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Rev. Scott Bowerman, Pastor
Deb Mummert, Minister of Visitation
Helen Wingert, Organist
Danielle Kardisco, Director of Music Ministry
Sandy Wilson, Children’s Ministry Director
Erin Regan, Contemporary Worship & Youth Minister
Melissa Igou, Financial Administrator
Kathy Klink, Director of Mother’s Day Out
Roberta Lawyer, Secretary
Ron George, Custodian

Thoughts From The Pastor
These days, a lot of Protestant churches feel like their best days are behind them. Especially historic
downtown churches. I don’t believe that’s true of Central Presbyterian.
I’m not the only one. Someone from outside the church who has lived in Franklin County her whole
life, and knows Central well, has told me she feels Central is on the verge of something great.
I sense it too. The last six months or so, it feels a bit like we’ve hit the “pause” button as we’ve dealt
with the question of the future of our rental properties. This has frustrated me, as I’ve been itching to
discern and move towards the future God has for Central. But God works out his will nonetheless. And
trusting that God is about to reveal what’s next for Central, the Session has named a Vision Task Force to
lead the congregation in discerning God’s will for the future of our church.
The Task Force members are: Scott Wiley (team leader), Christie Carlin, Jean Diehl, Josh Dunklebarger,
Kathy Klink, Lucille Stence, Don Wissner and me. The Task Force is already at work leading us into “A Season of Vision.”
The vision for Central will grow out of how the Holy Spirit has been speaking to the congregation, and
this effort will work only with your participation. Here’s how you can take part in our Season of Vision:

On Sept. 13th we will kick off our Season of Vision by celebrating “Vision Sunday” with ONE worship
service at 10 AM in the Sanctuary. Following the service, we will gather in Friendship Hall for a
presentation and time of conversation and information-gathering with the congregation. It’s really
important that you attend and I hope you will make every effort to be present. Even more important
is prayer. God already has is mind the future he wishes for us - so pray that we be open and courageous in seeking his will - even if the result stretches and tests us and makes us wonder “How in the
world will we ever pull this off?”

We will be sending daily devotionals by email that will help you think with the “mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16) and pray for the Lord’s vision for his church. If I can figure out a way, we’ll distribute
them by print as well.

Beginning Sept. 30 , we’ll have Wonderful Wednesdays for five consecutive Wednesdays. We’ll begin
at 6:00 PM with a simple potluck supper and then meet from 6:30-7:30 to think about the challenges
contained in the wonderful book Love Does by Bob Goff. It’s a book guaranteed to stimulate creative
thinking about following the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m grateful to be part of the community of Christ followers at Central Presbyterian and look forward to
what God has in store for us! Susan and I are also grateful for the many cards, calls, flowers, meals and
other expressions of your love and concern after my father’s death. We are so glad to be part of the
loving and supporting community of Central.

Church Family
Thank you....
To the women & families at Central:
There are times in one’s life when one realizes
the enormity of the gifts God has given her.
Some of those gifts might be friendships or
growing relationships, opportunities or challenges, specific moments or seasons, resources
or skills, packages or gift cards, or something
completely unexpected… In my case, I am truly
humbled and completely overwhelmed by the
showering of love that you have extended to me
as I prepare to become Mrs. Adams! The
thought, generosity, care, energy, and love that
you put into my Central bridal shower was
abundant and I could not have asked for a more
beautiful or joyous afternoon! To say “thank
you” just doesn’t seem like enough, so I am
writing it in several languages for emphasis:
TODA!!! XIE XIE!!! I love you all so much
and count you as an unbelievably incredible
church family. I can’t imagine taking this huge
step without your support and without you in my
life. Thank you a billion times.
Love, erin
Secretary’s note: Erin Regan is the Contemporary Worship Leader/Youth Leader of Central
Presbytery Church. She & fiancé Nick Adams will
marry on September 18th.

