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Edward Shaw

5221 Rue Royale
Haughton, LA 71037
(318) 949-6170

Experienced Supervisor, Research & Development, Testing, Operations Manager, Federal,
State, Parish or County and City permit acquisitions experience.

Gulf Coast Analytical Lab, Baton Rouge, LA, 10/2008 to 8/2009
Field Technician

Horseshoe Casino, Bossier City, LA, 9/2007 to 10/2008
Security & Surveillance

Delta-D’Lo, Lafayette, LA, 8/2000 to 8/2005
Operations Manager & Engineer

T I WC, Inc., Ft Worth, TX, 6/1998 to 1/2000
Operations Manger & Engineer

ECD, Inc., Greenwood, LA, 7/1994 to 6/1998
Design & Mechanical Engineer

Organic Chemistry (9 Credit Hours)
Nichols State University, Thibodaux, LA

Chemical Engineering (12 Credit Hours)
LeTourneau College, Longview, TX

Design Engineering Degree
Bachelor’s Degree – Wellman Industrial/Technical Engineering, Longview, TX

Mechanical Engineer (18 Credit Hours)
University of Texas @ Arlington, Arlington, TX

Associates of Science
Design Machine Works – Minor Mechanical Engineer
Kilgore Jr. College, Kilgore, TX

High School Graduate
Longview High School, Longview, TX

Herbicides and Pesticides – LSU Research Center, Shreveport, LA
• Tested streams near large farming fields to determine levels of contamination. Built
prototype water purification system for streams that resulted in a 99.6% reduction in
herbicides detected and a 99.8% reduction in the detection of pesticides.
Wood Treatment Plant compliance with EPA (District 6)
• Designed and built prototype membrane that significantly reduced contamination of
Aquifer and soil. Major contaminants were PCB’s, copper, arsenic, chromium, PCP’s, oil
and grease. System was tested on these chemicals for three months, 24 hrs per day, 7
days per week resulting in full compliance with EPA discharge standards.

Ship and Barge Cleaning compliance with EPA (Washington DC)
• Designed and built prototype water purification system which resulted in a successful a
zero discharge study in Houston area. The system removed all contaminants (chemicals,
food, hydrocarbons, etc.) associated with the cleaning of ship and barge hulls.

• Initially the EPA informed the shipyard they could no longer take water out of their deep
well because it was causing the land the facilities was on, to sink at the rate of 8 inches
per year. The analytical data produced set the regulation standards for the United States
that were implemented in year 2002 for barge and ship cleaning.

Intelligence Division – United States Army – Honorable Discharge
• Served in the 385th MP Battalion – Head Quarters.

• Set EPA wastewater discharge standards for wood treatment for 2002.
• Set EPA wastewater discharge standards for ship & barge cleaning for 2002.
• First person or company to be permitted to use membranes on hazardous wastewater in
the United States.

• Patent- Hydraulic filtration system for electric with a 200,000 ton capacity.
• Patent-Fuel injection valve for 3,000 hp natural gas engine.
• Patent Pending- For membrane system removing metals and organics.
• Patent Pending- For membrane system with easy in and out stainless steel.
• Holding tubes and end caps for membranes.

• ASCE- American Society of Civil Engineers.
• EWRI – Environmental & Water Resources Institute.
• RSA – Research Scientist of America.

• Speaker of the Year – National Geological Society, Houston, TX.
• Main Speaker – Research Scientist of America, Memphis, Tennessee.

Available upon request.

Water Contracts Completed
Supervision, Research & Development, Testing, Operations Management
Procurement of all Federal, State, Parish or County and City Permits

New York EPA
Ground water contaminated with organic hydrocarbons, arsenic, copper and
chromium was processed over a two year period in Long Island New York. The
membrane system processed over 263 million gallons at a rate of 250 gpm, 23 hrs
per day seven days a week. All water processed met EPA drinking water standards.
All discharge water was supervised by the EPA and the New York Department of
Environmental Quality. Contract amount $375,000.

LSU Research Herbicides and Pesticides – LSU Research Center – Shreveport, LA
A 3 month project was successfully completed for the LSU Research Center.
Membrane technology was demonstrated in processing ground water
contaminated with herbicides, pesticides and oil & grease. The COD of the water
being processed was 50,000 ppm. Contract amount $ Grant.

Weyerhaeuser Wood Treatment Plant compliance with EPA (District 6)
A 3 year contract using membrane technology was performed for a major
conglomerate at one of their wood treatment facilities in Arkansas. This project
involved the treatment of plant process water, storm water runoff contaminated
ground water and pit water was processed with membranes to meet NPD
discharge specifications. The water contained poly chlorinated phenols, PCB’s,
copper arsenic, oil & grease, BOD and high CODs (20,000 ppm) 44 million gallons
of water was successfully treated. Contract amount $2,600,000.

U.S. Ammunitions
Two projects were completed for the Department of Defense U S Army and the
Corp of Engineers at two ammunition plants. Four million gallons of water was
processed with TNT and RDX, (by products bombs, missiles and rocket fuel) over a
six month period. The water was clean enough to meet drinking standards. At the
other plant we were involved in TOP SECRET production of a new rocket fuel. The
process wastewater from the fuel was treated to EPA specifications then
discharged. Contract amount $395,000.

Alcoa Aluminum
A six month project was completed in East Texas processing low ph water with a
ph less than #1 (acid water). The water contained chromium, nickel, aluminum
and PCB’s. All work was performed under EPA on site supervision. Compliance
discharging was achieved at all times. Contract amount $395,000.
TX Water Comm.
The State of Texas owned property that was made into a Super Fund Site. The site
was an ex-plating facility that was determined to have pollutes of six hazardous
metals listed by the EPA. The project was completed with great success. Contract
amount $55,000.

General Motors
At the plant in Shreveport, LA a very successful treatment on their primer bath
containing lead and nickel was processed. The special metal membranes were very
productive in removing 99.7% of the metals. The system was used for a six month
period while their paint primer system was revamped. Contract amount

Marine Cleaning Co.
A three year contract treating and discharging bilge water from tanker containers
and food carrying ships. The contents of the bilge were used oil, diesel cleaning
fluids and grey water. The oil and diesel was separated by membranes, (and sold)
and the remaining contaminates were separated by the membranes and the clean
water discharged into the bay. Contract amount $260,000.

A Major Shipyard Ship and Barge Cleaning compliance with EPA (Washington, DC)
The Shipyard cleaned barges & ships which carried all types of cargo. The shipyard
was informed by the EPA that they could no longer pump any water from their
deep well because the land that the shipyard sits on was sinking 8 inches per year
with the help from the EPA in Washington, DC, L designed a zero discharge which
is still in operation today (The PRINTS AND TEST RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE
ON REQUEST) Contract amount $250,000.

Note: All waste/water systems were designed, built, tested & operated by
Edward H. Shaw or his trained technicians.

All Permits, City, County, Parish, State, & Federal were acquired by
Edward Shaw.