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Madina Shiela S. Andres
BS Electronics and Communications

Parang Boracay mix…

Akala mo matamis lang na inumin…


tatamaan ka na.

Benedict C. Balberia
BS Electronics and Communications

Bonet is rarely in the limelight but it doesn’t mean that he
doesn’t have any guts or the abilities. He is a silent worker
who prefers to work in the background rather than exert
effort in competing with other people for recognition. He
is very dedicated in everything he does. Bonet may not
be the best man for the job, but he will definitely give a
lot of effort and passion to get the job done. Because of
this attitude many people see him as a reliable person. A
simple man with simple aspirations, his ultimate dream is
to help a lot of people, especially his countrymen.

Raphaela Marise C. Barba
BS Electronics and Communications

One first look at Ate Raphie, the pretty “ate” of ECE,
makes you think she is a typical Maria Clara, a girl of quiet
proportions and unfathomable decency. But as you spend
days and days with her, you will slowly realize how wrong
you are. With friends, she is one happy-go-lucky cowgirl
who always seems to get things right. She gets to fool
around like a kid, umm, actually, she is a kid at heart. She
laughs like there’s no tomorrow, dances ‘till she’s dizzy
and hugs everybody with all the Care Bear love. Yet, she
still manages to get As and Bs and everything in between.
A true ate, she is very concerned about her friends and
colleagues. Whenever people are down, she is always
present to listen and to comfort.

And mind you, she is a serious workaholic when she wants
to. That is, if she wants…

Kim Darby G. Bartolome
BS Electronics and Communications

“Still waters run deep.” This is the perfect phrase for Kim.
At first, he is seen as someone who is snobbish, very
serious with life, always immersed in deep thought and
very quiet. But, this is all just a façade. Who would have
thought that this serious-looking person would be graced
with innate artistic genius? He is the man when it comes
to the arts. May it be using pencil and paper or designing
software, he is the man to watch out for. He can bring ideas
and concepts to life with just a stroke of his pen. This is
why he is called The Bart of Art. Not only is he gifted in the
arts, he also has wit to boot. In fact, he never seems to run
out of corny jokes that would take the average person a
few moments to comprehend.

But, the most important thing to know about Kim is that
he is the best friend one could ever wish for. Not only is he
thoughtful, sweet and caring, he is someone that would be
there for you no matter what.

Kim is definitely like no other. He simply is the best.

James Jesus D. Bermas
BS Electronics and Communications

James, better known, as Bermas, is a guy who can make
you smile even during tough times with this great sense
of humor. He’s very witty, kind, friendly, and intelligent.
He’s also very knowledgeable and handy with computers.
He’s a great friend to have who’ll be there for you in good
times and bad. James is also willing to go out of his way to
help others (he can even help you with your assignment..
hehehe), or when you just want to hang out and share your
thoughts with someone. You’re sure to have some good
times and laughs with this guy. Oh ya, did I mention that
he’s very optimistic? With his charming personality and
appealing looks, he’s surely someone you’ll never forget.
James also has a great imagination, and his smile sparkles
with the beauty of a million stars.

Kristel Anne Rose A. Biliran
BS Electronics and Communications

Kristel is one of the most prominent ECE students, thanks
to her active involvement in various events. Her leadership
skills, perseverance and determination rise to the occasion,
especially during critical times. No one can ever forget the
time when she single-handedly raised a hundred thousand
pesos in one afternoon mostly through her vast network of
friends. A well-beloved mentor, student, facilitator, leader
and friend, Kristel is one of those persons who have the
ability of making a room come alive. Her presence somehow
induces others to lighten up and take a break. On times
when she’s busy and seriously trying to finish a project, it’s
inspiring to see her try to surpass herself. To those close to
her, Kristel is also a great adviser and consultant on various
matters. A conversation with her always leaves an imprint
on one. To most, Kristel seems to be a carefree, happy-go-
lucky girl who merely takes everything in stride. Once you
get to know her more, however, you’ll find out just how rich
her character really is.