To friends and members of Central
The beautiful flowers from the Sanctuary given
by Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Anderson on August 2
were a wonderful addition to my home. They
brightened my house and reminded me of all of
your thoughts and well wishes. Thank you for
your ongoing Christian love.
Love, Selma Thomson

Sunday, September 20


Private Room for
Nursing Moms

We love and cherish our moms and
their babies! New on the third floor,
there is a private room for nursing
moms to use on Sunday mornings.
Rm 301 (the MDO office) is quiet,
private, and near the church nursery.
Please feel free to use it at any time on Sunday mornings.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Sandy
Wilson at

Book for the month of September will be
I Called Him Necktie by Milena Michiko
Flasar. Judy Young will be leading the discussion September 2nd, and she assures us
that this is a book not to be missed. If you
enjoy reading and hearing other peoples comments regarding books you’ve read, this is the
place for you to be on the first Wednesday of
the month. For more information contact
Karl Shreiner at 2634891. If you’d like to be
added to the Book Group
email list let Karl know, by
emailing him at

Please contact Deb
Mummert, Minister
of Visitation at
717-264-4113, ext 108
if you are in need of
pastoral assistance or you know of anyone who is in the hospital, will be going
into the hospital, or would like a home
visit. You may also contact Deb by

The “Gems” of CenTral
Menno Haven-263-8545

Remember these in your daily prayers…..

2075 Scotland Ave.

Genevieve Ambrose
Newt Stake
66 Sanibel Lane, Chbg. 17201
Isabelle Allen
Jay Keefer
311 Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201
Mildred (Millie) Brown
Karen Sloan
611 Wallace Ave, Chbg 17201
Stanley & Esther Johnson
Laurie McKelvie
56 Sanibel Ln, Chbg 17201
Glenn & DonnaMae Kerns
105 N. Seventh St, Chbg. 17201
Athley & Alva Kline
49 Lincoln Way W, Chbg. 17201
Nancy MacFarlane
668A Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201
Ruth & George Muller
1260 Arbor Ridge, Chbg 17201
Glenn Shaffer
722 Stanley Ave, Chbg 17201
Ed & Velma Thompson
723 Tropical Way, Lakeland FL 33805-4540
Selma Thomson (NM)
Rod Varner
923 S Fourth St, Chbg 17201
Dorothy Zullinger
Susan Snyder
155 Colonial Dr, Chbg. 17202

Nursing Center

-Lawrence Mohr #113 *(NF)
-M. Karolyn Lawrence #412
*Dr. Robert Coy, #217

Jay Keefer
Jean Diehl
Marjie Hamsher

(*Possible move to Providence Place)
Farm House

-Marcia Grubbs #304

Jay Keefer


-Dorothy Burkholder, #1206
Menno Village

-Rhoda Wilkison #180-B
-LaVerne Knarr #610-D
-Karen Mann #850-A
-Jean Wasson #880-A

Laurie McKelvie
Laurie McKelvie

Penn Hall-261-0220
1425 Philadelphia Ave.
Manor Building

-Margaret Sponsler, #217
Cindy Happel
-Ed Wenrich, #314 (visited by George Muller)
-Elton Simpson #417
Mike Herbert
Skilled Nursing

-Gennie Boozer #506
-Mary Fish, #504

Karen Sloan
Rod Varner

Personal Care

-Isabel Vanderau #221

Eric Mellott

West Virginia Member
Treva Kerns
601 Foxcroft Ave, Apt #1, Martinsburg, WV 25401

Quincy Skilled Nursing Care-749-3151
6596 Orphanage Rd., Waynesboro 17268
Nursing Center

-Carolyn Kreutz #229
-June Fiddler #271-A

Gary Lewis
Susan Snyder

If you know of any changes or updates, please
contact the church office, 264-4113.
 Deacon’s name is now listed with those he or
she visits.
 If you wish to contact, (by phone), a member
of the Gems of Central, please contact the
church office at 264-4113.

Updated: August 2015
* (NF) = No Flowers please
** (NM) = Non-member
*** (NV) = No Visits please

Will resume sessions on September 14th, 7-8:30pm at the Wholeness Center
located on the square at 19 South Main Street downtown
Chambersburg. Session Cost is $10. For more information or to
register, email Cindy Shoemaker at or by
calling Central Presbyterian Church 264-4113.

