Maria Ramona P. Atilano BFA Creative Writing

Monette (Moh-net), a member of the Matalimus gandamus species; This certified poetry and philosophy junky can come up with crazy metaphors for your problems, offer brilliant solutions and say the very things that will make you wonder how in the world you’d survive without her. When God created her, extra doses of creative juices were added to the concoction. Active Ingredient: Enormous heart. Caution: Monette is magnetic. You may find yourself spellbound to her charm, razor-sharp wit, blissful disposition and infectious radiance. Also, in the event of watching a movie with her, be prepared to hear her in-depth character analyses and discussion of visual symbolism. Film genre may range from slapstick comedy to profound art film by a foreign director whose name you can barely pronounce. Directions: Hug tight and do not let go until symptoms of your sadness are gone. Dosage: Take as much as needed. This humble sweetheart’s engaging smile may be addictive but has absolutely no harmful side effects!


Ceres Helga R. Barrios BFA Creative Writing

Cerz is fashion incarnate. Give her some rags, and she’ll turn them into a sexy bikini. Her imagination is so unusual; she can turn the boring into exciting. Her prowess doesn’t stop there; her fashion expertise is nothing compared to whatever ideas this girl can concoct. An artist to the very core, Cerz is all that. She colorfully paints the world with her crazy antics and creates wonderful poetry with her flexibility and adeptness. A passionate playwrightdirector and fellow frustrated singer, she would spend hours thinking of theatre productions or flexing her vocal chords with tunes ranging from Backstreet Boys to AC/ DC. Laughter is always present whenever she’s around—a breath of fresh air. She is very radiant, emitting a certain subtle charm and beauty that I can’t quite figure out, but it’s there. Her thoughtfulness will warm your heart; her teasing will brighten your day, & her presence will give a sense of security that, at least with Cerz, you’ll know that life is never dull :)


Christoffer Mitch C. Cerda BFA Creative Writing

Filipino. Tagalog. Taga-Calabarzon. Taga-Laguna. TagaSan Pablo. Taga-Brgy. Bagong Pook. Panganay. Paburito ni Lola (Sumalangit nawa.) Mataba. Maitim/kayumanggi (Pili na lang kayo.) Pogi/panget (Pili na lang ulit kayo.) Ayaw sa takbo.Mahiligsalakad.Mahiligsamangga.Mahiligmagbasa. Malikhaing Manunulat. Kuwentista. Nangangarap maging makata. Nangangarap ng pandaigdigang kapayapaan. Naniniwala sa Diyos. Kristiyano. Katoliko. Nilikha ng Diyos ang lahat. Ang Nakaraan. Ang Ngayon. Ang Hinaharap. Nangangarap magising araw-araw. Hindi alam kung bakit gumigising araw-araw. Masarap mabuhay. Mas masarap matulog. Maraming mga panaginip. Pangarap lang na maging ako. Nabubuhay para makilala ang sarili.


Sophia Abigail L. Chang BFA Creative Writing

One of the three legendary “evil sistahs,” Abi, Abs or Abster is indeed a colorful person. She can be a big, sentimental softie (literally and figuratively), and also be the raving, biting, mad lunatic when provoked. In one minute, she can be the serious, passionate writer who lets out those camouflaged emotions through an eloquent poem or a story, and the next, you could be enduring hours of sidestitching laughter and psychedelic goofiness with her! You’ll never know! A lovable and trustworthy friend, she will always be there to show her love and support to friends and family alike. You can sit with her for hours, without anything to talk about (which is most unlikely), and yet feel comfortable in her company, like you’re at home. Truly, she is one of those rare and special people who unexpectedly crosses your path, fills your life with so much color, and changes you forever.


Jose Miguel F. del Rosario BFA Creative Writing



Jose Raphael Federico G. Doval-Santos BFA Creative Writing

“With all due respect to the Bard, it must be argued that a name is not just a name. In Hebrew myth, Raphael (which means ‘God has healed’ or may also be translated as ‘giant’) is one of the seven archangels. Although Raph usually gets around in a dark green Hyundai Starex rather than having a pair of angel wings, he certainly embodies what his name implies. Raph is a big guy who gives big hugs and has a big heart. He’ll let you cry and tell you to cry until you get it all out and feel better. And when he promises it will all be okay, believe him. He makes it a point to make his promises come true, even if he can’t always do so. With a name like that and a Days cross round his neck, you can be sure you can’t find a better friend.” (Many thanks to Denise Alibudbud for helping me fill spaces of silence with woven words.)


