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had written Chaitanya to deliver them • Met them at Ramakeli. Bengal. prime minister & finance minister of Hussein Shah. but to have Druva’s . a long detour from the way to Vrndavan • Krishna went to Druva not to give darshan.• Amara and Santosh Deva.

• Stormy night washerwoman. • Thought woman was “Yogamaya” . thief. or slave of the king. “Who could be out this night except a dog.” • Chain of iron or gold • Dog at beck & Call • Thief sells his life which God gave him.

Namo Maha Badanaya… .Left Service of Shah • Distributed wealth • Met Chaitanya at Prayag as he was returning from Vrndavan • Said.

Ten Days Dasasvamedha-ghata • Lived there for 10 days & taught Rupa & brother. who passed away • Bhakti creeper • Adho sraddha . Anupama.

• Subuddhi Roy took him around all 12 forests • Went to meet Sanatan at Kasi but they crossed each other. where he stayed with Haridas Thakur Vrndavan & Puri . & he continued to Nilachala.

"The handwriting of Rupa Gosvami is just like rows of pearls." .

.• Wrote dramas in poetry Lalita Madhava & Vidagdha Madhava • Was an expert on Rasa • Got association of Svarup Damodar & Ramananda Roy • Wrote Priyah so ham… • Tunde tandavini….

returned in 1519 • Met his brother & they both started writing.• After 10 months in Puri. excavating & intense bhajana • Rupa looked after parties of arriving Bhaktas .

Govinda Dev of Brajanabha • Buried in Yogapith. but Rupa couldn’t find. began calling out • Boy told “Gomatila” every day cow comes and pours milk on ground • Rupa wrote about the charm of Govinda Smeran bhangi… .

• 1590 Man Singh built it • Mansingh died in 1614 & for another 100 years Govinda was worshipped here. pilgrims came from all over .

. Aurangzeb could see it shining even from his residence in Agra.On the 7th floor there was burning ghee lamp.

Deity moved to Jaipur where Jai Singh built a temple in his palace. Chandramahal .

Jai Singh's grandfather had originally constructed the Govindaji Temple in Vrindavan. as a dedication to Lord Govindaji.Govindaji was brought to the city of Amber. by Maharaja Jai Singh II to protect the Deity from destruction at the hands of the Muslim emperor about 1728 (some say 1735). near Jaipur." the city of Jaipur. Maharaja Jai Singh in the past could see his beloved Deity from the royal quarters. and when the temple doors were opened. . The temple is in a garden of the palace complex. Maharaja Jai Singh created his "City of Victory.


Radha-Govinda Deity from Vrindavan is until today the real heart of the city of Jaipur. .

Stories • Story that Radharani finally appeared to him. bringing feast for Sanatan • Tiger & Krishna • Shade & Radharani .

knowing Jiva's desire for the Deity.Sri Rupa Goswami had many skills. installed and offered a small Deity of Damodar to his foremost disciple. personally carved. 8’ inches high . In Karttik 1542 Sri Rupa.


passed away 1 month later • Sanatan gave a systematic philosophy of bhakti. Rupa gave the doctrine of rasa . went into his samadhi & never came out.Final Days • Performed funeral of Sanatan 1554.

Rupa Goswami Samadhi Mandir .

madurya • Laghubhagavat amrta. • Upadeshamrta. Uddhave the messenger this time • Danakelikaumudi. swan messenger to Mathura about love lorn Radha • Udhava Samdesa. etc.• Hamsadhutta. Wrote Countless Works . one act play • Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu • Ujjvalanilamani.

The End .