Assistant Leaders
Tom Diehl
13th Amy Leary
20th Phil Rohr
27th Don Wissner

Keep in prayer this month:
Eric Ritchey
Phil & Carol Rohr
Carolee Rook
Bill Salmon & Jackie Salmon

Greeters - Friendship Hall 9:30 am
Richard & Janice Dalton, Cindy Shoemaker, Scott & Deb Mummert
13th Tony & Buffy Super, Walt & Kathi Bietsch, Howard & Michelle Brand
20th Robin Updegrave, Debi Shauf, Don & Shelley Marangoni
27th Tim & Ann Miller, John & Kenna Dee Swan, Bill Oyler
Note for Greeters: If you have a question or unable to fulfill your Sunday as Greeter,
please contact Don Weber at 262-0087.

Ushers - Sanctuary 11:00am
Karen Sloan(H), Gary Lewis, Art & Gladys Kuehn
13th Rod Varner(H), Carol Varner, Eric Mellott, Jean Gisriel
20th Susan Snyder(H), Ron Snyder, Lauri McKelvie, Dale Penwell
27th Jay Keefer(H), Cindy Happel, Don & Bev Wissner

Praying for
Central’s Missions
Wilson College
Chaplain Fund

Note for Ushers: If you are unable to fulfill your Sunday as Usher, it is your responsibility to find
another Usher to trade with. Contact your head Usher and the church office with the change.

Greeters - Sanctuary 11:00am
Don Weber, Ed & Sookie Fisher, Bill & Laurie McKelvie
13th Denny & Lani Brechbill, Linda Lazar, Sam Worley
20th Anne Miller, Eric & Tyla Mellott, Marjie Hamsher
27th Jack Kier, Stuart Kier, Len & Nancy Hendricks, Don Weber
Note for Greeters: If you have a question or unable to fulfill your Sunday as Greeter, please
contact Don Weber at 262-0087.

Upcoming Sermons
Genesis 27:1-35 The Gospel According to Jacob - The Hunger for Blessing
Genesis 28:10-22 The Gospel According to Jacob - Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Genesis 29:15-35 The Gospel According to Jacob - The Girl Nobody Wanted
Gen 32:22-32 The Gospel According to Jacob - The Fight of Your Life
John 3 The Heart of the City
Matthew. 6:5-8; 7:7-11 The Secret Power of Prayer

Men—Mark Your Calendars!
Beginning Saturday, October 3rd we will be starting the Men's Bible Study.
Meet at Texas Lunch (down the street from Central) at 7:00 AM for
Breakfast then come to the Parlor at Central at 8:00 for the Bible Study.
Come Study the Bible and enjoy fellowship with your brothers at Central!

Casavant Organ Recital
Sunday, September 27, 2015
3:00 PM
In the Sanctuary of
Central Presbyterian Church
Memorial Square
Chambersburg, PA

A Rededication Concert will be presented to
celebrate the digital additions and upgrades to our
Casavant Organ that was installed in 1940.

Dr. John Walker
During his distinguished career John Walker has held positions as Minister
of Music at Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore,
Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh and Riverside Church in NYC.
He is a member of the organ faculty at Peabody Conservatory of Music
following previous teaching positions at Duquesne University among others.
He has performed throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including
three times at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
He frequently has done recordings on different
labels and performed in Pipedreams, the
nationally syndicated program of Minnesota
Public Radio.
John Walker has earned the Doctor of
Musical Arts degree at Stanford University.
A fellow of the American Guild of Organists,
he was elected President of the AGO in 2014.
Walker attended grade and middle school at
Fannett Metal Schools. He also studied at James
Buchanan High School in Mercersburg, Pa.
His first organ lessons were in the autumn of
1955 at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA,
where he studied with Dr. Harry Gay.
Dr. John Walker


As we approach fall I wanted to give a general overview of what Traditional Music has to
offer! Please prayerfully considering joining a group to use your musical gifts to glorifying
our Creator.

Kid’s Music

Beginning on Wednesday September 23rd
Kid’s Choir: Meets on Wednesdays in the NLC
5-5:30pm for children entering K-5th grades.
Handchimes: Meets on Wednesdays in the NLC
5:30-6pm for children entering 3rd-8th grades.

