Kristina Marie J. Aguilar AB Political Science

With her radiant smile, captivating charm and bubbly personality, this lady is definitely a head-turner! Oops…but no! She is obviously more than just a pretty face! She is a rare mixture of extreme talents (singing, dancing and acting are just some of them; she’s bound to discover new ones too), super-power athleticism (she can take on any sport, although her favorite is volleyball) and a very sharp mind (hello, she’s in MA!) Having a heart for service, she inspires others to believe that life is beautiful despite the perils it gives. She trusts in the saying that God will always give you a thousand reasons to smile. Her unending generosity and heartwarming kindness brings a piece of heaven here on earth. Indeed, the world will be a dull place without Tine in it. P.S. Sounds too good to be true? Well, she’s almost all that!


Ann Therese A. Almario AB Political Science

There was once a girl who studied at the Ateneo from 2002 to 2006. Here she learned about politics, philosophy, and other important matters. Everyday she studied hard and forged friendships. Rough as it may seem, she passed through college gracefully. Enduring the grueling task of passing all subjects, she always had fun. She worked with her friends, her family, and people she barely knew. Each day she prayed to God that He would help her with everything. And He did. Last time to say everything here. Make a difference. And with God nothing is impossible. Reach out to the people because we owe it to them to help them. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Our country needs great minds and sincere workers for it to succeed.


Colin Thomas T. Antig AB Political Science

Colin Antig, old? Maybe. Mature? Maybe. Motormouth? Extraordinaire. Right on the money. A living oxymoron. A poker face with a motormouth, you cannot even begin to think how that could possibly happen. A perfect foundation for a future politician. Smooth as silk, cool as ice…and then some. You can choose to love him or hate him. Either way you will enjoy it. Ladies and gentlemen, the man behind CERSA Radio, please … a round of applause for one of God’s complex creations.


Broderick C. Arcilla AB Political Science

Bon is one of the quirkiest people you’ll ever meet. He comes off as a bit awkward when you meet him. Claims to be a hardcore rocker but is really a softie, Bon is one of those persons who are not ashamed to be themselves wherever they go. He’s one animated character that you’ll never see with a long face. Without even trying, he’ll make you laugh. You can never tell if he’s just good in hiding his feelings or if he really is a giddy and perpetually positive person. He never forgets to say hello even when he’s busy rushing through the hallways. Only God knows what’s in store for this guy. Whatever happens, Bon’ll always be remembered by one person for being the walking definition of cool. Music has always been a part of Bon’s soul. So in parting, I have these words to say to Bon: Rock On! (said in a Bon-like voice only he can do).


Angelo Martin B. Arellano AB Political Science

It is the trademark dimple and the lopsided mischievous grin that has endeared Mayo to many of his pals. Whether it’s cracking jokes, telling amusing stories or just teasing friends, Mayo never fails to charm with his mysterious smile. Charms and looks aside though, Mayo is one of the most sensible and responsible guys around. Leadership comes naturally to him as you can always count on him to get a job done. And despite commitments to orgs and projects that keep him busy, he’ll always make time to listen to you even when it comes to the most trivial things. Most of Mayo’s friends might tease him when it comes to his shyness/aloofness around girls, but his girl friends (as in friends na girls) will attest to the fact that Mayo is the perfect guy to bring home to mom. Ever the gentleman, Mayo contradicts the popular belief that chivalry is dead. If there is one thing that Mayo will be forever remembered for aside from his trademark side view pose, it will be for his dedication, leadership, and genuine heart.


Dean Jason N. Arriola AB Political Science

The Perfect Friend: Jason is anything but normal which works to his advantage. Unlike other people, he values the little things: the quick hello, the word of advice, and the time spent to simply hang out and talk. Through his appreciation of such gestures, he reminds us of the power in relationships, and the influence of kindness. We will never forget the coffee sessions, drinking bits, and rich conversations. He never takes anything for granted and that is why he does not fit in. He is over and above the rest of us who are learning to count our blessings in those we love. A man of a thousand words, but of even greater heart, Jason is the kind of person you need in life. We wish you all the success in life and love, because you deserve it. You are one of the most informed and disciplined people we know. Never let go of your passion for politics, because one day you will serve your purpose and prove that you are an asset to this country. We’ll miss you, Jase.


Jayvee Laurence B. Bandong AB Political Science

He is an eminent survivor known for making papers at the last minute it should be submitted and opting to come to class even with hangover. He’s remembered as an extrovert student who habitually sleeps in class and loves to joke around and tease people when he’s up. It must have occurred to many that his favorite subject is philosophy as he had mastered it so much to share it with everyone. But despite of being a prankster, he has this serious side that makes him a good listener and a great adviser. A responsible son and a dependable confidant, that’s Jayvee Bandong—a blessing worth having and a friend worth keeping.


Joel Mark B. Barredo AB Political Science

This essential literature is the Rosetta Stone to the mystifying persona of Joel Mark Barredo (1984-present). You shall embark on an odyssey of his reason and spirit through the bodies of crucial characters of yesterday and thus garner justifications of his mighty existence. Sappho (625 BC) | The great Greek who attributed to his amazing wit. Salome (1st AD) | The gorgeous daughter of Herodias who provided Joel with the everlasting character of devotion and love to his Mother. St. Genesius (300 AD) | The patron saint of clowns who awarded Joel spirit with infinite fervor for bliss for self and everyone. Pedro Bukaneg (1590-1626) | The Ilokano and key to Joel’s ingenuity. Golda Meir (1898-1978)| The critical icon of the Israeli nation who supplied Joel with the passion of undying service to human kind. Joel is entirely ready to be one of the supreme beings of tomorrow!


Jose Javier P. Bautista AB Political Science

There comes a point where you eventually get to know everything about a person. But in the countless years we have known Javi, we have learned this much: that we will never ever know everything about him. Each day with him is a pleasant new experience. Given even just a few moments, there is much to learn from Javi. But the one thing you can always see in him is how to be happy, genuinely happy. He has always been effortlessly optimistic, never seeing the silver lining. For him, there is no such thing as a cloud at all. Javi has become what every man should be—someone we love and are proud of. We will forever look forward to each coming day spent with him.


