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WMS for SAP Business One


Software for warehousing and distribution

WMS for SAP Business One
SAP Business One has comprehensive warehouse management capabilities, allowing you to
maintain multiple warehouses with many bin locations in each, recording items as they come
into a warehouse, are checked / tested, put-away, picked and delivered.
It also allows you to control the movement of stock between locations within a warehouse or
between warehouses. The system has screens intended for use on PCs and laptops.
Frontline WMS provides the ability to use SAP's warehouse management capabilities from
ruggedised, handheld barcode scanners for booking-in, picking, delivering and doing stock

Who Needs Warehouse Management Software (WMS)?
Warehouse management software is not just for large organisations. A growing number of small and
midsized business are benefiting from improved efficiencies and reduced costs associated with their
warehouse through the use of warehouse management software.
Is WMS Right For My Business?

Do you need to know where stock is located, not just how much is available?

Do you need to know how much stock is allocated and how much is free to promise?

Would you like to scan a bar code rather than manually type in the item code?

Do you need warehouse operations connected to you back office system?

Do you buy in bulk and sell in smaller quantities, requiring different quantities of measure?

Do your customers receive the wrong orders?

Is inventory being misplaced?

Are your warehouse staff working overtime to meet demands?

If any of the above sounds familiar, Frontline WMS maybe the right solution for your business.

Faster Data Entry
A barcode scanner typically records data five to seven times faster than a skilled typist.
More Accurate Data Entry
Keyboard data entry typically suffers from at least one error in every 300 keystrokes. Barcode data
entry has an error rate of about 1 in 3 million.
Increase Productivity
By allowing for faster and more accurate data entry, the productivity of your warehouse staff is
increased without impacting on accuracy.
Reduced Labour Costs
By improving the speed and accuracy of your warehouse staff, you can minimise the additional
temporary staff required during peak periods.
Improve Customer Service
By minimising the number of incorrect deliveries, not only are you saving cost on returns, your
customers are benefiting from an improved customer experience.
Minimise Over Delivery
There is an almost unquantifiable cost associated with over delivering items to a customer. How often
has a customer told you that they have been sent more items than they have paid for?
Reducing Stock Level’s
The accuracy of stock control achieved when using barcodes can give you the confidence to lower stock
levels without fear of failing to fulfil customer orders, either because you are out of stock or because
stock can't be found in the warehouse. Keeping less in stock reduces the amount of money tied up in
Reduce Warehouse Costs
By minimising stock levels, you can optimise the warehouse space either resulting in a reduced need for
space or making better use of the additional space created.
Reduce Time Taken For Stock Taking
Improve the efficiency and accuracy of stock taking. Ad-hoc stock takes can also be carried out on the
Better Decision Making
Real time, accurate information about stock levels allows you to make informed business critical

Picking– Allows pickers to accurately and efficiently work through a pick list.
More Elsewhere– If there are not enough items available at your existing location, ‘More
Elsewhere’ will advise on alternative locations where stock is available.
Change Unit of Measure– Allows you to break up packs of items into individual items or bring
together individual items into one pack.
Walk Route– Suggests the most efficient route in order to pick a number of items based in
different locations throughout the warehouse.
Pick To Locations– Allows items to be picked prior to required delivery date and stored at a
temporary location within the warehouse. This could be a pallet within a warehouse or can be an
even more temporary location such as a basket within a trolley allowing for multiple orders to
be picked at the same time.
Filter Pick Lists By Warehouse– Pickers can be made aware of items that are only available
within their warehouse as opposed to items that are held in another warehouse.

GRPO- Accurately check items received from a supplier against items ordered at the point of delivery.

Stock Transfer– Where stock is held at an alternative warehouse or 3rd party warehouse upon goods
receipt, ‘Stock Transfer’ manages the movement from this initial location to an alternative warehouse.
Pick Face Replenishment- Used to relocate reserve stock to pick locations.