Jose D. Dalino Jr.
BS Electronics and Communications

There are many levels to the persona of Jr Dalino. As a
student, Jr is a well-rounded individual. He works hard on
his academics while nurturing his guitar skills as well as
serving in his church. He is very critical about his work,
especially when it comes to music. Although he takes
music and his studies very seriously, there is a laid-back,
funny, and even eccentric side to this lad because of his
weird yet amusing antics. Jr’s eccentric side is also reflected
in his music, showing off a fusion of different genres that
he has incorporated in a series of technical yet melodious
riffs. When it comes to improvisation, his licks never fail to
surprise you. That’s also how he is with life. He is one those
few intelligent yet practical people who have what they
call “diskarte sa buhay”. Whether it’s dodging MMDA’s,
cramming for 3 exams the next day, or balancing a gig, Jr
knows how to make things work. No matter how bleak the
situation, Jr can always find a creative solution.  

Allan M. Espinosa
BS Electronics and Communications

Allan Espinosa is a superlative of sorts. Academically-
speaking, he is the quintessential ECE student. He always
finds the relationships of things like life from the day-to-
day engineering lessons. Since Allan thinks that every
discipline is connected, he likes to talk to people of different
fields. He was mistaken for a grad student by some faculty
when he was helping them in their computionally intensive
projects. He helps them in using Ateneo’s supercomputers
for their research work. But there is more to him than all of
these technical stuff.

He was also mistaken for a freshman during his senior year
while playing cards with a group of students in a tambayan.
Allan always takes opportunities like these to meet new
friends specially in nerd conventions. Once, he lost in a
mini-dating game in the socials night of a programming
contest because he said that he loved math in one of the
questions. In every angle you see Allan, his real passion
always stands out: numbers.

Hazel Inessa G. Fernandez
BS Electronics and Communications

Matching her name that sounds like a killer martial arts
move, (“Cha! Chic!”), her look also screams, “mess with
me and die.” And once you get to know her, you’ll really
know you shouldn’t. Conviction is an understatement for
this person of great principles and resolute tenacity. Along
with that conviction is a steadfast loyalty to friends whose
lives she fills with laughter and energy. One of the seven
roses amidst ECE 07’s mass of thorns, her cheerful smile
and funny little anecdotes never cease to lighten up other
people especially during times of difficulties. Words need
not be said for her to realize the troubles going on inside
one’s mind. Though she’s very busy with work, she always
has time to listen to anyone’s problems and extends her
help to those who need it. Eternally sugar-high, Chachic
has the power to turn any boring situation to a stand-up
comedy. Anyone can attest that a conversation with her
can never die, and in much the same way, it is impossible
to put out the fire of passion in her heart.

Liana Karla Joy D. Gador
BS Electronics and Communications

You have to be amazed with Joy’s fighting spirit and
determination. Joy is one of the underrated students in
our batch. Even though there are times when she is not
given much credit for her work, this doesn’t dampen down
her spirit to excel. But don’t get the notion of her being
thirsty for fame; Joy is doing this to show the capabilities
of women. One of Joy’s goals is to show the world that
women can excel in everything, even in a course, which is
perceived by the society as male-dominated. Joy is a fighter
and has a very strong personality. But don’t get intimidated
by her for behind that blazing fighting spirit of hers is a
heart that is soft and passionate especially when it comes
to helping others improve their lives. Joy is thoughtful and
caring especially to the people close to her. She is sensitive
to other people’s needs and has a great desire to help other
people. Joy is definitely a compassionate person and a
fighter. So you better not under estimate her, or else she
will show you just how valuable she can be.

Raymond N. Garcia
BS Electronics and Communications

I am one of the very few Raymond’s in this world who have
a nickname of Mondy. Actually, I don’t even know someone
with the same nickname as mine. I am probably the most
interesting person in this yearbook. Ehem. I would love
to talk about myself, myself and myself but Aegis would
just spare me this 15-liner write-up. How sad… There is not
enough words to describe my valor and conquests in my
college life, so much more my excellence overall.