Gregorio Rafael P. Bueta AB Political Science

They say destiny chooses a person; it searches and finds you. I say it is you who must choose your own destiny. The only thing you are destined for is greatness, but the path to greatness is yet unknown. This is a description of a person who began his search for greatness four years ago, braving the unknown and challenging the world. He stepped into the Ateneo with a desire to learn and the passion to serve. He brought much wit, charm, and a zest for life. He became one with the campus, as he sat comfortably on a bench and drank coffee. It was in this university that this young man envisioned greatness for himself, school, and country. Although he may not think the things he has done here are the best, people believe that he has brought about change. With all that he has done to make a difference, Grip embodies the ideal Atenean— one of sound mind, healthy body, good heart, and pure spirit. A man now prepared to take on the world and live out his dreams, as he continuously searches for and fulfills his destiny.


Suk-Hyun Byun AB Political Science

Timeless: friendship will never cease. Her natural character just brightens up everyone’s spirit and soul. Quality: intelligence and skill personified. Picturesque: her presence just shatters the atmosphere of noise and ugliness. —Joel Barredo Sukhyun is approachable, easy to start conversations with, and once we start it’s hard to stop, because she draws you in with her wit and charm! —Carlo Cayabyab Diana is always happy. Either she has a really wonderful life or she always has a stash of Prozac in her pocket. In any case, she’s still one of the nicest people that you can’t get mad at even if she beats you senseless with a stick. But she will bombard you with smiles and her non-annoying “kakulitan.” She’s nice to have around because she never fails to make a gloomy day even just a little bit brighter, especially when she starts to laugh?“kelkelkelkel!” —Joanna Orbe


Paolo Francisco B. Camacho AB Political Science

Paco is a great thinker. He spends lazy afternoons thinking the hours away, often finding great insights even on the most mundane of things. His clever antics and sharp wit often give him solace despite the constant tensions of juggling the different functions of being a student, a debater, and a mountaineer all at the same time. This allows him to wiggle his way through college fundamentally unscathed. Always finding some sort of sense in everything that he does, Paco makes it known to all around him that what he does always has a point, or at least he insists on it anyway. He craves long, winding roads, rustic towns, metropolitan jungles, intellectual conversations and slow solitary walks. He always has the zest for trying anything new, capitalizing on his principle that there is no such thing as a risk or a bad experience. This makes him independent in mind and in life. But entice him with a cinnamon roll and he’ll be your slave for the day.


Marlon D. Chavez AB Political Science

Getting to know Marlon could be quite a task as he’s a living irony, a walking contradiction. He is a kid bursting with potentials yet still harbors some insecurities that hold him down; funny how he carries his backpack as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. His subtle disposition and mysterious character can be an obstacle in figuring out his real personality, which remains an enigma to many. Nevertheless, befriending him is still worth all the effort for he is one unique person with a complex mind and a pure heart. Once you get to know him, you start to see the real Marlon—the cute and sweet guy who rarely hesitates to accompany you to the caf or lend a hand when you need it. For his friends who are fortunate to know him sincerely, Marlon is often amusing, with his silly remarks and his willingness to be joked around. Despite his deluding guise to many, Marlon is a sincere friend anyone would be more than eager to keep. It took him a while to realize he didn’t have to carry the world by himself.


Maria Criselda R. Consunji AB Political Science

Princess-like. Has the courage to enter class in wig and theatre make-up. Like any proper princess, she is aware of the principles of governance. Aware enough to cram papers two hours before the deadline. Enough to ace the said paper. Exuberant. Sang to express happiness in passing Math 11. Sings every five minutes. Will sing as she stares at fire trees. Will sing during lunch. Will sing while writing a paper. Will sing for fire trees, lunch, and paper. Charming. Rather fond of smiling. Very generous with smiling. Has mastered feat of being charming whilst in throes of perkiness. Friend. Cool person to hang out with. Still sings every five minutes.


Emil-Anton M. Coronel AB Political Science

You might have seen me in the streets, but man, you don’t know me. When you holler when you speak, remember you don’t know me. Save all the playing and the hating, man you don’t know me. Quit telling people you’re my partner, man you don’t know me. Don’t be a groupie, keep it moving, man you don’t know me. Hey I ain’t tripping dude, the truth is really, you don’t know me. Yeah, you know they call me Antwan, but you don’t know me. You’ll be hating me and I see why, because you don’t know me.


Danielle Sigfreid R. Corpuz AB Political Science

In every class there will always be someone bound to be like DS— the stereotypical OC. Hailing all the way from Subic’s red light districts as he is often teased by his blockmates, this guy never leaves any stones unturned when it comes to group projects, papers, reports and what not. Working with gusto almost comes naturally for this guy. Armed with his handy calendar and file case, he never fails to do school/org work well and on time. Beyond this, DS was also an active member of different school projects and student organizations that he joined but he’s most commonly identified with the ADS. Yes, DS is also a varsity debater. Yet despite all his commitments, he still manages to make time to just let loose and horse around with his blockmates. In the end, while DS may be like other people in some aspects, he still clearly is a cut above the rest.


Jeric Alvin F. Cruz AB Political Science

Dyerik/Albeen/Kroos/ One that noticeably stands out is his big head—is it due to him having a big brain or is it a deformity? You decide. Bossy! YFC! Always willing to go out of his way to help a friend. Born leader, always at the forefront. Always taking people under his wings. Senator. Overall, a good student, leader and friend. Still loveless though.


Elaine Patricia D. Dayrit AB Political Science

Patty is a walking contradiction. If you know her well, you would agree Petite but not small; poised but ‘co-boy,’ smart but sometimes clueless; idealistic but grounded; a pessimistic optimist; vain but “sabog”. Aside from that, she’s got great “Assss”sets—witty, good natured and a good heart. Why, what were you thinking? This girl has definitely changed in college. She has grown from clueless girl to tough lady. This poem by Douglas Malloch is for her: The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light But stood out in open rain And always got its share and rain Never became a forest king But lived and died a scrubby little thing Good timber does not grow with ease The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.