Item Info– Scan any item to find all the associated details (see images below to see Item Info for item
C00010 by Bin Location, Warehouse and All Locations)

Stock Taking– Is made easier and more accurate with bar codes. Minimise the paper and manual
checking involved with traditional stock taking by scanning a bin and being shown what it should
contain. This can then be checked against what the bin actually contains and information relayed into
SAP Business One highlighting any write offs.

Location Info– Can be used to scan a bin and show the contents it should contain. Ideal for a
Warehouse Manager to check on an ad hoc basis if there are any concerns about the contents of a bin or
the location of certain items.

Print Labels For Item– Allows for labels to be created for items that have either been manufactured
or an item received without a label.

Print Labels For Pick To Locations– If you are creating a Pick To Location a label can be created to
show accurate information.

Sales Return– If an item is returned by a customer or is incorrectly picked, Sales Return will suggest
the location of where the item should be returned to within the warehouse.

Purchasing Returns– If an item is received from a supplier, checked into stock, but needs to be
returned due to a fault for example, Purchasing Returns effectively creates a pick list to locate all items
that need to be returned to the supplier.

Packing– Once items are picked Packaging suggest the most efficient way to pack multiple items. For
example, if 12 items are picked and 6 of these items can fit in one package, Packaging shows that 2
packages will be required.

Pick To Production Order– Creates a pick list showing the items needed to create a product. For
example, for one bike, you would need, two wheels, seat, handle bar, frame, etc.

Warehouse Info– Shows the key information about a particular warehouse, i.e. warehouse name,
shelf structure, bin locations, etc.

Print Label For Bin Locations– Can generate a new label based on location if an existing label is
illegible or missing.

Hardware Requirements
Handheld Barcode Scanners
Devices must be running a suitable version of
Microsoft Windows with a resolution of at least
320x240 (QVGA) in portrait orientation. Examples
include the Motorola MC9190G Handheld Computer.
We are happy to advise which devices best suit
your requirements.
Strong Wi-Fi coverage is required throughout the
warehouse minus blind spots.
Terminal Services Server
Frontline WMS is delivered via Windows Terminal
Services. A dedicated server is recommended for
running Terminal Services, this can be in a virtual
Label Printer
Labels need to be printed for items without
barcodes, and to identify bin locations. We can
advise which label printers best suit your
requirements based on a range of factors including
label type, label size and how mobile the printer
needs to be.

Components of WMS



V9.1 PL04 or higher
SQL Server or HANA


WMS Server

1 per B1 deployment


1 per WMS user

User licence for SAP

Indirect Access User license
‘Limited’ license can also be

Terminal Server CAL
Terminal Server

1 per WMS user

1 per WMS user
Can be the server SAP B1 is
on as long as it is a Windows
server and the workload from
SAP and WMS will not be too

Depends on spec of server
and number of WMS users

Why SAP Business One?
Frontline Consultancy is pleased to be able to offer WMS for SAP Business One. As SAP Business One
Gold Partners, we can help you get the very best from this outstanding software.
SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-implement business management solution.
Built from the ground up to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One enables
you to manage your entire business across financials, sales, service, customers and operations.
A single powerful software system, SAP Business One automates business processes, streamlines end-to
-end operations and delivers a true and unified picture of your business information. With instant access
to highly accurate business-critical information you gain control. That control enables you to respond
faster to market needs and to focus on your company growth and profitability.
Information becomes a secured strategic asset; everyone authorised within your organisation,
managers and employees alike can access and process information more effectively, and make sound
business decisions based upon it.

Functionality Overview
SAP Business One is a comprehensive and versatile business management solution equipped with an
easy to use interface and serves as the primary ERP application. The solution provides all the
administrative functions that let you customise and back-up data, define currency exchange rates,
configure permissions and alerts and access information from non-SAP software.
In addition, it comprises generic areas of functionality that help extend its capabilities far beyond its
primary administrative function and enable it to streamline your entire business processes.

Handles all your financial transactions including general ledger, account set up and maintenance, journal
entries, foreign currency adjustments and budgets.

Bank transactions
Takes care of all your financial processing such as cash receipts, cheque writing, deposits, advance payments,
credit-card payments and bank reconciliation.

