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Who We Are

Established in 1991, Frontline Consultancy is a privately owned specialist IT company, offering you a one stop
shop for all your IT requirements.
We have a long history of providing a customer focused service and delivering excellence. We have been around
long enough to see what works and what doesn't, which solutions deliver quality and which one’s don’t, ensuring
your IT is in safe hands.
We partner with only the best providers of IT solutions enabling you to buy with confidence and we have an
enviable array of accreditations from the leading names in IT.
Our customers range from small and midsized businesses through to large corporate enterprises including many
household names. Customers buy from us and stay with us because we deliver reliable professional IT services
and exceptional customer support. As a customer, you gain access to a highly qualified technical team, with
decades of practical, hands on experience in helping businesses deal with their IT headaches.

“Frontline are trusted IT partners and are superb at what they
do. They deliver on time, in budget and their quality of service is
- Nigel Bradbury, Finance Director, Cold Move
Whether it’s keeping your systems running 24/7, implementing or extending business software, integrating new
technology with legacy systems, or any other aspect of helping you get the best out of your IT investment, we
can help.

We work flexibly with you to tailor a solution that meets your business needs and your budget.

12,500 ft2

Out of

Manned 24 x 7 x 365


Standby Diesel

Internal &
External CCTV

Fully Air
Data Centre
With 2N
Power Supplies (UPS) Redundancy


2,500 ft2

Second Site

Why Frontline
When you have decided that your business could benefit from using an IT partner to take care of some or all of
your IT support requirements, there are a number of questions you need to considerStability - Frontline was established in 1991 and is a privately owned business that has enjoyed consistent
organic growth and boasts a 5 Star Dun & Bradstreet credit rating.
Experience - Frontline has been supporting the IT needs of hundreds of small, midsized and large enterprises
for decades including household names such as JCB, PING, Siemens and TfGM to name a few.
Credentials - Frontline partners with the leading providers of IT solutions and holds the highest accreditations
including SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, IBM Premier Business Partner and Veeam Gold Partner.
Resource - Frontline employs over 90 staff including solely UK based IT consultants holding the highest
accreditations in their field, with our own purpose built Data Centre.
Resilience - Frontline has tried and tested Disaster Recovery solutions in place within our Data Centre and has a
comprehensive Business Continuity plan to cover the entire operation, customers and suppliers should the
unexpected happen, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.
Security - In addition to the physical security of the Frontline premises via CCTV and onsite out-of-hours
security guards, Frontline also works towards agreed KPIs and has strict SLAs in place with all of our customers.

“We know Frontline will be there when we need them
most and really look forward to working with them over
the many years ahead.”
- Jon Petrie, Managing Director, DS Music
What We Offer
Desktop Support: Frontline can act as
your outsourced help desk, dealing with
first level questions and resolving user

Hosting: Free up your internal IT
resources time by letting Frontline take
care of your IT kit.

Server Support: Ensure your servers
remain running all day everyday. Select
the right support package for your

Managed Services: Select the right IT
support packages and tailor a solution to
fit your specific business needs.

Remote Monitoring: Be proactive rather
than reactive. Identify potential issues
before they have an adverse affect on
your business.

Outsourcing: Let Frontline take care of
your IT so you can focus on what you do
best and grow your business.

Desktop Support
Ensure Your End Users Can Remain Productive

Desktop Support: Frontline can act as your outsourced help desk, dealing with
first level IT questions and resolving user issues.
When your business users experience IT problems you need issues fixing without
delay. You need reliable IT support to get your business back up and running as
soon as possible. Frontline is passionate about delivering a great service and
keeping your business running.

How It Works:


Our dedicated desktop support team are there
when you need them most and follow the ITIL
framework ensuring a solid understanding of best
practice principles.

