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'Selection Committee' for T or C

'Interim Spaceport Information Hub'
City appoints:
City Manager Fuentes,
Commissioners Green & Clark

The City just TOLD US:
No advance notice or public input into
leasing PUBLIC property to a PRIVATE entity
(NOT to New Mexico Spaceport Authority)

Without an appraisal or a public hearing:
VIOLATES N.M. State Statute 3-54-1

City commits to pay 50% of LBJ
renovation costs for 'Follow the Sun, Inc.'

paid for by levying additional 1% to
Lodgers Tax for supporting a
Visitor Center.'
TO DATE: NO proof or receipts of 'Follow the Sun, Inc.
paying for their 50% of building improvements.

CLOSED to Public
“Taking” of Truth or Consequences
Lee Belle Johnson Senior Rec Center
This notice is how the Public is informed!
Taped to the building days before a meeting on:

January 26, 2015

City commits Taxpayers to pay (donate)
the Visitor Center's monthly:

electric, water, sewer, trash, natural gas
and building maintenance.
(FTS Lease, #14, #8)
These actions violate the anti-donation clause
of the New Mexico Constitution

July 6 – Aug 8, 2015
Lee Belle Johnson / Spaceport Visitors Center

Utilities Total: $1224.00
Rent received: $950.00 – do the math!

PAID FOR by T or C Taxpayers!

Why remove OVER 7,000
documented community users
of LBJ Senior Recreation Center when trying to build up the downtown?
'Use' means any time an individual uses the Center
(2014 info provided by City & checked with event organizers)

The City Has No 'Plan' for Economic
Success - their “Selection Committee”
for the Visitor's Center choice offered:
NO Criteria for a choice of site.
NO Cost Benefit Analysis provided.
NO Findings of Facts to warrant the decision.

'Projections for Success'
200,000 Visitors 'predicted' by Spaceport
20,000 Visitors 'predicted' by Comm. Green

2014 Data:
Follow the Sun Visitors to Spaceport:
Total: 1,211

= 3.3 per day

Lee Belle Johnson Center Attendance:

7,178 = 19.6 per day

City unfairly competes with Private
Commercial properties available
for rent & sale = NEGATIVE IMPACT
on private commercial
real estate market
Plenty of Empty spaces!

New Mexico Spaceport Authority
Executive Director Christine Anderson claimed:

“there has been a 136 percent increase in
ticket sales since a new visitor center
opened last month.”
at a July 15, 2015 Legislative Finance Oversight Committee
meeting, without any supporting statistics.

NO mention of 'Interim' or 'Temporary'
on Spaceport Visitor Center signs or ANY info!

New Mexico Spaceport Authority is NOT on the lease
New Mexico Spaceport Authority is not paying a dime:
Spaceport licensed LOGO on signs (violation).
Visitor Center allotted $7.5M from 1/4% tax Spaceport tax
SPENT on runway extension NOT in Virgin Galactic contract.
$20M in Visitor Centers reduced in 2014 to an $8M LOAN to buy
$1.2M Ashbaugh property & build 4800 sf. “visitor center.”
Loan APP. not accepted by New Mexico Finance Authority.

What's “INTERIM” about it?

a substitute for the

Lee Belle Johnson
Senior Recreation Center
(Dedicated by City Comm. In 2010)

CIVIC CENTER is NOT a substitute for LBJ:
Concert Space for 300 – gone
Steinway piano, no longer on loan since stage closed.

Public events at the Lee Belle Johnson Center:
Sierra County Arts Council
T or C MainStreet - Chamber of Commerce
Truth or Consequences Community Theater
Debbie's Studio of Dance

7000+ Documented Users
of the
Lee Belle Johnson
Senior Recreation Center in 2014!

PLUS Private Events:
Weddings / Anniversaries / Holidays
Quencenerias / Birthdays / Memorials & more

since it was built for us
in 1938 by the WPA!


We want OUR Center Back!
We support the Visitor Center moving
into any properly zoned, PRIVATE
COMMERCIAL property - NOT in OUR
Lee Belle Johnson Community Center,