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It is truly undeniable that in this science and technology millennium, we

can hardly live without money. Even buying something small such as
sweet will cost you some money. However, this does not mean that money
can buy happiness, unlike the misconception of most people in the world.
In fact, wealth is a far cry from happiness. If you disagree with me, let's
look at the reasons for my stand.
Firstly, one of the main gates to happiness is to stay healthy. Maybe some
people think that when one is rich, he can be healthy or it does not matter
even if they have diseases because these rich men have lots of money to
pay their medication. This is totally wrong. Good health is acquired from a
healthy lifestyle progressively and not in a day. With lots of money we are
tend to temp ourselves to exotic, luxurious food. If this food is taken
excessively, it will let to obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension
and other serious illness. Moreover, rich people are probably lack of
exercise as they hardly walk outdoor due to 24 hours-service debar
fetching them about causing them to be at a higher risk of getting these
unnecessarily health problems. How a person can enjoys his life and feels
happy when he is confined to a wheelchair or bed-ridden. He would not
even be glad spending his money and time curing his sickness. Therefore,
wealth cannot bring happiness.
Professionals like doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, food technologist and
accountant earn a lot of money per month. They are considered the high
class citizens who can afford large, expensive house with huge beautiful
gardens. But do they really enjoy the pleasures of life? Most probably not
because they are simply too busy with their work. They frequently burnt
the midnight oil in their work place. It is even more miserable if they have
to turn their home into a working place. Most specialists have to stand-by
24 hours in case of emergency calls from the hospitals. Hence, they can
hardly spend any relax, restful night at their home even if they posse a
huge two and a half storey bungalow with a beautiful garden and artificial
waterfall. Successful businessmen may always have a chance of flying to
all parts of the world when they go out station to make business.
However, very few of them can really take it as a holiday as a treat for
themselves for their schedules are always full and they are so stressful
with their works. Even fewer businessmen can ignore urgent, pursuing
calls from their clients or office when they are going for holidays or
resting. In other words, one can make lots of money but he may not enjoy
even the beauty of nature around them or the branded, expensive things
with them. So what is the use of money when we do not even enjoy a
meal properly and discontented with lives. One with a moderate income
can feels happier if he leads a simple life and be grateful with what he

Finally, a children or a teenage brought in moderate family is better than

in a rich family. As the sons or daughters of billionaires, their parents will
give them whatever that they want in material. These children or
teenagers get a lot of pocket money from their parents and can afford to
buy many expensive things like branded, latest handset, expensive
clothes and branded sport shoes. But the question is, are they happy if
their parents are always working with only an Indonesian maid to
accompany them. If they are asked to choose between wealth and love
from their parents, I believe that they were undoubtedly choose love. A
healthy family is not created for the children. These children mentally are
not as healthy as those being cared and loved by their parents. Children
need parents who can listen to their problems and give them words of
wisdom, teaching then day by day. Parents who are not rich may not be
able to buy branded things to satisfy their children but with more
communication and understanding, these teenagers will understand the
difficulty of their parents in earning money, learning to be thrifty. In short,
money does not promise a happy, caring family.
Money may be able to buy a lot of things but not love, friendship, health
and others. These are the main ingredients for a happy life. Thus, it is a
controversy if money can bring happiness. Even, if we can afford many
things we desired with lots of money, we may not be happy and enjoy our
lives if we are always dissatisfied with what we had, yearning for more.
Thus, I stand firm that money cannot bring happiness.

Examinationsgood or bad?
Examinations are good. They are a means to evaluate the performance and
assess the academic achievements of students. They aim at testing the students
grasp and understanding of the subjects taught to them. Obviously examinations
have come to play an important part in ones educational career. In fact most
students are afraid of examinations.
No examinations may lead students to nowhere. Studies will no more be anorchard
of knowledge. The ability to pass an examination is indeed a valuable quality.
Itshows that the student is able to express his thoughts and ideas in a manner others
canunderstand. It also shows that the student has acquired a certain amount of
knowledge insome branches of study. Besides, the mind of a student, even if he is
dull, receives good exercise when he prepares for an examination. A student s
success in an examination therefore helps employers and others to assess
his mental or general ability.

One may doubt about the existence of educational institutions, especiallycolleges, if

there are no examinations. Some may disappear. Others would remain butknown
only for fun and frolic. College unions would be more important than the classes.The
classes may run. But the teachers will have to arrange programmes in the classes
toattract the students. As such students will only go for selective studies
done throughselective books, guides and notes. Even the strenuous two months
before theexaminations will be left for relaxation.
Examinations pave the route to students to portray their excellence instudies. They
are able to compete with each other in order to prove their mental powers.Students
will be able to show their intelligence and power of reasoning especially if theyare
sitting for higher examinations. There are so many subjects taught in schools and
astudent can indicate his grasp of the subjects that he has studied.
Without examinations, institutions of education will face difficulties inassessing the
mental capabilities of the students. Selections of candidates for careerswill also
become a problem as paper qualifications play a vital role in the career
arena.Examinations enable students to qualify for scholarship apart from gaining
entry intoinstitutions of higher learning.
The excellence of examinations consists of its objectives and the goal ofevaluating
the quantum of knowledge acquired by students and of grading them. Assuch, the
world of academicians will be filled with poor souls without examinations

You are taking part in a debate entitled, It is better to attend day school
than boarding school. You are opposing the motion. Present your views.

A very good morning to Mr. Speaker, honourable and wise adjudicators,

esteemed timekeeper, my worthy opponents and members of the floor. As a
member of the opposition team, I am here to speak against the motion, It is
better to attend day school than boarding school.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have been a boarder since Form One. My parents
have full conviction that I stand to gain if I stay in boarding school. The most
important lesson is learning to be independent and self-reliant. For example,
boarders learn to keep their rooms clean and do their own laundry. Students who
attend day school tend to leave all these to their mothers. They only learn these
when they leave for further studies or to work. Boarders, however, have a head
start because they start learning to be self-reliant earlier in their lives.

Let me move on to my second point. It is better for students to attend

boarding school because there are more opportunities for interpersonal
development. Students from different backgrounds study together, eat together
and play together. Since they rub shoulders day in and day out, they have to
learn how to tolerate one another and to help each other. In the process, they
become less self-centred. In day schools there is little obligation to develop good
interpersonal relations. After all, they go home at the end of the day to their
parents who see to their needs. Boarding schools produce students who are more
mature in their dealings with other people.
Lastly, it is better to attend boarding school because the environment is
more conducive for studying. Activities in a boarding school are structured:
afternoons for co-curricular activities and nights for studies. Hostel wardens
make sure that boarders do what they are supposed to do. Students who go to
day school usually manage their time themselves and end up watching television
or spending time on other less beneficial activities. In a boarding school, there
are fewer distractions. Furthermore, it is convenient for students to have
discussion groups. They can also refer to teachers for help. In short, it is better
to attend boarding school than day school.
To conclude, ladies and gentlemen, it is better for students to attend
boarding school than day school because it prepares boarders for life in the real
world. The environment is also conducive for academic success. Thank you.