Adult Music
Beginning on Thursday September 10th.
Adult Handbell Choir: Meets on Thursdays in the Sanctuary from
6:30-7:15pm for music readers entering 9th grade and up.
Adult Chancel Choir: Meets on Thursdays in the NLC from 7:30-9pm for
anyone entering 9th grade and up.
If you would like to get involved or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact
Dani at 264.4113 ext 114 or
Second Service Communion Coordinator
The worship team would like to thank Anne Miller
for her many years of service as the communion
coordinator. After filling thousands of communion
cups full of juice, cutting thousands of bread cubes,
washing and pressing communion linens and scheduling helpers to assistant, we say THANK YOU and
WELL DONE! Anne did a wonderful job noting
how to make communion better and more meaningful while serving in this role and on the worship
committee team. She did an excellent job recruiting
assistants to help her with this task, and she did so
with the love of Christ in her heart as she served
Central Presbyterian Church. As you cross paths
with Anne, please say "thank you" for her behind
the scenes work. Her impeccable attention to detail
was noted as we began the transition to our new coordinator. Her notes even had diagrams and dimensions of the size of the cut bread. It was this type of
detail that gave our new coordinator the confidence
that she could fill this role.


The worship team would like to introduce you to
our newest coordinator Sherry Sites. Sherry is our
newest member of Central, joining Palm Sunday
of this year. Sherry is from the St. Thomas area
and attends first service. Sherry is excited and
nervous all at the same time about taking on a
role that has been so well cared for by Anne.
Sherry is more than capable of handling the details of this position, but being new, she is a little
nervous about building the communion assistant
list. So, if you receive a call from a wonderful
lady named Sherry asking you to assist once or
twice a year to prepare and clean up communion,
please consider saying yes enthusiastically. You
will not regret working with Sherry nor serving
the congregation in this manner. It really is a
meaningful way to serve. Thank you in advance
of your prayerful consideration.
The Worship Team


From July 26th-August 1st, Erin and two high school youth (Destiny
Stephenson and Hannah Sharp) had the joy of attending Trinity
Youth Conference, a Presbyterian youth and young adult
conference in Schellsburg, PA! The week was full of individual spiritual growth, community worship, small group
focus, spiritual centering, Christ-centered workshops, crazy games, silly traditions, and
tons of food! (Sleep was in there somewhere, but not much J) When asked what TYC
meant to them, the highers replied: “TYC is a life-changing experience where you have
chances to connect with God in many ways. You also have the chance to meet the most
incredible and most supportive people.” – Destiny; “TYC was a place where I could meet
people who I could relate to & experience new things with.”
A major incentive for Erin, as a leader, is the phone-free environment where young people
learn they are beautiful and acceptable to God.
On August 16th, we kicked off our youth group year with St. Paul’s UMC at Rhodes Grove
camp! We enjoyed a zipline, a pool, a huge Slip ‘n’ Slide, a rope swing, and a mud pit,
while fellowshipping with other youth and enjoying time as ONE body of Christ! Additionally, we played a silly Skittle social game, heard a proclamation of the Word, and ate to
our hearts delight! What a great day! Thanks to St. Paul’s for allowing us to partner up!
August 23rd was a big day for us as we gave our mission team presentation during the
blended worship service, then enjoyed a movie night at the church! Thanks to Ann and
Tim Miller for the popcorn machine rental!
If you are interested in volunteering to help with youth group or any youth event, please
sign up on the sheet in the lobby and/or come talk to Erin! Clearances and covenant are
required to volunteer.


Please join us on
Sunday, Sept 13
Blended Service
in the

Thanks so much to Dani Kardisco for leading worship in 1st
service on August 16th while Erin attended her cousin’s
wedding in Massachusetts! And thank you over and over
again to everyone who makes the 1st worship service happen! What an honor and blessing it is to be able to praise
our Lord in the Friendship Hall each week!
Don’t forget about the September 13th blended worship service in the sanctuary!
“Sing to God, sing in praise of His name, extol Him who rides on the clouds;
rejoice before Him--His name is the LORD.” – Psalm 68:4


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th ~ 9:00AM to 4:00 PM

What barriers keep visitors from our church from returning?
Every church wants their first time visitors to come back and begin to:
 Find their own faith in Jesus Christ
 Find a place to serve with their gifts & talents
 Find a place to make a difference in advancing the kingdom of God.
But….when they don’t return, you often don’t know what happened.
It’s frustrating to work so hard and then feel like it’s all in vain.
It leaves you wondering—Will our church ever reach new people for Christ?
Central is hosting this conference on behalf of Carlisle Presbytery.
And if you are interested in helping our church be warm and welcoming to
visitors, we need YOU to attend!
To register, contact Central Presbyterian Church at 717-264-4113 or you may register
online at and click on: Red Carpet Hospitality.
FREE to attend with lunch available for purchase at the event for $7.
Guest facilitator will be Chris Walker.
Christ wants to help you increase the number of conversations that lead people towards
Christ. He has studied evangelism and church growth ever since working for a Billy
Graham crusade over 20 years ago, and has led countless training seminars throughout
North & South America in many different denominations.

