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Here's another letter to the editor written before the election, not published b

y the Morning Call. I had to go to C-Span and watch the DNC over again because t
here were so many things that disturbed me about what the speakers were saying.
To the Kerry-Edwards supporters who have been calling and urging me to vote for
Kerry since Nader is no longer on the ballot in Pennsylvania I would like to rem
ind you in the words of some of the speakers at the Democratic National Conventi
on, what John Kerry stands for:
Gen. Wesley Clarke, “John Kerry will join that great pantheon of wartime democra
ts like…Harry Truman…Bill Clinton who confronted ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia
and with a policy backed by force brought peace to a shattered land.”
Senator Joe Lieberman: “People are worried about their jobs, about rising health
care bills, about their kid’s education, about their retirement and their enviro
nment. John Kerry and John Edwards have practical, progressive, sensible plans t
o relieve those worries, but all of us know that those plans won’t mean much unl
ess we can restore the American peoples sense of security…shattered by Islamist
terrorists…fanatics who are as great a threat to our personal security and freed
om as the Nazi’s and Communists who we defeated in the last century.”
Madeleine Albright: “I want a President who will lead in the tradition of Roosev
elt, Truman and Eisenhower…We all know that throughout history freedom has been
opposed by dictators, aggressors, fascists and communists. In recent years we ha
ve seen arise a new and evil tide-terrorism. As President John Kerry will mobili
ze the full arsenal of American power including the military, intelligence, law
enforcement…under his leadership, we will persist until we prevail.”
And Kerry himself: “I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it
as President…I will never hesitate to use force…We will add 40,000 active duty t
roops…double our Special Forces…provide our troops with the newest weapons and t
echnologies…our National Security begins with Homeland Security.”
Ralph Nader may not be a prophet to lead us into the Promised Land. Do we need o
He may not be building a movement the way some think he should; maybe that’s our
job. But he is clearly anti-corporate, while the Democratic Party is the good c
op of capitalism.
Remember, those of you who vote for Kerry and Edwards, exactly what principals y
ou supported in this election. Hopefully, organizing and agitation around the re
al issues of war, poverty, education, healthcare and the environment as they aff
ect the people of the US and the world will continue despite capitalism’s more p
alatable mask.