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Executive Committee of the ESNCH

N. Bornstein, C. Baracchini, M. Sturzenegger, D. Russell,
E. B. Ringelstein, K. Niederkorn, L. Csiba, G. Baltgaile, C. Molina,
M. Siebler, E. Vicenzini, E. Azevedo, E. Bartels, J. Klingelhöfer
Organising Committee
B. Zvan, V. Demarin, C. Baracchini, E. Bartels, K. Niederkorn,
J. Pretnar-Oblak, M. Menih, M. Zaletel, N. Safaric

3rd International Training Course of the ESNCH
European Society of Neurosonology and
Cerebral Hemodynamics

C. Baracchini, E. Bartels, V. Beznik, L. Csiba, V. Demarin, S. Horner,
A. Huzjan, B. Malojcic, M. Menih, M. Mijajlovic, K. Niederkorn,
J. Pretnar-Oblak, G. M. von Reutern, A. Resman-Gaspersic, D. Russell,
M. Sostaric-Podlesnik, E. Tetickovic, M. Zaletel, B. Zvan
Participants will have the opportunity (optional) to take the
ESNCH/NSRG certification exam

Registration fee: 500,00 €
Deadline for application is July 31, 2013
Please do not hasitate to contact the Society for the Prevention of
Cerebral and Vascular Diseases regarding payments, issuing of
invoices or if you require any further information.

Portoroz, Slovenia, September 12-14, 2013
Organised by
Stroke Society of the
Slovenian Medical Association
President: Prof. Bojana Zvan, MD, PhD, FESO
Zaloska cesta 2, 1525 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T +386 1 522 37 38
F +386 1 522 22 08
Society for the Prevention of
Cerebral and Vascular Diseases
President: Mr. Niko Safaric
Mala ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T +386 590 1 1234
F +386 1 430 23 14

15:10 V. Malojcic. Bartels. Niederkorn 13:45 .15:20 E. Bartels. M. Bartels Parenchymal imaging and neurodegenerative diseases Use of contrast agents in TCD in evaluation of Brain Death Functional TCD II Sonothrombolysis Three/Four dimensional Ultrasound Lunch A. Zvan 11:20 . Pretnar-Oblak. M.9:45 9:45 . September 14 Coffee break Day 2. M. B. M. Malojcic.11:20 B. E. Resman-Gaspersic. V. M. M.Theoretical Exam (E. S. G. Pretnar-Oblak. J. Niederkorn. Niederkorn.13:50 13:50 .14:30 S. Baracchini. B.Theoretical Exam (E. Russell 15:10 – 15:30 15:30 . M.10:50 Vertebral pathology Guidelines for measuring the degree of carotid stenosis 10:50 .12:50 J. J. M. B. von Reutern. M. Pretnar-Oblak. Huzjan. E. von Reutern) Day 3.15:40 Day 1. Baracchini. Baracchini G. G. G. Bartels. Csiba 13:10 . A. von Reutern. Demarin D. Zaletel.14:50 14:50 . B.18:00 Basic Ultrasound Scanning and Artefacts Carotid Pathology Embolus detection . Zvan Hand on scanning in small groups & International Certification in Neurosonology .10:00 M. Baracchini. Huzjan 14:30 . M. Resman-Gaspersic. M. Sostaric-Podlesnik. Menih E. Demarin.14:10 Anatomy and Arterial TCD and TCCD Arteriovenous malformation and venous pathology Strength and weakness of neurosonological methods in pharma trials Lunch 14:10 . Beznik 10:00 .12:00 12:00 . Pretnar-Oblak M.10:30 Coffee break Neurosonology in nonatherosclerotic cervicocranial disease Coffee break C. von Reutern 10:30 . G. Zvan Hand on scanning in small groups C. A. M. Bartels. M. A. M. Lecture and Workshop TCD in intensive unit Coffee break Coffee break 10:50 . Horner 11:40 . Huzjan. Malojcic 10:30 . Tetickovic 12:50 . Bartels.16:50 Patent Foramen Ovale detection. B. Resman-Gaspersic. M. Demarin.13:10 L. Menih. Zaletel. Mijajlovic 14:50 . von Reutern) .18:40 12:00 Registration and getting together 13:00 .10:30 B. Malojcic. September 13 9:00 .PRELIMINARY PROGRAM 15:20 . Menih.14:50 M. Sostaric-Podlesnik. Zaletel.12:30 E. J. Mijajlovic.14:30 14:30 . G. Horner.12:20 12:20 . Sostaric-Podlesnik. Zvan C. V.11:40 Hand on scanning in small groups & International Certification in Neurosonology .13:45 K.10:50 9:00 . V. E. von Reutern. Niederkorn. A. S. Huzjan. September 12 15:40 . Demarin. Bartels 12:30 . Mijajlovic. Zaletel. and the future C. B. A. Menih. Horner. M. V. M. A. Mijajlovic. M. K. K.