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Creating a scooter for the handicapped comes with all sorts of difficulties starting from the
basic design itself. As an engineer identification and formulation of a solution was successfully
completed with the completion of the project. This project came up with the achieving of the
following program educational objectives (PEOs).








With this design the need for application of technical knowledge is evident. The project
HANDS- FREE SCOOTER did have applications of such a sort, like the incorporation of the basic
link mechanism is an engineering application of the basic 4-bar mechanism. The forces involved
in the link mechanism is so controlled and designed that it does not exceed the calculated limit.
Hence the project involves a proper application of mathematical and engineering knowledge.
(A, B, E, H, J, K)


This project being a scooter for the handicapped fulfills the demand for the mobility of the
handicapped, by legs alone. Hence this project is a simple panacea for these physically challenged
people. Being an engineer the project henceforth achieves our social responsibilities.
(C, E, F, G, J)

K) MAPPING PROGRAM OUTCOMES (POs) TO PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) PO PEO 1 A B x x 2 3 C D F G H I x x x E x x x x x K x x x x x J x x Where the terms are. H.Design and conduct experiments as well as as to analyse and interpret data. A. G. each member of the team worked to complete their tasks with indefatigable energy.Apply knowledge of mathematics.3. I. (B. x . Hence it came with a seamless success. TEAM SPRIT TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL IN REAL WORLD CHALLENGES For the success of the project. D. B. E. Each member gave in their valuable ideas to both in the design and fabrication sections. science and engineering. C.

3. D.Use the modern engineering tools and techniques to tame the challenges of present world. F. 2. 1. G. and solve engineering problems. manufacturability. J.Domain knowledge. H. K.Communicate effectively.Understand the professional and ethical responsibilities. I.A knowledge of contemporary issues. direct and control effectively the resources within the realistic constraints such as economic. E.Team sprit to achieve the goal in real world challenges .Plan.Identify. formulate. and sustainability.Achievement of social well-being and responsibilities.Demonstrate an ability to visualize and work on multi-disciplinary teams. environmental. organize. political. health and safety. social.Engage in lifelong learning.application of mathematical and engineering models.C.The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in the global scenario.