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September Exams-2014-15
Class: XI th
Subject : Biology

Time: 2½ hrs.

Note: (i) This question paper is divided.
(ii) All questions are compulsory.
(iii) Marks have been indicated against each question.
Q.1 Short answer type: i.

Insect have(a) 2 pair of legs


(c) Aves
Sea snakes are(a) Oviparous


(c) oviparous
Mast cells secrete
(a) Hemoglobin


(d) 1pair of legs
(b) Human
(d) Insects
(b) Viviparous
(d) None of these

(b) Heparin

(c) Myoglobin
(d) Histamine
The average diameter of red blood corpuscles of man is(a) 7.2µm


(b) 3 pair of legs

(c) 4 pair of legs
An open circulatory system occurs in
(a) Reptiles




(c) 9.2µm
(d) 10.3µm
Cell that maintain marrow cells are called(a) Osteocytes
(c) Osteoclasts

(b) Chondrocyte
(d) None of these

vii. (b) Cartilage (c) Liver (d) Internal ear Which of the following is transparent tissue (a) Tendon x. (c) Phaeophyta (d) Rhodophyta How many female flowers occurs in cyathium? (a) one xiv. (b) Erythropoiesis (c) Neurogenesis Volkmann’s canal is occurs in (d) none of these (a) Bone ix. (b) Chlorophyta (b) two (c) three (d) four Which of the following ‘suffixes” used for unit of classification in plants indicates a taxonomic category of family (a) –Ales (c) –Aceae Q. (b) Ligament (c) Fibrous cartilage (d) Hyaline Cartilage Which of the following is not the locomotors organ of protozoa? (a) Cilia xi. The process of formation of RCBs is called (a) Poikegenesis viii. (b) 7 cells and 8 nuclei (c) 8 nuclei Yellow green pigment is found in (d) 7 cells and 7 nuclei (a) Xanthophyta xiii.2 Two marks questions a) b) c) d) (b) –Onae (d) –Ae (2x4=8) Define morphology? How it is necessary? What is a botanical garden? What are the role of botanical garden? How viroid are different from viruses? What is floral formula? . (b) Flagella (c) Propodea (d) Pseudopodia The embryo sac of an angiosperm is made up of (a) 8 cells xii.

What is life? Define characteristics of living organism? OR what is taxonomy? What are taxonomy obligate categories? 2.Q. advantages and objective of biological classification? OR what are viruses? Write general characters and nature or classification of virus? 3. Define biological classification.4 Five marks questions (5x4=20) 1. features of angiosperm and economic importance of angiosperm? OR What the vertebrates are with duel life (Amp big) their characters and Advancement? 4.3 Three marks questions (3x6=18) a) Draw the heart diagram and reproductive system of frog? b) What are the following and where do you find them in animal body? c) d) e) f) (a) Chondrocytes (b) Axons (c) Ciliated epithelia How many types of meristem are present in plants? Explain them? Difference between rhizome and bulb? What are Mammalia? Define Homo sapiens habitat and saliva features? Write the economic importance of bacteria? Q. What is leaf and what are their characteristics of leaf or part of leaf? OR what is tissue define characteristics and types of meristems? . Define angiosperm.