Antonio Andre R. Alfelor AB Social Science

Alfie’s a natural extrovert—charming with a great sense of humor. He’s easy to get along with and people feel comfortable to be themselves around him. This laidback guy enjoys the simple things in life, preferring out-of-town trips with friends to late-night clubbing—though he loves dancing! He’s also passionate about soccer, but juggles his time well between work and play, excelling in both. Proven to be a loyal and trustworthy friend, he’s someone who’ll take care of you and back you up anytime, anywhere. He’s a practical, down-to-earth person, but also with an independent and confident aura that boosts others’ selfesteem. He knows how to sacrifice for what he wants, never complaining but not letting others take advantage of him either. Also a good listener, he’s understanding and patient with family and friends alike. Yet, this man’s man is a strictly a one woman-man!


Alkaid Jemuel R. Aquino AB Social Science

See all those people on the ground Wasting time I try to hold it all inside But just for tonight The top of the world Sitting here wishing The things I’ve become That something is missing Maybe I... But what do I know And now it seems that I have found Nothing at all I want to hear your voice out loud Slow it down, slow it down Without it all I’m choking on nothing It’s clear in my head And I’m screaming for something Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all On my own Without it all I’m choking on nothing It’s clear in my head And I’m screaming for something Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all —The Used


Anne Bernice B. Atienza AB Social Science

“Hindi ako baliw!!!” That’s what you’ll usually hear when Amber gets locked inside her bathroom, screaming down for help to a bewildered passerby on the street. It’s also what you’ll hear when one flushes one’s shoe down the toilet, cuts one’s own hair, and paints one’s room with the shade of shocking red. On second thought, people will also think that a person is crazy when one tells them stories that have more animation than Disney, reiterate how one could for terminally-ill kids with cancer or tell them that one wants to take a minor in Economics in order to work for the United Nations and change the world. Crazy isn’t just about being insane. It’s not just about doing the ridiculous. And it’s not about screaming ladies locked in bathrooms. But when one’s foolish enough to dare and dream, putting one’s whole self in, and take all the fears out, also putting one’s passion in (and shake it all about). One would end up doing the hokey-pokey and turning other’s life around. Now that’s what it’s really all about.


Marc Joseph M. Badua AB Social Science

Mox, the self-proclaimed boy-next-door who aspires to be a popular US-based model, is one of the most sociable people around. His timely lines always lighten the mood and create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. He can talk about anything, from old Filipino movie stars to classic grade school people, and still make people interested. He is also an excellent dancer, a great athlete, and an exceptional lover. This person is just full of wonderful surprises, one minute he is full of energy with an ability to uplift an entire room of people with his “fo shizzle dizzle” moves; the next minute he is in stealth mode, brewing up a plan for his next agenda. Mimarc has, in so many ways, counted on friends, blockmates, and teachers to make it through his days in the Ateneo. He has depended on others in a way distinct to him. It is only in his ways that you would feel the drive to be a better person because you know—and he will affirm you time and again—that there is at least one person in your world that believes in you.


Carla Selina Q. Baybay AB Social Science

A (Quasi) Eulogy Hundreds of miles per hour downhill, swerving along a nameless road, a Shiok Tong-induced scream can be heard amidst the deafening engine and earsplitting horn of a 10-wheeler truck. The pinnacle of Summer 2005 was about to begin or was it going to be the end? Almost. The world was nearly deprived of a middleman of its organic (and healthy) material, a pirata of underground music, the pitchman of unheard of fluids. Creatures of all kinds would unknowingly miss her dark, obscure and unfathomable magnificence. The work of a visual prodigy would have been six-feet under, leaving millions of minions unscathed by her illustrations of death and frustration, desolation and fury. Humankind would have been robbed of a companion, constantly at their disposal, to hand not just fluids and victuals, but a companion ready to share their misery and dejection. If it ended that night, lives would have been deprived of the pleasure of coexisting with you.