Well, enough of that. It is time to express my deepest
“gratitude” to this school that has given me excruciating
pain—from speechless oral reports, clueless laboratory
experiments, and merciless final exams. Being an ECE
student was never easy. Faura Hall really sucks the marrow
out of your bones. Unless you are cunning enough, you
would be collecting F’s and D’s just like… oh nevermind.
And before I end this entry let me say this to all my fellow
ECE batchmates:

“You don’t have to be an engineer to be able to use your

Joseph Paolo U. Guanio
BS Electronics and Communications

Often times, people come into our lives and pass us by.
Sometimes, there are those who come into our lives and
leave us changed. And sometimes, when we’re lucky,
there are those who come into our lives and stay with us
forever. Paolo is one of those special people who come
into our lives, stay with us for a lifetime, and change us
forever. For this person, in his sincerity and good intentions,
can never say “no” to anyone. It is amazing how he can run
errands for the family, do volunteer work for the Pentecost
Parish Music Ministry, organize activities for the parish
community, spend time with the babies and girls in CRIBS,
Redeemer’s Home and Laura Vicuña, serve as Tugon’s
External Vice-President, and manage to stay in ECE all at
the same time. Sometimes, I wonder where he draws his
strength from. Sometimes I wonder if he ever gets tired.
And it dawns on me that Paolo will never get tired of giving
himself to others, for it is in the very act of giving where he
draws his strength from.

Reynaldo C. Guerrero Jr.
BS Electronics and Communications

New Webster’s Dictionary

Rey (rei) 1 n. a specific member of the male Filipino race
who is a math whiz, nerve racking philosopher and a ping-
pong aficionado at the same time 2. n. short for Reynaldo
3. n. a silent but very efficient operator 4. n. the epitome of
perseverance and discipline 5. n. a smile holding so much
truth 6. n. the perfect way of being imperfect 7. v. to give
the best compliments to anyone who really deserves them
8. adj. serious and sensitive, always willing to lend a hand
9. v. to be strong when his strength is needed and weak
when he needs to be 10. n. one of the guys who shared
years of fun, mischief, stories, utopia, and of course, the
fave game of cards in the lair called Cervini 11. n. being with
someone sharing minutes of silence with no discomfort,
but a warm sensation reminding you that he is a friend any
time. This guy more than rocks. He’s the FORCE!

Norman Jesus F. Hernandez
BS Electronics and Communications

“Finally!”—a word he and all those who know Norman can
utter with great pride and exhaustion. At last, this person
graduates and prepares for life after the Ateneo. No more
will this silent big man be walking through college grounds
to share everyone a smile. Gone will be the days when
anyone could just approach him for absolutely anything
they want to talk about. He takes with him his witty punch
lines that make others laugh, and his fun-loving, happy-go-
lucky character that somehow helped him to get through
college life (which still baffles his friends the same way it
does to him on how this is actually possible). He grew in
the Ateneo, as much as the Ateneo had grown into him,
both literally and metaphorically, gaining weight with each
passing semester, while experiencing and exhibiting love
to everyone around. As how he always says it, “it’s not fat
that you see… it’s all heart.”

Regina Marie Q. Javellana
BS Electronics and Communications

Riches do not exhilarate us so much with their possession
as they torment us with their loss.
– Epicurus

Real M. Mame
BS Electronics and Communications

Bits and pieces of REALity, molded together to form a

Resilient is the best word to describe Real. He is always
up to the challenge. Moreover, he is gifted with a very
investigative and creative mind. You’d surely want him to
be your groupmate in the lab or in the thesis perhaps. But
above all, he is a winner. One can barely count the medals
he got from his previous contests in math, science, chess,
and journalistic writing. He enjoys math more than any
other subject; yet he also fell in love with Philosophy in his
Ateneo days. Playing basketball, listening to music, reading
novels, and traveling are his favorite pastimes. Meanwhile,
his dislikes include 7:30am classes, typical Pinoy movies
and telenovelas, and cramming.

Real is a man of few words yet he forges a deep and
lasting imprint on the hearts of the people close to him.
His vocabulary never runs short of the words “Thank you”
and “Sorry” though. A person with a sound mind, an active
body, and a sincere heart—that’s Real.