Lets you define profit centres and distribution rules to distribute the costs to these profit centres. You can also
generate profit-and-loss reports for each centre.

Helps you create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock balances and manage all
invoices and accounts receivables.

Manages and maintains supplier transactions such as issuing purchase orders, updating stock numbers,
calculating the value of imported items, handling returns and credits, and processing payments.

Integral Customer Relationship Management
Controls all the information on your customers, resellers and suppliers including profiles, contact summaries,
account balances and sales pipeline analysis.

Stock control
Handles stock levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses
and stock transactions.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
SAP Business One offers a simple yet powerful planning system that helps production planners or buyers
schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria.

Creates powerful reports for nearly every aspect of your business including customer and supplier debt, sales,
cash flow, customer contact summaries, book-keeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing,
customer activity and more (via pre-defined reports or define-it-yourself queries).

Service cycle management
Optimises the potential of your service departments, providing support for service operations, service contract
management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction activities, customer support and management
of sales opportunities.

Employee profiles
Provides staff management capabilities including employee details, contact information and absence reports.

Multicurrency transactions
Business transactions can be conducted and reported in multiple currencies. Support for multi-lingual
capability includes 27 languages and 40 countries.

Integrate SAP Business One with Microsoft Office
SAP Business One is fully integrated with Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Outlook, enabling
seamless communication that can span your organisation and business functions. Departments can share
contacts, appointments and tasks.




-Chart of accounts
-Journal entries
-Posting templates
-Exchange rates in
multiple currencies
-Financial reports
-Budget mgmt
-Cost accounting
-Multiple posting
-Payment run
-Bank statement
-Fixed Assets

-Opportunity and
pipeline mgmt
-Contact mgmt
-Activities mgmt
-Campaign mgmt
-Purchase orders
-Price lists in
multiple currencies
-Special prices
-Period and
volume discounts
-Customer mgmt
-Gross profit
-Microsoft Office

-Service mgmt
-Service planning
-Tracking across
multiple customer
-Equipment card
-Human resource
-Service calendar
-Service call

-Web enabled
-Goods receipt
-Goods returns
-A/P invoice
-A/R reserve
-Down payment
-A/P credit
-Landed costs
-Import process



-Item mgmt
-Item lists
-Price lists
-Goods receipts
-Goods issues
-Serial number
-Batch number
-Pick and pack
-Inventory tracking
-Bin location

-Bills of material
-Item sets
-Production orders
-Goods issues
Goods receipts
-GL account
-Life cycle mgmt
-Item cost
-Drop ship
-Make to order

About Frontline….
Frontline Consultancy has the depth of knowledge
and breadth of skills to deliver a complete and
highly successful implementation of SAP Business

We cover everything including:


Networking and remote / multi-site use

Fully accredited SAP Business One Gold

Software implementation and training

Established in 1991, we have decades of
experience in implementing software
solutions across multiple sectors.

Business change

Support, upgrades and software changes

We understand your challenges and

System integration (e.g. EDI & bank

In-depth knowledge of the key issues in
today's marketplace.


Extensive project management experience
backed up by a proven implementation

Successful track record of implementations
through our breadth of skills.

Excellent training available at the
customer's site or at our offices.

Full, responsive support capabilities - from
using the software in a business context
through to maintaining the infrastructure it
sits on.

A complete service - ensuring low total cost
of ownership and providing a single point of

Frontline Consultancy,
Frontline House,
Epsom Avenue, Brooke Park Estate,
Tel: 0161 486 4400 Fax: 0870 606 7300

As an accredited Gold Partner for SAP Business
One, Frontline Consultancy have proven expertise
in all aspects of the software and we have met
stringent SAP requirements for training,
certification and business standards and
Our aim is to implement the solution best suiting
your needs and deliver exceptional service at a
competitive rate.

Frontline Consultancy can offer SAP Business
One as a fully managed hosted solution.
This means that you can focus on your business
while Frontline Consultancy manages the
delivery of SAP Business One to your desktop
and mobile devices 24/7, 365 days each year.