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Reference Books
Automotive Engineering
• R.K Rajput, “A Text Book of Automobile Engg”, Laxmi Publications, New Delhi
• can be referred for more information.
• can be referred for definitions.

Introduction to Automobile & IC Engines
• Automobile: Evolution, Purpose, Construction.
• Function of various parts in an Automobile
• Concept behind Combustion
• Internal Combustion Engine : Construction & Working
• Comparison of Gasoline & Diesel Engines.
• Modern Trends in Automobile: Hybrid, EV and use of other non-fossil
energy sources etc

• Avadhanulu M N & Kshir Sagar P G, “A Text Book of Engineering Physics”,
S.Chand & Company Ltd, New Delhi 2007.
• Kannan M D & Balusamy V, “: Engineering Physics”, Vikas Publishing House, New
Delhi 2003.
• can be referred for definitions.
Active & Passive Components-Principle, Construction & Working in • Robert L Boyelstad & Nashelsky Louis, “Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory”,
Prentice Hall, New Delhi 2002.
• David A Bell, “Electronic Devices & Circuits”, Prentice Hall, 2003.
• can be referred for definitions.
• can be referred.
• can be referred.
Software Engineering
• Kernighan B W & Ritchie D M, “C Programming Language(ANSI C)”, Sixth Edition,
McGraw Hill International, Singapore 2006.
• C-Character Set
• Herbert Schildt, “C- The Complete Reference”, McGraw Hil, 2001.
• Data types, variable & Constants
• can be referred for definitions.
• Operators & Expressions in C
• can be referred for more information.
• Control Statements
• Functions & Arrays
• Pointers, Structures & Unions
• Files
C++ - Programming
• Herbert Schildt, “C++: The complete reference”, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi 2003.
• Principles of Object Oriented Programming
• Bjarne Stroustrup, “C++ Programming Language”, Pearson Education, NewDelhi
• Classes & Objects
• Constructors & Destructors
• can be referred for definitions.
• Functions
• can be referred for more
• Inheritance, Polymorphism & Operator Overloading
• Roger. S. Pressman, “Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach”, Sixth
Basics of Software Engineering:
Edition, McGraw Hill International, Singapore 2006.
• Basic terminologies related to Software Engineering.
• Wikipedia: can be referred for definitions.
• Introduction to SDLC.
• Waterfall Model, V- Model, Prototype Model, Incremental, SCRUM &
Spiral model.
Basic Physics Concepts needed for Automotive Applications: Space,
Time, Force, Displacement, Distance, Velocity, Speed, Acceleration,
Momentum, Spring, Damper, Work, Energy & Power.

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