Jonas Krisco C. Mapile
BS Electronics and Communications

Being with Jonas means never having a dull moment.
Topics of conversation would surely be endless--whether
it’s about serious intellectual matter or a pure comical hoax,
this boy amazes everyone by his wide array of stories and
ideas that he readily shares. He’s endowed with such an
energetic disposition and is always up for anything. Just
tell him when and where and he’ll be there. But behind that
childlike antic of his is a diligent and persevering individual.
He never fails to impress everyone with his determination
and love of what he does. His sheer optimism shows
his unyielding strength of character towards life. Full
of kindness, patience and understanding, he shares his
warmth of character to every person he knows. (Jacq)
With his contagious smile and trademark laugh, Jonas has
the ability to make people feel loved and hopeful.  Through
his affable personality and his kind and generous ways
of giving his time, effort and love, he reassures others of
friendship that would truly last a lifetime. (Lauren)

Moses Benedict C. Olores
BS Electronics and Communications

To whoever wants to befriend Moses:
1. Give him your best. He will always find time for you and
be sensitive to your needs. He will do his best for you, and
so should you.
2. Show him respect. He will always try not to find fault in
you but rather, see the good in you. He will respect your
decisions, and so should you.
3. Trust in him. He will never let you down. He will always
guide you and shelter you from troubles and pain.
4. Be proud of him. His brightness & wit is definitely
worth recognizing
5. Take care of him. He tends to be emotional or worry
too much at times. Never let his problems and failures chip
away his spirit.
6. Cherish/treasure him. He’s one of the sweetest and most
affectionate men alive! (My life will never be the same
without him).
7. Love him. He deserves to be loved.

Luigi T. Onglao
BS Electronics and Communications

Faces. tireless Beadle + since time-immemorial Batch rep +
caring Officer + obedient Member + conscientious Student +
generous Friend + unfailing Loverboy = Luigi Onglao. Groups.
Because of his varied interests, boundless energy, and
detest for idle time, Luigi joined numerous organizations in
Ateneo. Through these, he learned, laughed, perspired, and
persevered –to name a few verbs. In short, extracurricular
activities greatly contributed to his growth and formation.
Models. Luigi will forever be indebted to the countless
role models he encountered and came in contact with in
his stay in Ateneo. Their lessons and mistakes serve as an
inspiration and guidance for his future endeavors. Places.
Luigi will forever be traumatized by McDonald’s. Touring
different parts of the Philippines and of the world will
remain one of Luigi’s favorite pastimes. Events. College
marked a number of first’s in Luigi’s life. Dreams. Only time
will tell whether Luigi’s dreams will turn into nightmares.

Bren Y. Orbeta
BS Electronics and Communications

Tacloban City. Leyte. San Juanico Bridge. Samar… Waray.
Pisay. OAA. DOST. Dorm Assistant/Porter… Scholar.
Block U2. 5 Years. 4 Summers. 212 Units… ECE ’07.
Cervinian. C105D. I Just Want Bang, Bang, Bang… CERSAn.
Moro. Eliazo Basement. Workout. Tuna. Milk… Gym Enthusiast.
Goggles. Trunks. Breaststroke. Freestyle. Cervini Pool…
Serve. Toss. Spike. Block. Dive… Volleyball Player.
McDo. Jollibee. Eyrie. Ken Afford. Pizza Hut… Delivery Buddy.
Math. McDo Study Groups. Philo. Mocha Blends… Study Buddy.
Waray. Bisaya. English. Chinese. Spanish… Multilingual.
Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings… Fantasy Bookworm.
Friends. The OC. One Tree Hill. Alias… TV Fan.
Eastwood Cinema. G4. Silverscreen. Galleria. Metro East…
Movie Buff.
Friendster. mIRC. Yahoo Messenger. Gmail. Nokia
3210… Connected.
The Experiences. The People. The Places… Bren.

Mary Grace S. Reyes
BS Electronics and Communications

To Grace the singer: I never imagined that rock and
alternative could sound so smooth when sang with cool
R&B vocals. Thank you for the midnight lullabies.
To Grace the achiever: Stop for a while, and with an open
mind, look back and see everything you have accomplished.
Look through our eyes and for once, stand in awe at the
beauty you see in the mirror.
To Grace the pessimist, fearful escape artist and
seemingly unaffected: Don’t be afraid or resort to hiding.
Life is wounding but you will overcome. Your child’s faith
can heal all hurts and calm all fears.
To Grace the ate: Your presence, understanding and
words in times of solitude, confusion and distress are
priceless and forever treasured.
To Grace bunso: Your hands taught me to trust and
showed me how to care. Your silence taught me to listen.
Your tears taught me to love.
To Grace, my dear friend: Fourteen lines is not enough for
someone like you. Thank you.

