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Functional Specifications
<Version No. 1.0>
April 2015

0 Author(s) Sections Description of Changes Changed Aman Garg New Document Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. 3.Functional Specifications Document Functional Name Project Name: RBL SBL Project Reference #: Functional Ref.0 11 Business Private (when filled). Ltd.: Date: 24-Apr-15 Version Control Version Published (softcopy) Date 1. TM-FSD-01 Ver. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 2 of . #: Soft Copy Name: Version No.

Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 3 of .Functional Specifications Document Approvals Approving Authority Name Author Aman Garg Signature Date Sr.0 11 Business Private (when filled). TM-FSD-01 Ver. Ltd. Business Systems Analyst Business Unit Head User Information Security Head Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. 3.

Ltd.1.4. Interface Considerations_____________________________________________________________3 4. Business Requirement and Objectives_____________________________________________________3 System/Module Overview____________________________________________________________________3 2. database and web layers – physically and logically_____________________3 8. Hardware and Software Platform________________________________________________________3 2.4. Cross Functional Impact_____________________________________________________________3 3.14. Features In-scope______________________________________________________________________3 2.1. Disabling Directory browsing__________________________________________________________3 8. Development and Production Environment________________________________3 Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. <Function Name>______________________________________________________________________3 3.2. Role Based Authorization_____________________________________________________________3 8.5.5. Technical Change___________________________________________________________________3 3. Installation and Recovery documentation________________________________________3 8. User Transactional Audit Trails_________________________________________________________3 8. NDA. Buffer overflow validations___________________________________________________________3 Inputs____________________________________________________________________________3 3.3.5. System Requirements_______________________________________________________________________3 8.0 11 Business Private (when filled).Functional Specifications Document Table of Contents Version Control________________________________________________________________________________2 Approvals____________________________________________________________________________________3 Table of Contents______________________________________________________________________________3 1. contract and AMC signed with the business partner___________________________________3 8. Separate Testing. Baseline. 3.7. Performance Requirements__________________________________________________________________3 6. Migration Requirements_____________________________________________________________________3 5. Input/Output validations______________________________________________________________3 8.6.1. Security Requirements______________________________________________________________________3 8. TM-FSD-01 Ver. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 4 of . Outputs___________________________________________________________________________3 3.11. User Management Audit Trails_________________________________________________________3 8. Separate business logic. Principal of Least privileges___________________________________________________________3 SPECIFIC FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS______________________________________________________3 Password Policy Requirement__________________________________________________________3 8.2. Processing________________________________________________________________________3 3.12. 2. Proposed Workflow____________________________________________________________________3 3.6. Assumptions__________________________________________________________________________3 2.1.15. Session Management_________________________________________________________________3 8.1. SIC Considerations_________________________________________________________________________3 7. Background_______________________________________________________________________________3 1. Description________________________________________________________________________3 3. Out of Scope__________________________________________________________________________3 2.2. Error handling mechanism to prevent system from throwing default error messages_______________3 8. Unique user ID_____________________________________________________________________3 8.3.9.

Reference Documents_____________________________________________________________________3 12. 3.1.16. Traceability matrix_______________________________________________________________________3 11.2. TM-FSD-01 Ver.0 11 Business Private (when filled). Operating System Hardening__________________________________________________________3 Testing Considerations______________________________________________________________________3 9. System Testing Scope___________________________________________________________________3 9.Functional Specifications Document 8. Appendix_______________________________________________________________________________3 Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. Glossary________________________________________________________________________________3 14. Testing Scenarios______________________________________________________________________3 10. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 5 of . Ltd. 9. Open Items_____________________________________________________________________________3 13.

Ltd.   Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co.1. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 6 of .Functional Specifications Document 1. and lists the most important features and capabilities. This should be directly imported from the business requirement document and expanded upon if necessary. 3. Background 1. TM-FSD-01 Ver. Please revise the objective if the original requirement was unclear or has been altered by the approach taken. Business Requirement and Objectives Describes briefly why the system/module is being developed.0 11 Business Private (when filled).

Out of Scope This section describes the exclusions from the scope of this functionality   2. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 7 of .2. System/Module Overview 2.   2. 3.5. TM-FSD-01 Ver. Features In-scope Provide list of the functions that the system/module will be required to perform. Assumptions Lists any assumptions that were made in specifying the functional requirements   2. Ltd. Where a feature comprises several functional capabilities. a table may be developed to illustrate these relationships.0 11 Business Private (when filled).1.)   2.4. Hardware and Software Platform (List the hardware and software platform proposed for the system. Proposed Workflow (Show a helicopter view of the proposed system/module) Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co.3.Functional Specifications Document 2.

