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Relocation Policy

This policy applies to Centene Corporation positions who Renters in the current location, Grade Level E7
and above and who meet the following qualifications:

Relocation must be at least 50 miles from the present reporting base AND 50 miles more in distance
from the employee’s residence and present location (per IRS regulations for a qualified relocation).

The employee must work in the new location for at least 39 weeks unless the employee is relocated
again by Centene Corporation (per IRS regulations for a qualified relocation).

The relocation of family and household possessions should occur within 6 months and must be
completed within 12 months after the employee’s assignment to the new location. All relocation
expenses not submitted within 12 months of the effective transfer date are subject to loss of eligibility
for reimbursements unless there is reasonable cause for exception.

The employee has been transferred or reassigned within the organization at the company’s request.

Minimum Service Requirements
The benefits provided under this policy are based on the assumption that the employee will successfully
complete a minimum assignment of twenty four (24) months with Centene Corporation. If the employee is
terminated for cause or voluntarily terminates his/her employment with Centene Corporation before twelve
(12) months following the first day worked at the new location, the employee will be responsible for
reimbursing the Company 100% of any and all monies paid out to service providers as well as monies
reimbursed to the employee under the Relocation Program: after 12 months but before 24 months, the
employee will be responsible to repay 50% of the costs.

General Policy
It is the policy of Centene Corporation to provide certain financial assistance to relocating Employees for costs
associated with the relocation. The company’s philosophy is for both the employee and the company to deal
with one another on a reasonable, sound business basis without seriously penalizing one another. Should it
become necessary to change the general procedure where mitigating circumstances seem to warrant different
handling, approval should be obtained from Centene Corporation by Cartus.
The Company would like to make moving as comfortable as possible for the employee and the employee’s
family. Therefore, most reasonable and necessary expenses that might be incurred in the move have been
covered. The principles of respect, trust, integrity and shared responsibility between the Company and the
employee are the foundation of the program. Please use discretion when incurring expenses. The Company will
reimburse only expenses that are reasonable and appropriate.
All expenses incurred after twelve months will be the responsibility of the employee and not Centene
Corporation, regardless of any dollar amount that may not have been utilized by the deadline. Relocation
expenses may not be submitted for Travel & Expense reimbursement either before or after the termination date
of the relocation policy. Relocation travel benefits follow the company Travel and Expense Policy. It is
imperative that the employee complies with the established time frames for the various steps of the relocation.
The employee’s move should be accomplished within the required period to meet the company goals.

Relocation Policy - Renters
Effective April 1, 2005; Revised February 15, 2014


tips. Employee Contract Exclusion Neither eligibility for the benefits of this Policy nor actually receiving the benefits of this Policy shall be deemed by itself to imply the existence of or to constitute a contract of employment between Centene Corporation and any person. misc items that are included in the policy. taxi. Nothing contained in this Policy or communication regarding this Policy shall create or be deemed to create any right to be retained in the employment of Centene Corporation. for the purpose of selecting a new residence. based on the allowances below. Relocation Policy . if an individual expense is under $25. Rental Assistance Centene Corporation will reimburse Broker’s fees when necessary. Revised February 15. lodging transportation and meal expenses. for one round trip by the employee and/or spouse to the new location. if at all possible. Expenses for Alcohol are not reimbursable. 2014 2 . but is not limited to. 2005. Home Finding Trip Upon acceptance of Centene Corporation employment offer. tolls. Administration Cartus has been retained by Centene Corporation to administer the Relocation Policy as well as coordinate the entire relocation on behalf of its employees. parking. however.Retain copies of ALL receipts and other documentation to verify relocation expenses. totaling up to five days duration for the trip (not including travel time). This may include. The Relocation Consultant will review the policy procedures with the employee as well as provide the employee with a complete overview of the relocation services being provided and how to utilize these services. receipts are not required. the Company will reimburse travel. Each employee will have one designated Relocation Consultant with Cartus. Expenses should be submitted for reimbursement within 90 days of occurrence. The employee must attach original receipts when filing expense reports to Cartus or the applicable credit card statement will be acceptable.Renters Effective April 1. or to in any way affect the Company’s right to or power to terminate any employee with or without cause. Best Practice is that receipts should be submitted for all expenses. Centene Corporation reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. if exceeding 350 miles Reasonable expenses will be paid Paid Mid-sized car rental and gasoline Per Current IRS guidelines Reimbursement of up to $200 for childcare (with receipts) or for children to accompany on the trip Note: Saturday night stay is advisable on the trip and 2 weeks advance notice to purchase the tickets. Allowances Airfare Food Hotel Car rental Personal vehicle Childcare- Round trip economy or coach transportation per visit. meals.