Marc Andrew A. Carbonel AB Social Science

The ever “salbahe” smile—that is 100% Marc Carbonel—goes a long way, from making his girlfriends swoon to sweettalking his professors in order to get the extra point he desperately needs. With his smile comes his infectious laugh that draws everyone to him. Marc is one of the easiest people to get along with. His love for life is so contagious that no matter how down you are, you will be forced to smile whenever you’re around him. He has so much spirit combined with a kind heart. You’ll be surprised on how much he cares for his family and friends and would do practically anything for them. Intelligence is another thing Marc has been blessed with, yet does himself no justice because of his happy-go-lucky ways. I doubt Ateneo will ever forget this guy’s existence nor the wonderful memories he has given all of those fortunate enough to have met him in the past four years. I speak for all those whose lives Marc has touched when I say: “Walang kasing husay ng isang Marc Carbonel!”


Kristina Marie C. Cuenco AB Social Science

Night lover. Lover of spicy foods. Food trip. Trips out of town. Out-of-town adventures. “The Adventures of TinTin”. Tinkers with odd objects. An oddball. Wanna-be softball player. Plays billiards and “Dynomite” during spare time. Time-keeper. Keeps secrets. Secretly dreaming of revisiting the past. Past loves. Past accomplishments. Past frustrations. A frustrated cheerdancer. Dances under the stars. Star-gazing. Sometimes gazes in the eyes of total strangers. Always has very strange yet familiar experiences. Experiences life through simple joys. Joy equates to hugs and kisses, the color pink, chocolates, driving, bargain-hunting, eating and dozing off. Oftentimes heard laughing loudly. Laughs at own corny jokes. Could easily make you laugh. Easily amazed. Amazingly brave and strong. Strong-willed. Will of God. God-fearing. Fears dying without accomplishing anything significant. Significant other. Unless otherwise stated, remains to be a student. Student by day, wishful thinker by night.


Rhea Camille D. Dayanghirang AB Social Science

Dear Rhea, I remember the first time I met you. You were standing in front of me, waiting to be touched by my friendly aura. You were so quiet then. But because of fate, we became close friends and that was the time my impression of you changed. Yes, you were the gentle, soft-spoken kind of girl but whenever we were together, you screamed like a true paygot. I asked myself, “Is it just me or is she really gay?!” But as it turned out, you’re not, you’re just simply being your fun, bubbly self. I can also say that you’re a trustworthy daughter, a responsible sister, a devoted student, and a true friend. It has been four years since we’ve met and our stay in college is coming to an end but this doesn’t mean our friendship’s going to have the same fate. Here is to more paygot-screaming, pass-or-taking, tipsy-sighting years— to the highest level. Your screaming charismatic friend, Alec


John Emil N. De Jesus AB Social Science

Simple. Makatao. Tomadero. Gwapo. Kwela. Atleta. Atenista.


Carla Maria E. del Puerto AB Social Science

Who is Apol? Legend says that a man once obsessed with Macintosh bestowed upon his one and only princess the name that symbolizes the greatness of such advancement. Hence, she was named Apol! Ironically, she was never really a techie person but instead, more of a people-person. With the use of her magical playing cards, she entices people with a game called Bridge. With a few round of games, you have become an unwilling victim of this spell she calls Friendship. Despite her nature’s complexities, she’s a person with simple joys. She considers learning how to play “Pusoy Dos” her greatest achievement in life. Her most valuable treasure is a twenty-peso bill that no vending machine ever accepts. Mind you, this princess is not a damsel in distress. She has mastered the martial arts of volleyball, a skill that only few have come to perfect. Soaring high above enemy ground, her attacks have become an indispensable factor for victory. Leading her army of players, this Captain is worthy of your every salute.


Rodolfo D. Dela Cruz, Jr. AB Social Science

1) RJ is always there for you in times of sadness and despair. He’s the rainbow after every rain, a smile for every tear that you shed. Having the attitude of being frank, which is how most people describe him, this surprisingly causes you to become a better you. Greeting you a “Happy Birthday”, even if there’s no real occasion, he shows how thoughtful he is and how he tries to make you happy each passing day. What is the best part of being RJ’s friend? It’s the fact that every second you spend with him is never a dull moment since the phrase does not even exist in his vocabulary. You don’t need to ask for something more when it comes to being RJ’s friend because in friendships, having too much of a good thing is not good—it’s the best; 2) RJ gets high grades without exerting effort at all. He can reach the highest notes on any given day; 3) RJ taught his friends how to enjoy the nocturnal life in Katipunan, how to stand up and voice-out one’s personal sentiments, and most of all, how to live life more colorfully.