Celine Marie S. Esguerra AB Political Science

Anyone who knows Cels will say that this girl is bound to go places in a style that’s all her own. She possesses a natural flair that extends to everything she does and her incredible store of ideas that makes sure that nothing she touches is ever dull or dreary. A lover of the arts and a bona-fide Mac user, she would rather die than go back to Windows. She’s the revolutionized bum, with her way of handling her responsibilities to compulsively nail everything on her milelong to-do list despite her tendency to take overextended breaks and to waste thirty minutes of her life deciding what to eat for lunch. Beyond the cool and independent persona though is one of the most trustworthy friends there can be. The way she wholeheartedly shares this part of herself with others is what makes her so special. There’s no wondering why a day in the campus is incomplete without running into this girl. Just don’t go looking for her in a crowd of tall people.


Jerome L. Flojo AB Political Science

Jerome Flojo, aka “Flow Joe,” aka “Mr. Sleepy Head,” aka the “Sandman.” With a great broad smile akin to that of Magic Johnson’s, Jerome earned his earlier nicknames for his irrepressible habit of dozing off in class. He always has the perfect plan in making it to the dean’s list and it entails going to class 5 minutes early in order to scan the supposedly necessary readings; copy some notes in the first 10 minutes of class; and evidently drowsing off the rest of the time. Surviving the rigors of Ateneo and chaos of the world had always come easy for this guy. His optimism in person and such persona has learned to entice the hearts of his peers. He never forgets to wear a smile that has always been ready to either comfort or annoy you. His positive disposition in anything he does is almost contagious. Anyone in his company would immediately be inflicted by his radiance brought about by his inner goodness. He’s truly a treasure God has chosen for many and a legend in his little ways.


Lyra Mira Grace C. Flores AB Political Science

Could you ever imagine going through life without that special person? Or to share and experience life’s quirks with someone other than that “one”? For me, that would bring the most unbearable pain. She is the one person a fool like me can always count on. I can always draw inspiration from her strength, intelligence, and dedication. Her heart is always in the right place. Her loyalty never fades, just like her integrity. And her charm is unmatched, as her elegance is timeless. She has the amazing ability to brighten up my day with her mere presence. Her smile beams with radiance, which complements her classy style. I often find myself locked in a stare, mesmerized by the kindest eyes. She is the most beautiful person that I have been fortunate to gaze upon. To me, she is of the “greats” to be placed up on a pedestal. Her love, my adoration and our bond can never be compromised. She will forever remain in my heart, she is my best friend. —Bes


Justin Jireh B. Fung AB Political Science

He’s the Chinese guy who’s always mistaken for as a grade-schooler lost in the jungles of Berchmans and such. However, despite his small build and child-like features, this dude’s got big faith! Don’t even bother trying to shake him off his beliefs; it’d be a waste of time. Moreover, Jay is the epitome of the Chinese stereotype of thriftiness. In fact, his friends’ predict that his thriftiness will make him millions someday…take note!


Marta Luisa Maria B. Garcia-Morera AB Political Science

Seeing her mischievous grin, you know this girl is up to no good. Always game for dares, forever playing pranks, and involving you in crazy escapades that make you laugh until your sides hurt, life becomes a roller coaster ride, an outlet for her adventurous and spontaneous nature. Always the last one standing, She can out-eat and out-drink anyone. A quick mind, smart wit and a motor mouth, she knows what she wants and how to get it. Tough on the outside, but a softie within (although she’ll deny to death). An environmentalist at heart and a stubborn fighter for what she believes in, keeping up with her fast paced nature is a workout in itself! Born with the mindset of a winner, you know she was made for bigger things. Sweet as she is sexy, she’s everyone’s bestfriend, walking in when the rest of the world walks out. She believes in the power of laughter, and puts a smile on anyone’s face. With Mart you can feel secure that some things don’t change, and that with her, life is worth living.


Beverly Ann U. Go AB Political Science

Gods and goddesses have said to roam the earth in the old days. But we never did believe it, did we? Who can possibly believe that a uniquely humble bearer of irresistible beauty can actually exist? A ray of sunshine who takes the time to love the flowers and the bees. No one would like to admit that someone out there is a bit wiser than them, loves crazier than them, hopes and dreams bigger than anyone else. Then again, after meeting Bev, you just can’t not believe. Bev is a goddess after all. A goddess who laughs out loud at the corniest jokes. Who cries out a delightful “uuuuyy!” whenever she sees you. Who hourly says, “Gutom na ako!” Who amazes you with intensely philosophical thoughts. A goddess who has a knack of making you smile and feel loved. Who’d get embarrassed with you. Get lost and left behind with you. A goddess who transcends being a friend. A gift. A miracle.


Marianne Angela R. Hermida AB Political Science

Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little. – Aristotle


Kristine Mae F. Lagdameo AB Political Science

You know you’re been “KITINized” when: 1. You can handle acads, orgwork, social life & love life altogether 2. You love your family very much (esp. Mom & Dad *hugz*) 3. You are a true, reliable, and loyal friend 4. You can handle mature relationships and make them last 5. You can read an average of 50 pages/day and still live a normal life 6. You don’t need a microphone even in the lecture halls 7. You leave the dorm after the First Bell has rung 8. You’re a Ragnarok Addict!!! Rock on! 9. You went through the “chicken strips and vanilla milkshake phase” 10. You can whip up a Philo Paper, etc. in just a few hours and still pass 11. When you can see traces of Pooh, NSync, and Grant Hill in your stuff 12. The following words just seem to fit you: loving, humble, caring, cute, small (but terrible), kalog, loud, camwhore, pranka, jolly, responsible, bubbly, kikay, basagulera, mataray, & pasaway!


Ser Monina M. Lagman AB Political Science

She was dancing again—as she always did—eyes shut, eyes shut. She danced to the unknown beat of her own music, and danced on the floor of her own stage. She danced at the breakfast table, danced in front of the mirror, danced inside the car, danced on the dark asphalt road. She danced as she went up the stairs, and on her way down. She danced on her way to the classroom, danced on her way out. She danced as she slipped on a loose rock. She danced and danced and danced, gracefully, gracefully—eyes shut. She swayed to the whispers of the warm wind, and shimmered under the bright sun. Her dance shimmered under the bright sun. She danced and danced and danced, as if she never wanted to stop. But she did. And as she slowly opened her eyes, she saw everyone applauding her performance. It was at that moment that she was dancing again.