Jihan H. Estrella BFA Creative Writing

Ihanzki malakasis mangarapski. 21. Nangangarap magsulat habangbuhay. Nagnanais magpasaya ng tao. Laging may sakit (lalo na kung galing sa biyahe). Mas gustong magbarko kaysa mag-eroplano (ngunit pagbaba sa barko, may lagnat na). Mahilig sa kiamoy, toyong may kalamansi, bagoong, hilaw na mangga, cheesecake, tsokolate, at kay Bob Ong. Mahilig manghalik ng mga aso. Mahilig kumain!!! Adik sa komedi at sa pag-ibig. “May kabagalan sa pag-iisip,” sabi ng Philo teacher ko (Final Orals, 2nd Sem, March, SY 2004-2005, Consultation room 5, De la Costa Building, 11:15am). Ninanasang sana nakatira na lang siya malapit sa tubig, maging dagat man ito, ilog o talon – basta malamig ang tubig, malinaw, at walang ahas o palaka. Gustong natutunaw ang hersheys chocolate sa mga daliri para madila-dilaan ito na parang bata. Mahal ang pagiging Pilipino. Umaasang aangat din ang Pilipinas. Malaki ang pasasalamat sa kanyang mga magulang.Nagnanais na maging mabuting tao.


Irina Guillen Feleo BFA Creative Writing

Perhaps, my college years have caused the most significant changes to my humanity. Freshman year, I was naïve and unsure of what I wanted in life. Not much has changed. Today, I am more aware of who I am—strengths and weaknesses. Strengths that are not entirely mine but are rooted in others. I am always at a crossroad. I grow at times when I move out of myself and sincerely pay attention to others. I am blessed to have friends who see through me and yet accept me without conditions. I love my parents and sister more than anyone in the world. I love God. Friends and family may not be with you forever, but He will. Sometimes, I love myself. And through the years, I have come to realize that it’s not a bad thing.


Danielle Angela K. Garcia BFA Creative Writing

Danielle is sincere in everything she does, whether it be in her faith, studies, friendships or even in her laughter (however strangely silent it may be). Her serene exterior belies a surprising firmness and strength of character. Her ready smile and propensity to laugh at even the most inane jokes are as rays of sunshine on a downcast day. She is a marvelous poet and writer, and an even more amazing friend. When all is said and done, Danielle is real, in every sense of that word. The country, the world, the universe would be better places if there were more people like her around. Danielle is out to change the world. She may not know it yet, but she will and she’ll love and live every moment of it. She may even write about it one day, so watch out for those best-seller lists.


Hanniel Micah L. Lim BFA Creative Writing

Hanniel’s favorite (egotistic) quotes throughout college: “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.” —Philippians 4:13 “I need sleep.” “Dean’s list! We can do this! We will survive!” “God, help me!” “I’m the man!” “Dude, confidence!” “Chicks love me.” —Penshoppe shirt “This is crazy!” “Ah. life.” “Astig!” “No, I’m not a freshman. I’m a senior. Seriously.” “Blue Eagle Spelling! Go Ateneo!” “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.” —Isaiah 40:31


Jason John S. Lim BFA Creative Writing

What do you need to know about Jason? Considering that he is in a writing course, reading and writing are both givens—so what else is there to know? That’s a tough one. A perfect description for him is a jumbled mess. Here goes: television shows, volunteering, complaining and loving, book-hunting, movies, a wide variety of music, understanding Photoshop through self-studying, staying up late and waking up early, dressing up, dancing, promises of exercise, philosophizing, delusional, psychotic, tactless, slave driver, nagger, and all-around nice guy. Need I add more? I did say that it was a jumbled mess.


Pilar Kristina J. Litiatco BFA Creative Writing

Needles of wind billowed from the west, combing the cropped strands of her emerald hair. She sighed. Not even a good grooming could uplift her spirits now. She yearned for the swishing, soothing melody rising from the pitter-patter of naked feet against the moist velvet of her gently rolling jade covering – but then no one ever took their shoes off anymore. She was glistening handsomely in the moonlight, seducing passers-by to her keep, when the Artist suddenly ran a fresh coat of paint over the night sky. Black teardrops trickled from the sky and she was no sooner bathed in darkness. To her dismay, she found herself resembling a hollow pit and she highly doubted if Mr. Rabbit would come scurrying about anytime soon. What wicked and pleasant surprise it had been when the familiar curve of a fleshy stub jabbed her back to reality. She felt the earth sink comfortably on the calloused ridges – ah, these were playful ones. “What is your name?” “Feet, they call me feet. But Eeya—she is the one up there.”


Amanda Marie M. Lopez BFA Creative Writing

Patuloy pa ring nangangarap si Ada, pagkat may tiwala siyang ang kanyang tadhana’y matagal nang itinalaga sa mga bituin, at alam niyang hinding hindi siya bibiguin ng mga ito.