Martina Ysabel O. Diokno AB Social Science

Being with this girl has its own perks, especially if you’re the type who loves life and enjoys its silliness. Even though for others, finding a crew to laugh with is a challenge, this girl can be a whole crew on her own. In spite of stumbling into many quirky situations (a.k.a. “The Chronicles of Martina”), her offbeat sense of humor, largely infectious laughter, and little peculiarities are just the tip of the iceberg. More than the beach-loving, energetic party girl most people think she is, Marts is not only a bonafide closet “nerdiac,” she is a certified Jesus freak as well. You see, while others feel the need to be a certain way around people, this girl swings her own way. While others try to follow a trend, she chooses to make one her own. But most importantly, while many choose to hang around friends to make them feel whole, she chooses to be that very friend to make you feel complete. Marts: party girl, bookworm, beach bum, writer, artist, shopping diva, God-believer, workaholic, dancing queen, and above all, true friend.


Jessica A. Herico AB Social Science

A haloed jester who cavorts in caffeine funk. Chameleon pixie from the realm of psychedelia and dances with heavenly ogres and spastic beetlebums. Sees beauty in incessant cataclysms and radiates images of broken light in the deluge of darkness. Dreams of musical sunsets, rain dances, and sloozy slumbers. Cosmorgasmic stardusts glimmer in her treacherous tearducts when vultures fly in her indigo-miasmic horizon. She’s a riddle to an answer, a raindrop in a desert, a misplaced chord in a symphony. Possesses limitless undying love for beaches and virgin shores—bronze skin sparkles of solar suicide. Her seashell eyes flicker with the rage of a million suns as they oppress the priestess, a deity of rage. Bagist ideals manifest themselves in her hippie fantasies of harmony. Pacify, not crucify. She’s irreducible to fifteen flunkingfloofy lines— poets bleed themselves dry. They fathom her being to futile schizophrenia. No greed/ dearth/ hate/ pope/ money/ prejudice/ religion/ war/hypocrisy—Nirvana. Imagine.


Darlene Y. Holland AB Social Science

Carissa: Darls—effortlessly beautiful, kind-hearted, lover of all things cute and blue, Maria Clara-esque (demure), music lover, gifted singer Yumi: Darls radiates harmony into everyone’s life. May it be in a song or in a conversation, she never fails to impart beauty to it. Rock on! Cerz: Darls—this really beautiful lady will definitely brighten your day just by looking at her, most especially when one hears her sing. You may even mistake her as a bird singing softly when she hums. Not only is she talented, this girl is a great friend that you will regret not knowing. Darls never ceases to crack up a joke and put smiles, grins, and laughs on everyone’s faces. Life would be boring without Darls! Chika: Darls is a simple person. A joke can brighten up her day and make her face glow with laughter. Beauty is inherent to her; she doesn’t need artificial means to look glamorous and sexy (although she doesn’t flaunt it, to her friends’ dismay!) College life wouldn’t have been the same without a fun and unique lady such as Darls.


Maria Sarah L. Macabare AB Social Science

If being strange is being Sarah, then everyone should join the bandwagon. Justice. Love. Peace. Freedom and other complexities. Juices of orchid nectar. Radiates lunar energy on twilight cities. Crazed exhilaration from spewing angst and absurdity. An inimitable quiet poetic traipsing along the ravaged lands on the fringes of sanity. A bohemian-hippie-gypsy-indie outlaw. Yipee-ti-yey. Yipeeyayo. A fortune, a nirvana, a revolution always just out of reach. An amalgamation of ambition, aggression, adolescent anxiety and those essential insanities. Non-conformist and non-contortionist. Unapologetic for disturbing fluctuations in identity, verging on cuckoo.