Karl Stephen C. Landoy AB Political Science

Karl is well known for his great ferocity in his martial art. In fact, some would attest that his mere presence in sparring tournaments is enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the bravest of competitors. This information, however, would often surprise the people who get to know Karl outside of his martial art simply because this guy is really as gentle as they come. One will never suspect Karl, an often reserved and quiet person, to be anything more than your average, book-smart, serious student. To his friends, however, this would not really be an accurate description of Karl. In fact, they probably would laugh at such a description. His friends know quite a different Karl: a funloving, happy-go-lucky, easygoing guy. Yet even with all these differing views about him, all who know Karl would surely agree on one thing: that indeed Karl is an outstanding virtuous guy worthy to be called an Atenean.


Roger Anthony I. Lastimado AB Political Science

Rah-jur in English & Ro-zher in French, which means “famous spear” from the Germanic elements “hrod” meaning fame & “ger” meaning spear. The Normans brought the name to Britain, & it replaced the Old English cognate “Hroðgar”. The name belonged to a Norman lord who conquered Sicily from the Arabs in the 11th century. His son, Roger II, ruled Sicily as a king. “Like Da Vinci’s Renaissance Man, Roj is the epitome of excellence and well-roundedness. His skills on the playing field have won the soccer team numerous victories. His dedication to his studies set him above and beyond the rest. And his charm, wit and gallantry never fail to impress the ladies. Guys like Roj raise the bar beyond limitations. With his humility, and his readiness to help anyone get out of a tight spot, it’s no wonder everybody loves him.” I was just guessing at numbers & figures, pulling the puzzles apart. Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart. —Coldplay


Paula Mae L. Laureano AB Political Science

First time I met her; I thought she was the poster girl for Ms. Prim and Proper. She’s been one of my closest friends for almost three years now and she’s always been trying to get me to attend to mass ever since. Although she’s religious and I’m somewhat heretic, we agree with most things, especially boys. She’s really nice; I don’t remember us having arguments. We spent our OJT together, unforgettable for both of us! We like each other so much, we’d even go to law school together! I just hope she’d give the SecGen job to someone else by then. —Ayn Paula is sweet and friendly to a fault, she can’t even say no. Always the victim of students selling dried mangoes, of stalker boys enchanted by her pretty face and little kids selling sampaguitas, she remains a loyal and very generous friend, always ready to share her food, ballpens, notebooks and handouts. Ayn and I will not be able to get our readings if it weren’t for her. —Patty


Maria Regina Victoria J. Lejano AB Political Science

Gin Cocktail Recipe A light, spritzy concoction that appeals to all palates, ideal for casting sessions, movie matinees, sticky situations and political campaigns. Ingredients: 2 oz gin, 1 twist lemon peel, 1 classic Lejano pout, a dash of pageant queen appeal and first lady zeal, 3 cups of rice, 1 serving Manang’s inihaw na baboy, another cup of rice, a handful of Broadway, a couple of ditzy remarks and 5 feet, 8 inches of charm, “grace” and beauty. Instructions: Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a tall cocktail glass. Add a twist of nothing and serve. Drink moderately.


Mark Johan K. Lim AB Political Science

20 years from now, Mark will read this write-up. He will strain to remember all the faces, friends, enemies, events and places that he had experienced, sincerely wishing to make up for all his shortcomings and expressing his gratitude to all of them. But maybe it’s not too late, for Mark is exactly the type of person you would want to read this write up with. My Withered Hand in Yours Yours in mine Through the shadows of time So Fleeting So Familiar So Everlasting Thank You for Everything


Elizabeth Josephine Marie O. Llorente AB Political Science

As I look at the photographs that I have taken over the years, I see beyond the many faces and places that have been a part of this masterpiece (in the making) that I call my life. As I recall the moments shared and experiences gained, I cannot help but be thankful for having had the privilege to walk where I have walked and to have had been able to meet and be friends with people who have made my life so much more fun, colorful, meaningful and memorable. Truly, my life would not have been as rich and full if it were not for the love and support that I get from them… my family and friends. I am who, what and where I am now because of all these wonderful people who have intertwined their dreams, hopes and lives with my own. So, kudos to them, who have inspired and made a difference in me. Know that I am eternally grateful to all of you. (By the way, to all my friends who wrote me a write-up… thank you for your time and effort, I was deeply touched and moved by the things you wrote in them.)


Stephanie Luzette M. Macapagal AB Political Science

Stef is a student, a mother, a daughter, and a wonderful friend. Finishing a degree while taking care of your duties at home (read: baby daughter) is tough, but she makes it look so easy. She is passionate in everything that she does. She has a genuine love for knowledge and concern for all those around her that people easily feel comfortable with her. She has the talent of making people feel bigger; more important than they already are. She has an easy smile, a contagious laugh, and an intuitive sense of knowing what people need--be it someone to talk to, someone to listen, or someone to ask pad paper for quizzes from. Stef has come a long way, and may her role be a student, a mother, a daughter, or a friend, she does everything exquisitely well.


Jesus Vicente H. Magsaysay II AB Political Science

Chivalry at its finest. No words spoken. A silent operator with acts of grandeur! With the attributes and features of a future leader, he remains partly unaware of his true potential. His feet are set firmly on the ground as he is surrounded by people who love and respect him. His courage and bravery towards any adversary proves that he can climb any mountain and topple the strongest of empires. He communicates well with people using the art of laughter. But behind this funny man’s toned physique lies a child at heart, an affectionate boy who shares not just laughter but also himself. His frugality is atypical of his politician-son stature, making him a breath of fresh air to those who have seen one too many unjustified conceit. The Lord’s creativity is seen when we meet one like him. Where beneath everything stands a strong and faithful individual ready to deliver more than what is expected of him. This man will go the distance for anybody who needs help. He’s certainly a wonderful creation of God.


Conrado M. Manauis Jr. AB Political Science

He is friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and prim Always there, yes that’s him He’s one of a kind, different from others Generous, charming, but not one that smothers Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game But not just another in the long chain Special, accepting, exciting and wise Truthful and helpful with honest brown eyes Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright Yes that’s him, not one bit of spite.


