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Circumferential Piston
Positive Displacement


Fristam Pumps...
Performance You’ve Come To Expect
Design Innovations Produce Peak Performance
Fristam is an international manufacturer of stainless steel, Stronger Shaft for Long Life and Efficiency
sanitary pumps, mixers and blenders, known for providing By maximizing shaft diameter and minimizing shaft length,
innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Fristam the FKL can withstand elevated pressures without deflection.
products have served as industry benchmarks for The FKL shaft was designed to be as much as 25% larger in
performance, reliability and technical superiority. The diameter than competitive shafts. Plus, its overhung load
FKL balanced circumferential piston pump continues this was shortened by applying proven seal technology that is
tradition by setting new standards for pressure, durability, compact in design.
efficiency and cleanliness.

Superior Performance and Du­ra­bil­i­ty
The FKL’s design overcomes the challenges of elevated oa
ve rhu
pressures, highly viscous products and highly abrasive rt O
products that can cause damaging rotor-to-housing contact Sh

and result in costly maintenance and downtime.

Balanced Rotor
Reduces Distortion
The FKL can operate at high
pressures without wear from
rotor deflection. An industry
exclusive design moves the
support hub to the middle of
the rotor. Pressure created by Offset Rotor Bolt Eliminates Loosening
the pump acts through the Traditional rotor nuts can back-off when pumping viscous
middle of the rotor, keeping products. Once loose, they can severely damage pumps. The
the lobes from distorting FKL is equipped with off­set rotor bolts that present less
even at high differential sur­face area to the un­wind­ing force of the prod­uct. They also
pressures. rotate ec­cen­tri­cal­ly to keep these forces from turning the bolts.

Bending Moment

Stan­dard Fea­tures • Rotors – non-galling stainless steel
• CIP-able without performance loss • Carbon vs. chrome oxide coated stainless steel seals
• Universal mount • Seal kit elastomers – Viton®
• Small footprint of bearing housing min­i­miz­es space • Cover gasket – Buna
requirements • Gearbox – zinc plated and epoxy painted cast iron
• Models 15-400 are bi-directional • Oil bath gearbox design
• Housing, cover and shafts – 316L stainless steel • Performance tested prior to shipment
Seals are Designed for
Seamless Changeover Cartridge Seal
No machining is needed to change the
Fristam FKL from a single mechanical
to a double mechanical or O-ring seal
arrangement in the field. The same
cartridge* is used for both the single
and double mechanical seal.
*cartridges not available on FKL 15-20 models

CIP without
Performance Loss
The FKL is the first close tolerance pump that can be
cleaned-in-place without losing any performance.

Oil Bath Extends Bearing Life
Fristam’s FKL Series oil bath gearbox design simplifies
and reduces maintenance. The oil bath extends bearing
life, eliminates the need for bearing grease and grease
clean-out, and reduces oil change-out to only every
4,000 hours of operation.

Split Gearbox Makes Assembly Easy
Currently available on FKL models 15 and 20, a split
gearbox design simplifies the maintenance, disassembly
and assembly of the pump’s gearbox. Shaft assemblies
can be easily removed to save time.

FKL Specifications
FKL Model 15 20 25 50 75 150 250 400 600

Gallons Per 0.0155 0.032 0.056 0.096 0.156 0.259 0.56 0.74 2.24

Maximum 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 300
Pressure psi psi psi psi psi psi psi psi psi

Fitting Size 1.5” 1.5” 1.5” 2.5” 2.5” 3” 4” 6” 6”
FKL Composite Curve Models 15-150
Performance curve based on tests using 70° water; 0 psig differential pressure; 1/2 maximum speed.
Actual performance may vary by application or product.
FKL Composite Curve Models 250-600
Performance curve based on tests using 70° water; 0 psig differential pressure; 1/2 maximum speed.
Actual performance may vary by application or product.
FKL Models 15-600 Horizontal Mount Dimensional Drawing
Ordering Matrix - Please Call Fristam for other available options.

Model Fitting Type Seal Description Op­tions Options
15 C – Clamp* Single Mechanical Seal JC – Jacketed cover
20 B – Bevel seat NFR – Carbon vs. chrome oxide SS* RI – Rectangular inlet
25 F – 150# flange CC – Silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide (available in models 50-400)
50 3F – 300# flange Double Mechanical Seal 25 – 25 Ra
75 N – NPT NFRN – Carbon vs. chrome oxide SS vs. carbon 20 – 20 Ra
150 I – I-Line (female) CCN – Silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide vs. carbon 15 – 15 Ra
250 M – Miscellaneous Single O-ring Seal (available on models 15-250) EP – Electropolish
400 V – Viton® (except rotors)
600 E – EPDM
Double O-ring Seal (available on models 15-250)
VV – Viton®

FKL – 150 – 30 – C – CC – VB – S – 2 – (15)

Fitting Size Elastomers Rotors (Temperature Differentials) Mounting
15 – 1.5” 1st – seal (Viton®*) S – Standard (∆ 140° F)
20 – 1.5” 2nd – cover gasket H – High temp (∆ 210° F)
25 – 2.5” (Buna*) X – Special clearance
30 – 3” V – Viton® SS – Stainless steel, high temp
40 – 4” B – Buna
60 – 6” E – EPDM
C – Chemraz® IDLE SHAFT
S – Silicone

Options • Non-galling stainless steel, high temperature rotors
• Wide variety of drive and base selections • 316L stainless steel, high temperature rotors
• Seals – single or double mechanical and single or • Jacketed cover
double O-ring • Most sanitary and industrial port connections
• Mechanical seal material – silicon carbide • Lower Ra finishes on internal product areas
• Elastomer materials – Viton®, EPDM, Buna, • Electropolish
Chemraz®, silicone and Kalrez® • Aseptic package
• Rectangular inlet • Degassing package
• Front cover discharge • Kolsterizing (hardening)
• Vertical mount with pedestal • Coated rotors and hubs
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Fristam’s Commitment 3-A, GMP, U.S.D.A., F.D.A., ISO 9001:2000
Fristam Pumps manufactures the sturdiest products in Fristam complies with and supports regulatory standards.
the industry. Our design reduces repair/re­place­ment cost, FKL Series pumps meet all applicable industry standards
downtime and energy con­sump­tion, and therefore provides for performance, cleanliness and design. As a registered
high lifetime value. Fristam is one of the most accessible ISO 9001:2000 company, Fristam is committed to
equipment com­pa­nies in the world. Fristam’s ded­i­ca­tion consistent quality products.
and quality service do not end with your initial purchase.
An international network of manufacturing facilities, sales
offices and dis­tri­bu­tion supports Fristam’s commitment to
customer satisfaction.

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