Bien Joseph A. Maglacas AB Social Science

My four-year stay at the Loyola Schools can be summarized into four activities: basketball, prayer, social work, and music. I did not put “studying” because I hated it. Playing basketball with the best, non-Team A athletes of Ateneo helped me improve my game. Going to school masses and prayer meetings strengthened my prayer life. Joining SOA organizations enabled me to do social work and share my talents. Last but not least, my music connections grew during my stay in this school. These are the things I value. These are the things I’ll bring with me when I leave this school and go to the real world. These are my gifts. These are my passions.


Patrick Noel C. Manigbas AB Social Science

He’s everybody’s brother from another mother. The nice guy known as pudgy will never cease to amuse you with his wacky expressions and his jolly old chuckle. Anything and everything can be a topic of conversation with him and he will always be known for his big heart. You can call him Patrick, T-rick, Trick, T-Diddy, whatever you want to, actually. All of you better listen because this guy knows what he’s talking about. Ready for anything, and a man of his word, if Trick says he’ll be there, he’ll definitely be there. You can count on it! He’s game when it comes to many things: a competitive athlete and “gimikero!” Knows how to have fun but still manages to be a good student, Catholic, brother, son, friend, he leaves people with nothing more to ask for. If you want to laugh, be merry and have a great time, Trick’s your man. Miles and miles of heart, may it be concerning matters of friendship, love, life. He never gives up that easily, not without a fight— definitely a friend for keeps.


Mark Joseph R. Marte AB Social Science

While Ninoy Aquino said that the Filipino is worth dying for, Mark insists on saying that every Filipino is worth living for. Though it may seem that he is merely pulling someone’s leg, his actions show us that he is dead serious. His desire to serve his country fuels everything he does. Being the Socially-Oriented Organizations of the Ateneo (SOA) Education Formation Pillar Head and a member of Gabay, Entablado and The Guidon, he is passionate about providing opportunities for other people to become more socially aware, more critical, and more involved, whether through the projects he supports or through ordinary conversations. One will rarely find him in the spotlight, since he is no longer concerned with gaining recognition. Instead, he is constantly seeking to do something more, not for his self but for other people. Mark’s ways are simple yet concrete, delivering it at the right time when it counted the most. He shows us that being of service is not a onetime event; rather, it is a way of life.


Nicholai Ian B. Millare AB Social Science

Meeting him for the first time, you’d think that he’s probably the quietest person you’ve ever met. He chooses to be reserved; but when he starts to speak his mind, he turns out to be profound and wise. He has a soft spot for children and the less fortunate with his unwavering loyalty and dedication to loved ones. He definitely is one of the more genuine people around. No one would dare wonder why he has been blessed with such great talent. An entirely different person on stage, with his amazing voice and an undeniable charisma, he’s a real charmer. His exceptional characteristics make him stand out. Yet amidst the recognition, his feet are still firmly planted on the ground. Never forgetting all that he stands for, he continues to fight for what he believes in and what is right for everyone else around to him. A man of principle, sympathy, chivalry and talent, Ian is a friend worth keeping.


Emmanuel I. Mozo AB Social Science

He bashfully greets you the first time you two are acquainted. At first you would think he’s maangas and snobbish. However, Em is the total opposite. To his friends, he is known as someone who is outgoing, fun, loving and humorous. He’s very fun to hang out with because he certainly knows how to make a dull moment exciting! He is also the certified “chick magnet” of the group, emulating the phrase “habulin” and “chickboy” wherever he goes but was always modest about this gift. Could it be because he is taken and forever loyal to his girlfriend? Those are just some of the reasons, but most importantly it is because he has always been that humble and down-to-earth person that I have always known. But most importantly, when serious issues arise, he is a person that you can definitely lean on—a friend who will give excellent and helpful pieces of advice. This guy is everyone’s best friend, a person who will be by your side no matter what may happen. And that’s why you shouldn’t forget his name: Mr. Emmanuel Mozo.