Frontline has over two decades experience in
helping support the IT needs of small, medium and
large businesses who do not have a dedicated IT
resource, are looking to relieve the pressure on
their internal IT resource or, have specialist
support requirements.
We understand that any downtime is costly and
work to strict SLAs to ensure that this is minimised
and your staff can remain productive. The
Frontline desktop support team can help with
anything from straight forward account
administration to general trouble-shooting to more
complex hardware and software maintenance or
Desktop Imaging:
Frontline also offers Desktop Imaging which
provides a backup and recovery option in the
event of a complete hardware failure.
Frontline Desktop Imaging can maintain copies of
entire hard drives by creating a copy of the
computers data which can then be restored,
ensuring downtime is minimised and users remain

Free-up your own internal IT resource to
focus on value-added projects

Predictable expenditure, fixed monthly

Different levels of support to suit your
business requirements - dedicated resource
or holiday cover, out-of-hours or peak time

Flexible SLAs

Comprehensive monthly reporting

Minimise downtime

Increase end user satisfaction and

Server Support
Keep Your Critical Systems Running

Server Support: The dedicated Frontline server support team offers support for
companies of any size. When servers fail, the impact on your business can be
widespread across employees, customers and suppliers. We understand how
important it is to your business to minimise downtime, which is why our dedicated
server support team will take care of any issues that may arise, quickly and
You can select from a range of Frontline support packages (Lite/Standard/
Enhanced/Complete) to ensure the right level of support is available for your

How It Works:


We can offer guaranteed response times 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to help
ensure your vital business IT never lets you down.

Everyday our server support technicians produce a
full system health check report on your IT systems
so you are always kept informed and potential
issues are spotted before they can cause an issue
to your business.
Our server support includes backup monitoring,
operating systems, antivirus updates and printer
management. This support can be extended to
ensure your remote access and mobile devices are
always fully functioning as well.
We offer comprehensive server support at initial
installation and configuration and throughout your
server’s lifetime. The Frontline server support
team ensure you stay ahead with essential
upgrades, maintenance and repairs.
Our Lite, Standard, Enhanced and Complete
support packages allow you to choose the right
level of support required for your business whilst
also selecting the required SLA - Silver, Gold or
Platinum, ensuring that the most critical elements
of your business are back up and running as soon
as possible.

Free-up internal IT resource to focus on
value added projects

Predictable expenditure, fixed monthly

Different levels of support available (Lite/

Flexible SLAs (Silver/Gold/Platinum)

Comprehensive monthly reporting

Peace of mind

”We decided to virtualise with
Frontline as we have used them for
over ten years on a number of
hardware and software
implementations. Frontline have
always provided an excellent
service to us, both in hardware
installation and continued support
- Ian Dando, IT Technical Manager,
Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd

Remote Monitoring
Ensure Your IT Support Is Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Remote Monitoring: Remote network monitoring provides you with advance
warning of possible IT issues. Potential problems are highlighted before they
become critical. And your IT support becomes proactive rather than reactive to
your business.
The Frontline remote network monitoring service can continuously scan your
machines, software and devices such as your servers, CPU, building temperature
or CCTV 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a potential issue is detected the service
will send an email notification to your nominated contacts, giving you the ability to
take control.

How It Works:

What Can Be Monitored:

Monitoring software can provide alerts the instant
that a sensor detects a potential problem. But it
takes skill, experience and genuine understanding
of your systems in order to filter those alerts into
the ones that require action and the ones that can

The solution can offer more than 190 sensors to
monitor all common network services, including
HTTP, SMTP/POP3 (email), FTP, etc. It can monitor
server performance across multiple OS including:
Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX and
VMware and Hyper-V server virtualisation.
Microsoft services or applications can be monitored
including: Exchange, Active Directory and MS SQL.

That’s where the service from Frontline really adds
value; our experienced Data Centre staff review all
alerts as they arrive and follow intelligent and well
established procedures to identify the serious and
the not-so-serious.
Issues that require attention will be escalated to
your nominated contacts. The service can be
customised to your requirements so, unlike an
automated service, you get to choose which alerts
you want immediately—and how you want to
receive them.
The service is tailored to your needs—whether you
want to monitor a single server or an entire,
complex infrastructure. At the provisioning stage
Frontline will work with you to determine what you
want to monitor, and to agree the acceptable
capacity levels for each.
When a predetermined level of risk is reached
(either amber or red) an email alert is
automatically raised and sent to the agreed
contact within your organisation. With issues
highlighted, you can take control, prevent
expensive outages and address bottlenecks.

