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CUES Nursing

(defining Diagnosis Goals and Nursing Rationale Evaluation
characteristics Problem & Objectives Interventions
of Nrsg Dx) Etiology S/Sx)
“Masakit yung Acute pain After 2 hours of >Provide >To alleviate After 2 hours of
tahi ko lalo na related to Nursing Comfort pain by Nursing
kapag surgical incision Interventions the Measures such promoting non- Interventions the
gumagalaw ako” due to cesarean patient’s pain as repositioning pharmacological patient’s pain
birth as scale will or quiet pain scale decreased
Objective: evidenced by decrease from 4 environment management from 4 to 2
>Facial Grimace facial grimace to 2
with pain scale with a pain scale >Instruct the >To distract
of 4 of 4 patient to use attention and Goal is met
>Protective relaxation reduce tension
Gesture to avoid techniques and
pain in incision encourage
site diversional
>Expressive activity such as
Behavior such listening to
as sighing music,watching
>Limited television and
movement socialization
with others

>Instruct patient >To reduce pain
to us supportive especially when
materials such as moving
patient to do >It promotes
Deep Breathing healing of
Exercise by surgical wounds
how to do
it(every 4 hour
daily with 5-10
breaths during