Jason Rainer M. Mendoza AB Political Science

Ah, Jason M., The Lord Rain: His kindness will lead to his own destruction. I never thought I’d meet anyone so selfless, or anyone so similar such that even at the expense of your own well-being, you would do anything to preserve the happiness of others. Make no mistake for this is an endearing quality, and Rain makes it look so easy. Your patience is incomparable, and through your example I have learned to tame my own frustrations and to have more faith in others. You have this amazing way of avoiding conflict without compromising what is right. Rain’s talents range from an articulate grasp of political science, artistic vision and layout, and the faculty to hold his liquor. More importantly however, you have the innate ability to connect with people. In this, no one can doubt that you’re a ladies’ man, a gentleman who actually listens to what people say. Jason, I wish you all the best in law school and the fulfillment of your dreams. We’ll miss you so much. Congratulations and God Bless! —Lyra Flores


Paul D. Mendoza AB Political Science

Paul is simply one great being known for such natural sense of humor that will surely bring you to the edge of delightful tear-jerking and tummy-aching laughter. He’s a real comedian—simple yet lethal. He never fails to make his blockmates laugh. He’s not just academically active but also an unquestionably talented basketball player that never fails to impress his friends. He also exhibits great leadership skills on and off the court and is always ready to offer anyone a helping hand. He’s a guy who you can depend on, someone who you can trust to get the job done. He’s sometimes in for a swinging mood and controllable talkativeness but in spite of it all, there’s a kind heart and great friend in him. And what evens out all this machismo is Paul’s way of saying sorry and really meaning it. It is safe to say that even with the thick layer of male chauvism covering up his body, it’s still easy to detect the sincerity and the kindness that make up his core. It will be no surprise then if Paul excels in his chosen field after graduation.


Patricia B. Miranda AB Political Science

Patty is a shiftee (formerly from IS), member of the PAP trio (together w/ Paula and Ayn), a feminist (w/ a whole bunch of other –ists), fiercely passionate about her political causes (don’t get into an argument w/ her about women’s rights), capable of eating 1/4 of her body weight in one sitting, a street-smart “cowgirl” (she knows every nook and cranny of Cubao), fascinated with the stuffed animals in SEC B, obsessed with PowerPoint & Paint (she does her friends’ projects for fun), active in sports and has won medals without joining a varsity team, a “librarian” (she has the textbooks), addicted to the ukay experience (which she often waxes philosophical about), forgetful & tends to misplace things (4 pencil cases & counting) yet manages to remain a Dean’s Lister & a responsible leader (especially as president of our women’s org), but most of all, something which I am sure everyone in her network of friends already know: she is a true friend… and that makes all the difference in the world.


Maureen Marie G. Morales AB Political Science

I love music and music loves me, thank God for that! Not a single day passes by that you won’t hear a tune out of me. It’s almost like an obsession. Being a member of the choir committee of the Ateneo College Ministry Group not only fulfilled (partially) my desire to serve God but it also enhanced my singing voice. Most of my friends find me to be a very cheery and friendly person, always happy to lend a helping hand and brighten someone’s day with a beaming smile. That’s probably because I have a very positive outlook in life and my trust in God’s love that envelops me keeps me sane and whole. I can’t cook but I can appreciate good food. Miraculously, I have pretty good taste buds. I can’t draw but I’m very talented with imitating or copying original art forms, pictures or drawings. I can’t dance that’s why I’m so fascinated with people who can. I love intellectual yet humorous people. I can be very annoying if I want to, but most of the time, I’m just plain old me. Transparent. Jovial. Simple.


Ayn Rand D. Nepomuceno AB Political Science

Ayn—a shiftee in pol sci, a happy-go-lucky type of person, a “turtle” according to one teacher (good at written exams, does not recite), gets high grades in the hard exams, an Angel Locsin look-alike, loves the Japanese and Chinese cultures, my companion in the Senate (our unforgettable OJT), obsessed with Garfield and Harry Potter, loves shopping in Divisoria, knows every corner of Manila (she’s a master commuter), a persuader (can get anyone to do anything), sees a lot of stuff (with her third eye), does a lot of favors and most of all, a true friend. —paula Ayn is a tough chick, looks mataray at first, but in reality she is one of the sweetest, nicest and generous friends one could even ask for. Always willing to have us use her room as hangout, she rarely leaves the door locked. I’m surprised no one has ever stolen her stuff! Ayn is also very intelligent, always getting the highest marks in International Relations and Intro to PolSci tests. —patty


Jacob T. Ng AB Political Science

One of Jake’s most defining factor is his bullet-proof dependability—P. Camacho; He’s always game to do anything, whether concerning school or just plain fun—C. Verzola; He’s a firecracker, quiet until lighted. When you get to know him better, you’ll see how loud and explosive ha can be—R. Suarez; In serious situations, he is the one you can count. Expect him to be behind your back in your crying times—C. Manauis Jr.; Quiet but full of substance—A. Uy; “Little Genius”—P. Mendoza; A manifestation of a true friend—J. Bandong; The future king of Palawan—J. Bautista; A loyal friend… someone to keep for old time’s sake—G. Bueta; Looks can be deceiving, his innocent eyes hide a strong and empowered person—R. Villarico; Always friendly and smiling! His hilarious sense of humor makes him popular among the ladies—C. Esguerra; Pang romantiko ang dating—M. Arellano; You never know when he’s gonna spring up with a new idea, things to do, etc… Life’s never dull when Jake’s around—E. Llorente.


Joanna Lyn P. Orbe AB Political Science

Joanna—an inspiration to others. Because of her gorgeous facet, her amazing diet, her unique fashion and her impressive wits, she never fails to turn heads. She is a polarized girl—on one side, she can literally kick anyone’s ass; and on the other, she can be as gentle as a baby who cries over the littlest things. This new heartthrob used to be the quiet girl who sat unnoticed in front of class. But things have changed since then. She’s now disturbing everyone’s lives. But, though she is halved, her affection and appreciation towards her friends remain the same. She is an inextinguishable fire that would light up your murky days, giving you a thousand laughs or serenading you with her nightingale-like voice. She’s a sweet person with charm and a tint of charisma, a genuine laugh and heart to share with. Knowing Joanna is like opening Pandora’s Box—anything is possible, may it be good, bad, surprising, terrifying, fantastical, or unbelievable. Usually, though, she just makes life different—happy.


