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Uncapped Capital Protection on NOVARTIS SWISSCOM and ROCHE

90% Capital Protection - Strike at 90% - 181% Participation - 6 Months - CHF

Details Redemption
Issuer EFG Financial Products
Guarantor EFG International Collateral-Secured Investment On 12.03.2010 Client pays CHF 1000 (Denomination)
Rating: Fitch A No Issuer Risk
Bbg Ticker NOVN VX Equity SCMN VX Equity ROG VX Equity
Initial Fixing Level CHF 59.62 CHF 367.92 CHF 179.07 Scenario 1: If at least one Underlying closes below the Strike Level on the Valuation
Strike Level (90%) CHF 53.66 CHF 331.13 CHF 161.16
Initial Fixing Date 26.02.10 The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in CHF equal to:
Payment Date 12.03.10 Denomination x 90%
Valuation Date 26.08.10
Maturity 13.09.10 Scenario 2: If all the Underlyings are at or above their Strike Level
Details Cash Settlement 181% Leverage on the upside The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in CHF linked to the worst performer equal
ISIN CH0110622518 to:
Valoren 11062251 Denomination x (90% + 181% x (Final Fixing Level - Strike Level) / Initial fixing Level)

- Novartis AG manufactures pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products. The Company produces pharmaceuticals for cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases;
oncology, neuroscience, transplantation, ophthalmics, dermatology, gastrointestinal and urinary conditions, and arthritis; vaccines and diagnostics; generics; and over-the-counter,
vision, and animal health products.
- Swisscom AG operates public telecommunications networks and offers network application services. The Company provides local, long-distance, and mobile telephone services,
integrated voice and data digital services, network solutions to national and international telecommunications operators, and Internet access services, and owns and operates pay
- Roche Holding AG develops and manufactures pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. The Company produces prescription drugs in the areas of cardiovascular, infectious,
autoimmune, and respiratory diseases, dermatology, metabolic disorders, oncology, transplantation, and the central nervous system.

Opportunities______________________________________________________________ Risks__________________________________________________________________________
1. Your capital is guaranteed at 90% 1. Your are exposed to interest rates v ariations
2. Plain v anilla participation of 181% in the increase of the Worst performing Underlying 2. Your are exposed to v olatility v ariations
3. The Strike Lev el is 10% lower than the Initial Fixing Lev el 3. The pay-off is only v alid at maturity
4. Only 10% of your capital is at risk
5. Secondary market as liquid as equity markets
6. COSI Product: The inv estor does not bear issuer's credit risk
Best case scenario_________________________________________________________ Worst case scenario___________________________________________________________
The Worst performing Underlying closes below the Strike Lev el on the Valuation
The Worst performing Underlying closes far abov e the Strike Level on the Valuation Date

Redemption: 90% of the inv ested capital + 181% participation on the upside (From 90%) Redemption: 90% of the inv ested capital

Historical Chart
importer depuis la deuxieme feuille Redemption: 90% of the invested capital + 181% of the worst
peformer Underlying
110% 181% of the increase


Strike level at 90%

Redemption: 90% of the invested capital

May-08 Aug-08 Nov-08 Feb-09 May-09 Aug-09 Nov-09 Feb-10

Filippo Colombo Nathanael Gabay
Sofiane Zaiem
Bruno Frat eschi Sofiane Zaiem
+41 22 918 70 05
Stanislas Perromat +41 22 918 70 05
Alejandro Pou Cuturi Live prices at
+377 93 15 11 66

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