and options is described.1. The following section should be repeated for each function of the system/module. number (integer. 3. attached as appendix.2. menus. 3.Functional Specifications Document 3. other operations relating inputs to outputs. create a subsection for each function name 3. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 8 of . Ltd. <Function Name> 3. time)  Keyboard shortcuts Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co.  Information and storage  Field types (e. Function Name Brief Description 3. Description Describes the function and its role in the system/module.4. sorting or sequencing. and may take the form of a separate document. 3. Examples of UI elements are check boxes.7.g. This will help ensure that all the functions have been captured in the document and considered for the next stage – System Design. data. and alphanumeric fields. 3. Examples include  New screens and input documents or continued use of existing screens and input documents . memo. That is. This is usually best done via simulated.3.1. decimal). validity checks on inputs. The detail information for each of the changes will be included in the Appendix in sub documents. error handling and recovery) S No. non-functioning screen shots (such as PowerPoint slides). include any screen designs in the Appendix.5. Sub-sections can also be created to separate changes into client changes and server changes if that makes it more understandable.0 11 Business Private (when filled). buttons.1.2. 3.Where user interface (UI) elements are present. these should be described. The navigation flow of the windows. 3. dropdown lists. Some examples of functions are: calculations. TM-FSD-01 Ver. but each component should also be described here in general with a description of how they fit together to meet the business requirements. SPECIFIC FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS (Make a laundry list of all the functions with brief description – not more than a sentence or two. 3. character (string). hyperlinks. For ease of reading/flow. Inputs Describe the inputs to the function.1. 3.1. along with the expected content of each window.6.

If no related functions. 3. Database definitions should be also included where relevant. Cross Functional Impact If the implementation of this function is dependent upon the implementation of any other function. Exception reporting. Give details about the validations. A very brief rationale may be given to explain the reason they are related (if it is not immediately apparent). This is usually developed with inputs from the Technical Team. Ltd. 3.1. If no interface considerations. Output validation. 3. it is included. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 9 of . state ‘No related functions’ 3. Do you really want to log out? ” Consistency of messages. field colors. or that this function impacts.1. TM-FSD-01 Ver.5. state ‘No interface considerations’. they should be described here. Examples include Input verification. screen resolutions.1.4. formulas should be mentioned. Relevance to the current screen. “You haven’t saved the new data.3. or both should be specified.1. Where a user interface description is relevant.0 11 Business Private (when filled). Where algorithms. The wording of the error messages. Description of the information flow via the interfaces will be outlined in the Processing section. If calculations are required.g. Whether the process should occur on-line or automatically in batch. Reconciliation. Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. E. Interface Considerations Describe or list the interfaces to/from other systems that impact this function.6. simply mention the reference number here.       The type of popup box to be displayed. equations. Outputs Describes the outputs of the function.7.Functional Specifications Document  Error and alert situations and user responses to correct the situation. Reports generated are also defined.g. 3. Technical Change This section describes the technical changes to be made in the functionality. Display all messages on one popup or each one separately Parameters (e. Manual controls. as appropriate.1. Processing Describe what is done by the function. or other logic are used. font size and colors) 3. Balancing.

Functional Specifications Document 4. SIC Considerations Describes SIC considerations required for the function. Ltd. configuration manager. database administrator and which functionality will be accessible to each access level and to whom.1. data volume requirements. querying data files and databases. maximum data file size or problem complexity. 7. including:     desired hours of operation . and peak load requirements (for web-based applications). maximum number of concurrent uses. developer. Include expected response times for entering information. Testing Considerations List the functional acceptance criteria or attach the functional test plan 9. System Requirements This section should contain details about system access and capacity.Describe any password-protected access levels such as data center operator. Migration Requirements Describes migration requirements (data fixes) required for the function. 6. security requirements . throughput requirements. 3.Describe requirements items such as days or weeks of continuous operation. performing calculations of various complexities. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 10 of . 5. backup frequency disaster recovery 8. and importing/exporting data.0 11 Business Private (when filled). Performance Requirements Discuss items such as response times. TM-FSD-01 Ver. System Testing Scope Define the system testing scope for this functionality   Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co.

the functionality is only tested as part of the period batch cycle testing process. Ltd.0 11 Business Private (when filled).Functional Specifications Document 9. Reference Documents Including list of documents linked with this document   10. Report Formats.   9. or ensure that the premium calculations are tested. Open Items List the open points pending for closure S. 3.   12.. Glossary List and explain the various acronyms and abbreviations used in the document. Testing Scenarios Describe unique testing constraints or situations. e.g.2. Appendix Including sub documents created for User Interface Designs. and Document Formats Information contained herein is for internal use and may be used only for business purposes authorized by Max Life Insurance Co. Ensure all testing scenarios are identified and captured.No . Description Pending With Target Closure Date 11. Business Confidential (when not filled) Page 11 of . TM-FSD-01 Ver.