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Today multitudes are drawn into believing evolution. What upsets me most is tha
t the most Christians also declare the theory of evolution. Although most are be
ing forced right from their school days to study evolution. Let me tell you some
thing that Satan wants to make a monkey out of you by making you believe him tha
t your ancestors were monkey. More ever some Christians have also incorporated t
he evolution theory in their Churches or Ministries. Once again let me tell you
something you either believe in evolution and deny the Bible or accept the Bible
and refuse evolution. There’s no middle way in that belief.
I see that little children are made to study in school more about evolution then
about education. That wasn’t the case when I was schooling; evolution wasn’t po
ured upon us as kids. Read the Bible for yourself, God says he created everythin
g and guess what, man calls him liar by speaking about evolution. Bible can be p
roved but evolution cannot. Show me one proof about evolution and not any assump
tions or guess work done by most scientists or their fake carbon dating, or maki
ng a complete Neolithic man out of a tooth found from some fossil. The theory of
evolution had always perplexed my mind and years ago I went on a pursuit of unc
overing facts about evolution. One after the other all those so called facts fel
l apart resulting in hoaxes. Today even Darwin’s theories are being questioned a
nd will be turned against by the new breed of scientists. On the other hand Bibl
e remains on firm grounds from last 6000 years.
God says in Genesis 1:27,
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male a
nd female created he them.”
I don’t know if Humans have considered Satan as their ally and God as their foe.
I wonder what would make mankind such a nasty thing, maybe its just that end ti
mes are just on the corner. Although God warns us or even forbids people from gu
essing the end times, I just make myself prepare for the coming of our Lord and
not make some assumptions about rapture or tribulation.
The Nebraska Man or Hespero-pithecus.
This is probably one of the most famous as scientists tell us he is one of the o
ldest. Our text books have glamorized him with the name of Hespero-pithecus Man.
This name is derived from the Greek word “hesperos” meaning “evening” and “pith
ecus”, or the Western Ape as he is often called. This was the so-called “missing
link” presented by Professor H. H. Newman of the University of Chicago at the f
amous Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee, years ago. William Jennings Bryan, in d
efense of the Bible, said “he thought the evidence presented was too scanty to b
ase upon it such far reaching conclusions.” Many of the so-called experts only l
aughed and scoffed at his conclusions. Most of our colleges and institutions of
higher learning, high schools and grade schools are teaching evolution as a fact
, not a theory. This man is still carried in our text books all over the country
as the “missing link.” Upon this man was built a whole prehistoric race in Amer
Let us examine the evidence presented. The evidence consisted in its entirety of
one, single, solitary TOOTH!
When we see this man who is made to look like but a step from ape to man, rememb
er, it is based upon only one tooth. This is almost unbelievable! The design of
the face, amount of hair, bone structure, height, size of head, arms, feet and f
acial expression are all constructed in plaster of paris according to the imagin
ation of the artist.
So may dear friends next don’t come up with some naïve idea about evolution and
if you have then you better come up with a complete man or a woman.
Hold on a second I need tell you more…
Since the infamous Scopes trial, when many of the “experts” laughed at Mr. Bryan
, the entire skeleton belonging to the tooth has been found. It belonged to a pe
ccary, a species of pig that is now extinct on our continent.
Who is the laugh really on?
Don’t play God when we cant even be humans and most of all don’t listen to peopl
e who want to take you back saying you were monkeys. Nevertheless one of the sci
entists have found a monkey or a gorilla transforming in last 6000 years, if rea
lly evolution was true….come on…these guys make me laugh !
Universities, academies, schools, colleges, institutions teach about evolution a
s fact and not as a theory. Don’t know where they will lead our race. Pictures o
f half ape-half human in the text books of little kids make me wonder, just wond
er…no assumptions. What’s next? Children are made to read and trust this stuff a
t school, do you know what your kids are made to believe. No you don’t ? they ar
e made to believe that God is a liar. No one can believe in the Bible and evolut
ion at the same time.
“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of
the prudent.” (I Corinthians 1:19).
“Prudent” is the Greek word ‘sunetos” and means “a mental putting together”, i.e
. acquired human philosophy.
Which is right? That God created all mankind; or, the atheist with all his theor

Answer: God states in Isaiah 44:24,25,
“Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am
the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that s
preadeth abroad the earth by myself; That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, a
nd maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and makeththeir knowledg
e foolish.”

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