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Understanding WHO the Bride of Christ is

I wanted to share what a brother emailed to me with a question and my

response that I hope answers the question for you as well. Read below their
question and my response.
Thank You,
Patrick Nichols

Bro. Thank You so much for taking the time to read my emails and even
responding, it means a lot too me. I will find more in depth proof of what
you are asking here concerning the Bride and get back with you. However
in the mean time I think it is just a matter of semantics, as well as a matter
of defining this word, "manifestation". To what degree does the manifesting
have to be before a certain tag or level of "Divinity". I think also it is simply
a matter of spiritual growth in the individual life of a person as to what one
may could "title" them. We say we are all "Christians", but some obtain to
"Offices" as to Teachers, Evangelist, Prophets, Bishops, Apostles etc.
In that sense, I personally believe they are all the same with one exception.
Let me explain.
A Christian is a Son or Daughter of God, I of course speak of the true and
only Christians being those that are truly born again. They are the "Children
of God". They are also the "Bride of Christ".
When one is truly born again, then spiritually speaking they are all one and
the same, a Child of God, whether it be a Son or a Daughter of God, they
are also the "Bride of Christ" in that they are married to Him, being One
with Him, they are His Bone and Flesh and they are One with Him in Spirit.
Now HERE is where we must define some things to draw comparisons.

The point of defining is in this world, according to our faith, it is not in the
God Realms or the Spirit. We grow spiritually here while in this world in this
body so to speak. Once we die then we have in a sense reached our growth
stage and we have graduated in that sense. We take an Oak Acorn, inside
of it is the potential to become a full fledged adult grown Oak Tree. Many
things could come into play that will determine what that acorn will
become, from the weather, the ground its falls to, what's around it, what
insects or birds may or may not eat it. By chance however it may find root
in the ground and grow to its full potential and be another full adult oak
tree. I believe we grow according to our hunger, our self denial and our

So one can remain a babe in Christ their whole life with the potential to
become God Manifested in the Flesh. I mean working the miracles and
raising the dead and speaking things into existence. I believe a Christian
can grow to the state of realizing their son ship in Christ, which is realized
at a certain level of growth as to how we are Sons of God. Then we come to
the highest level in God, which is where I think you may be seeing, is the
"Bride of Christ", which is the highest level we can obtain in God, it means
we have become ONE with Him in every way possible, as to a manifesting
of Him. We have "Changed our Bodies" to the state of Transfiguration and
we are totally God. Every bit as much as Jesus was. Now the "Potential" to
become the Bride is in every true born again Child of God. Though most
have never nor may never come to this state, we do know and believe there
is a group at some point, somewhere, that is going to comprehend bodily
redemption and they will manifest the Transfigured state of Christ. They will
be and are the Bride of Christ. No longer Son's in that sense, but One with
the Father as Jesus became. So do you see how the potential to be all of
them is in every Christian, but it is according to their faith and the divine
ordination of God as every tree only produces its fruit in its season. As far
as we know only 4 men have ever obtained unto that state, Moses, Elijah,
Enoch, and Jesus. Other men that have experienced such levels but not
suffered to manifest the change are men we have heard of and know such
as St. Paul, St. John The Revelator and William Branham and Bro George

I do believe Bro George came into it and could have manifested it, but was
not allowed too, as Paul was caught up to the 3rd heaven but was not
allowed to know whether He was in or out of His Body. Remember however
in the Spirit Jesus prayed and said Father make these ONE as we are One.
So again we see Oneness in the Spirit, but as to a manifestation in the
Bodily realms in this world, We still are "Awaiting the Witness of the Bodily
Change". I have written much on the subject of the Bodily Change and
believe and see that we are already changed and showed how so that we
already are, but the only remaining thing is, "The Literal Manifesting of that
Change" which will only take place when all that are ordained to make that
change are inside the Revelation.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think. God Bless You and I will try
to find ore proof and scriptures and quotes on all of this and email them to
you. Bro Pat.

Thank You,
Patrick Nichols

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 18:37:34 -0400

Subject: Re: Denying Pre Trib Rapture

I would be interested on seeing some more writings on the Bride. I have

many thoughts and scriptures, on the subject; However, I hear some
conflicting doctrines, that I believe are contrary to the scripture and also
contrary to what Bro. George taught concerning the Bride. I would like also
to confirm or reconsider some thoughts I have concerning son ship. I find
Its hard to separate the teachings on the bride without having a good
foundation on son ship. I also think of the term "The Bride of Christ" and
cant help think about the reference to her as "The lambs wife", would there

be any difference,even if we are talking in dimensions... Bro.George made a

wonderful statement He said. The manifestations of the Sons of God IS "The
Bride of Christ...
Another thing I can't help to consider is the fact that the term Son of God
In many cases can and is sometimes in the plural ,for example : Sons of
God. Some times The bible refers to daughters of God.. and children of God..
But the bride is always in a singular form.. I believe this is of great understanding What and Who the Bride is.. I dont know if
You have ever come across the statements on son-ship that William Branam
made. You can find it on the internet. But He believed That eternal son-ship
is an un Biblical term .He believes that there is no record of son ship in
Heaven... Interesting... this seems to corespondent with the writing of Bro
George Called"The Mystery of Godliness". Also the Teachings in the Message
"God Manifest in The Flesh '
You know The Nissan council was trying to solve a dispute on this very issue.
If what Bro .George said is true about the manifestation of the Sons of
God.. it would bring a new revelation to the scripture that says,Now we are
the Sons of God ,but it dose not yet appear what we shall be... What will We
appear As? Sons of God? or the very body Of God Almighty.. wow, could
this be The Bride . singular. But many membe ed?.. Thanks Pat for some
help on this subject.

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 7:58 PM, Pat Nichols <>

Running into so many who claim the mid or post tribulation and deny the
Bride will be translated before the tribulation are doomed before they even
start, as the Word of God tells us in Col. 1:13 - He hath translated us, into
the kingdom of His dear Son. So we see the Bride was translated as a result
of the finished works of Calvary, not 2000 yrs ago, but before the World ever
was, in the Mind of God, He slew the Lamb. We have been safe in His eternal
arms before the fall in the garden.
God is so good! What Wisdom and Love!
So we see we have always been in the Presence of our Father. We have
never been without it. It was just an illusion of a lie, by the serpent. But
that had no bearing on truth and the eternal reality of God. His Elect rent
that veil as only they could and they came to the Truth of Who they Are and

have always been as only they could. A wheat is always wheat, no matter
the surrounding tares planted by the enemy, the wheat are still wheat. It is
the integrity of the eternal seed they were planted from. No matter how
wicked or vile or evil their past, they were and are Predestinated to come
to the Foreknowledge of The Truth and they do, they will and they have. The
Elect could only obtain, making it easy to see why the rest were blinded.
God is so wise and wonderful. Praise the Name of The Lord. Amen!
Now that is a sure foundation. That is an absolute. He is The Word and that
Word became Flesh and that Word spoke through the Prophets and Men of
God ever since and that Word is Spirit and Eternal Life.
Bro Pat