Hello friends!
We served 103 families on Saturday, August 22nd!!!!
Praise God! Thank you all for giving your Saturday morning
to serving others and sharing Christ's love in a huge and
impacting way.
We will be having a meeting on Monday August 31 at 6pm in
the Parlor to discuss the future of the Diaper Depot. If it is on your heart to join
this executive team to continue fulfilling this need in our community please join
us. Again, thank you all for being a part of this mission. God is doing
incredible things through each of you. You’ll be more blessed, than a bless-er!

Join us for Central’s Fun Clean-Up Day!
Can you pitch in for a few hours and help by
cleaning, sorting and tidying in the church so we can
donate or dispose of all Central’s unwanted items.

Saturday, September 12th
Central Needs Cleaning

There will be snacks all day and pizza at lunch time!
Shifts begin at 8am, 10am, and 12pm (or you can just drop in).
We ask you to think about volunteering for the last shift.
Bring a friend / family member—all help warmly welcome!
Comfy clothes, sturdy shoes, and gloves are suggested.

On August 23rd, we dedicated “Servant Hearts” -- all those who
teach and lead in ministry to Children, Youth and Adults; encouraging them to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus.
Please extend to them your thanks and keep them in your prayers!
Children’s Ministry Team = Tammy Carbaugh, Courtney Fogal, Jenine Grove, Missy

Igou, Tyla Mellott, Denise Sharp, Sue Stahl, Sally Sulcove, Sandy Wilson

= Jenine Grove, Dani Kardisco, Amber Keller, Amy Leary, John Leary, Pat
McNamee, Mary Mohr, Bill Oyler, Erin Regan, Sue Stahl, Kari Wiley, Sandy Wilson
Youth Ministry Team

= Kathy Klink (Director),
Sheila Divelbiss, Jen Good, Pamela Henderson, Jenni Keefer, Judith Mack, Shelley Marangoni, Kim Merkle, Joy Nicklas, MaryJane Ott, Connie Ott, Linda Swartz, Shirley Troup, JoAnn
Mother’s Day Out Staff

Children’s Music

= Dani Kardisco

= Sandy Wilson (Coordinator)
Amanda Bietsch, Bonnie Fortuna, Amber Keller, Mary Mohr, Tyla Mellott, Amber Pereschuk,
Holly Shearer, Buffy Super
Preschool Worship Leaders

Nursery Staff: Debi Shauf, Katie Merriman, Lauryn Hammond
Nursery Volunteers: Amanda Bietsch, Kathi Bietsch, Tim & Jen Dalton, Missy & Morgan Igou,

Lindsey Kearns, Harriet Peters, Bree Rauhut, Carolyn Shearer, Scott Shearer, Melissa West

Sunday School Teachers:

Preschool = Sally Sulcove
Kindergarten – 2nd grade

= Tyla Mellott

3 -5 grades = Denise Sharp
6th – 8th grades = Don & Shelley Marangoni, Bruce Burr
9th-12th grades= Scott & Madeline Wilson
Faith Builders Class = Roni Gingrich
Genesis Bible Study Class = Norm Harper
Semper Fidelis/Brotherhood Class - Ray & Gunlog Anderson, Jean Diehl, Joe & Bonnie Forturd


na and Lucille Stence


We encourage each other to dig into God’s Word and “Learn It, Love It, Live It.”
Bibles were presented on August 23rd to:
Hands-On-Bibles to Kindergarteners:

Adin Hershey, Olivia Kearns, Lillian Lieberman,

Natalie Markle, Hayden Pereschuk,

NIV/MESSAGE Parallel Bibles to 6th graders:

Dominic Marangoni, Kaleah Leisher

Faith Champions Are Needed!

