle of coins in his pocket. A simple person who doodles in his notebooks and laughs at stupid movies, Mikki is a funny and amusing talker, generous, helpful, and, distinctive of the strong, a comforting listener.; CHEK: Talented, tall, funny (more like corny), doesn’t drink (not too much), doesn’t smoke, snob, yet also sweet, caring, loving—but only to a few ‘privileged’ people.


Paola Cristi P. Tolentino BS Biology

Paola has a sweet smile with an equally sweet voice, which becomes even sweeter when she’s speaking in Spanish. When I think of Paola, the words “cerebrally elite” come to mind. She is a go-getter, who is good in every subject. Be it figuring out a problem for chemistry, memorizing two hundred pages for biology, or writing an essay for philosophy, she rules all. Apart from being an excellent learner, Paola is a truly great friend who will not only patiently explain the things you don’t understand from a lecture, but would occasionally surprise you with things that would really brighten your day such as giving you freshly-baked cakes or brownies. Her constant nerdy remarks are endearing and may oftentimes elicit a hearty laugh from you, but you know you can count on her to be there for you anytime, anywhere. Paola’s compassionate nature and inspiring determination would undoubtedly lead her to whatever she wants to accomplish in life.


Ryan S. Torres BS Biology

The dark holds many unknown wonders. It’s not unknown anymore. Wonderful indeed, Dark indeed, thats you big joe, the coach of freshman year OrSem. Through Dacanay we toiled, in DotA we were spoiled. Fast talking, quick thinking, all-knowing, and always caring. Ryan Torres: the Dark Big Man who brightened our day and always loomed large. Big Joe has a colorful personality, full of life, determined, and goal-oriented. Brilliant in the Sciences, he surprises us with his perfect lab reports and profound explanations. A true “nigga”, we sometimes think that he suffers from a Bipolar Disorder because of his euphoric outbursts and disturbing silence coupled with a scowl. He has black hair, black skin, he talks black, he walks black but he has a heart of gold that’s how I’ve known Ryan from the past few years. He is like a big black generous version of Santa. His heart is gold. Like Santa he is loved by all, and he loves everybody.


Janine J. Uy BS Biology

“A fashion genius! a delightful package of elegance and femininity!” —InStyle Magazine “Radiantly beautiful..from inside and out. Simply is.” —FHM “Definitely a Ringer” —Anonymous “Comedic…Stupendously hilarious!” —Comedy Central “Serially convicted shopaholic and chocolate addict.” —A-holics Inc. “A masterpiece; superfluous in life, love and energy.” —Artist Circle “A heart that would rival Mother Theresa’s!” —Jesuit’s Digest “My Favorite! She is the sweetest of them all!” —Ateneo Biology Department


Justine Alessandra U. Uy BS Biology

A Psychiatrist’s Nightmare Patient: Justine Alessandra U. Uy Psychiatric Profile: 1. Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder—things are always kept clean and organized and she is always preoccupied with checking, ordering, & arranging things. She doesn’t step over manholes on the sidewalk! 2. Dissociative Amnesia—mess with this person and she’ll forget you ever existed. 3. Insomnia—she’s almost always awake! 4. Alcohol Use Disorder—Hand Sanitizer, Ethyl, Isopropyl, Xylene… 5. Caffeine Use Disorder—C2, Coffee… Certified coffee addict! She tours Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Mocha Blends, need I say more? 6. Pedophilia—she loves that boy who plays nasty Draco Malfoy. Eew! 7. Finally, like Patch Adams… Excessive Happiness!


Preeti (Prerna) Mahbubani Vaswani BS Biology

Prerna’s habits/traits/beliefs that can rub off you: 1.) Eat pizza only when all the grease and oil have been wiped off 2.) Scream when a/an _________ (fill out any animal) approaches 3.) Cannot watch a movie without popcorn 4.) Gain the ability to compute for your cumulative QPI (complete with summer grades) at a moment’s notice 5.) Can only take a test if your pen is Pilot, black, size 0.7 6.) Will not touch anything in the lab without 2 pairs of gloves 7.) Begin to believe you are perfect in every way 8.) Truly listen to, truly support, truly care for your friends It is true that we laugh at Prerna’s particular ways. But most of the things about her we find not amusing but amazing. Her drive in life, her commitment to her Faith, her love for her family and her support for and loyalty to her friends can never ever be laughed at.


Jamela Anne B. Villacorte BS Biology

Jam is a girl of stereotypical contradictions. A freespirited self-confessed nerd - she’s a permanent fixture in the library, the lab, or her study table in the dorm, but has also free-spiritedly taken the challenge of living a farm life in the mountains without a single book at hand (major achievement). A conservative liberal—raised in the province, Jam upholds her conservative and religious views into her new society, but is wise enough to be openminded to new ideas. An idealist cynic—Jam has the most marvelous dreams for the world, about what should be and what could be, but at the same time has mind-blowing insights and a deep understanding of her current reality. Jam is definitely a girl of complex character, you’ll never get bored reading. —penned by her bestfriend


Patricia Melanie L. Yao BS Biology

There are a lot of things which amazes me about Patty. One is that she’s always waving or saying hello to someone when walking around campus. It’s like she knows everybody! This only shows that Patty is truly a warm, outgoing and friendly person. Another thing amazing about her is how she uses heart and mind to discern and make decisions. She can to listen to what her heart is saying but still be critical so as not to be carried away by emotions. It also amazes me how she knows what she wants and what has to be done to get to her goals. She’s independentminded and is able to take care of herself. She’s confident about her abilities and uses them to improve herself. There are a lot more that can be said about Patty but then this write up would be too long. All that can be said is that she is one person who is many things, and all those things put together makes up one remarkable person.


Ma. Ilah S. Yumul BS Biology

Our future doctor—a fashionista who loves to binge, sing, watch movies, and go shopping. A lady with a heart of gold who firmly believes that everyone should be treated fair and square; has a soft heart for the less fortunate. A dutiful daughter who listens to her parents’ wisdom, a diligent student, a sweet and thoughtful sister, a doting aunt, and a loyal friend; she’s generous to a fault but above all, she deeply loves and fully trusts God, her creator. —Mom and Dad My sister Ilah is an extraordinary girl. She is bursting with energy but she is full of patience. She is cheerful like a little girl but also wise beyond her age. Her understanding of life is wide and deep. She has immense passion for life (she loves to eat, sleep and go shopping). My sister is really nice and kind. She is beautiful (on the inside and on the outside), intelligent and always responsible. I love her very much. —Miko

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