Dennis Dan C. Orillaza AB Political Science

To his circle of friends, Dennis Dan is the sweetest, most adorable guy they know; always ready to provide company, give advice, and ready to offer the most comforting and assuring hugs. He’s the ideal friend; someone who’s always ready to spend time with you and listen. “Malambing”, in one word, especially to the girls. But the Dboys and his blockmates don’t buy his Mr. Sensitive crap. To us, he’s the perennial testosterone-raged/never-got-pastthe-adolescent-stage-little-boy, always on look out for a free “feel up”; which explains why he’s always ready to “comfort”. But seriously, we all love Dandin: our adorable yet inexplicably irritating “doughboy” (especially when we see his outbursts of LA Lopez and Ogie Alcasidness). He’s so playful he doesn’t let anyone go without his innocent teasing and pinching! You shouldn’t be deceived by his somewhat happy-go-lucky-façade as well because dough is one hard worker. Despite his child-like demeanor and charm, he is a man, a man of his word.


Jaypee B. Ortiz AB Political Science

Maituturing na tunay na kaibigan si Jayps—malambing, kwela, masayang kasama…laging nandyan kung ika’y nangangailangan. Sa kabila ng katatawanan na ihahandog niya sa iyo, may kalaliman ang kanyang pagkatao. Siya ay may matibay na pananampalataya sa Diyos at pagmamahal sa kapwa at sa bansa. Nagsumubok maging tunay na Atenista, Kristyano at Pilipino. Sa apat na taon sa kolehiyo, hindi lamang ang antas pang-akademiko ang pinagtuunan ng panahon… nahasa rin niya ang kanyang mga kakayahan sa pag-awit, pagsayaw at iba pang mga hilig. Paglilingkod sa mga maralita—ito ay ang karanasan na nagbigay katuturan sa kanyang buhay bilang isang “tao”. Taglay niya ang napakaraming kahanga-hanggang katangian na makapagsasabing nasa kanya ang malaking potensyal na maging magaling at maging matagumpay sa bawat pakikipagtunggali sa buhay. Jaypee Ortiz—kaibigan, katoto, magandang halimbawa, at patuloy na nagsusumikap sa pagtataya para sa Diyos at bayan. —sMeB


Norman E. Padalhin AB Political Science

Nor“man”: a simple guy with a big heart. You never fail to be a genuine eccentric, throwing your random stories and thoughts which, oddly enough, start our day right. Whether you’re talking about grade school fights with girls, plane rides with seamen, or views on house husbandry, you always make people smile. I love how you don’t take life too seriously, and the fact that you can get away with a pink shoulder bag without compromising your masculinity. I consider myself lucky, because no matter how bad my day begins, I have a friend whose antics cure the mood. I distinctly remember you buying me ice cream in U.P., during one of the worst days ever; you should know at times like that the simplest gestures mean the world. An avid reader of Don Quixote and a fan of Gandhi, Norman is a secret romantic with the passion for goodness. So stay sweet and sincere, because that’s what we’ll miss the most about you. Congratulations and God bless! —Lyra Flores, blockmate & good friend


Jennifer S. Padua AB Political Science

Jen is a walking contradiction, a dichotomy of sorts. She is strong and fragile, fearless and wary, indifferent and compassionate, simple and extraordinary. She can even confuse you with her way of being both wise and naïve. She is a leader and a follower—she revolutionizes ways of thinking, appearing, and feeling by way of example, but contents herself with being one among the crowd. Many will try to categorize her, like most people always do. But Jen will always rise above the labels for she does what most people cannot—break down unwarranted barriers by harmonizing norms and taboos. Like a chameleon, she is ever-changing, always pushing the envelope to test all kinds of boundaries, sometimes straddling the line between convention and exception in her own rebellious manner. For that there can only be one label for her: an inspiration. Jen is proof that the existence of limits is really only in the mind, and it is up to each one of us to find the courage to step up and stand out.


Paolo A. Punsalan AB Political Science

Candy: A confection made primarily from sugar and flavoring. I don’t know how many little conversations Paolo has started just by giving candies. Giving candies is his little way of getting to know people. There’s never a day that there are no goodies inside his pocket. When he feels the need for a “sugar fix”, he reaches a couple of candies in his pocket. He never fails to offer some to whomever is sitting beside him. He’s even more than willing to give you that last piece of Mentos or Potchi. From the time a candy is unwrapped before popped into the mouth, a lot of things can already be talked about— jokes, issues, homeworks, etc. People have opened up to Paolo over a piece of candy. Being the candyman has been Paolo’s trademark. More than candies in his pocket, people would always be reminded of his generosity. He is one of those who have truly learned the value of sharing. This is something he probably wants others to learn from him.


Maria Christina C. Rabonza AB Political Science

Chris is a strong person with an even stronger character. Her command over things almost always makes her the sole driving force behind any project. She is definitely on top of her game, with big dreams and even bigger dedication to getting any job done perfectly. Even away from work, she manages to assert herself by becoming the life of any party—always gregariously animated and hilarious with her own brand of sassy wit and humor. People respond to her so easily because they see her put so much life and passion into everything she does. Combined with her penchant for exploring new avenues, she is able to effortlessly bend and fold into various molds: cook, musician, writer, actor, and maybe even someday, an icon. In spite of strong male influences in her, Chris enjoys the idiosyncratic flamboyance of female concerns, making her the perfect companion for a wide range of activities. She is the prototype of modern androgyny; the epitome of style and substance. Chris is definitely, one of a kind.


Micah Caesar A. Raz AB Political Science

Mic is a people-person. He possesses the great gift of communication and puts it to good use. He assuages fights, helps persons in need and jokes a lot. He charms anyone with his humility, smile and easy-going personality. He can beat anyone in chess, Tekken or any other indoor game. On any day (rainy or sunny), you can see him at Berchmans playing with his friends or reading his articles or being sweet with his girlfriend (“That’s me!”). Conscientious and mindful of his surroundings, his insights on politics, economics, sociology and just about anything run across any conversation. He is the life of any party. Street-smart, he knows how to make it through any situation. While I fret over him, he convinces me that he is alright and he is old enough to take care of himself. While he may be a big boy, his tenderness tugs at my heart like a little kid with a candy. He always makes his presence felt through hugs, kisses and sweet musings. I feel very lucky to have him in my life. —Lynn Palis AB PoS 2005


Maria Angela Regina B. Regalado AB Political Science

Angela is like that joke no one can really laugh at—it’s always either too true to be funny or too nebulous for normal comprehension. She walks around with dreams seeping out of her pockets; little scraps of hopes and aspirations only rendered feasible by her pig-headed sense of right and wrong and her inexhaustible fount of compassion. She’s a veritable one-woman crusade for road trips, movie marathons, afternoon tea parties, and universal prosperity. She’s not always easy to live with, she won’t always be nice to you; when she bares her teeth and turns her evil eye on you, it’s like getting severe brain freeze from guzzling that trippy fruit shake of berries and good vibes too fast. Change may be inevitable, and in some cases necessary; but we dearly hope that time and change will not fully deride our golden moments of coffee and cake and ideals so effortless that we can only weep before their fading exigencies.