Be the second adult in a children’s Sunday School Class
Come with a love for Jesus and for children


Talk to Sandy(

Time commitment?

ONE HOUR every 6 weeks - (During Sunday School – 11am-noon)
No prep time – teachers are already in place

Get to know some incredible kids!!!!
 With your help we can continue to do kid ministry!!!

The new Pennsylvania laws and guidelines require two adults per classroom.
(NOTE: for a six-week rotation in 3 classrooms, we need 18 Faith Champions)

Please thank these Faith Champions……and join them!
Christie Carlin, Anne Cowley, Cindy Happel, John & Amy Leary, Brad & Ellen Markle,
Valerie Merriman, Sandy Myers, Jane Obaugh, Carolyn Shearer, Sherry Sites, Gene Wilson

The State of Pennsylvania is requiring Background Checks/Clearances for ALL
adults – employees and volunteers - who work with children and youth.
To make the process easier, the Safe Church Task Force has set up times to help you
fill out and submit the necessary forms.

Come to the Church Parlor on:
Saturday, September 12 from 10am – noon,
Monday, September 14 from 10am – noon, or
Monday, September 14 from 6pm-8pm
We will be available to help you fill out paper copies of the forms, and also have
computer laptops for submitting the information online. See you there!

9/11 Memorial Service at Letterkenny Chapel
On Sunday, September 13th at 3:00pm, a 9/11 Memorial Service at the Historic
Chapel, Letterkenny Army Depot, 2171 Carbaugh Ave. Chambersburg will be
Guest Speaker: Mr. Alan Baumgardner, 911 Dispatcher. Mr. Baumgardner
was on duty when the call came in on September 11, 2001 regarding United
Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Special Music: The Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Brass Band, and the
Community Chorus.
More information: Contact Paul Cullinane, 717-263-2838.

United Methodist Women’s
Yard Sale for Missions
St. Paul United Methodist Church Family Life Center
750 Norland Aveneu, Chambersburg
Thursday, September 10, 8:00am—4pm
Friday, September 11, 8:00am—4pm
Saturday, September 12, 8:00am—Noon
For more information call Erma Norcross, 263-8108
or Linda Strickler, 263-4975

Mountain Top Ministries, Orrtanna, PA
To benefit Operation Christmas Child
Saturday, September 12 (no rain date)
8-9:15am Registration
9:30am Kickstands are up and ready to ride!
$20 per person
Pre-register at
or call 717-334-4999

Celebration Day Cruise-In
All Models Welcome!
Saturday, September 26
8:00am to 2:00pm
SpiriTrust Lutheran
The Village at Luther Ridge
2735 Luther Drive, Chambersburg
Located 1/2 mile south of the Chambersburg Mall on Rt 977


Look for the Operation Christmas Child
display in the lobby during September.

Session took the following actions at its July meeting. If you have any questions, please talk to
one of the Elders: Brenda Black, George Cowley, Bill Daniels, Linda Igou, Pat McNamee, Jim
Sharp, Alex Shearer, Karl Shreiner, Don Weber, Scott Wiley, Sam Worley, or Kathryn Finley,
 Approved the Building Task Force’s recommendation to subdivide the bank property to
bring the footprint of Friendship Hall within the church’s property lines.
 Approved the Building Task Force’s recommendations to (1) subdivide the Wholeness Center property to bring the parking lot within the church’s property lines and (2) pursue a variance from the 25-foot setback ordinance.
 Approved listing the Wholeness Center property (23-27 South Main Street) for sale at
$125,000. The sale would be contingent on the subdivision of the parking lot and the variance
approval (listed above). Central would require right of first refusal for any subsequent sale.
 Agreed to list the Wholeness Center property with Tim Smith, Exit Realty.
Authorized the purchase of the supplies enumerated in the Mother’s Day Out report, totaling
$11,740.46. The monies will be taken from the Helen Wenger Fund. A final accounting of the
advanced funds is required and will be presented to Session upon completion.