George Peter A. Lorenzana BFA Creative Writing

Peter—a human puzzle box made up of an infinite number of complex sides. A very talented poet, his pen bleeds upon the page words directly flowing from his heart and soul. He is willing to do anything for the sake of self-expression for art is the very essence of his life. There will be times when he will dare you to take that roller coaster ride called life with him, the journey possibly leading to hell and back. But in the end, adventures with him only leaves one with an even greater sense of the divine. And so, when that happens, do not hesitate. Just allow your inhibitions to fade, your mind to be set free, your hands to let go. Enjoy the rush.


Naomi V. Pitargue BFA Creative Writing

Yumi has the heart of a child, but the mind of a grown woman with a beautiful soul that captures the meaning of life through the uplifting disposition she encompasses. There’s always something fun about having Yumi around. One may see her in the hallways always waving to someone and smiling. She’s always so cheery and up for anything, as long as it’s with friends. She’ll always be there to listen to what you have or want to say. One could find her laughing the hardest in a company of CW majors, singing and telling stories. She’s really easy to get along with and when you’re with her, the word “bore” will be crossed out from your dictionary. This person is also a lover of art: visuals, films, plays, and especially music. This gal is a really talented pianist—able to play pieces without even looking at them. She also has a beautiful voice—one that would someday lead her to be a member of a band. One will definitely regret not knowing Yumi.


Marie Denise H. Roco BFA Creative Writing

Knowing that the name “Denise” was derived from Dionysus (Greek god of wine), is dandy in attempting a definition for this delicate dame. Delve into her delirious world—deliberately dressed to kill, dominating dying dance floors while dirty dancing and duping you to indulge in dizzying drinks. To dream of a dozen bottle-nosed dolphins diving into deep sea and to dream of two darling Cocker Spaniel dogs drooling on her lap. To quickly devour a delicious dish of shrimp dumplings, decadent chocolate and coffee flavored Häagen Daz. To dislike Davao durian, Danish cookies, dubious film plots, pretentious dimwits and dreadful ditches while swiftly driving up and down a highway. To delight in daunting debates by debunking ideologies. To see the dark beauty and demure tragedy of life. To dip pen on paper letting ink drip until the day’s done. To delusional desires of a dutiful man with damn good looks and a sense of direction. She develops a habit for Dunhill when depressed and endearingly denies being a damsel-in-distress.


Jay Salvador III P. Salvosa BFA Creative Writing

Jay will probably be remembered by most of his dearest friends, especially his fellow Fine Arts Majors, as Father Freud. This is due to his uncanny ability (which most of his closest friends now suspect as his mutant power) to recognize, identify and dissect traces of eroticism in any piece of literature. But if one were to introduce Jay, these three lines would suffice: 1. He seems to be a character fresh out of a cartoon show. 2. Snippets of himself is scattered around all over his comic strip sketches. 3. He carries a sketchbook around, preferring to capture moments with pencil and paper rather than film.


Edlyn Margaret C. Santiago BFA Creative Writing

Ah! The Edders! Edz, Edlyn, Edleen, Margaret, Marge, Ms. Santiago –whatever you may call this girl, Edlyn is one friend you will regret not knowing. A lover of books, one can often find Edlyn in the corner of the third floor library buried in books from the fiction section or from her own overflowing collection. An artistic person behind the mask, she may be the next Sylvia Plath who can see your desires through her poems and essays. Although with her having an amazingly low self-esteem, she would probably deny all these. Just as she would probably deny her talents when it comes to singing. Yes, Edlyn sings, though you would have to be lucky to actually hear her do so. Wait until she’s hyper, with her really close friends or just start singing yourself and she might eventually join in. Now, all these may make one think of Edlyn as very shy, but be warned: Edlyn is usually the one laughing the loudest with her CW friends or daring anyone who crosses her to a fight!


Anna Katrina L. Vecin BFA Creative Writing

Nagpapaalam ang liwanag sa mundong dumidilim, sa isang buong maghapong pagtitiis sa hapdi at kirot ng araw, pagtitiyaga para lumitaw ang buhay na unti-unti nang naglalaho. Nagsi-gisingan ang mga paniki sa namamatay nang ingay ng mga sasakyang bumabagal, papalayo; payapa ang damdaming makahanap ng hinog na bunga. Bumabangon ang buwan, nakangiting umaabang Sa pagdating ng mga bituwing marikit, handang makipaghalikan sa malamyos na himig ng kanilang umaakit na pagningning. Sumipol ang hangin, dumampi sa basa nang labi ng magkasintahang nagbubulungan sa ilalim ng puno ng kabalyeros Pinatay ko ang kandila, nagpasalamat sa Diyos. Sa gabing madilim, gabi ng tagumpay.

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