Frederick Alexander G. Nicolas AB Social Science

A good guy, with an even better heart, weird and drunk 24/7 but that’s what people love about you. You’re there to listen, joke around and put a smile on my face, but if you’re going to put this in your yearbook, people might think you’re gay. So just stick with the weird and drunken part. The guy with a gentle heart who could make anybody and everybody laugh—a wonderful friend who not only holds a special place in my heart but many others as well. Truly a special person, my dear Fred, cute and cuddly. My first impression was that you’re so nice and a real gentleman. Knowing him now, I realize that I was completely right. A cutie as well, what an awesome guy! You have been the sweetest and most level-headed person I’ve known. This guy is the friendliest person I have ever met. He always has this goofy smile that just makes you want to be goofy and laid back as much as he is. Mostly it’s because of stories I hear from Gee, Tito, and Beatz, your old OZ crew. You are irreplaceable.


Abigail M. Orbeta AB Social Science

Cindy: This space isn’t enough to describe anyone, especially Abby. Combo! Jex: AbbyMumbakiJapayuki. Poof your hair on my consciousness to forever leave me dazed. Starr: The afro-haired diva that took Japan by storm. Though she didn’t succeed, she is still considered as a fullfledged Japayuki. Sarah: Abby, one who fights all the eager beavers of the world. I’m so in love with your pumpkin hair. Yeah! Trisha: Bubble-toed, tornado-haired sweetheart; Bubbly-souled, tornado-like force. Chris: Abby is a theater with curtains of curls. Osh: Abby, being Abby, will always be savvy. Darls: One versatile lady who speaks her mind and is not afraid of what other people would say. She’s the kind of person you’d want to be with all the time. Bay: You always seem so sure of yourself, yet sometimes you unexpectedly fall into uncertainty. Nonetheless, whatever perils the world may throw on mortals, you always find a way to save the other before yourself. Karlo: Let this scar signify the first strike on the mortal world.


Francisco Javier F. Peña AB Social Science

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. -Charles Mingus


Karlo Soliman U. Piscano AB Social Science

Isang mapanglaw na gabi kasama ng sandaang puting bulaklak Hinihintay ka niya, sinta, kasama ng isang dasal Sa madilim na umaga, hinahabol niya ang iyong mga pangarap Ang karwahe ng kaniyang kalamlaman, umuwi sa kaniya nang wala ka Dahil dito palaging malumbay ang kaniyang mga gabi Luha’y kaniyang inumin, ang kalungkuta’y kaniyang tinapay. Ito na ang huling gabi, bumalik ka na sa kaniya, o irog Naghihintay ang pari, ang kabaong, ang puntod, at ang iniikid na tela Mayroong mga bulaklak para sa iyo; mga bulaklak at kabaong Sa ilalim ng mga namumukadkad na puno, ito ang kaniyang huling paglalakbay Mumulat ang kaniyang mata, para makita ka muli sa huling pagkakataon Huwag kang matakot sa mga mata niya, binibiyayaan ka maski sa kaniyang pagpanaw..


Margarita Victoria V. Quimbo AB Social Science

Beneath her quiet and humbling presence is a brilliant woman with mighty insights and ideas. Outspoken and outgoing, Gaita is as real as it gets. This is not to say, however, that she is just up for all things bright and beautiful. Gaita sees the world as it is, with both its sweetness and its harshness, knowingly responding with a flexible and independent attitude. At the same time, she makes sure she squeezes out as much fun it can give her. A single look from her big round eyes or a twinkle from her infectious smile is all it takes for one to feel at ease in her company. A versatile person who’s always spirited in doing anything that comes her way, she never fails to astound people with her extraordinary charm. A person you can truly count on, she is always ready to lend a hand, an ear or even a limb to anyone in need. Always with a responsible, go-getter drive, Gaita Quimbo is surely one of the best gems one could ever stumble upon in the Ateneo.