You can run a scan against an unlimited number of
sensors. The standard offering includes eight
sensors but any number of sensors can be added
as required.
You can monitor almost anything within your
network, including the memory on a shared drive,
the room temperature, single and three-phase UPS
systems, environmental monitoring devices, hard
disk space available, and the server performance.
If it’s got an IP address and the measurement
matters to your business it could be included.

Identify performance bottlenecks

Avoid/reduce system downtime

Improve employee efficiency

Gain visibility of network traffic

Eliminate unnecessary upgrades

Peace of mind for your IT team

Flexible And Scalable Hosting Plans

Hosting: Frontline has a team of experts focusing solely on hosting 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year allowing your IT team to focus on value
added projects instead of dealing with server downtime, upgrading hardware or
managing peaks in traffic. Frontline has been successfully hosting small, medium
and large businesses for over two decades.
Take away the hassle and cost of the maintenance, heating, cooling, power, space
and security associated with an on-premise solution.

How It Works:
Hosting with Frontline allows you to move a
particular function of your IT systems hardware, or
all of it, into the Frontline Data Centre. This can be
either your kit in the Frontline Data Centre,
Frontline kit running your environment in an
isolated manner; or a shared resource architecture
where you are provided with your systems
securely available to only you and your staff.
Resource: Access to the industry leading support
staff with the highest accreditations in their
respective fields, ensures that potential issues are
diagnosed quickly and solved with minimal
disruption to your business.
Your internal IT resources can be reallocated so
that they can focus on more productive business
Resilience: Your systems are covered by
enterprise class monitoring and security systems
to protect against both physical and online threats
ensuring business continuity.
This can range from unplanned outages such as a
power failure to natural disasters such as flooding
to online attacks on your data.
Scalability: As your business grows and
requirements change, your infrastructure must
also respond. Due to a Frontline’s experience and
resources, the growth process be it organic or
rapid, can be easily managed whilst ensuring
minimal disruption to your day to day business

Cost: This is shifted from a capital expenditure to
an operational expenditure, allowing for easier
budgeting and no unexpected upfront IT costs.
The significant energy cost associated with
powering (and the equivalent for cooling) the
hardware is minimised.
The cost for the hardware (servers/storage racks/
switches/etc) is eliminated.
Office space that is often at a premium, is reduced
or can be used in a more effective manner than
simply housing hardware.
Flexibility: Unplanned changes to your business
circumstances such as requiring longer hours for
support or additional skills are readily available.
Focus: Your time is freed up to focus on doing
what you do best, whilst your IT is left in the
hands of people doing what they do best.

“I Looked at a number of hosting providers
and Frontline came out top for data facilities,
24/7 coverage, expertise and value for
-Ian Bilsland, IT Manager, Ionix Systems Ltd

Managed Services
Build The Right Solution For Your Business

Managed Services: With over two decades of experience supporting small,
midsized and large organisations, Frontline can offer you a tailored Managed
Service package for your business ensuring you can focus on what you do best by
leaving Frontline to focus on what we do best, looking after your IT.
Whatever your IT support needs, Frontline has the expertise available to work with
your business and provide the right level of support required.

How It Works:


Frontline can keep your systems running all day
everyday with support available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week and 365 days a year. Frontline
Managed Services allows you to choose a tailored
package to suit your current business needs whilst
being flexible enough to change should your
business requirements change in the future.

Flexible: the Frontline Managed Service can be
tailored to specific business needs. As little or as
much as you like can be managed. If your IT
requirements change, so can your IT support.

From complete server management solutions
through to configuring stand-alone dedicated
servers or setting up and running machines from
our own data centres as virtual servers, our
experienced technical team can help you get the
best from your IT investment.
You can build a Managed Service package from a
number of the IT support options that Frontline
provides including, Desktop Support, Server
Support, Remote Monitoring, Token Based
Support, Hosting or a complete Outsourced
solution ensuring you get the right IT support for
your business.
You have the flexibility to select differing levels of
support for each of the support functions chosen
and also adhering to specific SLAs for each,
ensuring a completely tailored IT package that
suits your business requirements.