Joy Vanessa M. Sebastian AB Political Science

Vanessa is a girl who has to do something all the time. When asked about the errands scribbled on her trusty ol’ planner—whether finishing tasks for her many affiliations or shopping with friends to get a fix for her stiletto addiction— her retort would always be, “There’s enough time for rest when I’m 6 feet underground!” She’s keen on meeting new people & can be talkative around those she’s comfortable with. She loves making people feel utterly special. Although she’s not the most punctual, and cramming has been in her system for ages, her assertiveness & aptitude more than make up for it. Even if she whines a lot & is probably the least athletic person alive, she’ll just about try everything once. She absolutely lives for traveling as immersing in diverse cultures and conversing with eloquent people from different backgrounds is something she revels in. Vanessa earnestly wants to make something of her life and make a difference in the world. She knows what she wants and will get it no matter what.


Catherine Wynne B. See AB Political Science

Lying deep through her outer aura of poise is a person determined to set her own pace in life and strong enough to stand up in the midst of constant challenges. Cathy does so through the comfort, assurance and love that she gives out everyday. Cathy handles herself with the reserved confidence that things will be all right. Indeed, what she exhibits is an air of calmness and of a soothing dependability that whatever you are facing, you have someone who will give you a smile comforting enough to get you through the day. Cathy possesses a quality about her that makes it easy for her to show to any person that she cares. True enough, she is surrounded by people touched by her personality, all of which, willing to give up what time they have just to pay back to her the comfort and security that she so inadvertently exudes everyday. What comprises the love that people have for her is not only her brilliant example of what a person should be, but more so how a person should love.


Czarina Grace A. Serrano AB Political Science

Beyond the theatrics, shopping bags, and what-not lies depth way beyond predictable, beauty more than aesthetics could measure. Charrie is authentic in every word and action, always standing up for the truth even if it’s not always convenient. Her zest for life is unmistakable as she willingly shares to you its every detail and her animated story-telling leaves you breathless with awe and laughter. Just always be punctual in your meetings with her. Ironic as it may seem, the forever tardy sweetheart turns into a certified whiner once you make her wait. She’s wise beyond her years but still approaches the world with childlike innocence. She moves with grace and confidence, not only on the dance floor but also on the world’s stage. That’s just Charrie, the girl who breezes through the crowd, never leaving without a trace—be it an epidemic laugh, a character sketch, or her face that of an angel, whose inner and outer beauty melts even the most stubborn hearts.


Milagros Karenza Marie D. Singson AB Political Science

Mika: “Best friend, girlfriend, drama queen, soul sister, confidante, fashion critic, shopping partner. Honest, real and true to herself. Knows what she wants; stops at nothing to get it. Loves fashion, art, literature & creativity. Strong character but is really a softie at heart. Sensitive, independent, loyal. Cracks jokes at whim and brightens up your day. Contagious laugh. Stands up for what she believes in. Outspoken. If you see her reading a thick, geeky-looking book in the lib, don’t be fooled; she’s probably got the new issue of Cosmo tucked in it. A myriad of contradictions. Simply flamboyant. Intelligently ditzy. Good listener. Makes everyday a spectacle with her colorful personality (and outfits), catty comments and impersonations. Enjoys psychoanalyzing people. Gives advice at par with Oprah and Dr. Phil. A real beauty inside and out. Gets lost in the world of books but lives in the here and now with characters slightly less eccentric but completely real, full of love: her ultimate inspiration for everything.”


Ronald Ryan T. Suarez AB Political Science

At the moment, I am officially at the midpoint of my life. About to depart from my training grounds, I now prepare for what is to become of the future I have eagerly been anticipating. Hopefully, I’m ready. If not, then at least I know myself well enough to cope with what is to come. Or do I really? Here’s what I’ve learned about myself so far. I am a reserved person, a hard shell to penetrate to arrive at an otherwise softer core. I rarely get positive first impressions, a fact even my closest friends would attest to, probably because I choose whom to open up to. I seek a reason in everything I say or do. I can be serious, or quirky, or loud, or quiet. I am a person of moods and temperament. And right now, I am a person of uncertainty. What do I do next, I don’t know. I guess it’s too much of a gamble to predict what is to come, for predictions might alter my optimism. At least, I can say I already know a bit of who I am. What’s next is for me to discover who I would be.


Luis Martin V. Tan AB Political Science

“At the beginning, I didn’t realize that a certain Luis Tan would enter my life and be an essential part of it. In him, I finally found someone who can put up with my mood swings and ride my “trips”. I hope we can maintain our ‘friendship’ even after you leave me in school.” —Rizsa (may I never regret having you write here) “Louie has the innate ability to make you feel safe. You are everyone’s personal knight. I don’t know what I’d do without this chauvinistic gentleman. Thank you so much for being you” —Lyra “‘The course of true friendship never did run smooth.’ Indeed, Luis taught me that the worthiest of friendships are not always the easiest to get by but could nevertheless prove to be among the most rewarding things in this otherwise mundane experience.” —Cheng (may you not be the last to say this) “Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” —Anonymous


Roy Shaun G. Tancinco AB Political Science

With a keyboard on my left hand and a mouse on the right, that’s how people see me around the dorm. Day in day out, I stare at the PC monitor. Some find me weird; some find me funny, that’s up to you. What people think of me, I no longer care. I live by my rules.


