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Brother Donny states "that he felt the call to be

a pstor when he was nine years old and there has
The Cyril Newsbeen
nothing else I wanted to do with my life."
He believes that when God builds His Church

Worship service begins at 10:55 a.m. Sunday
School and Bible Study begin at 9:00 a.m. As
we come together to worship you are invited to
join us.

Tips, apps and community events help people of all ages deal with issues like identity
theft, cyberbullying, and smartphone security
August 12, 2015 —Digital
You is a new, comprehensive
AT&T program that offers
tools, tips, apps, guidance and
community education events
for people of all ages and levels
of online experience to learn
more about how to have a safe
and secure online experience.
Through Digital You, AT&T
has collaborated with promi­
nent national organizations like
Common Sense and AARP to
increase digital literacy as well
as local organizations across
the country to assemble and
promote expert online safety
information in a number of
“The Internet has improved
how many of us study, work
and play. Digital You was de­
signed to further enhance that
time online, with information
that can help you to be safe,
secure and savvy during virtual
interactions,” said Steve Hahn,
president of AT&T Oklahoma.
“We also provide information
designed to boost newcomers’

digital literacy skills and em­
power them to become safer
and more secure digital citi­
Launched at a time when
people are posting about their
summer activities and getting
ready to go back to school.
Digital You helps teach begin­
ners of all ages the basics of
using a smartphone or tablet,
private and secure and activat­
ing accessibility features to
support users with disabilities
through training resources and
tips sheets.
Digital You also brings you
Digital Compass™ , a free in­
teractive game developed by
Common Sense to help teach
6th through 9th graders about
the real-world impact of their
online choices.
“The digital world presents
enormous potential for our
kids,” said Amy Guggenheim
Shenkan, President and Chief
Operating Officer of Common
Sense. “The key to unlocking

the promise is preparing kids
to think critically and behave
responsibly, respectfully, and
safely. These tangible skills
of digital literacy and citizen­
ship are essential for success
in life and learning in the 21st
Thought leaders from orga­
nizations including National
Consumers League, National
Cyber Security Alliance, Na­
tional Organization of Black
Elected Legislative Women,
League of United Latin Ameri­
can Citizens, Family Online
Safety Institute, The Wireless
Research Center for Wireless
Technologies, iKeepSafe, Call
For Action and LGBT Tech­
nology Partnership & Institute
have provided feedback, infor­
mation and guidance to AT&T
in the development of Digital
You materials.
For more information on the
resources available, check out
ww w.digitalyou .att .com.

Seen This Week........ My Mom, Phyllis Mallon, from Pittsburgh, PA visiting with me and my
family, Gail & Frank at the Post Office always so helpful and pleasant, JoAnne at Mac's smiling
and giving great customer service, Pat Maisonneuve heading into Mac's, Sonny's gas pumps
being worked on, they look close to being ready, lot's of happy little children enjoying their first
week in school, the parking lot of El Charro's full of customers as always, The Circus in Town,
Mandy Gray selling T-Shirts at the Cyril Fair for the Historical Society, Bobby Williams at the
Post Office, Hoby and Monna Rae Williams at Arin Sniders 1st birthday party, Monica Metcalf
dropping off an article introducing the new Pastor at First Baptist Church and rushing off to
finish making chow chow and picantte sauce, Monica Cooper working hard for the City.

August 27, 2015 2:54 pm /

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Stewart. They include
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Cyril H

The Town of Cyril H
Society was busy this wee
children and adults enjo
small town fair, especially
booths hosted by the H
Society. There were TCH
history books, caps and
mugs available for purch
Patterson, author of the
of Cyril, was on hand to
tographs for those that pu
history books. Isabelle Lin
nated homemade cookies
efit the society. A total of
raised over the course of
Mandy Gray was the mo
behind the success of the
made all the signs and
supplies. Thanks to Paula
Tomasa Gomez, Candy P
David Moore, Victoria W
Melissa Harvin, Mary An
Ruth Clyburn, Adam Gra
Thompson, Nelda Anders
lor Reynolds, Bill Patterso
Davis, LaVeta Davis, Ta
and any others that helpe
the fair a success.
Renewing membership
Terry Walters Jimmy Nor
The Society appreciates
erous donations made by
Carroll, James & Anita N
Irene Thomas & Jimmy N