Chriselle Therese K. Ramos AB Social Science

Malaysian moon melting into a liquor of light. A spoonful of sugared oleander, bronze magic, and bittersweet symphony. Nirvana carved out of Norwegian wood. Glassed in a poem of essential insanities. Wine on white. Piquant peppermint pirouettes. A still-life watercolor of a Mai Tai sunset. Orion’s ohm upon opal oceans. Gangster of love, disquo lemonade, and Siamese dreams. A Ghawazi gypsy whispering flames into Luna’s cycloptic sapphire gaze pirating images of broken light from the citrus sun. A genuine kiss in a world of plastic mistletoe. A champagne supervixen’s wish on a starfish. Intense indigo insomnia. A swan tainted with raven’s ink. The eye of goddess Selene rising out of the glaring cyanic seas. Tears of rocks running dry. A cosmic conundrum 1979 light years away from comprehension. Mystical cañi, dancing in the space between a blink and a tear with sugar at her feet, caramelizing into slivers of spilling starlight.


John Julius P. Rey AB Social Science

The quintessential slacker, or so he would think of himself, JohnRey or JR, whichever way people may know him, is for a fact, ingenious. He is a personality brimming with ideas and is all but ready to share them. He seems to have an uncanny knack for managing his time: bonding with his family, down time with his friends, time for personal space and of course, academics. Though he may not be as studious as he would want to be, he is brilliant and coasts through his studies armed with just the right mixture of smartness, effort and “diskarte.” Beneath his laidback attitude, JohnRey gives utmost importance to his academics, and he can’t be prouder to be an Atenean. John Rey is also, above all, a true person who sticks by his family and friends no matter what. He values laughter in life and never seems to go without it, infecting everyone else around him at the same time. He never fails to see the silver lining in every dark cloud, he himself being one for the people around him.


Charina Martha C. Salamat AB Social Science

In creating the universe, God must’ve had a brilliant, masterfully-executed plan. And as you sit under the “Batibot” tree, taking in all this magnificence, a stressed and frantic Cha rushes by, incoherently yakking on her cell about org matters, school stuff and the end of the world as we know it. Then you wonder, “What the heck was God thinking?” Cha lives such a chaotic existence, it’s a miracle she still manages to put her friends before herself. And how does her diminutive stature retain such vibrant and energetic personality or manage to keep that figure after excessively scarfing down the most sinfully unhealthy food known to man? As these mysteries bewilder the feeble mind, Cha’s phone conversation draws to a close. Apparently, she managed yet again to stave off Armageddon. She checks her reflection, adjusts her accessories and flashes the sweetest smile before confidently walking away. And everything seems right again and God’s brilliance shines through.


Alda Kathleen M. Santiago AB Social Science

Ways to be Kay: Be the first female member of the Autobacs (Oh yeah!). Be “maldita” but surprisingly sweet at the same time. Know what’s best for a troubled friend to make him or her feel instantly better. Scream all of a sudden when you feel like no one is minding what you’re saying. Be able to not eat during your only break to stay in the chapel to cry. Be able to wear slippers, halter top, and mini skirt in SOM. Brave the waters of Laguna de Bay. Own that infamous blue 4X4 SUV that fits the whole block. Admire great singers (Hmmm…) Be able to go under a table when your friends start teasing you to the cute guy in your block. Know how to dance the Swing even without a partner. Be a guy in your past life and bring some of it in the present (Blue over pink, man!), but still be very “kikay” in all aspects of your life. Master the art of “deadma.” Be the first one to hit the dance floor in every party and shamelessly shake your booty. Guzzle an ice cold beer into half in one gulp. Have a lot of L-O-V-E to give!


Maria Patricia Lourdes H. Sarmenta AB Social Science

In her archaeology of the universal and the uncertain, the same secrets are dug up: they are more than what you think. She is ruled by convictions and spontaneity but at the same time by nothing at all. A real conundrum, a variation of numbness, a prophet and a pusher, somewhere truth and at heart fiction, ambivalence is her romance and happenstance inconclusive. Feels like vertigo, lasts no longer, like a roman candle. Uptight and whimsical, strange and unintentional, an open book that will not have you ruffling its pages, diabolically daft sitar-strummed saffron sweetheart (Tabla-Anil Bhagwat), an old soul up to no good, combustible Bagist, struggling vegetarian and unbelievable liar. Dreams in Hawaiian hues and out of tune, laughs in the face of rainwater, devours the infinite while waiting, pumpkin-eyed, for outlaws and hitchhikers, unbearably, helplessly luminal; but she can take it, as long as the music plays. Surface and symbol, a literal play on words, attempt at your own peril, and save the elephants.