Dexter C. Santos
BS Electronics and Communications

Dex is one of the few genuinely dedicated people I know.
Though his exterior might show a carefree and laid back
person, deep inside he is a person of deep conviction,
compassion and kindness—qualities that shine through—
especially to the people who know him best. He may be
silent most of the time but every word that comes from
him is filled with truth and sincerity. Even with ECE’s hectic
schedule, he still has that extra hour to go out with friends
and pull jokes when you least expect it. His positive outlook
in life gives a lot of hope and inspiration to his companions.
A loving son and brother to his family, a devoted kuya to the
kids in Tugon, and a caring and thoughtful friend to many.
Dex is one true gentleman—always takes good care of his
loved ones and puts their welfare always before his own.
As a friend, he is someone worthy of trust and respect. As
a person, he shows how it is to be human.

Marvin T. See
BS Electronics and Communications

Looks and attitude in class can really be deceiving. You
may not notice him. You may even ignore him, that’s how
he always is. He never shows off, he never even thought
of bragging something and letting all the people know how
good he is. That’s Marvin all right, all these things he never
shows to people he never know. Once you know him, you
will surely be shocked on how these things aren’t true after
all. He’s all that, but he knows his limitations, he knows
when he’s already exaggerating, and he knows what he
can and can’t do. One can’t really describe this person,
because he’s so unpredictable. He also rants a lot about
anything from teachers to government officials, from
snacks to restaurants and more. But as one listens to his
rants you will see how this person thinks. And mind you he
thinks a lot, although it doesn’t show.

Armando James A. Simbulan
BS Electronics and Communications

two decades
four communities
one path

a cloistered programme
an intellectual facade
a commercial enterprise

spews forth disillusion
nurtures stagnation

an ineffectual machinery

almost done
on to something worse

Ron Jowell T. Solis
BS Electronics and Communications

Heads turn as Ronjo enters a room, wearing his biggest
smile but arriving way after the bell in a most dramatic
fashion. His array of unheard-of excuses never fails to
brighten up any class and infuse everyone with good
humor. Ronjo’s a great sport when people tease him on
his slip-ups in class and mishaps in life (like love), but he
sure can defend himself and others whenever the need
arises. Though busily involved in YFC, computer gaming,
and certain Ateneo projects, he still can still manage a
heavy academic load and even still have time for himself
and his friends. He’s blessed with the gift of the arts and
gab, which earns him A’s in oral exams and emceeing jobs
in events and parties. Yet, he’s also a great listener and
counselor to those who approach him for advice. Ronjo is
one of the many who wants to affirm that grades alone
aren’t enough in one’s student life. He’s a person to watch
out for in the future for he definitely has what it takes to
fulfill his dreams: Skills, Family, Friends, himself, and God.

Danniel D. Sunga
BS Electronics and Communications

Butch was always the boy with a big, goofy smile on his
face whenever jokes, no matter how corny, were said or
whenever anyone said anything remotely indecent. His
trademarks include his denim shorts and sneakers get-up
and his stories limited to a few verbs followed by “gets?”
and “basta, yun”. He can be so lost sometimes that it would
not be unusual to see him coming back to the tambayan
10 minutes after leaving to come back for his cell phone or
wallet. Contrary to his being arguably one of the shallowest
people on earth, he thinks about and has deep convictions
on some topics; he even has his own philosophies that he
calls Butchisms (nothing Levinaic, of course, but it helps
him get by). He tries really hard to be a good student and
officer in Ut… Tugon, where he has been a member since
first year. Always a great friend; stubborn but insightful,
with rigid values and a one-track mind, though sometimes
he doesn’t know the things he gets into. We still have a
long way to go, dude. Keep the faith.

Ma. Cristina Claire S. Tiamzon
BS Electronics and Communications

“She’s pretty! She’s brainy!”
Responsible. Serious. Dependable.
“She’s really a nice person, very approachable.” =)
“You complete me!”
A genuine leader.
“Short, sweet and simple!” =)
“Cry baby, spoiled brat, prima donna!”
“My inspiration. The only person who gives meaning to my
A very beautiful flower among the very thorny bush.
“You. The love of my life.”
-Comments of different people regarding Claire
“I’m really all that?” – Claire’s comment after reading this.

