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(An Autonomous Institution)

Application of theoretical knowledge gained in academia to understand a business organization.

5th January ’15 to 27th April’15 (90 Working Days)

Reporting Dates
The students are supposed to submit the report on the following dates:
Joining Report

: Within 3 days of joining date

Reporting to Faculty guide

: Every 15 days

Rough Draft

: 18.04.15

Final Draft &Report submission
VIVA Tentative date

: 30.04.15 (2 Hardcopies + 1 CD)
: 1 week / 2 week of May 2015

Project work review dates
I Review

- January 31, 2015

II Review

- February 28, 2015

III Review

- March 21, 2015

(Note –

The students should prepare PowerPoint and they are required to answer the Queries asked by the
panel members.

Attendance is compulsory and

The Internal marks will be based on the performance of the student during review.)

Steps to be followed before starting the project.
1. Visit the libraries.
2. Collect the relevant reviews
3. Summate the reviews (Brief in nature)
4. Give footnote in the same page.
Caution: Reviews only direct us to enrich the quality of research especially for beginners.

MBA Project work Guidelines

II. Review of literature (Review of previous studies) Studies may be related to same title. 5. 4. Introduction 1. 7. Importance of the idea focused in the study Macro view of the industry / market. There are no conditions for having the number of objectives to be very limited 4. Severity of the problem. 3. Explain the problem to be focused in your research. Importance of your study area. Concepts and reviews 1. Research Methodology  Objective or Aim 1. Create the objectives on the basis of your title of the study. Consequences of the problem in the selected field. Important crisis in the industry / market. Reasons for such problems. Write a clear and precise statement of objectives. 5. 3. same industry / market or same field. The exact aim is to be fulfilled in your research. related title. 6. Profile of the industry. 4. write the meaning of concept what do you mean in your project. But the specified objectives to be fulfilled by your research report.        Hypothesis (if any) Type of research design Population Sample and sampling technique Tools used for data Collection Methods of data collection Statistical tools used MBA Project work Guidelines 2 . 2. Objectives which are classified into primary and secondary may also be allowed. Statement of the problem 1. 2. Write the definition of concepts with footnote Finally. III. 6. List them one by one. 5. 2. 3. Conceptual framework List out the concepts to be used.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) Content of the report Chapters I. 3. 2. 4.

6. Bibliography If Book : Name of the author. 3. Formula if any. V. Place. Write introduction for the analysis: Represent the purpose of using the analysis. Write conclusion on the basis of your findings. Book title. results. Suggestions Summary 1. 2. Use the chart given for analysis. Start from uni-variate to multi-variate analysis. 4. MBA Project work Guidelines 3 . 2. Conclusion 1. Write the methodology (Narrated). Page No. 3. Conclusion. 4. Select suitable statistical analysis Objectives should be focused. Mention study objectives (Full). While writing findings avoid the presentation of numbers or any formula. 2. Write your findings one by one. Year. 5. 2. there should be a scale of data. Suggestion should be based on your findings. 6. Comparison of your findings with other related findings with foot notes. Summary. 9. Mention your research contribution to the industry / research field. variables to be dealt. Publishing House. There is no need to give all details related to the analysis Extract the results from the analysis. Mention various technical tips to the management to formulate / execute any programmes. Mention your suggestions to solve the problems identified with the research.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) IV. 8. Determine the format of the presentation. Write the interpretation of the table and finally write the gist of the findings from the table until you write for all objectives. 3. Try to point out the solution for the problem mentioned in the statement of problem. Summate all findings in the form of research implications. Research Implications 1. Write a few words about your total gist of the findings. Write a small introduction of your study (Narrated). 5. Concluding remarks for the enrichment of anything which is included in your study Suggestions for the future progress 1. 3. 7. 2. Analysis & Discussion 1. 3.

Tables not included with the introduction..5 • Paragraph Spacing 2 • Font Size:All main headings 16 (Bold) All Sub main headings 14 (Bold) Matter 12 (Regular) Content should be in the given format Page 1 – Cover page for MBA Page 2 – Title page for MBA project report Page 3 – Certificate of Faculty guide MBA Project work Guidelines 4 No.5 inch • All font should be Times New Roman • Line Spacing – 1. : Name of the organization. : Name of the Newspaper. • Left Size – 1 inch • Right Side . Note : The same format can be used for writing the foot note Appendix     Questionnaire / Interview Schedule.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) If Journal If Report If Newspaper If Internet : Name of the Writer. . Month. Page No. Journal Name.. “Report Title”.. Page No. Year. “Article Title”. No.5inch • Top Side – 1 inch • Bottom Side – 0. Year. Any other left out details. To be noted Bibliography and Appendix are not included in chapters Guidelines for report Report should be computerized (Microsoft Word) [Four copies and 1 cd) The front page should be as like given format. Issue PP: From – To. Tables not included with the body of report. Volume. Date. Year. : Portal address – date of reference.

SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) Page 4 – Organisation certificate Page 5 – Declaration Page 6 – Acknowledgement Page 7 – Table of contents Page 8 – List of Tables and figures Diary of Events.(objective & outcome)  Learning outcomes on that day MBA Project work Guidelines 5 .Note Book  Date  Time  Whom they meet  What they do.

Sub: Joining report.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) JOINING REPORT To (The Name of the guide) Department of Management Studies Sona College of Technology Salem-636005 Dear Sir.MBA Project work This is to inform you that I have reported for Project work at (Name & address of the Company) on (date) Thanking you Yours sincerely. Endorsed by the Organizational guide Signature : Student name Name : Signature Designation : Date : Phone No : Email Id : MBA Project work Guidelines 6 : : .

: ……………….SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) STUDENT PROJECT (Student’s Name:…………) Department of Management Studies Sona College of Technology Salem-636005 Project Title : …………………………… Project Duration : From……………. : ………………. To ………………… S. Signature of the Organizational Guide with Seal Place: Date: MBA Project work Guidelines 7 . No Factors 1 Punctuality 2 Regularity 3 4 5 Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Commitment to work assigned Quality of the project work Conduct during the period Thanking you Organisation seal Name of the organizational guide Designation Organisation : ……………….

The Plan of the fortnight : The actual accomplishment : Reasons for the deviation (if any) : The work plan for the next fortnight Signature Date : : MBA Project work Guidelines 8 ...SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) FORTNIGHT REPORT FORMAT Name : Organisation : Title of the project : Period of reporting : From……………. Details of work done and progress of the Project work. To ……………….

SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) CHECK-LIST FOR PROJECT WORK Following is a checklist to collect relevant information and to do a SWOT analysis of the organization. Operation Management (Manufacturing or Service) 6. Total Number of employees at each level 24. Annual Growth rate in percentage in the last 4 years in terms of Turn over and PAT 17. Organization’s Name 2. Costing method followed 20. Balance Sheet of last 3 years 18. Quality awards details MBA Project work Guidelines 9 . Suppliers 12. Share value as on date 15. Date of Establishment 4. Average age of employees 26. Business awards – details 31. Annual Turnover 13. Name of the CEO 3. Type of organization (eg. Private Ltd etc. Organization Structure 23. Pricing method 21. Customers 22. Ratio analysis 19.) 5. Average no. Sales / Distribution Structure 9. HR policy 29. Ownership. Other competitors in same industry 7. Marketing strategies used 8. Level of Computerization 10. 11. Types of Information System. Education level of employees 25. Highest and lowest share value 16. Training Budget 30. 1. Average years of Experience 27. PAT 14. of hours of training per employee per year 28.

Any other significant details to mention 38. Impact of WTO 36.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) 32. Quality policy 34. Quality certification 33. Impact of Globalization 35. SWOT analysis MBA Project work Guidelines 10 . Recruitment method 37.

. We wish him/her all the very best for her future endeavors.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) PROJECT COMPLETION CERTIFICATE FORMAT <<<COMPANY LETTER HEAD>>>> Date : TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that <<Name of the Student>> has completed her Project work in <<<Name of the Company>>>.…………To…………. Yours truly. <<Name of the Place>> From. <<<Name and Signature of the Authorised Person>>> <<<Seal>>> MBA Project work Guidelines 11 .

) : 25 Quality of the Project work : 75 Timely reporting to the guides (Every 15 days) : 50 Total : 150 150 marks of Continuous Internal Evaluation 150 marks of External Assessment MBA Project work Guidelines 12 ..t.SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (An Autonomous Institution) PROJECT WORK EVALUATION Continuous Internal Evaluation : 150 Evaluation of the Project Report By external examiner Viva – Voce Examination Total marks : 150 : 300 Continuous Internal Evaluation Maintaining a student diary ( routine activities w.r. project work to be noted in a diary-Discussion interview etc.