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Besana, Jun Francis A.
Fernando, Kent Louie
Garcia, Mark Jorindelle G.
Magsino, John Eric A.
Mandadero, Raven C.

EEP 421 – Research Methods for EE

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Engr. Ferdinand Milan

So. if you are commuting or traveling. It is another term for external battery charger. then the only way to get charged is through a Power Bank. When your device runs out of battery and you do not have access to an electric socket. what if your power bank is also drained and your battery is running low and you cannot find a power source to charge up your batteries? We would like to create a device that harnesses mechanical energy and converts it to electrical energy to charge a power bank.CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A Power bank is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. The prototype we want to make is a hand strap generator made up of piezo electric transducers. You don’t need a power source to charge your external batteries because the hand strap . Perfect for emergencies. It is a third party charger that offers power to your mobile when in needs. But. then a Power Bank is the perfect travelling companion.

2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM “Don’t you just hate it whenever your cellphone or tablet battery is running low and you can’t find a power outlet to charge it? The feeling can be both scary and stressful especially if you’re bound to meet up with someone or if you still have a long day to go. There are factors needed to consider. one. you don’t have to look for power outlets to charge your power bank. is the output voltage produced by the hand strap generator is enough to charge up a power bank and how long does it take for the device to charge up a power bank.generator comes in handy. anytime he needs need to by just his hand movements. .” With the hand strap generator. The prototype will be put on the wrist where it can be used whenever there is hand movements. the user can charge the power bank anywhere he goes. 1.

3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY GENERAL OBJECTIVE: This study aims to design a portable generator made up of piezo electric transducers to power up a power bank.1. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: This study aims to know the characteristics of the new built hand strap generator and its capabilities. .

4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The project will benefit the following: To the researchers  The researcher learned how to think and create a marketable. To the customer  The customer will use the project as another source of electricity where they can simply generate power through hand movements. resourceful.1. . To the society  The project will reduce the consumption of electricity and save power at the same time. To the other students  This project may be served as their reference in future research and they may apply innovation to the hand strap generator. and useful project that may used in future development in the society.

First. Putting the mobile power supply in high temperature is highly not recommendable for high temperature will shorten the service life of electronic devices and destroy the mobile power supply. . This might be the most important and that is the prevention of dropping because it is a fragile device and its components inside the power bank and the generator including the internal circuit would break. Electrical components are prohibited to contact with water. the piezo electric transducers are brittle and subject to breakage when applied to a great force. the hand strap generator has its scopes and delimitations. This is because all kinds of USB cables have their corresponding equipment.1. USB cable needs to be suitable for the generator and the device to be charged because not all USB connectors are the same in size and shape.5 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION Like other types of chargers and ways of charging.

The only difference is that the project is engaged with different design and application or uses.CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK AND REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2. It is a new approach to lead the world into implementing greener technologies that are aimed at protecting the environment.1 Power Harvesting System in Mobile Phones and MP3 Players using Piezoelectric Charge Generation Energy conservation system for mobile phones and mp3 players have been presented in this paper. The design presented here will be quite effective in providing an alternate means of power supply for the mentioned devices during emergency. making them cost efficient. Further. Piezoelectric energy harvesting systems are a one time installment and they require very less maintenance. 2.1 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The project’s concept is almost the same with the other piezoelectric project concept. the approach presented in this paper can be extended to many other applications where there is scope for similar kind of energy .1. they use piezoelectric as a source of electricity.

Electrical Design/Layout .Electronics . This voltage can be used to produce the required amount of charge after being processed.Hand Strap .Electrical Circuits .Physics .Electrical Software Requirement Designing .Switch .2 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Knowledge Requirement .Material Price Engineering Principles .Electrical Safety Design .Livewire .PCB Wizard .Comparison over different designs Hardware Requirement .Teminal Block .Diode .Hardware and .Circuit Designing .Electrical Estimate .Circuit Design .Strength of Materials . The output voltage is 9V.AutoCad Software .conservation.Piezoelectric .Pellet Ball Analysis . 2.Multism integration Design of hand strap generator .

3 HYPOTESIS  Will the proposed design of a piezoelectric generator shall incorporate   power generation be feasible? Will the diode be able to control the power usage of the system? Will the piezoelectric be sufficient enough to generate and provide the necessary energy to power the system?   .Standards and Multiple Constraints 2.

Compliance . Stress . Mechanical Deformation .the property of a material of undergoing elastic deformation or change in volume when subjected to an applied force. It is equal to the reciprocal of the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. Crystal lattice .2.the ability of a substance to store electrical energy in an electric field.force to make a strenuous or unusually great effort. . Permittivity . Strain .is the physical transformation of a material from one configuration to a different one. Electricfield .a region around a charged particle or object within which a force would be exerted on other charged particles or objects.the symmetrical three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a crystal.4 DEFINITION OF TERMS Piezoelectric .pressure or tension exerted on a material object.


A piezoelectric substance is one that produces an electric charge when a mechanical stress is applied (the substance is squeezed or stretched). which is sensitive to both elastic strain and applied electrical field. . a mechanical deformation (the substance shrinks or expands) is produced when an electric field is applied. Conversely.2 MATERIALS AND METHODS Instruments Used :       Piezoelectric Switch Diode Teminal Block Pellet Ball Hand Strap How does piezoelectric works? Piezoelectric materials are crystalline solids whose asymmetric structures create an electric dipole moment in the crystal lattice.3.

Conceptual Design Piezoelectric Conceptual Design Top view of Pre-design concept Front view of Pre-design concept .

Strain = (compliance) x (stress) .3.3 TREATMENT OF DATA Equations used:  Electric charge density displacement = (Permittivity) x (Electric field strength)  And Hooke’s law.