Gimel M. Tomines
BS Electronics and Communications

Gimel, at first sight, will just look like an ordinary guy or
boy in front of you. But upon knowing him, you’ll see the
uniqueness that is his being (even his name is unique). He
may just be about 2 inches above 5 foot high but knowing
him will make you realize something big about him. He
could draw his imaginations directly to a piece of paper,
express his mood through playing drums in solo or as a
band member or even express his ideas in another language
like, say, nihongo. A sad day? Gim, will surely comfort you
with his right-timed jokes. Feeling nationalistic? Look at
him. Heck, he even looks like Jose Rizal. With all these, one
could conclude that he is a true Atenean, who promotes
dynamism in life; trying to experience everything to
improve oneself and influence others to the same. With
all these, Gim could prove to you that big things come
in small packages, presenting you his charisma, talents,
cheerfulness and dynamic life. So, look out world, here
comes Gim.

Joshua L. Un
BS Electronics and Communications

Adventurous. jelly beans. front squats. the O.C., general
fiction. junk food. alternative. faura. cervini. basketball.
discovery channel. savage garden. anklets. tuna: solids in
water. southpark. if tomorrow comes. bacon cheese burger
pizza. crammer. youngest. bass guitar. detroit pistons. eyrie.
basic english. disorganized. jeffrey archer. bunnies. time
crisis II. aishiteruze baby. witty. onion rings. 9 haircuts in 3
years. 1pc. chickenjoy and regular yum badminton. math.
kane and abel. tong-its. Orsem LogCom. drop shot. UFC.
senti songs. sneakers. The Rock. white water rafting. vain.
orange. bench press. nature walk. wacky. programming.
gummy bears. drums. bubbles. kangkong in oyster sauce.
24. redhotchillipeppers. sidney sheldon. smallville. cersa.
Tracy Whitney. sensitive. fresh milk. athletic. sweets. crime
night. oversized pork barbeque. friends. ruffles. DotA.
half-naked. basic filipino. kind. master of the game. alias.
never owned an umbrella. one tree hill. henna tattoo. virgo.
overnight research papers. diablo II. wall climbing.

Mark Davidson N. Wong
BS Electronics and Communications

All people want to achieve something, whether it may
be big achievement or a small thing that will only make
a few happy, himself included. Due to this, many of us
sacrifice other things. For example, we sometimes keep
on studying and sleep for only a short time just to get
good grades. On the contrary, we are in fact hurting and
abusing our own body. If we can balance things between
maximizing achievement and minimizing sacrifices, then
that is the right way to live. All these years, Mark always
tries things out to learn and find this kind of balance. He
is someone who is always found inside the electronics
laboratory--doing projects, studying major subjects
especially about circuits, biasing electronic devices, doing
online research, and playing online text-based games,
and most importantly helping other students accomplish
their laboratory work. He believes the kind of balancing
mentioned above is similar to his actions in school—and not
just about studying.

Jodison Miguel G. Yacaba
BS Electronics and Communications

Sino ba si Jodison Miguel Yacaba? Kung titignan mo ang
taong ito, maaanigan mo ang isang simple, ordinaryo
at marahil walang-kuwentang tao. Ngunit huwag
magpalinlang sa anyo ni Jong. Si Jong ay bukod-tangi at
walang-katulad. Pangalan palang, pambihira na! Sadyang
mahirap makilala si Jong sapagkat napakatahimik niya sa
umpisa. Ito’y dahil nais niya lang makilala muna ang iba
bago ipakilala ang sarili niya. Kung musika naman ang pag-
uusapan, hindi matatawaran ang husay niya sa pagtugtog
ng bass. Mr. Suwabass nga ang bansag sa kanya dahil sa
kabila ng bilis at tindi ng mga nota ay mahinahon pa rin ang
kanyang pagtugtog. Pagdating naman sa pampalakasan,
hindi siya magpapahuli sa dahilang taglay niya ang tulin at
liksi sa paglalaro ng basketbol. Mahirap man paniwalaan,
ngunit mahilig din siya sa pag-aaral. Sa katunayan, mayroon
siyang ibang klaseng talino na sandata niya laban sa mga
nakasisindak na pagsusulit. Ay… oo nga pala, madalas,
mahilig mangarap ‘tong si Jong.