Expertise: Frontline holds the highest
accreditations from leading software and hardware
vendors including being an IBM Premier Business
Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, SAP Gold Partner,
Veeam Gold Partner, amongst many others which
ensures we are up to date with the latest
solutions. The Managed Services team are made
up of a wide range of qualified experts who not
only understand technology but also your
business, ensuring you have access to a broad
knowledge pool.
Cost: savings can be made in recruitment,
retention and ongoing training.
Risk: through proactive remote monitoring,
potential issues are flagged up before they have a
direct impact on your business. Should you
experience any issues, strict SLAs ensure that this
is minimised and you can continue working as
soon as possible.
Focus: your in-house IT teams time is freed up to
focus on value added projects rather than dealing
with day-to-day system management.

Take Away The Headache Of IT

Outsourcing: Let Frontline become your IT department taking away your day-today operational IT headaches, allowing you to focus on what you do best and grow
your business.
Frontline has a proven track record and over two decades of experience supporting
the IT needs of small, midsized and large organisations. Frontline can be your
one-stop shop for all your IT needs whether that be on premise, in the cloud or a
combination of both.

How It Works:


Outsourcing with Frontline ensures you never have
to worry about your IT, we are your one stop shop
for all your IT needs. Just like another department
within you business, if you have any IT related
issues, you can just contact the dedicated
Frontline helpdesk and be safe in the knowledge
that the problem will be resolved in a quick and
effective manner by our experienced staff.

Cost: through Outsourcing, costs are typically
moved from a capital expenditure to an
operational expenditure freeing up capital for use
in other areas of your business.

With Frontline Outsourcing we will have full access
to all of your IT systems to ensure that we are in
the best position to recommend the right solutions
in order to get the most from your technology
The experienced Frontline support team will
proactively monitor your IT systems to spot any
potential issues before they cause downtime to
your business. Should any issues arise, the team
will know your business processes and can act
swiftly to ensure your business continues as
In addition to being there should any IT issues
arise, the Frontline team will also be continually
looking at ways to further improve your IT
processes, improve efficiency, save money and
ensure best practise is maintained.

Focus: you can be safe in the knowledge that your
IT software and hardware is being taken care of by
Frontline which allows you to focus on your core
competencies and grow your business.
Resources: you have access to the highest
trained professionals across a number of specialist
areas ensuring that whatever your IT issue, the
Frontline team are available.
Security: Frontline comply with the latest security
standards ensuring your business data does too.
Through regular back up and disaster recovery
processes you can ensure that your data is in safe

About Frontline…

Frontline can keep your IT systems running all day, every day. We offer a reliable and
competitive one-stop-shop for all your IT requirements.

Our consultants can help you get the very best from your IT investments; we can help you
improve the security, performance and resilience of your IT infrastructure, and manage your
systems on a day-to-day basis.

Services are fully tailored to meet the particular needs of your organisation and to provide you
with genuine peace of mind.

Established in 1991, Frontline Consultancy is a privately owned specialist IT company.
Our Microsoft-qualified staff
offer assured levels of
technical expertise, strategic
thinking and hands-on skills.

Secure, on-demand access.
Extensive experience in
planning, implementing and
maintaining infrastructure

We team with IBM to deliver
a complete range of IT
business solutions.

Quick-EDD is an easy to
manage and highly
functional High Availability
solution for the IBM System
i (iSeries / AS/400).

Help run your organisation
better with SAP’s software
for small to midsized

Networking equipment and
management – our Ciscoqualified staff ensure we
offer you the highest levels
of technical expertise.

Market leading virtualisation
software for Intel servers.
We can help you realise
amazing benefits of
virtualising your IT

Leading UK provider of
business Internet
connectivity, delivering the
highest levels of
performance and reliability.

Veeam offers a powerful
suite of products to better
manage VMware. Run
scheduled data replication
and backup on virtual

Provider of Internet security
solutions for small and midsized enterprises worldwide,
and a pioneer in security

Frontline Consultancy
Frontline House,
Epsom Avenue, Brooke Park Estate
Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 3PW
Tel: 0333 323 2141 | Fax: 0870 606 7300