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Matthew D.

2694 Mariner Way
Villa Rica, Georgia 30180
Cell: 678.357.3669

General Management where my experience can be effectively utilized and to overall
bring the company to it’s full potential.

Certifications and Committees
Safety Committee
ACI Certified (American Concrete Industry)-Field Technician
NPCA Certified (National Pre-Cast Concrete Association)
GDOT Certified (Department of Transportation)
ALDOT Certified
TDOT Certified
T.C.A. (Tennessee Concrete Association)
Mix Design Level 2&3

Work History
Foley Products Company-Quality Control Manager
Duties include but are not limited to pre and post pour inspections. Creating mix designs
with early strengths and that are cost effective. Making and curing concrete samples with
proper documentation. Testing of freshly mixed concrete. Taking sieve analysis on course
and fine aggregate along with the specific gravity. Rebar designs that will uphold the
structural integrity of our product. On the board of the safety committee and being in
charge of all the M.S.D.S. for the plant. To lead the plant with the proper knowledge to
work safe, smart, and in accordance with all ASTM standards.

Atlantic Pre-Cast Concrete-Quality control Manager/Quality Control Assistant
Duties included but were not limited to checking production, check loads, check concrete
mix spreads, air, and flow. Pre and post pour inspections.

Global Lighting Retrofit-Lead Retrofitter
Duties included but are not limited to disassemble light fixtures, remove old ballast,
rewire new ballast, and replace T-12 bulbs with T-8 bulbs in making the building more
energy efficient and hazard free.

MP Cable One-Foreman/Lead Technician
Duties as lead technician include but were not limited to pulling .625 cable, splicing
electronics for signal boosting, CAT5, and RG-6, terminating. Specific foreman duties
included but were not limited to overseeing projects, building satellite heads, and was in
charge of walkouts and walk-through

Inter-Networking Integration (INT-2)-Grounds man/Technician
Duties included but were not limited to digging pedestals, pot-holed for cable, pulled
cable and pre-ranging for AT&T. Worked in many of Atlanta’s major buildings such as
the Inform, where I pulled CAT5, terminated, patch panel, punch down, cross
connections, 110 blocks, pulled 250 pair to new location and lower floor of buildings for
new network.

Computer Information Systems Networking, Carroll Technical Prep

High School Diploma (Dual Seals: College Prep and Tech Prep), Gateway Baptist