additional charges may occur. The Relocation Allowance may be used for. up to a maximum of five (5) days. pet transportation and tax liability. gas and parking and tolls.) Relocation Policy . registration fees. All air travel accommodation will be the most economical available with reservations made through a Centene Corporation approved travel agency and will be reimbursed if the mileage to the new location exceeds 350 miles. Relocation Allowance Centene Corporation will provide the relocating employee a relocation allowance of $2. vehicle licensing. Travel to the new location will be by the most direct route.Temporary Living Expenses Centene Corporation will pay for reasonable temporary living expenses (at a Company-approved furnished apartment) for up to 30 days for the employee and/or immediate family while awaiting occupancy of the new home or the arrival of the household possessions. If such accommodations are unavailable. Allowances: Direct driving Airfare Food Hotel Tolls Rental Car - Mileage reimbursed at current IRS rate per mile for a maximum of two vehicles. installation of telephones.Renters Effective April 1. Disposition of Present Apartment Centene Corporation will reimburse lease-breaking penalties not to exceed two (2) months rent. but not limited to. based on the allowances below. Any additional expenses are the responsibility of the employee. 2014 3 . Temporary living will only be considered while waiting occupancy of new home and not for repairs. The employee is entitled to reimbursement for travel and reasonable en-route expenses to include rental car. Economy or coach transportation for employee or family. Travel to Former Location An employee who has started work at the new location and whose family has not relocated may take a maximum of two round trips to the former location. the employee will be responsible for any additional charges.500 (less taxes). Relocation Travel The cost of transportation and lodging in connection with the transfer of the employee and the employee’s dependents from the old location to the new location will be reimbursed by Centene Corporation. upgrades. as needed. It is the responsibility of the employee to give timely notice and if not done. Most temporary housing facilities require a 30-day notice prior to vacating and if proper notice is not given. Every effort will be made to secure furnished housing while placed in temporary living. if moving separately and the move is greater than 500 miles Reasonable meals paid Paid Paid Paid when personal cars are shipped and not available once arriving at new location (From pick-up date of personal car in the old location to delivery date in the new location. Mileage will be reimbursed if under 350 mules. reimbursement of expenses such as utility hook-ups and deposits. Centene Corporation will pay for room and tax only. the employee will be placed in a hotel. etc. Revised February 15. cosmetics on the home. 2005.

appliance disconnect/reconnect and any third party services needed (e. but not more than the maximum of 5 days.). These include the following:  Bulky articles such as utility sheds. Relocation Policy . but is not limited to. unloading and insurance on your vehicle while being transported. etc. stamp collections and collectable items) will not be covered under the insurance agreement. unpacking of mattresses only. they will not be paid. 30 days storage and delivery out of storage. This will include packing. trailers and recreational vehicles Expense Reimbursement Cartus will be managing all expense approval and reimbursements for relocating employees.. Centene Corporation will also pay for a maximum of 30 days storage while awaiting occupancy of the new home. 2005. parking. On third party items such as icemakers and fixtures.Centene Corporation will reimburse the expenses of the employee’s family for lodging in the old location after goods have been loaded and lodging until the day goods have been unloaded in the new location-typically not more than 2 to 3 days. The employee should use the miscellaneous allowance to transport pets. firewood. weather permitting. tolls. Expenses should be submitted for reimbursement within 90 days of occurrence.g. dangerous. tips. This will include warehouse handling. however. 2014 4 .Renters Effective April 1. or playground equipment  Frozen foods  Plants  Explosives or flammables  Currency and securities  Notes. transportation. accompanied with the Cartus Expense Report provided by your Consultant should be submitted directly to Cartus. it is expected that 350 miles per day be traveled. the applicable credit card statement will be acceptable. This will include loading. building materials. coin collections. Note: When driving to new location. valuable or unlikely to survive a move. Centene Corporation will not pay for additional hook ups at destination if the employee did not have these at origin. furs. taxi. Storage will only be considered while waiting occupancy of new home and not for repairs. meals. farm equipment. if an individual expense is under $25. Movement of Household Goods and Storage The cost of moving the relocating employee’s household goods and personal possessions from the employee’s former place of residence to the new location will be paid by Centene Corporation. etc. Conversions for appliances are not covered. If these receipts go to finance. Best Practice is that receipts should be submitted for all expenses. deeds and valuable papers  Articles of extraordinary value (jewelry. Expenses for Alcohol are not reimbursable. Centene Corporation will NOT pay to move certain items that are too cumbersome. upgrades. This will be based on the most cost effective method between a car carrier and having your vehicles loaded on the truck with your household goods. cosmetics on the home. crating. transportation.  Boats. This may include. Moving of Personal Vehicles Centene Corporation will pay for the shipment of up to two operating vehicles if the distance of your relocation exceeds 500 miles. cash. All receipts. The employee may make his or her own insurance arrangements for these items. chandeliers. receipts are not required. If original receipts are not available. Full Value Replacement coverage based on the carriers standards. misc items that are included in the policy. Revised February 15.