Session took the following actions at its July meeting. If you have any questions, please talk to
one of the Elders: Brenda Black, George Cowley, Bill Daniels, Linda Igou, Pat McNamee, Jim
Sharp, Alex Shearer, Karl Shreiner, Don Weber, Scott Wiley, Sam Worley, or Kathryn Finley,

 Approved the recommendation to have the following people serve on the Vision Discernment Task Force: Josh Dunklebarger, Jean Diehl, Lucille Stence, Kathy Klink, Don Wissner,
Christie Carlin, and Scott Bowerman. Scott Wiley will serve as Chairman.
 Approved the dates and curriculum for the fall Wonderful Wednesdays. The series will
begin on Wednesday September 30 and continue through Wednesday October 28. The adult
study will be based on the book Love Does, by Bob Golf.
Concurred with the overture to the 222nd General Assembly, sent by the Presbytery of Central
Florida, and forwarded it to the Carlisle Presbytery for their endorsement. The overture seeks
to correct how debate at General Assembly committees is unfairly manipulated to limit the
time given to dissenting voices.

Sun. Sept. 27th
Organ Concert
All Church
6 Communion
Birthday Sunday
9:30a FH 1st Srv.
11a SANC 2nd Srv.
12p Deacon’s mtg.

Wizard of Oz
Rehearsal 4:30p NLC
5:30p YOUTH(both)

10a Blended Srv. Sanctuary
VTF Presents @ noon, FH
5:30p YOUTH(both)
Wizard of Oz
Rehearsal 1:00p, *NLC
*note location change*
Erin’s Wedding Prep
& Wedding

9:30a FH 1st Srv.
11a SANC 2nd Srv.
NO YOUTH mtg. today
Dani’s on vacation
Erin’s on her
Newsletter Deadline

27 Guest Preacher
Chris Walker
9:30a FH 1st Srv.
11a SANC 2nd Srv.
5:30p YOUTH(both)

Organ Recital, Sanct.
w/Reception in gym/FH

Note to OZ personnel,
location change on
9/8, 9/13, 9/29
church activity


Wizard of Oz
Rehearsal 6:30p, gym
7p Book Club, Parlor

9:30a ZUMBA
2:30a Staff Mtg.

9:30a ZUMBA
12p Prayer Gathering
6p Stephen Ministry, Rm 124
Rehearsal 6:30p NLC


Wizard of Oz


9:30a ZUMBA
2:30a Staff Mtg.
7p Trustee meeting

Rehearsal 6:30p *NLC,
note location change*

16 MDO 9:15a

9:30a ZUMBA
12p Prayer Gathering
7p DANCE Team, gym

Church is CLOSED

15 MDO 9:15a

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

14 MDO 9:15a

12p Prayer `Gathering
7p Session meeting


Rehearsal 6:30p, NLC

2:30a Staff Mtg.

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p, gym

7p DSG-Wholeness Ctr
6p-8p Volunteer Background

Wizard of Oz
Rehearsal 6:30p, gym

23 MDO 9:15a

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p,
Room 300, 3rd floor


LESSONS, 1st floor
ROOMS 122 & 123
Wizard of Oz


Rehearsal 6:30p NLC


Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6p gym

6:30p Sr.Bell Choir
7:30p Senior Choir

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:00p, gym

17 MDO 9:15a

18 MDO 9:15a
Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p, gym

Erin’s Wedding Day!

25 MDO 9:15a

22 MDO 9:15a

24 MDO 9:15a

21 MDO 9:15a

12p Prayer Gathering

Concert Reception

7p DSG-Wholeness Ctr

30 MDO 9:15a

7p Finance Team, Parlor

Wizard of Oz

6:30p Sr.Bell Choir
7:30p Senior Choir

Rehearsal 6:00p-3rd

29 MDO 9:15a

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p
Rm 300, 3rd floor

9:30a ZUMBA
12p Prayer Gathering
7p DANCE Team, gym

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p, NLC

2:30a Staff Mtg.
5p KIDS Music

Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 6:30p, NLC

28 MDO 9:15a
6:30p C.H.A.T. Rm 123
7p DSG-Wholeness Ctr

Wizard of Oz

9:30a ZUMBA
2:30a Staff Mtg.
5p KIDS Music
6p REVIVE! Wednesday
at Central
Rehearsal 6:30p *NLC,
location change*





10a-Noon Volunteer Background checks

Group, FH & Kitchen


Wizard of Oz

Rehearsal 11a, gym

26 Presbyterian

8a—4p, 1st Floor reserved
AGO meeting &
covered dish, NLC 4pm