Margaux Dale B. Tecson AB Political Science

Beneath the shining appearance and the surmountable zealousness is a sweet lady whose eagerness to enjoy every bit of time will surely brighten every single day you spend with her. Having both a sharp mind & wit, she will always render an enlightening and entertaining company. Margaux will endlessly continue to surprise you with a thousand inspiring attributes. A very perceptive and sensitive friend, she is more than a pretty face in the hallowed walls of ADMU. The girl seems to be nonchalant, if not unaware of her good looks and mannequin figure and is effortlessly smart to boot, making her not only easy to befriend but more so, to admire. She is a genuine person & possesses a lighthearted attitude; her humility makes her even more beautiful inside and out. You can discuss anything with her and she would go to great lengths to help a friend in despair. Thank you for a friendship whose foundation is unscathed by time and space, for touching our lives with your laughter, beauty and kindness.


Anne Chinika L. Tolentino AB Political Science

Chika… …thinks she’s not, but hell she’s hot beauty and brains all rolled in one. …feels she’s aloof, yet you’ll be poofed! Oh, she’ll make you laugh a ton! …has hands so pretty, but what a pity to the brutes who’ll hurt her chum. …loves to cut, but no, she’s not some kind of lazy dumdum. …may seem so strong, but boy, you’re wrong! Love songs can make her cry! …acts like a rookie, but is one tough cookie. Polsci is just amusement. …tells you she hates you, I’ll bet she loves you that’s why she is so different.


Edwin Alden V. Uy AB Political Science

Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Such is a friendship with Al. Every moment is a new experience that is bound to bring you into a whirlwind of emotions. He’ll make you laugh with all his corny jokes. He’ll make you cry out of frustration with his endless teasing. He’ll make you mad with his outspokenness. But that’s Al for you, and despite all the misgivings, you cannot help but love him all the same. A man who believes in jouissance, he lives in such a way that he is able to fully espouse it with every day of his life. He breathes freedom and treasures it so much that he does not allow himself to be held back by anyone and anything. Always in command and in control of all his endeavors, he exudes a personality that is a mark of competence and capability of being the kind of leader that would gain respect and success in all his undertakings. Truly, Al is one guy who will go the distance and make an impact in the lives of one and all.


Manuel Jose M. Vargas AB Political Science

Tough but vulnerable, mysteriously loving; He is easily misunderstood. His strong features and outward image can intimidate, but the moment you venture into conversation and allow yourself to know him, you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a subdued, affectionate and genuine sweetheart that is hidden within this Cebuano’s machismo. I’m one of the lucky ones, having found a friend in what I believe is the real Bonj. Bonj, I know you have your insecurities, but quite frankly there is absolutely no reason for you to indulge in them. In a charming sort of way, they relay your humility, but it can do you more harm than good. You are a bright and striking person, don’t ever doubt that. A passionate thinker, political scientist, and Beatles fan, Bonj has the potential to revolutionize society. His ideas are well pondered upon, as he searches for what is true and good. Practical but ideal, stalwart but sensitive, Bonj is a paradoxical individual whose uniqueness is his ultimate asset. We’ll miss you Bonj!


Elyrhey Cesar R. Vasig AB Political Science

“He’s a charmer of the ladies!” Then you think you got Ely all figured out. But then, he’s really an enigma wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an enigma wrapped…well you get the idea. The man is mind-bogglingly complex, mysteriously weird, sometimes quiet and reserved in one moment and then bursting into an energetic display of humor and seemingly full of life. He is a veritable chameleon of sorts, switching between various moods and modes as he seems fit. He is definitely wise beyond his years. People love to hang out with him because of his spontaneity and words of wisdom. He is a prudent leader, a great baller on and off the court, master teaser, and philosopher; thus, he exhumes charisma with levels like no other person dare reach. He can be very frank at times and while it may be upsetting, you can bet that Ely only tells it like he sees it without hesitating and with only your best interests at heart. Then again, it’s no wonder one could only describe him as “a charmer of the ladies!”


Charleen Cicely Y. Verzola AB Political Science

It’s hard to find good people these days, let alone find someone whom you can totally trust with your heart. Charleen is not merely one of these people, but she is everything you hoped for in a friend, sister and daughter. I always admired her courage to face even the toughest adversaries, to believe in her strength to fight for what she wants, for having the dignity of listening to her heart and pursuing her dreams. Ask what an independent woman is, and she can proudly stand up and show you how it is done. Her honesty and intelligence is often masked by her humility and genuine concern to do what is right. Her positive outlook in all things is often highlighted through her actions and words. Charleen will succeed in life not only because she’s smart, but simply because she is someone who will fear no great adventure, or shy away from seemingly unreachable dreams, but most importantly, she will be brilliant because she knows how to stand up and take responsibility. And isn’t that just what this world really needs?


Rafael Giancarlo T. Villarico AB Political Science

Raffy loves anything and everything hot, from the white sand beaches of Boracay & beautiful gorgeous women to Flaming Hot Cheetos! His goal-driven, scorching personality has made him excel not only in his academics but his extra curricular activities as well. As the clock hits midnight, Raffy, wearing his patented button down short-sleeved polo and blue jeans, is off to heat up parties and pump the adrenaline of people he meets there. He possesses an aura which has the ability to crush the bar of awkwardness into pieces, and a humor that travels from your ears to gently touch you where it matters the most: your heart. This spinster might seem like a gigolo to some, but in reality, Raffy has a very compassionate and emotional side in him. With that passion burning and opportunities opening for him, he is sure to be as hot and fervent about anything that comes across his path.


Ernesto O. Villarin, Jr. AB Political Science

Aka: Syoti, Ernie, Nes, Junior Syoti is a man of few words but when he starts talking, you learn that he’s actually intelligent (on some days), an honest man (65% of the time), a genuinely nice guy (only when there’s something in it for him) but on most days ending in y, Syoti’s that guy you can talk with about anything, that guy that’ll keep your darkest secrets safe, that guy who loves his family, and values learning more than the next person. If you don’t know him, you missed out on some corny jokes and meaningless commentary, but most of all, you missed out on a great friendship and some good times. Nes is reliable and responsible when it comes to almost everything, and at the same time he is so laidback of a person. He makes sure that he handles his business and will no doubt be on top of any industry he chooses, in my opinion. Without a doubt, Nes will always be that guy whose talents shine in all directions.

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