2014 5 . Relocation Policy . as well as FICA tax liability that the employee has incurred due to items covered by the relocation will be grossed-up to alleviate the tax consequences. and local income taxes. Tax Considerations Federal tax laws require Centene Corporation to report certain expenses and reimbursements it pays on behalf of the employee for relocation as taxable income. any additional federal. after favorable review by Cartus. The gross up calculation considers only the individual’s annual Centene salary and not other income such as spouse income or previous employer income.Exceptions Human Resources must approve any exception to this policy in writing. Consequently. state. The intent with respect to taxation is to avoid penalizing the employee for additional taxes directly caused by the relocation. in advance.Renters Effective April 1. Revised February 15. 2005.

excluding meals.Renters Effective April 1. Along with seeking the assistance of a professional tax advisor.ustreas. You can also access these publications on the IRS web site: www. Final move expenses. Consult a professional tax advisor for details on the tax implications of your relocation. Storage of household goods for the first 30 days. ALL OTHER RELOCATION EXPENSES ARE TAXABLE INCOME TO THE EMPLOYEE. 2014 6 .irs.IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING Tax Liability FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES The IRS considers all relocation expenses paid to you or on your behalf as compensation except those expenses associated with:    The household goods shipment. Please note the following:    It is imperative that you keep records and receipts of all your expenses to manage the tax return filing process at Relocation Policy . A Relocation Summary Package that itemizes all your relocation expenses will be prepared and sent to you from Cartus by January 31 of the year after your move. consider reading the following IRS information guide:  Publication 521 . Revised February 15. It is recommended that you seek professional tax advice prior to beginning your relocation.Moving Expenses To order these guides or necessary tax forms call 1-800-TAX-FORM. Taxable relocation payments will appear on your W-2 for the year that the payment was disbursed to you. and mileage over IRS Moving Rate per mile. 2005.

Revised February 15.Renters Effective April 1. 2014 7 .TAX SUMMARY Reimbursement Added to W-2 Taxable Income Round Trip Travel Yes Yes Lease Cancellation Fees Yes Yes Final Move Expenses-Except meals & mileage over IRS Moving Rate cents/mile No No House hunting Trip Yes Yes Miscellaneous Allowance Yes Yes Rental Finder’s Fees Yes Yes Shipment of Household Goods No No Storage of Household Goods- No No Yes Yes (first 30 days) Temporary Living Relocation Policy . 2005.

or any violations of company policy. I agree to pay any and all attorney fees if Centene Corporation undertakes collection procedures. harassment. including but not limited to. bonus. ALL EMPLOYEES ELIGIBLE FOR RELOCATION REIMBURSEMENT MUST SIGN THIS AGREEMENT. This agreement does not guarantee employment for a specific period of time. unlawful or criminal conduct. If repayment is required. If I fail to repay the full amount. my hire/transfer date is RELOCATING EMPLOYEE B Y: Printed Name Signature Employee Social Security # Relocation Policy . Revised February 15. By signing below I acknowledge that I been given full and fair opportunity to review the terms of this agreement. including sexual harassment. falsification of records. If. I voluntarily terminate my employment within the timeframe listed above of my hire/transfer date. sign it as my own free act and intend to be legally bound.Renters Effective April 1. severance that I may be entitled to. insubordination. know and understand its terms. within the time frame listed below of my hire/transfer date. 2014 8 . I agree that The Company may deduct any amount due under this Agreement from any final wages. The repayment is to be calculated in US dollars and remitted in US dollars.Relocation Repayment Agreement PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. documented performance issues in accordance with the Company’s performance management and disciplinary action policies. 2005. I am discharged for performance or disciplinary reasons. that I have carefully read the same. commissions. or other compensation due to me on termination of my employment or thereafter unless otherwise prohibited by law. destruction of company property. and I acknowledge that my employment remains expressly at will. physical violence. theft regardless of whether at the company or not. I hereby agree to pay the gross amount of any and all relocation expenses paid on my behalf or reimbursed to me at a rate of 100% if I leave within the first 12 months of service or 50% if I leave after 12 months but before 24 months. I hereby agree with The Company that for purposes of this Agreement. I understand that my failure to repay relocation expenses and related tax liability and/or reasonable attorney fees will be reported to credit reporting agencies and may have a negative effect on my credit rating. In exchange for Centene Corporation providing me with relocation reimbursements. if I terminate employment as noted below (as of my hire/transfer date as indicated in records maintained in Human Resources     If I fail for any reason under my control to begin the assignment on the designated date. pay out of accrued unused Paid Time Off if applicable.

Renters Effective April 1. Revised February 15. PRINT NAME:_________________________________ (Employee’s Name) SIGNATURE:__________________________________ DATE:_______________________________ Centene Corporation BY:____________________________________________ DATE:______________________________ (Corporate Human Resources) Relocation Policy . 2014 9 .I have read and understand this relocation policy/agreement as it relates to my relocation from STATE OF ORIGIN to STATE OF RELOCATION. and the agreement by Centene Corporation to provide relocation assistance as outlined in the above policy. 2005. I agree to the terms and conditions of this relocation policy/agreement. In consideration for my employment.