Alec V. Sulit AB Social Science

Dear Alec, It must have been what they call destiny or sheer luck that made us cross each others’ paths. But I cannot imagine our life if we did not. I have seen you in the eyes of others. You were a fun friend, an understanding confidant, the responsible student, their protective brother, their loving son and the selfless lover. You were those and more to them. But for me, you are my soul mate. It seems that our threads of differences were perfectly matched to weave and strengthen a friendship. I thank you for that. I’m also grateful for all the laughter you effortlessly presented to me, for all the fears you bravely showed me, for all the secrets we shared and for all the dreams we made. Thank you for knowing when to hold my hand and for never letting go. With love, Rhea


Christopher Jordan S. Sun AB Social Science

Many would say that CJ is tall and scary-looking. He started out in ADMU with short hair, but years without getting a haircut made him sport long locks and facial hair that can intimidate you whenever you encounter him. You’d probably remember him in the smockets or in class arguing with a teacher over a point made in class. But beyond the big, scary-looking guy is a very loyal and good friend who would stay on your side through thick and thin. CJ’s good friends will remember him as that late night drinking buddy who would argue over stuff popping out of nowhere and then putting up a wager and making his stand by placing his bet. In the island paradise of Boracay, CJ’s true colors came out. His skills of dealing with the beautiful women were put to the test in the island, as a result, impressed us by showing some stuff which were beyond our expectations. He may seem like a rude guy but in the end, he’s turned out to be a really great pal.


Maria Corinne T. Tirona AB Social Science

Little by little, and also in great leaps, life happened to me, and how insignificant this business is. These veins carried my blood, which I scarcely ever saw, I breathed the air of so many places without keeping a sample of any. In the end, everyone is aware of this: nobody keeps any of what he has, and life is only a borrowing of bones. The best thing was learning not to have too much either of sorrow or of joy, to hope for the chance of a last drop, to ask more from honey and from twilight. —October Fullness, Pablo Neruda


Benjamin Jose V. Tuazon AB Social Science

What can one say about Benjamin Jose V. Tuazon? As with any other person, I could say a lot. However, I find that writing merely 15 lines about a friend I’ve known for 11 years seems to be a challenge. BJ, as I have grown accustomed to calling him, can be described roughly in three words: conformist, comedian, and friend. 1 – Same as most people, BJ likes to blend in, socialize, mingle, which is typical for his age. But the thing is, he’s not as typical. His moral standards and dedication to the things and people he believes in are unwavering to say the least. 2 – “Si BJ, cool yan,” is a phrase some of his friends like to joke about. He has a knack of putting himself in semicompromising conversational situations which eventually turns into something everyone enjoys and kids about. He would defend himself of course, but would eventually yield to irony, and laugh infectiously. 3 – Lastly, when it comes to defining what a best friend should be, with all the pros and cons, BJ would be a perfect example.


Carlos Antonio P. Vargas AB Social Science

Karl is one of Ateneo’s three main “chickboys”. His reach even extended to the school beside his. However, for the first time, he’s become member of the LHC (Lonely Hearts Club). Though Karl is like that, he still remains a true friend. He will help you with any kind of problem and fight for you without any hesitation. Thanks for everything and hope you don’t change! Karl Vargas. You will never forget this fun-loving, intelligent, dark, handsome and not-so-tall guy. An ever-loyal friend and truly kind soul, you can be sure that he will be with you through the toughest and the best times. Perhaps the greatest listener known to man, he is one of the most trustworthy people around and he never judges other people. He bears hardly any ill feelings towards anyone else and very rarely will you see him in a hateful disposition. However, one must not try to get on his bad side because… never mind, you wouldn’t want to know. Karl Vargas is a great friend and beautiful person, inside and out.


