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Melissa V. Agosto
BS Chemistry

An agile and versatile Volleyball player,
She would eagerly spike every ball you toss towards her.
Don’t be deceived by her soft-spoken nature—
She hides a steely will and a formidable attitude
Making her friends glad
And her detractors hesitate.
Don’t be conned by her zealous athleticism;
Off-court, she’s frustratingly too poised,
Too elegant, too... neat
You’d mistake her for a hypochondriac.
Don’t think she’s aloof—it’s really just her height;
Her friends know her well:
She’s really, honestly too malambing, and kind, and
And irritatingly perfect.

Barbara Jay S. Bernal
BS Chemistry

On the surface? She’s the kind of person you’d love to
With her long legs that stretch for miles,
How she heedlessly scorns fashion
Looking effortlessly perfect and elegant in plain jeans and
On a deeper level? She’s that type of person you’d love
to hate
Being too diplomatic, too conscientious
One who never leaps without looking
She is that person you’d love to hate
Because she can shame all of us by just being herself
She is exactly that person
You would hate to lose as a friend—
Her constant loyalty and her quiet strength
Is unfortunately indispensable
She will undoubtedly be the strong foundation one needs
To push against the world.

David P. Peralta
BS Chemistry

David. Dappie. Kuwatro Kid. Kimiko. Mang-aawit. Kaibigan.

Si David ay isa sa mga pinakakilalang estudyante na
kumukuha ng kursong BS Chemistry. Dahil sa angking
talino niya, inimbitahan siya ng Chemistry Department
na lumipat sa kursong BS-MS Chemistry, pagkakataong
ibinibigay lamang sa mga pinakamahusay na estudyante.
Aktibo rin siya sa maraming organisasyon–-naging
presidente siya ng Ateneo Chemical Society, block at
course representative, isa sa mga miyembro ng all-male
choir na Kinema, at miyembro pati na rin ng iba pang ‘di
mabilang na proyekto’t grupo. Sa dami ng ginagawa niya,
nakabibilib na nakahahanap pa siya ng panahong magbasa
at manood ng mga dula, pelikula, at paborito niyang palabas
tulad ng Survivor, CSI, American Idol, Amazing Race, at iba
pa, habang hindi pinababayaan ang mga org at grado niya.
Iyan si David: matalino, mabait, madaling pakisamahan,
maaasahan at marami pang iba— palaging marami pang
iba. Sozein ta phainomena!

Deniz P. Wong
BS Chemistry

It never fails to amaze us how, after everybody has given
up on our homework, Deniz comes in, with a smile in his
face and his homework in his hands—completely done!
But even more amazing is how much he enjoys the whole
process. But he is not just all brains…

… for God has given him so much more, making him the
wonderful person that he is… blessed in countless ways…

… perseverance, coolness and gentle enthusiasm that
made him a rare scholastic and a friend that many have

… but in the end, he got just one big throbbing heart…

… truly of the authentic variety

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