Jaime Oscar Napoleon T. Vergara III AB Social Science

When you see a towering, mustached/bearded, darkcomplexioned man with curly hair and gold “bling-blings” roaming the halls of Ateneo or manning the benches of Kostka extension, you have spotted Mr. Jaime Oscar Napoleon Torres Vergara. One of the biggest men on campus, the first sight of him often leaves people intimidated. Yes, he can pluck a little girl in distress out of a rowdy crowd. Yes, his body can hold a case of beer with room to spare. But his mind is just as substantial as his size, and this is shown through his thoughts and intellect. To his ASSOC brothers, he is Taipan. To Mang Boy and the AHVA tennis court, he is “Lakeng Jon-Te”. But to me, and I’m sure that a lot of people who truly know him would agree with me, he is T. No name has ever suited anyone more. T: simple yet with an impact. He has touched our lives in a way only he can. BIG T: Big Time, in actions, in words, in mind, in body! Thank you for making our college life worthwhile! Ateneo wouldn’t have been the same without you.


Cindy Marie R. Villareal AB Social Science

Cindy [sin-di] n 1. Different, unique—Like no other. She expresses her individuality, refuses to conform to what society deems normal. 2. Fighter—She never gives up. She plunges on, regardless of the risks, just to stand up to what she believes is right. 3. A person with a sense of humor—She always tries to find the humor in things. No matter how dreary the day maybe, she can make you laugh with her sarcastic, offhanded jokes and antics. She never fails to make anyone smile or laugh. 4. Music Lover—She downloads a hundred or so songs in her laptop everyday. Plays the same song over and over and over and over and over until she falls asleep. 5. Good Daughter. 6. Loyal Sister. 7. Greatest Friend.


Esther M. Weigand AB Social Science

Ishtar. Flaky. Fickle. Pickle. Tommy. Banana. Churva. Fresh. Fruits. Fitness. Asset. Liable. Communicate. Digital. Photography. Addictive. Insanity. Extreme. Extremity. Left. Foot. Right. Right. Toe. Amputate. Tip. Top. Shapeless. Inconsistent. Dark. Levitate. Liquidate. Technologize. Reticulating. Spectacular. Weirdness. Dog. Black. Labrador. Eukanuba. Puppies. Adorable. Pinch. Salt. Sautee. Grub. Munch. Life. Inhale. Exhale. Repetition. One. Over. Another. Walk.Stop.Gaze.Look.Beyond.Confusion.Lost.Skotodinio. Point. Of. Light. Escape. Connect. Elongate. Party. Fun. Balloons. Gussy. Dance. Sing. Do. Darkbeat. Rambunctious. Behavior. Analyze. Action Think. Outside. Box. Never. Prejudice. Hate. Instead. Befriend. Humanely. Coordination. Nice. Creativity. Praxis. Enact. Memoirs. Future. Vagabond. Beautify. Feel. Relax. Read. Write. Greatness. Happiness.


Diana Francesca B. Zialcita AB Social Science

Unlike most drinks, the wholesome yet teasing Triple-D (Daring Darling Diana) cocktail slowly reveals a pleasant, unexpected sweetness as you taste its bold flavors. Warning: Habit-forming. Enjoy! Drop a sugar cube into a glass. Fill with sparkling and cool ice. Pour a shot each of sweet (but not cloying) Kurant, Tequila (to take you where men have never gone before), Cointreau-versy (to add zest and scandal), Illusion Striker (to give life to parties), and SMB (kahit kailan kaibigan). Pour a shot of Extra Joss (to instantly energize and make you want to go the extra mile) and cranberry juice (to wash away bitterness). Add Tabasco to make it spicy. Top with a cherry for a sexy, sultry touch. Serve with a hot-pink cocktail umbrella. To drink, put a dash of salt to compliment Triple-D (be careful; it can cut your tongue and burn where it hurts the most) on the back of a hand. Hold Triple-D in salted hand and lemon wedge (for bittersweet times) in the other. Lick salt, drink up, suck lemon.

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